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Este servicio se brinda en el marco del Proyecto de Enlace de Bibliotecas (PrEBi) y significa una novedosa iniciativa en pos de la difusión a través de Internet, dentro y fuera del ámbito de la Universidad, de los conocimientos que en ella se generan para servir como vehículo de promoción y jerarquización. Los objetivos que se han planteados para SeDiCI son sumamente ambiciosos e incluyen la difusion electrónica de tesis, tesinas y disertaciones pero también de otros tipos de creaciones intelectuales, pretendiendo abarcar la ciencia, la tecnología y el arte buscando modos de presentación no solo de objetos en forma de documentos de texto sino también otros medios multimediales aptos para creaciones no documentales.

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  1. Smart cameras

    Leiva, Lucas; Acosta, Nelson
    The computer vision based applications market is increasing since several years ago. A lot of new application areas are incorporating this type of systems to solve particular problems. An emergent trend in last decades is incorporate dedicated devices to particular problems. A smart camera can be defined as a standalone device which can take decisions by itself, since have the ability of understand images. It is composed by an image sensor and processing logic to perform the task, without the use of PCs. The smart cameras can be found, for example, in surveillance, automotive and industry. The book Smart Cameras...

  2. Quality of Service in mobile ad hoc networks

    Soufy, Khaled Abdullah Mohammed Al
    To support multimedia applications, it is desirable that an ad hoc network has a provision of Quality of Service (QoS). However, the provision of QoS in an ad hoc network is a challenging task due to its inherent characteristics. In this thesis, our main focus is on the provision of QoS in an ad hoc network where there can be multiple hops from a given source to a destination.

  3. Knowledge extraction in large databases using adaptive strategies

    Hasperué, Waldo
    The general objective of this thesis is the development of an adaptive technique for extracting knowledge in large databases. Nowadays, technology allows storing huge volumes of information. For this reason, the availability of techniques that allow, as a first stage, analyzing that information and obtaining knowledge that can be expressed as classification rules, is of interest. However, the information available is expected to change and/or increase with time, and therefore, as a second stage, it would be relevant to adapt the knowledge acquired to the changes or variations affecting the original data set. The contribution of this thesis is focused...

  4. Analysis of suitable languages to teach Procedural Programming at the Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires

    Osella Massa, Germán Leandro; Russo, Claudia Cecilia; Sarobe, Mónica; Pompei, Sabrina
    Based on the need to update the language and tools used to teach Procedural Programming during the first year of computer science careers, a cross descriptive research was conducted by assessing different programming languages. The analysis involved a total of twelve languages with different characteristics. A new methodology was proposed based on the conclusions obtained from this work. Teachers have considered this proposal highly appropriate and its implementation was recommended for the next year

  5. Spanish sign language interpreter for mexican linguistics

    Juan Barragán, Francisco Javier; Pérez Grana, José Arturo; Cervantes, Francisco; Schwarzblat y Katz, Morris; Olide Márquez, María Guadalupe; Pérez Sánchez, Ana Paola
    We present here the first visual interface for a Mexican Spanish Sign Language translator on its first development stage: sign-writing recognition. The software was developed for the unique characteristics of Mexican linguistics and was designed in order to use sentences or a sequence of signs in sign-writing system which are decoded by the program and converted into a series of images with movement that correspond to the Mexican sign language system. Using a lexical, syntactic and semantic algorithms plus free software such as APIs's from Java, video converter software, data base manager like MySQL, Postgres and SQlite, was possible to...

  6. Development of multi-level system of steganography

    Ogundele, Tunde Joseph; Adetunmbi, Adebayo Olusola
    Internet world is characterized by many users among which are crackers and thieves. Hence, the need for a secured system to safely exchange confidential information among users across the web is required. Of such tool is steganography that simply hides the user information under other kind of information such as image so that no one suspects that a sensitive data is being transferred. This paper presents a steganography scheme with an improved capacity and enhanced security by compressing the information before embedding it under an image. This is done by encoding the message before embedding it in the blue object...

  7. Throughput quantitative analysis of EDCA 802.11e in different scenarios

    Perez, Santiago Cristobal; Facchini, Higinio Alberto; Mercado, Gustavo; Bisaro, Luis; Campos, Javier
    This document presents a quantitative analysis of the direct and relative throughput of IEEE 802.11e. The global throughput of an 802.11e WLAN is determined by EDCA (Enhanced Distributed Channel Access) parameters, among other aspects, that are usually configured with predetermined and static values. This study carefully evaluates the Quality of Service (QoS) of Wi-Fi with EDCA in several realistic scenarios with noise and a blend of wireless traffic (e.g., voice, video, and best effort, with Pareto distribution). The metrics of the benefits obtained in each case are compared, and the differentiated impact of network dynamics on each case is quantified. The...

  8. Relative signal strength coverage optimization in indoor and outdoor wireless LAN environments

    Ekpenyong, Moses E.; Umoren, UduakObong M.; Bassey, Udoma J.
    Fading and obstacles constitute major threats to effective quality of service (QoS) delivery in wireless local area network (WLAN) environments. In this contribution, we investigate the signal quality of indoor and outdoor WLANs over a defined coverage area. We present experimental analysis of case studies that will be useful for further research and validate the system’s performance in practice. Using an optimized form of the pathloss models, a simulation of the system is carried out over short and extended coverage. Simulation results show that signal quality could be effectively managed to improve the system’s performance for both indoor and outdoor environments in...

  9. TCP Performance

    Marrone, Luis Armando; Barbieri, Andrés; Robles, Matías
    At present there are different TCP versions providing different performances. In this work the three of them: Reno, CUBIC and Vegas are considered. We simulate a WAN type network analyzing the throughput and performance of these TCP variants in order to discover which of them has a better performance.

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