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  1. Occupational therapy for breast cancer survivors: improving QOL by return-to-work assistance

    Desiron, H.; Knippenberg, E.; Willems, Bert; Neerinckx, E.

  2. Many diversities for many services: Theorizing diversity (management) in service companies

    Janssens, Maddy; Zanoni, Patrizia
    Contrary to current definitions of diversity as a set of a priori sociodemographic characteristics, this study re-conceptualizes diversity as an organizational product. Through the analysis of qualitative data from four service organizations, we show that organization-specific understandings of diversity are based on the way employees’ sociodemographic differences affect the organization of work, either contributing to it or hampering it. Such understandings of diversity, in turn, shape organization-specific approaches to diversity management. From our empirical results, we further inductively derive two dimensions of service processes that appear to play a central role in shaping diversity (management) in service oganizations: customers’ proximity versus invisibility...

  3. Alcohol en verkeer - Handleiding

    PUNIE, Jozef; GEEROMS, Dirk; LABIE, Roger; BEKAERT, Hans; REYGEL, Patrick; Beerden, Lucien; STULENS, Koen

  4. Alcohol en verkeer

    PUNIE, Jozef; GEEROMS, Dirk; LABIE, Roger; BEKAERT, Hans; REYGEL, Patrick; Beerden, Lucien; STULENS, Koen

  5. Predictive value of the P wave at implantation for atrial fibrillation after VVI pacemaker implantation

    Snoeck, J.; Decoster, H.; Vrints, C.; Marchand, X.; Kahn, J.C.; Verherstraeten, M.A.; Berkhof, M.; Francque, L.
    This study assesses the value of P wave measurements on the surface EGG at implantation, in the prediction of atrial fibrillation in VVI paced patients. From a consecutive series of 320 pacemaker implantations 172 WI paced patients for symptomatic atrioventricular block (AVB) (n = 126; mean age 69 ± 14) or sick sinus syndrome (SSS) (n = 56; mean age 68,6 ± 12] and in sinus rhythm at implantation were used in this study. P wave duration in VI is correlated with the incidence of atrial fibrillation during 5 years of follow-up. VI at implantation was significantly longer (114.6 ±...

  6. Nanoscaled interdigitated titanium electrodes for impedimetric biosensing

    Laureyn, W.; NELIS, Daniel; van Gerwen, P.; Baert, K.; Hermans, L.; Magnee, R.; Pireaux, J.-J.; Maes, Guido

  7. Español para el sector turístico

    de Ridder, I.; Michiels, Elke; VAN DER LINDEN, Marc

  8. Distribution and abundance of meiofauna in a subtropical coastal lagoon in the South-eastern Gulf of California, Mexico

    Gomez Noguera, Samuel; Hendricks, M.E.
    The composition and density of meiofauna in Ensenada del Pabellón Lagoon (south-eastern Gulf of California) was evaluated in terms of carbon and nitrogen content, and granulometry. Meiofauna density ranged from 50.0 to 2676.83 ind 10 cm−2. Nematodes, harpacticoid copepods and foraminiferans were the most abundant among the 18 taxa registered. The highest densities of meiofauna were related to high levels of nitrogen and carbon (up to 0.14 μmol N g−1 and to 3.17 μmol C g−1) in stations affected by agro-industrial drainages and characterized by muddy sediments and slow tidal currents. The lowest densities of meiofauna were observed in stations...

  9. Mechanisms of atrial fibrillation in paced patients

    Kahn, J.C.; Snoeck, J.; Decoster, H.; Vrints, C.; Verherstraeten, M.; Heuten, H.; Berkhof, M.; Marchand, X.

  10. Modifications de l'onde P et fibrillation auriculaire après l'implantation d'un pacemaker type VVI

    Kahn, J.C.; Snoeck, J.; Decoster, H.; Marchand, X.; Baron, B.; Zannier, D.; Pathé, M.; Verherstraeten, M.A.; Vrints, C.; Heuten, H.

  11. Opleidingsinstituten en stagementoren: een uitdaging? Een kans!

    Michiels, Elke; Sleurs, W.; van Petegem, P.

  12. Two new species of Mesochra Boeck, 1865 (Copepoda: harpacticoida) from a coastal lagoon in Sinalao State, Mexico

    Gomez Noguera, Samuel; Fiers, F.


    Gillis, P.; Alliet, Philippe; Peeters, Ralf; Raes, M.; Zimmermann, A.; Segers, Kathleen


    NUYTS, Erik; Michiels, N.K.


    Arntz, A.; Merckelbach, H.; DEJONG, P
    This study tested the hypothesis that endogenous opioids are involved in the extinction of phobic fear through exposure in vivo. Forty-eight spider phobics participated in a 2-hr therapist-directed exposure in vivo treatment. Sixteen Ss were assigned to placebo, 16 to a low dose of naltrexone, and 16 to a high dose of naltrexone. Before intervention, after treatment, and at a 1-wk follow-up test, self-report, physiological, and behavioral measures of phobic fear were completed. At 1-wk follow-up, naltrexone was significantly related, in a dose-dependent way, to a greater relapse on avoidance measures but not on emotional, cognitive, and physiological measures. Endogenous...

  16. Amiodarone and the development of ards after lung surgery

    Van Mieghem, Walter; Coolen, Leo; Malysse, I.; Lacquet, L. M.; Deneffe, G.J.; Demedts, M. G. P.
    An evaluation of amiodarone as prophylactic treatment for supraventricular tachyarrhythmias after pulmonary surgery was stopped because of a high incidence of the adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) after a pneumonectomy. Retrospective analysis of all cases of resection for pulmonary neoplasm in our hospital between 1987 and 1991 indicates that amiodarone may be implicated in the development of ARDS after lung surgery.


    The overprediction of anxiety phenomenon and its relationships with fear, dysfunctional and functional beliefs, and emotional experiences during confrontations with feared stimuli were investigated in two studies. Study 1 investigated exposure in vivo exercises executed by anxiety patients during treatment (n = 37). Study 2 investigated behavioural experiments executed by anxiety patients (n = 11) during cognitive treatment. In both studies patients rated various variables just before and immediately after their exercises. The results indicate that anxiety patients tend to overpredict the level of anxiety they are going to experience. There is no evidence that this phenomenon is a statistical...

  18. Selective activation of MG in sural nerve reflexes during hopping, running and walking

    HAUGLUSTAINE, Stephan; Berger, W.; DUYSENS, Jacques
    Stimulation of the sural nerve activates MG (medial gastrocnemius) more strongly than LG (lateral gastrocnemius) in acute cat experiments. In contrast, in sitting man previous studies have failed to establish such differential effects. Since some cutaneous reflexes are suppressed under passive conditions, the issue was reexamined using electrical stimulation of the sural nerve at the ankle during various kinds of rhythmic activities such as hopping, walking and running. Stimuli at two times perception threshold were applied at each of 16 phases of the cycle in five human volunteers. For all three movements the responses in MG were mostly facilitatory on...

  19. Hydrodynamic fluctuations in the Kolmogorov flow: Linear regime

    BENA, Ioana; Baras, F.; Mansour, M.M.
    The Landau-Lifshitz fluctuating hydrodynamics is used to study the statistical properties of the linearized Kolmogorov flow. The relative simplicity of this flow allows a detailed analysis of the fluctuation spectrum from near equilibrium regime up to the vicinity of the first convective instability threshold. It is shown that in the long time limit the flow behaves as an incompressible fluid, regardless of the value of the Reynolds number. This is not the case for the short time behavior where the incompressibility assumption leads in general to a wrong form of the static correlation functions, except near the instability threshold. The...

  20. The Fussler sampling technique for populations with discrete or a continuous distribution of thickness

    EGGHE, Leo
    In this paper we show that the Fussler sampling technique in book shelves is always better than systematic sampling by length. So far this result was only known to be true in the idealized situation of two categories of books : "thin" and "thick" books (Bookstein, Rousseau). In the present paper we allow any distribution of thicknesses of bookson the shelf and furthermore we show that the same result is true for systems with a continuous distributions of thicknesses, which has applications in sampling by time.

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