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Centre for Sustainable Technologies (formerly known as ASTRA) (astra)

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  1. Assessment of Environmental Issues And Biodegradation Aspects of Current MSW Practices of Developing Country Metropolises - A Case Study of Bangalore

    Shwetmala, *
    Municipal solid waste (MSW) production has significantly increased in the rapidly urbanizing developing world and also changed composition with increased decomposable organic fraction in MSW (OFMSW) and plastics content. This has stressed the environment in many ways while city managers and citizens have responded with various technological and management solutions leading to a need for scientific, environmental, technological and sustainability assessments of the emerging problems. This sets the research agenda and framework for this study wherein the MSW generation, composition, processing and treatment methods, open dumping practices, environmental liability, natural degradation, sustainability issues etc. have been studied for the city...
    - 19-oct-2017

  2. Experiments And Analysis on Wood Gasification in an Open Top Downdraft Gasifier

    Mahapatra, Sadhan
    The thesis, through experimental and numerical investigations reports on the work related to packed bed reactors in co-current configuration for biomass gasification. This study has extensively focused on the gasification operating regimes and addressing the issues of presence of tar, an undesirable component for engine application. Systematically, the influence of fuel properties on the gasification process has been studied using single particle analysis and also in packed bed reactors. Studies related to the effect of fuel properties - size, surface area volume ratio and density on the reactor performance are addressed. The influence of these parameters on the propagation rate which...
    - 27-sep-2017

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