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  1. The economics of rural areas in the proximity of urban networks: Evidence from Flanders

    Cabus, P; VANHAVERBEKE, Wim
    Flanders is a densely populated, strongly urbanised region in Northwest Europe, but with still recognisable peri-urban rural territories. These territories have a distinct economic profile that is far from being marginal, but which has a diminishing role for agriculturally related economic activities. From a regionally-based economic approach, the authors argue that these rural areas act as flanking areas for the nearby urban areas, with mutual benefits. Therefore a model representing local economic development in these flanking rural territories can only be relevant if it takes into account this urban-rural partnership, in respect to the territorial identity and cultural features of...
    (16; application/pdf) - 28-mar-2013

  2. A technological contingency perspective on the dept and scope of international outsourcing

    Mol, M.J.; PAUWELS, Pieter; MATTHYSSENS, Paul
    In this study we present and test a technological contingency perspective on two dimensions of international outsourcing: depth and scope. The depth of international outsourcing refers to the ratio of foreign to total outsourcing. The scope of international outsourcing refers to the ratio of foreign to total outsourcing. The scope of international outsourcing captures the degree of psychic dispersion between the country of operations and the countries a firm is outsourcing to. Using multiple regression analysis on a sample of 189 Dutch firms, the effect of five technological contingency factors is measured: product innovation, technological and volume uncertainty, asset specificity,...
    - 27-feb-2013

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