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  1. Primary and secondary glioblastoma and tumor boundaries of glioblastoma: a morphometrical and immunocytochemical study

    Vandewalle, Giovani

  2. Bipolar pulsed sputtering of MoSx coatings: plasma diagnostics, micro-structural and tribological study

    Wieers, Els
    MoSx coatings were deposited by magnetron sputtering of an MoS2 target in an argon atmosphere with different process parameters. Their composition, surface morphology and structure were determined, and the friction and wear behaviour of these coatings were evaluated under fretting tests in air of< 10% and 50% or even 90% RH. The results obtained in this thesis indicate that the properties of sputtered MoSx films are influenced in a complex manner by the main process parameters. To establish a deep understanding between these parameters, the micro-structural properties and the tribological properties of the MoSx films, the energy distribution of neutral...

  3. Evaluation of confocal microfluorimetric methods for the study of lateral diffusion in model systems and oligodendroglial cell membranes

    Gielen, Ellen

  4. Genomic Screening Methodology for Common Diseases and Complex Traits. Multiplicity and Missingness: a Statistical Hurdle?

    Van Steen, Kristel
    De erfelijke informatie bij de mens is in code opgeslagen in het DNA (desoxyribo nucle¨ınezuur), een lineaire molecule die georganiseerd is in 22 paar chromosomen en 1 paar geslachtschromosomen. Chromosomen zijn ketens van de basenparen A (adenine), C (cytosine), T (thymine) en G (guanine). In totaal bestaat het menselijk genoom uit zo’n 3 miljard van deze bouwstenen. Een deel van het erfelijk materiaal bestaat uit genen (zo’n 30.000), die de instructies bevatten om eiwitten te maken. De DNA sequenties van twee mensen, die willekeurig uit de populatie worden gekozen, zijn voor 99.9% identiek. De overige 0.1%, hoe klein ook, bevatten...

  5. A simulation optimisation approach for inventory management decision support based on incomplete information

    Ramaekers, Katrien
    The overall objective of this thesis is twofold. First, the demand process is described under the condition of incomplete information. Then a framework is developed for inventory management decision support for intermittent demand. Related to the first objective, two main contributions are proposed. Under the condition of incomplete information on demand, characteristics as demand shape and unimodality are identified and the optimal inventory level given a desired performance level is determined. The second objective also results in two main contributions of the thesis: the proposition of a best strategy in combining inventory decisio making and demand forecasting for intermittent demand...

  6. High-Level User Interface Models for Model-Driven Design of Context-Sensitive User Interfaces


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