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Datasets of project "MedFlux"

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  1. Sediment Trap Data in the northwest Mediterranean Sea from the MedFlux project (2003 - 2005)

    Lee, Cindy; Peterson, Michael L; Wakeham, Stuart G; Armstrong, Robert A; Cochran, J Kirk; Fukai, R; Fowler, Scott W; Hirschberg, David; Beck, Aaron; Xue, Jianhong
    MedFlux sampling was carried out at the French JGOFS DYFAMED (DYnamique des Flux Atmospheriques en MEDiterranee) site in the Ligurian Sea (northwestern Mediterranean), 52km off Nice (431200N, 71400E) in 2300m water depth. In 2003, a mooring with sediment trap arrays was deployed 6 March (day of year, DOY 65) and recovered 6 May (DOY 126); this trap deployment will be referred to as Period 1 (P1). The array was redeployed a week later on 14 May (DOY 134) and recovered again on 30 June (DOY 181); this trap deployment will be referred to as Period 2 (P2). Indented-rotating sphere (IRS)...
    (text/tab-separated-values, 839 data points) - 06-jun-2018

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