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  1. A computer-based testing system to evaluate protective relays as a tool in power system protection education

    Martins, L. Sousa; Fortunato, Carlos; Pires, V. Fernão
    Teaching power system relaying is a fundamental issue in a power system high-level course. However, for an effective instruction of this topic an experience with real equipments can be considered as fundamental. To achieve this purpose, in this paper a new approach for the practical learning of power system relaying is presented. This consists of a computer-based testing system of relay-operating characteristic. Different relay types and developed specific software are also an important piece of the laboratory practice. Using this system it is possible to understand the performance and limitations of different protective relay systems and to test a real...
    - 06-jun-2013

  2. Fault location in an electrical energy distribution infrastructure with a wireless sensor network

    Fortunato, Carlos; Casaca, Augusto; Grilo, António; Santos, Miguel
    This article presents a detailed analysis of the applicability of wireless systems in the localization of faults in the energy distribution network. The hwardware and software architectures of the envised sensor solution will also be described and finally, the integration of this system into Smart Grids will be discussed in terms of automatic fault analysis. A pilot system has been tested in a subset of the Portuguese energy distribution infrastructure operated by EDP Energias de Portugal. It presents a new approach to a fault locator system for the power network. The purpose is to obtain faster and more reliable information...
    - 26-ago-2014

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