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Datasets of project "Innovatives Nordpazifik Experiment - Paläoozeanographie und Magnetik"

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  1. Radionuclides measured on water bottle samples during SONNE cruise SO202 (INOPEX)

    Hayes, Christoper T; Anderson, Robert F; Jaccard, Samuel L; Francois, Roger; Fleisher, Martin Q; Soon, Maureen; Gersonde, Rainer
    Boundary scavenging, or the enhanced removal of adsorption-prone elements from the ocean in areas of high particle flux, is an often cited, though not well-quantified, concept used to understand the oceanic distribution of many trace metals. Because 230Th and 231Pa are produced uniformly from uranium decay and removed differentially by scavenging, the process of boundary scavenging can be elucidated by a more detailed knowledge of their water column distributions. To this end, filtered seawater was collected across the gradients in particle flux which span the subarctic Pacific: in the west during the Innovative North Pacific Experiment (INOPEX) and in the...
    (text/tab-separated-values, 1043 data points) - 06-jun-2018

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