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  1. De weerbarstigheid van het bestaan: over het Afrikaanse proza van 2007

    RENDERS, Luc
    - 11-may-2014

  2. Parasise regained and lost again: South African literature in the post-apartheid era

    RENDERS, Luc
    This article surveys South African prose in English and Afrikaans published after 1994. With the first democratic elections a new era began. The political and social changes are obviously reflected in the prose that was written in the previous decade. There are striking thematic parallels between the literary works in English and Afrikaans. The demise of apartheid led to a euphoric mood but very soon a new realism set in. A number of works appeared in which history was rewritten. Not only the immediate apartheid past but also the earlier history of South Africa is highlighted. The past is demythologised...
    - 01-mar-2013

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