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  1. Effect of extracellular matrix degradation products on macrophage phenotype and the discovery of a novel bio-component within the extracellular matrix

    Rausch, Theresa

  2. The role of the Glycine receptor alpha 2 subunit in the development of hippocampal and striatal interneurons

    Vandael, Dorien

  3. Molecular Subtype Classification of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)

    Abengochea Molar, Aran

  4. Resveratrol: the key to improve metabolic health?

    Betsch, Anika

  5. The link between Cxcl12/CxcR4 and integrin 'ß1 in microglia migration during brain development in mice

    Arnauts, Kaline

  6. Remote monitoring to assess the maternal and fetal wellbeing in normal and high-risk pregnancies

    Van Moerbeke, Anne
    Gestationele hypertensieve aandoeningen, een vaak voorkomende complicatie, dragen bij aan de maternale mortaliteit wereldwijd. Telemonitoring maakt het mogelijk om een dagelijkse follow-up te implementeren in de gezondheidszorg. Door deze techniek worden data die thuis worden gemeten doorgestuurd naar een online platform. De PREMOM (Pregnancy Remote Monitoring) studie, een interventionele studie, implementeerde telemonitoring binnen de verloskunde en evalueerde zijn haalbaarheid. In totaal werden 33 patiënten geïncludeerd en voltooiden de studie. Elke patiënt kreeg een bloeddrukmeter, een weegschaal, en een stappenteller. Deze toestellen werden gekoppeld aan de smartphone van de patiënt. De patiënten moesten twee keer per dag de bloeddruk meten, één...

  7. The inverse relation between carcinogenesis and regeneration: a knockdown study of Glipr1 and Mmpb in Schmidtea mediterranea

    Leysen, Erwin
    S. mediterranea kan tumorvorming ontwijken, zelfs na een langdurige blootstelling aan genotoxische en niet-genotoxische carcinogenen. Om het mechanisme van de ontwijking van carcinogenese te onderzoeken werd een open screening studie uitgevoerd waarbij S. mediterranea werden blootgesteld aan de carcinogene stof cadmium. Specifieke proteïnen met veranderde hoeveelheden als gevolg van de aanwezigheid van cadmium werden geïdentificeerd. Twee proteïnen die deel uitmaakten van de proteïnen die de grootste kwantitatieve afwijking vertoonden, werden eerst onderzocht. Deze proteïnen waren Glipr1 en Mmpb. RNA interferentie werd gebruikt om een specifieke gen-knockdown van deze proteïnen te bekomen, waarna de dieren in drie delen werden gesneden om...

  8. Indoor air pollution in association with blood pressures of mothers and their newborns: an ENVIRONAGE birth cohort study

    Özyürek, Gülhan

  9. Neuroregeneration in ethanol- and 6-hydroxydopamine-exposed planarians

    Colsoul, Lore

  10. A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 17 (ADAM17): an important factor to improve regeneration after CNS trauma

    Mampay, Myrthe
    A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 17 (ADAM17) is responsible for shedding inflammatory mediators, such as TNF- and the phagocytic receptor CD36. Therefore, we hypothesize that inhibition of ADAM17 limits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and improves macrophage clearance of damaged tissue, leading to a better functional recovery after SCI.T-cut hemisection SCI was performed on ADAM17 hypomorphic (ADAM17ex/ex) and ADAM17 macrophage-specific knockout (ADAM17 M-KO) mice. Bone marrow-derived macrophages (BMDMs) were isolated from ADAM17ex/ex and ADAM17-overexpressing lentiviral particles were used to restore ADAM17 expression. ADAM17ex/ex mice showed an improved functional recovery after SCI and ADAM17ex/ex BMDMs produce reduced levels of sTNF-. Lentiviral-mediated overexpression...

  11. Activation of glycine receptors decreases pacemaking activity in midbrain dopamine neurons independent of the alpha 2 subunit

    Devoght, Jens
    Dopamine is a neurotransmitter of the brain and tight modulation of its release is essential for a proper brain function. Dysfunction of dopamine signaling is associated with various diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and psychosis. The activity of dopamine releasing neurons is modulated in the midbrain and elucidating these modulatory mechanisms is essential for unveiling the etiology of these diseases and development of new treatment strategies. The neurotransmitter glycine plays a major role in the modulation of dopamine neuron activity, yet it is unclear which subunits are involved. To address this gap, we first confirmed the inhibitory effect of glycine on...

  12. Mitochondria: a matter of life and death after irradiation?

    Coninx, Emma

  13. The angiogenic potential of leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin

    Berkmans, Kirsten
    Introduction: L-PRF promotes tissue healing in clinical applications such as dental surgery. However, little is known about the mechanisms of action. Angiogenesis is a key process in tissue regeneration. Growth factors, fibrin and leukocytes, as present in L-PRF, are known to be important in angiogenesis. The goal of this study was to investigate whether L-PRF induces blood vessel formation. Materials and methods: The angiogenic cytokine profile of L-PRF CM and exudate was determined by an antibody array. The effect of L-PRF, and the involvement of CXCR2, on HUVEC viability, migration and tube formation was examined in vitro. Surface expression of CXCR2...

  14. Advanced MIPs for pesticide detection

    Stijfs, Geoffrey
    in 60% of all tested water sites in Flanders imidacloprid, the most used third generation neonicotinoid insecticide, exceeds the predicted no effect concentration. It is harmful to the environment but no efficient purification method exists to date. Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs), highly sensitive materials with cavities that are complementary to the target, are ideal for these purification purposes. The cavities are formed by hydrogen bonding between the target molecule and functionalities from monomers. However, MIPs today require a lot of crosslinker to ensure MIP stability. This comes at the cost of functionalities, leading to decreased MIP efficiency. To maintain MIP...

  15. Epigenetics in early life: the role of placental promoter methylation in DNA repair genes and environmental air pollution

    Neven, Kristof
    ACHTERGROND: Tijdens de foetale ontwikkeling speelt de placenta een centrale rol. Fijnstof met een diameter kleiner dan 2.5 μm (PM2.5) kan nadelige zwangerschapseffecten en gezondheidsproblemen veroorzaken vroeg en laat in het leven. DNA-herstel mechanismen hebben het potentieel om lange termijn effecten te induceren indien hun normale functie wordt aangetast. DOELSTELLINGEN: We onderzochten of placentale DNA methylatie in de promotor regio van DNA-herstel/schade gerelateerde genen (APEX1, PARP1, OGG1, ERCC1, ERCC4, p53 and DAPK-1) geassocieerd was met PM2.5 blootstelling. Bovendien analyseerden we globale DNA methylatie met LINE-1 en de mutatie snelheid met Alu in associatie met PM2.5 blootstelling. METHODEN: Bisulfiet-PCR-pyrosequencing werd gebruikt om de...

  16. Oxyphytosterols, The Hidden Controversy

    Boeira, Paula
    Plant sterols are steroid compounds that are added to food to block cholesterol uptake. Currently, these sterols are being prescribed to obese and metabolic syndrome patients due to their ability of reducing inflammation and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Recent studies showed that plant sterols can be autoxidized endogenously by reactive oxygen species causing health complications. These oxidized compounds (oxyphytosterols) were suggested to induce the production of cytokines that trigger inflammatory pathways in the heart, liver and adipose tissue. We hypothesized that oxyphytosterols, similar to oxidized cholesterol, induce a pro-inflammatory response in macrophages.To investigate macrophage-mediated inflammation, mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages...

  17. Identification of new biomarkers for the diagnosis of Bechterew's disease

    Quintens, Marthe
    Ankylosing spondylitis (AS), or Bechterew's disease, is a chronic inflammatory rheumatic disorder primarily affecting the spine and sacroiliac joints. Specific serological tests and pathognomonic clinical features are missing, delaying the diagnosis of AS. Although the humoral immune response is not a hallmark of the disease, emerging evidence suggests a role in the etiology of AS. Therefore, we aim to identify novel antibody (Ab) biomarkers for the diagnosis of AS. Previously, a constructed human rheumatoid arthritis (RA) cDNA phage display library was screened for Ab reactivity in pooled plasma of early AS patients and age and gender matched healthy controls (HC) by...

  18. Optimizing the efficiency of endophytic bacteria-enhanced phytoremediation of DDE-contaminated soils with Cu-NPs

    Witters, Katrien

  19. Analysis of glycosaminoglycans as a sodium buffer network in patients with congestive heart failure

    Olinevich, Mikhail

  20. The use of dental pulp stem cells as a cell-based therapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

    Lo Monaco, Melissa

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