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  1. In Vitro Pro-apoptotic and Anti-migratory Effects of Ficus deltoidea L. Plant Extracts on the Human Prostate Cancer Cell Lines PC3

    Hanafi, MMM; Afzan, A; Yaakob, H; Aziz, R; Sarmidi, MR; Wolfender, J-L; Prieto, JM
    This study aims to evaluate the in vitro cytotoxic and anti-migratory effects of Ficus deltoidea L. on prostate cancer cells, identify the active compound/s and characterize their mechanism of actions. Two farmed varieties were studied, var. angustifolia (FD1) and var. deltoidea (FD2). Their crude methanolic extracts were partitioned into n-hexane (FD1h, FD2h) chloroform (FD1c, FD2c) and aqueous extracts (FD1a, FD2a). Antiproliferative fractions (IC50 < 30 μg/mL, SRB staining of PC3 cells) were further fractionated. Active compound/s were dereplicated using spectroscopic methods. In vitro mechanistic studies on PC3 and/or LNCaP cells included: annexin V-FITC staining, MMP depolarization measurements, activity of caspases...

  2. A 32x10 Gb/s OLT Using a Single Ultra-wide Bandwidth Dual Local Oscillator Coherent Receiver

    Lavery, DJP

  3. Digital Back-propagation for Unrepeatered Transmission

    Lavery, DJP

  4. Developing a non-invasive tool to assess the impact of oxidation on the structural integrity of historic wool in Tudor tapestries

    Kissi, N; Curran, K; Vlachou-Mogire, C; Fearn, T; McCullough, L
    Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) can be a useful diagnostic tool in the assessment of quality in textile, agricultural and various other industries. In cultural heritage applications, NIR as a non-invasive assessment tool is advantageous for understanding the composition or degradation of fragile historic objects that cannot be sampled. The direct interpretation of measured NIR spectra is complicated by overlapping bands produced from overtone and combination bands of chemical bonds. However, in combination with multivariate partial least squares (PLS) models and principal component analysis, the physicochemical properties of historic materials can potentially be identified by calibrating against a measured component. In...

  5. On the Relations between Agent and Principal: Angove’s Pty Ltd v Bailey

    Grower, JAW
    In Angove’s Pty Ltd v Bailey the Supreme Court faced ‘two important and controversial questions of commercial law’: whether an agent’s authority could ever be ‘irrevocable’, and whether the receipt of money by an imminent insolvent could ever give rise to a constructive trust of that sum. It answered both in the affirmative, albeit subject to heavy qualifications. This note supports these conclusions in principle, however it will argue that the court’s reasoning, especially in answering the second question, leaves much to be desired. In particular, it ignored the central role of fiduciary law in regulating the conduct of agents.

  6. Patient-specific simulations for planning treatment in congenital heart disease

    Capelli, C; Sauvage, E; Giusti, G; Bosi, GM; Ntsinjana, H; Carminati, M; Derrick, G; Marek, J; Khambadkone, S; Taylor, AM; Schievano, S
    Patient-specific computational models have been extensively developed over the last decades and applied to investigate a wide range of cardiovascular problems. However, translation of these technologies into clinical applications, such as planning of medical procedures, has been limited to a few single case reports. Hence, the use of patient-specific models is still far from becoming a standard of care in clinical practice. The aim of this study is to describe our experience with a modelling framework that allows patient-specific simulations to be used for prediction of clinical outcomes. A cohort of 12 patients with congenital heart disease who were referred...

  7. Measurements of top-quark pair differential cross-sections in the lepton plus jets channel in pp collisions at root s=13 TeV using the ATLAS detector

    Aaboud, M; Aad, G; Abbott, B; Abdallah, J; Abdinov, O; Abeloos, B; Abidi, SH; AbouZeid, OS; Abraham, NL; Abramowicz, H; Abreu, H; Abreu, R; Abulaiti, Y; Acharya, BS; Adachi, S; Adamczyk, L; Adelman, J; Adersberger, M; Adye, T; Affolder, AA; Agatonovic-Jovin, T; Agheorghiesei, C; Aguilar-Saavedra, JA; Ahlen, SP; Ahmadov, F; Aielli, G; Akatsuka, S; Akerstedt, H; Akesson, TPA; Akilli, E; Akimov, AV; Alberghi, GL; Albert, J; Albicocco, P; Verzini, MJA; Aleksa, M; Aleksandrov, IN; Alexa, C; Alexander, G; Alexopoulos, T; Alhroob, M; Ali, B; Aliev, M; Alimonti, G; Alison, J; Alkire, SP; Allbrooke, BMM; Allen, BW; Allport, PP; Aloisio, A; Alonso, A; Alonso, F; Alpigiani, C; Alshehri, AA; Alstaty, M; Gonzalez, BA; Alvarez Piqueras, D; Alviggi, MG; Amadio, BT; Coutinho, YA; Amelung, C; Amidei, D; Dos Santos, SPA; Amorim, A; Amoroso, S; Amundsen, G; Anastopoulos, C; Ancu, LS; Andari, N; Andeen, T; Anders, CF; Anders, JK; Anderson, KJ; Andreazza, A; Andrei, V; Angelidakis, S; Angelozzi, I; Angerami, A; Anisenkov, AV; Anjos, N; Annovi, A; Antel, C; Antonelli, M; Antonov, A; Antrim, DJ; Anulli, F; Aoki, M; Bella, LA; Arabidze, G; Arai, Y; Araque, JP; Ferraz, VA; Arce, ATH; Ardell, RE; Arduh, FA; Arguin, J-F; Argyropoulos, S; Arik, M; Armbruster, AJ; Armitage, LJ; Arnaez, O; Arnold, H; Arratia, M; Arslan, O; Artamonov, A; Artoni, G; Artz, S; Asai, S; Asbah, N; Ashkenazi, A; Asquith, L; Assamagan, K; Astalos, R; Atkinson, M; Atlay, NB; Augsten, K; Avolio, G; Axen, B; Ayoub, MK; Azuelos, G; Baas, AE; Baca, MJ; Bachacou, H; Bachas, K; Backes, M; Backhaus, M; Bagnaia, P; Bahrasemani, H; Baines, JT; Bajic, M; Baker, OK; Baldin, EM; Balek, P; Balli, F; Balunas, WK; Banas, E; Banerjee, S; Bannoura, AAE; Barak, L; Barberio, EL; Barberis, D; Barbero, M; Barillari, T; Barisits, M-S; Barklow, T; Barlow, N; Barnes, SL; Barnett, BM; Barnett, RM; Barnovska-Blenessy, Z; Baroncelli, A; Barone, G; Barr, AJ; Navarro, LB; Barreiro, F; da Costa, JBG; Bartoldus, R; Barton, AE; Bartos, P; Basalaev, A; Bassalat, A; Bates, RL; Batista, SJ; Batley, JR; Battaglia, M; Bauce, M; Bauer, F; Bawa, HS; Beacham, JB; Beattie, MD; Beau, T; Beauchemin, PH; Bechtle, P; Beck, HP; Becker, K; Becker, M; Beckingham, M; Becot, C; Beddall, AJ; Beddall, A; Bednyakov, VA; Bedognetti, M; Bee, P; Beermann, TA; Begalli, M; Begel, M; Behr, JK; Bell, AS; Bella, G; Bellagamba, L; Bellerive, A; Bellomo, M; Belotskiy, K; Beltramello, O; Belyaev, NL; Benary, O; Benchekroun, D; Bender, M; Bendtz, K; Benekos, N; Benhammou, Y; Noccioli, EB; Benitez, J; Benjamin, DP; Benoit, M; Bensinger, JR; Bentvelsen, S; Beresford, L; Beretta, M; Berge, D; Kuutmann, EB; Berger, N; Beringer, J; Berlendis, S; Bernard, NR; Bernardi, G; Bernius, C; Bernlochner, FU; Berry, T; Berta, P; Bertella, C; Bertoli, G; Bertolucci, F; Bertram, IA; Bertsche, C; Bertsche, D; Besjes, GJ; Bylund, OB; Bessner, M; Besson, N; Betancourt, C; Bethani, A; Bethke, S; Bevan, AJ; Bianchi, RM; Biebel, O; Biedermann, D; Bielski, R; Biesuz, NV; Biglietti, M; De Mendizabal, JB; Billoud, TRV; Bilokon, H; Bindi, M; Bingul, A; Bini, C; Biondi, S; Bisanz, T; Bittrich, C; Bjergaard, DM; Black, CW; Black, JE; Black, KM; Blackburn, D; Blair, RE; Blazek, T; Bloch, I; Blocker, C; Blue, A; Blum, W; Blumenschein, U; Blunier, S; Bobbink, GJ; Bobrovnikov, VS; Bocchetta, SS; Bocci, A; Bock, C; Boehler, M; Boerner, D; Bogavac, D; Bogdanchikov, AG; Bohm, C; Boisvert, V; Bokan, P; Bold, T; Boldyrev, AS; Bolz, AE; Bomben, M; Bona, M; Boonekamp, M; Borisov, A; Borissov, G; Bortfeldt, J; Bortoletto, D; Bortolotto, V; Boscherini, D; Bosman, M; Sola, JDB; Boudreau, J; Bouffard, J; Bouhova-Thacker, EV; Boumediene, D; Bourdarios, C; Boutle, SK; Boveia, A; Boyd, J; Boyko, IR; Bracinik, J; Brandt, A; Brandt, G; Brandt, O; Bratzler, U; Brau, B; Brau, JE; Madden, WDB; Brendlinger, K; Brennan, AJ; Brenner, L; Brenner, R; Bressler, S; Briglin, DL; Bristow, TM; Britton, D; Britzger, D; Brochu, FM; Brock, I; Brock, R; Brooijmans, G; Brooks, T; Brooks, WK; Brosamer, J; Brost, E; Broughton, JH; de Renstrom, PAB; Bruncko, D; Bruni, A; Bruni, G; Bruni, LS; Brunt, BH; Bruschi, M; Bruscino, N; Bryant, P; Bryngemark, L; Buanes, T; Buat, Q; Buchholz, P; Buckley, AG; Budagov, IA; Buehrer, F; Bugge, MK; Bulekov, O; Bullock, D; Burch, TJ; Burckhart, H; Burdin, S; Burgard, CD; Burger, AM; Burghgrave, B; Burka, K; Burke, S; Burmeister, I; Burr, JTP; Busato, E; Buescher, D; Buescher, V; Bussey, P; Butler, JM; Buttar, CM; Butterworth, JM; Butti, P; Buttinger, W; Buzatu, A; Buzykaev, AR; Cabrera Urban, S; Caforio, D; Cairo, M; Cakir, O; Calace, N; Calafiura, P; Calandri, A; Calderini, G; Calfayan, P; Callea, G; Caloba, LP; Lopez, SC; Calvet, D; Calvet, S; Calvet, TP; Toro, RC; Camarda, S; Camarri, P; Cameron, D; Armadans, RC; Camincher, C; Campana, S; Campanelli, M; Camplani, A; Campoverde, A; Canale, V; Bret, MC; Cantero, J; Cao, T; Garrido, MDMC; Caprini, I; Caprini, M; Capua, M; Carbone, RM; Cardarelli, R; Cardillo, F; Carli, I; Carli, T; Carlino, G; Carlson, BT; Carminati, L; Carney, RMD; Caron, S; Carquin, E; Carra, S; Carrillo-Montoya, GD; Carvalho, J; Casadei, D; Casado, MP; Casolino, M; Casper, DW; Castelijn, R; Castillo Gimenez, V; Castro, NF; Catinaccio, A; Catmore, JR; Cattai, A; Caudron, J; Cavaliere, V; Cavallaro, E; Cavalli, D; Cavalli-Sforza, M; Cavasinni, V; Celebi, E; Ceradini, F; Cerda Alberich, L; Cerqueira, AS; Cerri, A; Cerrito, L; Cerutti, F; Cervelli, A; Cetin, SA; Chafaq, A; Chakraborty, D; Chan, SK; Chan, WS; Chan, YL; Chang, P; Chapman, JD; Charlton, DG; Chau, CC; Barajas, CAC; Che, S; Cheatham, S; Chegwidden, A; Chekanov, S; Chekulaev, SV; Chelkov, GA; Chelstowska, MA; Chen, C; Chen, H; Chen, S; Chen, S; Chen, X; Chen, Y; Cheng, HC; Cheng, HJ; Cheplakov, A; Cheremushkina, E; El Moursli, RC; Chernyatin, V; Cheu, E; Chevalier, L; Chiarella, V; Chiarelli, G; Chiodini, G; Chisholm, AS; Chitan, A; Chiu, YH; Chizhov, MV; Choi, K; Chomont, AR; Chouridou, S; Christodoulou, V; Chromek-Burckhart, D; Chu, MC; Chudoba, J; Chuinard, AJ; Chwastowski, JJ; Chytka, L; Ciftci, AK; Cinca, D; Cindro, V; Cioara, IA; Ciocca, C; Ciocio, A; Cirotto, F; Citron, ZH; Citterio, M; Ciubancan, M; Clark, A; Clark, BL; Clark, MR; Clark, PJ; Clarke, RN; Clement, C; Coadou, Y; Cobal, M; Coccaro, A; Cochran, J; Colasurdo, L; Cole, B; Colijn, AP; Collot, J; Colombo, T; Muino, PC; Coniavitis, E; Connell, SH; Connelly, IA; Constantinescu, S; Conti, G; Conventi, F; Cooke, M; Cooper-Sarkar, AM; Cormier, F; Cormier, KJR; Corradi, M; Corriveau, F; Cortes-Gonzalez, A; Cortiana, G; Costa, G; Costa, MJ; Costanzo, D; Cottin, G; Cowan, G; Cox, BE; Cranmer, K; Crawley, SJ; Creager, RA; Cree, G; Crepe-Renaudin, S; Crescioli, F; Cribbs, WA; Cristinziani, M; Croft, V; Crosetti, G; Cueto, A; Donszelmann, TC; Cukierman, AR; Cummings, J; Curatolo, M; Cuth, J; Czirr, H; Czodrowski, P; D'amen, G; D'Auria, S; D'Onofrio, M; De Sousa, MJDCS; Da Via, C; Dabrowski, W; Dado, T; Dai, T; Dale, O; Dallaire, F; Dallapiccola, C; Dam, M; Dandoy, JR; Dang, NP; Daniells, AC; Dann, NS; Danninger, M; Hoffmann, MD; Dao, V; Darbo, G; Darmora, S; Dassoulas, J; Dattagupta, A; Daubney, T; Davey, W; David, C; Davidek, T; Davies, M; Davison, P; Dawe, E; Dawson, I; De, K; de Asmundis, R; De Benedetti, A; De Castro, S; De Cecco, S; De Groot, N; de Jong, P; De la Torre, H; De Lorenzi, F; De Maria, A; De Pedis, D; De Salvo, A; De Sanctis, U; De Santo, A; Corga, KDV; De Regie, JBDV; Dearnaley, WJ; Debbe, R; Debenedetti, C; Dedovich, DV; Dehghanian, N; Deigaard, I; Del Gaudio, M; Del Peso, J; Del Prete, T; Delgove, D; Deliot, F; Delitzsch, CM; Dell'Acqua, A; Dell'Asta, L; Dell'Orso, M; Della Pietra, M; della Volpe, D; Delmastro, M; Delporte, C; Delsart, PA; DeMarco, DA; Demers, S; Demichev, M; Demilly, A; Denisov, SP; Denysiuk, D; Derendarz, D; Derkaoui, JE; Derue, F; Dervan, P; Desch, K; Deterre, C; Dette, K; Devesa, MR; Deviveiros, PO; Dewhurst, A; Dhaliwal, S; Di Bello, FA; Di Ciaccio, A; Di Ciaccio, L; Di Clemente, WK; Di Donato, C; Di Girolamo, A; Di Girolamo, B; Di Micco, B; Di Nardo, R; Di Petrillo, KF; Di Simone, A; Di Sipio, R; Di Valentino, D; Diaconu, C; Diamond, M; Dias, FA; Diaz, MA; Diehl, EB; Dietrich, J; Cornell, SD; Dimitrievska, A; Dingfelder, J; Dita, P; Dita, S; Dittus, F; Djama, F; Djobava, T; Djuvsland, JI; do Vale, MAB; Dobos, D; Dobre, M; Doglioni, C; Dolejsi, J; Dolezal, Z; Donadelli, M; Donati, S; Dondero, P; Donini, J; Dopke, J; Doria, A; Dova, MT; Doyle, AT; Drechsler, E; Dris, M; Du, Y; Duarte-Campderros, J; Dubreuil, A; Duchovni, E; Duckeck, G; Ducourthial, A; Ducu, OA; Duda, D; Dudarev, A; Dudder, AC; Duffield, EM; Duflot, L; Duehrssen, M; Dumancic, M; Dumitriu, AE; Duncan, AK; Dunford, M; Yildiz, HD; Dueren, M; Durglishvili, A; Duschinger, D; Dutta, B; Dyndal, M; Eckardt, C; Ecker, KM; Edgar, RC; Eifert, T; Eigen, G; Einsweiler, K; Ekelof, T; El Kacimi, M; El Kosseifi, R; Ellajosyula, V; Ellert, M; Elles, S; Ellinghaus, F; Elliot, AA; Ellis, N; Elmsheuser, J; Elsing, M; Emeliyanov, D; Enari, Y; Endner, OC; Ennis, JS; Erdmann, J; Ereditato, A; Ernis, G; Ernst, M; Errede, S; Ertel, E; Escalier, M; Escobar, C; Esposito, B; Pastor, OE; Etienvre, AI; Etzion, E; Evans, H; Ezhilov, A; Ezzi, M; Fabbri, F; Fabbri, L; Facini, G; Fakhrutdinov, RM; Falciano, S; Falla, RJ; Faltova, J; Fang, Y; Fanti, M; Farbin, A; Farilla, A; Farina, C; Farina, EM; Farooque, T; Farrell, S; Farrington, SM; Farthouat, P; Fassi, F; Fassnacht, P; Fassouliotis, D; Giannelli, MF; Favareto, A; Fawcett, WJ; Fayard, L; Fedin, OL; Fedorko, W; Feigl, S; Feligioni, L; Feng, C; Feng, EJ; Feng, H; Fenton, MJ; Fenyuk, AB; Feremenga, L; Martinez, PF; Perez, SF; Ferrando, J; Ferrari, A; Ferrari, P; Ferrari, R; de Lima, DEF; Ferrer, A; Ferrere, D; Ferretti, C; Fiedler, F; Filipcic, A; Filipuzzi, M; Filthaut, F; Fincke-Keeler, M; Finelli, KD; Fiolhais, MCN; Fiorini, L; Fischer, A; Fischer, C; Fischer, J; Fisher, WC; Flaschel, N; Fleck, I; Fleischmann, P; Fletcher, RRM; Flick, T; Flierl, BM; Castillo, LRF; Flowerdew, MJ; Forcolin, GT; Formica, A; Foerster, FA; Forti, A; Foster, AG; Fournier, D; Fox, H; Fracchia, S; Francavilla, P; Franchini, M; Franchino, S; Francis, D; Franconi, L; Franklin, M; Frate, M; Fraternali, M; Freeborn, D; Fressard-Batraneanu, SM; Freund, B; Froidevaux, D; Frost, JA; Fukunaga, C; Fusayasu, T; Fuster, J; Gabaldon, C; Gabizon, O; Gabrielli, A; Gabrielli, A; Gach, GP; Gadatsch, S; Gadomski, S; Gagliardi, G; Gagnon, LG; Galea, C; Galhardo, B; Gallas, EJ; Gallop, BJ; Gallus, P; Galster, G; Gan, KK; Ganguly, S; Gao, J; Gao, Y; Gao, YS; Walls, FMG; Garcia, C; Navarro, JEG; Garcia-Sciveres, M; Gardner, RW; Garelli, N; Garonne, V; Bravo, AG; Gasnikova, K; Gatti, C; Gaudiello, A; Gaudio, G; Gavrilenko, IL; Gay, C; Gaycken, G; Gazis, EN; Gee, CNP; Geisen, J; Geisen, M; Geisler, MP; Gellerstedt, K; Gemme, C; Genest, MH; Geng, C; Gentile, S; Gentsos, C; George, S; Gerbaudo, D; Gershon, A; Ghasemi, S; Ghneimat, M; Giacobbe, B; Giagu, S; Giannetti, P; Gibson, SM; Gignac, M; Gilchriese, M; Gillberg, D; Gilles, G; Gingrich, DM; Giokaris, N; Giordani, MP; Giorgi, FM; Giraud, PF; Giromini, P; Giugni, D; Giuli, F; Giuliani, C; Giulini, M; Gjelsten, BK; Gkaitatzis, S; Gkialas, I; Gkougkousis, EL; Gladilin, LK; Glasman, C; Glatzer, J; Glaysher, PCF; Glazov, A; Goblirsch-Kolb, M; Godlewski, J; Goldfarb, S; Golling, T; Golubkov, D; Gomes, A; Goncalo, R; Gama, RG; Da Costa, JGPF; Gonella, G; Gonella, L; Gongadze, A; de la Hoz, SG; Gonzalez-Sevilla, S; Goossens, L; Gorbounov, PA; Gordon, HA; Gorelov, I; Gorini, B; Gorini, E; Gorisek, A; Goshaw, AT; Goessling, C; Gostkin, MI; Goudet, CR; Goujdami, D; Govender, N; Gozani, E; Graber, L; Grabowska-Bold, I; Gradin, POJ; Gramling, J; Gramstad, E; Grancagnolo, S; Gratchev, V; Gravila, PM; Gray, C; Gray, HM; Greenwood, ZD; Grefe, C; Gregersen, K; Gregor, IM; Grenier, P; Grevtsov, K; Griffiths, J; Grillo, AA; Grimm, K; Grinstein, S; Gris, P; Grivaz, J-F; Groh, S; Gross, E; Grosse-Knetter, J; Grossi, GC; Grout, ZJ; Grummer, A; Guan, L; Guan, W; Guenther, J; Guescini, F; Guest, D; Gueta, O; Gui, B; Guido, E; Guillemin, T; Guindon, S; Gul, U; Gumpert, C; Guo, J; Guo, W; Guo, Y; Gupta, R; Gupta, S; Gustavino, G; Gutierrez, P; Ortiz, NGG; Gutschow, C; Guyot, C; Guzik, MP; Gwenlan, C; Gwilliam, CB; Haas, A; Haber, C; Hadavand, HK; Haddad, N; Hadef, A; Hageboeck, S; Hagihara, M; Hakobyan, H; Haleem, M; Haley, J; Halladjian, G; Hallewell, GD; Hamacher, K; Hamal, P; Hamano, K; Hamilton, A; Hamity, GN; Hamnett, PG; Han, L; Han, S; Hanagaki, K; Hanawa, K; Hance, M; Haney, B; Hanke, P; Hansen, JB; Hansen, JD; Hansen, MC; Hansen, PH; Hara, K; Hard, AS; Harenberg, T; Hariri, F; Harkusha, S; Harrington, RD; Harrison, PF; Hartmann, NM; Hasegawa, M; Hasegawa, Y; Hasib, A; Hassani, S; Haug, S; Hauser, R; Hauswald, L; Havener, LB; Havranek, M; Hawkes, CM; Hawkings, RJ; Hayakawa, D; Hayden, D; Hays, CP; Hays, JM; Hayward, HS; Haywood, SJ; Head, SJ; Heck, T; Hedberg, V; Heelan, L; Heidegger, KK; Heim, S; Heim, T; Heinemann, B; Heinrich, JJ; Heinrich, L; Heinz, C; Hejbal, J; Helary, L; Held, A; Hellman, S; Helsens, C; Henderson, RCW; Heng, Y; Henkelmann, S; Correia, AMH; Henrot-Versille, S; Herbert, GH; Herde, H; Herget, V; Jimenez, YH; Herten, G; Hertenberger, R; Hervas, L; Herwig, TC; Hesketh, GG; Hessey, NP; Hetherly, JW; Higashino, S; Higon-Rodriguez, E; Hill, E; Hill, JC; Hiller, KH; Hillier, SJ; Hinchliffe, I; Hirose, M; Hirschbuehl, D; Hiti, B; Hladik, O; Hoad, X; Hobbs, J; Hod, N; Hodgkinson, MC; Hodgson, P; Hoecker, A; Hoeferkamp, MR; Hoenig, F; Hohn, D; Holmes, TR; Homann, M; Honda, S; Honda, T; Hong, TM; Hooberman, BH; Hopkins, WH; Horii, Y; Horton, AJ; Hostachy, J-Y; Hou, S; Hoummada, A; Howarth, J; Hoya, J; Hrabovsky, M; Hristova, I; Hrivnac, J; Hryn'ova, T; Hrynevich, A; Hsu, PJ; Hsu, S-C; Hu, Q; Hu, S; Huang, Y; Hubacek, Z; Hubaut, F; Huegging, F; Huffman, TB; Hughes, EW; Hughes, G; Huhtinen, M; Huo, P; Huseynov, N; Huston, J; Huth, J; Iacobucci, G; Iakovidis, G; Ibragimov, I; Iconomidou-Fayard, L; Idrissi, Z; Iengo, P; Igonkina, O; Iizawa, T; Ikegami, Y; Ikeno, M; Ilchenko, Y; Iliadis, D; Ilic, N; Introzzi, G; Ioannou, P; Iodice, M; Iordanidou, K; Ippolito, V; Isacson, MF; Ishijima, N; Ishino, M; Ishitsuka, M; Issever, C; Istin, S; Ito, F; Ponce, JMI; Iuppa, R; Iwasaki, H; Izen, JM; Izzo, V; Jabbar, S; Jackson, P; Jacobs, RM; Jain, V; Jakobi, KB; Jakobs, K; Jakobsen, S; Jakoubek, T; Jamin, DO; Jana, DK; Jansky, R; Janssen, J; Janus, M; Janus, PA; Jarlskog, G; Javadov, N; Javurek, T; Javurkova, M; Jeanneau, F; Jeanty, L; Jejelava, J; Jelinskas, A; Jenni, P; Jeske, C; Jezequel, S; Ji, H; Jia, J; Jiang, H; Jiang, Y; Jiang, Z; Jiggins, S; Pena, JJ; Jin, S; Jinaru, A; Jinnouchi, O; Jivan, H; Johansson, P; Johns, KA; Johnson, CA; Johnson, WJ; Jon-And, K; Jones, RWL; Jones, SD; Jones, S; Jones, TJ; Jongmanns, J; Jorge, PM; Jovicevic, J; Ju, X; Rozas, AJ; Koehler, MK; Kaczmarska, A; Kado, M; Kagan, H; Kagan, M; Kahn, SJ; Kaji, T; Kajomovitz, E; Kalderon, CW; Kaluza, A; Kama, S; Kamenshchikov, A; Kanaya, N; Kanjir, L; Kantserov, VA; Kanzaki, J; Kaplan, B; Kaplan, LS; Kar, D; Karakostas, K; Karastathis, N; 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Maeda, J; Maeland, S; Maeno, T; Maevskiy, AS; Magradze, E; Mahlstedt, J; Maiani, C; Maidantchik, C; Maier, AA; Maier, T; Maio, A; Majewski, S; Makida, Y; Makovec, N; Malaescu, B; Malecki, P; Maleev, VP; Malek, F; Mallik, U; Malon, D; Malone, C; Maltezos, S; Malyukov, S; Mamuzic, J; Mancini, G; Mandelli, L; Mandic, I; Maneira, J; de Andrade Filho, LM; Ramos, JM; Mann, A; Manousos, A; Mansoulie, B; Mansour, JD; Mantifel, R; Mantoani, M; Manzoni, S; Mapelli, L; Marceca, G; March, L; Marchese, L; Marchiori, G; Marcisovsky, M; Marjanovic, M; Marley, DE; Marroquim, F; Marsden, SP; Marshall, Z; Martensson, MUF; Marti-Garcia, S; Martin, CB; Martin, TA; Martin, VJ; Latour, BMD; Martinez, M; Outschoorn, VIM; Martin-Haugh, S; Martoiu, VS; Martyniuk, AC; Marzin, A; Masetti, L; Mashimo, T; Mashinistov, R; Masik, J; Maslennikov, AL; Massa, L; Mastrandrea, P; Mastroberardino, A; Masubuchi, T; Mattig, P; Maurer, J; Maxfield, SJ; Maximov, DA; Mazini, R; Maznas, I; Mazza, SM; Mc Fadden, NC; Mc Goldrick, G; Mc Kee, SP; McCarn, A; McCarthy, RL; McCarthy, TG; McClymont, LI; McDonald, EF; Mcfayden, JA; Mchedlidze, G; McMahon, SJ; McNamara, PC; McPherson, RA; Meehan, S; Megy, TJ; Mehlhase, S; Mehta, A; Meideck, T; Meier, K; Meirose, B; Melini, D; Garcia, BRM; Mellenthin, JD; Melo, M; Meloni, F; Menary, SB; Meng, L; Meng, XT; Mengarelli, A; Menke, S; Meoni, E; Mergelmeyer, S; Mermod, P; Merola, L; Meroni, C; Merritt, FS; Messina, A; Metcalfe, J; Mete, AS; Meyer, C; Meyer, J-P; Meyer, J; Zu Theenhausen, HM; Miano, F; Middleton, RP; Miglioranzi, S; Mijovic, L; Mikenberg, G; Mikestikova, M; Mikuz, M; Milesi, M; Milic, A; Miller, DW; Mills, C; Milov, A; Milstead, DA; Minaenko, AA; Minami, Y; Minashvili, IA; Mincer, AI; Mindur, B; Mineev, M; Minegishi, Y; Ming, Y; Mir, LM; Mistry, KP; Mitani, T; Mitrevski, J; Mitsou, VA; Miucci, A; Miyagawa, PS; Mizukami, A; Mjoernmark, JU; Mkrtchyan, T; Mlynarikova, M; Moa, T; Mochizuki, K; Mogg, P; Mohapatra, S; Molander, S; Moles-Valls, R; Monden, R; Mondragon, MC; Moenig, K; Monk, J; Monnier, E; Montalbano, A; Berlingen, JM; Monticelli, F; Monzani, S; Moore, RW; Morange, N; Moreno, D; Llacer, MM; Morettini, P; Morgenstern, S; Mori, D; Mori, T; Morii, M; Morinaga, M; Morisbak, V; Morley, AK; Mornacchi, G; Morris, JD; Morvaj, L; Moschovakos, P; Mosidze, M; Moss, HJ; Moss, J; Motohashi, K; Mount, R; Mountricha, E; Moyse, EJW; Muanza, S; Mudd, RD; Mueller, F; Mueller, J; Mueller, RSP; Muenstermann, D; Mullen, P; Sanchez, FJM; Murray, WJ; Musheghyan, H; Muskinja, M; Myagkov, AG; Myska, M; Nachman, BP; Nackenhorst, O; Nagai, K; Nagai, R; Nagano, K; Nagasaka, Y; Nagata, K; Nagel, M; Nagy, E; Nairz, AM; Nakahama, Y; Nakamura, K; Nakamura, T; Nakano, I; Garcia, RFN; Narayan, R; Villar, DIN; Naryshkin, I; Naumann, T; Navarro, G; Nayyar, R; Neal, HA; Nechaeva, PY; Neep, TJ; Negri, A; Negrini, M; Nektarijevic, S; Nellist, C; Nelson, A; Nelson, ME; Nemecek, S; Nemethy, P; Nessi, M; Neubauer, MS; Neumann, M; Newman, PR; Ng, TY; Manh, TN; Nickerson, RB; Nicolaidou, R; Nielsen, J; Nikolaenko, V; Nikolic-Audit, I; Nikolopoulos, K; Nilsen, JK; Nilsson, P; Ninomiya, Y; Nisati, A; Nishu, N; Nisius, R; Nobe, T; Noguchi, Y; Nomachi, M; Nomidis, I; Nomura, MA; Nooney, T; Nordberg, M; Norjoharuddeen, N; Novgorodova, O; Nowak, S; Nozaki, M; Nozka, L; Ntekas, K; Nurse, E; Nuti, F; O'connor, K; O'Neil, DC; O'Rourke, AA; O'Shea, V; Oakham, FG; Oberlack, H; Obermann, T; Ocariz, J; Ochi, A; Ochoa, I; Ochoa-Ricoux, JP; Oda, S; Odaka, S; Ogren, H; Oh, A; Oh, SH; Ohm, CC; Ohman, H; Oide, H; Okawa, H; Okumura, Y; Okuyama, T; Olariu, A; Seabra, LFO; Pino, SAO; Damazio, DO; Olszewski, A; Olszowska, J; Onofre, A; Onogi, K; Onyisi, PUE; Oreglia, MJ; Oren, Y; Orestano, D; Orlando, N; Orr, RS; Osculati, B; Ospanov, R; Otero y Garzon, G; Otono, H; Ouchrif, M; Ould-Saada, F; Ouraou, A; Oussoren, KP; Ouyang, Q; Owen, M; Owen, RE; Ozcan, VE; Ozturk, N; Pachal, K; Pages, AP; Rodriguez, LP; Aranda, CP; Griso, SP; Paganini, M; Paige, F; Palacino, G; Palazzo, S; Palestini, S; Palka, M; Pallin, D; Panagiotopoulou, ES; Panagoulias, I; Pandini, CE; Vazquez, JGP; Pani, P; Panitkin, S; Pantea, D; Paolozzi, L; Papadopoulou, TD; Papageorgiou, K; Paramonov, A; Hernandez, DP; Parker, AJ; Parker, MA; Parker, KA; Parodi, F; Parsons, JA; Parzefall, U; Pascuzzi, VR; Pasner, JM; Pasqualucci, E; Passaggio, S; Pastore, F; Pataraia, S; Pater, JR; Pauly, T; Pearson, B; Lopez, SP; Pedro, R; Peleganchuk, SV; Penc, O; Peng, C; Peng, H; Penwell, J; Peralva, BS; Perego, MM; Perepelitsa, DV; Perini, L; Pernegger, H; Perrella, S; Peschke, R; Peshekhonov, VD; Peters, K; Peters, RFY; Petersen, BA; Petersen, TC; Petit, E; Petridis, A; Petridou, C; Petroff, P; Petrolo, E; Petrov, M; Petrucci, F; Pettersson, NE; Peyaud, A; Pezoa, R; Phillips, FH; Phillips, PW; Piacquadio, G; Pianori, E; Picazio, A; Piccaro, E; Pickering, MA; Piegaia, R; Pilcher, JE; Pilkington, AD; Pin, AWJ; Pinamonti, M; Pinfold, JL; Pirumov, H; Pitt, M; Plazak, L; Pleier, M-A; Pleskot, V; Plotnikova, E; Pluth, D; Podberezko, P; Poettgen, R; Poggi, R; Poggioli, L; Pohl, D; Polesello, G; Poley, A; Policicchio, A; Polifka, R; Polini, A; Pollard, CS; Polychronakos, V; Pommes, K; Ponomarenko, D; Pontecorvo, L; Pope, BG; Popeneciu, GA; Poppleton, A; Pospisil, S; Potamianos, K; Potrap, IN; Potter, CJ; Poulard, G; Poulsen, T; Poveda, J; Astigarraga, MEP; Pralavorio, P; Pranko, A; Prell, S; Price, D; Price, LE; Primavera, M; Prince, S; Proklova, N; Prokofiev, K; Prokoshin, F; Protopopescu, S; Proudfoot, J; Przybycien, M; Puri, A; Puzo, P; Qian, J; Qin, G; Qin, Y; Quadt, A; Queitsch-Maitland, M; Quilty, D; Raddum, S; Radeka, V; Radescu, V; Radhakrishnan, SK; Radloff, P; Rados, P; Ragusa, F; Rahal, G; Raine, JA; Rajagopalan, S; Rangel-Smith, C; Rashid, T; Ratti, MG; Rauch, DM; Rauscher, F; Rave, S; Ravinovich, I; Rawling, JH; Raymond, M; Read, AL; Readioff, NP; Reale, M; Rebuzzi, DM; Redelbach, A; Redlinger, G; Reece, R; Reed, RG; Reeves, K; Rehnisch, L; Reichert, J; Reiss, A; Rembser, C; Ren, H; Rescigno, M; Resconi, S; Resseguie, ED; Rettie, S; Reynolds, E; Rezanova, OL; Reznicek, P; Rezvani, R; Richter, R; Richter, S; Richter-Was, E; Ricken, O; Ridel, M; Rieck, P; Riegel, CJ; Rieger, J; Rifki, O; Rijssenbeek, M; Rimoldi, A; Rimoldi, M; Rinaldi, L; Ristic, B; Ritsch, E; Riu, I; Rizatdinova, F; Rizvi, E; Rizzi, C; Roberts, RT; Robertson, SH; Robichaud-Veronneau, A; Robinson, D; Robinson, JEM; Robson, A; Rocco, E; Roda, C; Rodina, Y; Bosca, SR; Perez, AR; Rodriguez, DR; Roe, S; Rogan, CS; Rohne, O; Roloff, J; Romaniouk, A; Romano, M; Saez, SMR; Adam, ER; Rompotis, N; Ronzani, M; Roos, L; Rosati, S; Rosbach, K; Rose, P; Rosien, N-A; Rossi, E; Rossi, LP; Rosten, JHN; Rosten, R; Rotaru, M; Roth, I; Rothberg, J; Rousseau, D; Rozanov, A; Rozen, Y; Ruan, X; Rubbo, F; Ruehr, F; Ruiz-Martinez, A; Rurikova, Z; Rusakovich, NA; Russell, HL; Rutherfoord, JP; Ruthmann, N; Ryabov, YF; Rybar, M; Rybkin, G; Ryu, S; Ryzhov, A; Rzehorz, GF; Saavedra, AF; Sabato, G; Sacerdoti, S; Sadrozinski, HF-W; Sadykov, R; Tehrani, FS; Saha, P; Sahinsoy, M; Saimpert, M; Saito, M; Saito, T; Sakamoto, H; Sakurai, Y; Salamanna, G; Loyola, JES; Salek, D; De Bruin, PHS; Salihagic, D; Salnikov, A; Salt, J; Salvatore, D; Salvatore, F; Salvucci, A; Salzburger, A; Sammel, D; Sampsonidis, D; Sampsonidou, D; Sanchez, J; Martinez, VS; Pineda, AS; Sandaker, H; Sandbach, RL; Sander, CO; Sandhoff, M; Sandoval, C; Sankey, DPC; Sannino, M; Sansoni, A; Santoni, C; Santonico, R; Santos, H; Castillo, IS; Sapronov, A; Saraiva, JG; Sarrazin, B; Sasaki, O; Sato, K; Sauvan, E; Savage, G; Savard, P; Savic, N; Sawyer, C; Sawyer, L; Saxon, J; Sbarra, C; Sbrizzi, A; Scanlon, T; Scannicchio, DA; Scarcella, M; Scarfone, V; Schaarschmidt, J; Schacht, P; Schachtner, BM; Schaefer, D; Schaefer, L; Schaefer, R; Schaeffer, J; Schaepe, S; Schaetzel, S; Schaefer, U; Schaffer, AC; Schaile, D; Schamberger, RD; Scharf, V; Schegelsky, VA; Scheirich, D; Schernau, M; Schiavi, C; Schier, S; Schildgen, LK; Schillo, C; Schioppa, M; Schlenker, S; Schmidt-Sommerfeld, KR; Schmieden, K; Schmitt, C; Schmitt, S; Schmitz, S; Schnoor, U; Schoeffel, L; Schoening, A; Schoenrock, BD; Schopf, E; Schott, M; Schouwenberg, JFP; Schovancova, J; Schramm, S; Schuh, N; Schulte, A; Schultens, MJ; Schultz-Coulon, H-C; Schulz, H; Schumacher, M; Schumm, BA; Schune, P; Schwartzman, A; Schwarz, TA; Schweiger, H; Schwemling, P; Schwienhorst, R; Schwindling, J; Sciandra, A; Sciolla, G; Scuri, F; Scutti, F; Searcy, J; Seema, P; Seidel, SC; Seiden, A; Seixas, JM; Sekhniaidze, G; Sekhon, K; Sekula, SJ; Semprini-Cesari, N; Senkin, S; Serfon, C; Serin, L; Serkin, L; Sessa, M; Seuster, R; Severini, H; Sfiligoj, T; Sforza, F; Sfyrla, A; Shabalina, E; Shaikh, NW; Shan, LY; Shang, R; Shank, JT; Shapiro, M; Shatalov, PB; Shaw, K; Shaw, SM; Shcherbakova, A; Shehu, CY; Shen, Y; Sherwood, P; Shi, L; Shimizu, S; Shimmin, CO; Shimojima, M; Shipsey, IPJ; Shirabe, S; Shiyakova, M; Shlomi, J; Shmeleva, A; Saadi, DS; Shochet, MJ; Shojaii, S; Shope, DR; Shrestha, S; Shulga, E; Shupe, MA; Sicho, P; 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Zambito, S; Zanzi, D; Zeitnitz, C; Zemla, A; Zeng, JC; Zeng, Q; Zenin, O; Zenis, T; Zerwas, D; Zhang, D; Zhang, F; Zhang, G; Zhang, H; Zhang, J; Zhang, L; Zhang, L; Zhang, M; Zhang, P; Zhang, R; Zhang, R; Zhang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhao, X; Zhao, Y; Zhao, Z; Zhemchugov, A; Zhou, B; Zhou, C; Zhou, L; Zhou, M; Zhou, M; Zhou, N; Zhu, CG; Zhu, H; Zhu, J; Zhu, Y; Zhuang, X; Zhukov, K; Zibell, A; Zieminska, D; Zimine, NI; Zimmermann, C; Zimmermann, S; Zinonos, Z; Zinser, M; Ziolkowski, M; Zivkovic, L; Zobernig, G; Zoccoli, A; Zou, R; zur Nedden, M; Zwalinski, L
    Measurements of differential cross-sections of top-quark pair production in fiducial phase-spaces are presented as a function of top-quark and tt¯tt¯ system kinematic observables in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of s√=13s=13 TeV. The data set corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 3.2 fb−1, recorded in 2015 with the ATLAS detector at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Events with exactly one electron or muon and at least two jets in the final state are used for the measurement. Two separate selections are applied that each focus on different top-quark momentum regions, referred to as resolved and boosted topologies of the...

  8. Changing the home literacy environment through participation in family literacy programmes

    Swain, J; Cara, O
    This paper presents findings from a study of family literacy provision in England and focuses on the effects of family literacy programmes on the home literacy environment. The fieldwork took place between September 2013 and December 2014 and involved 27 school-based programmes for pupils aged between 5 and 7, and their parents. The study used mixed methods, which involved observations of family literary sessions, a quantitative pre- and post-survey of 118 parents, and pre- and post-telephone qualitative interviews with a sub-sample of 24 parents. Building on previous theoretical work, the study conceptualises the home literacy environment into four areas (family...

  9. Targeted radiotherapy for early breast cancer

    Vaidya, JS; Bulsara, M; Wenz, F; Tobias, JS; Joseph, D; Baum, M

  10. Editorial

    Freeman, M; Woodin, T; Wright, S

  11. Pt/Cu single-atom alloys as coke-resistant catalysts for efficient C–H activation

    Marcinkowski, MD; Darby, MT; Jilei, L; Wimble, JM; Lucci, FR; Lee, S; Michaelides, A; Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M; Stamatakis, M; Sykes, ECH
    The recent availability of shale gas has led to a renewed interest in C–H bond activation as the first step towards the synthesis of fuels and fine chemicals. Heterogeneous catalysts based on Ni and Pt can perform this chemistry, but deactivate easily due to coke formation. Cu-based catalysts are not practical due to high C–H activation barriers, but their weaker binding to adsorbates offers resilience to coking. Using Pt/Cu single-atom alloys (SAAs), we examine C–H activation in a number of systems including methyl groups, methane and butane using a combination of simulations, surface science and catalysis studies. We find that...

  12. Factors across the life course predict women's change in smoking behaviour during pregnancy and in midlife: results from the National Child Development Study

    Schoenaker, DAJM; Ploubidis, GB; Goodman, A; Mishra, GD
    BACKGROUND: Tobacco smoking before, during and after pregnancy remains one of the few preventable factors associated with poor health outcomes for mothers and their children. We investigate predictors across the life course for change in smoking behaviour during pregnancy and whether this change predicts smoking status in midlife. METHODS: Data were from the National Child Development Study (1958 British birth cohort). We included female cohort members who reported a first pregnancy up to age 33 years. Among 1468 women who smoked before pregnancy, we examined predictors reported in childhood (age 11 years), adolescence (age 16 years) and early adulthood (age 23...

  13. Phase I/II study of verteporfin photodynamic therapy in locally advanced pancreatic cancer

    Huggett, MT; Jermyn, M; Gillams, A; Illing, R; Mosse, S; Novelli, M; Kent, E; Bown, SG; Hasan, T; Pogue, BW; Pereira, SP
    Background:Patients with pancreatic cancer have a poor prognosis apart from the few suitable for surgery. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) produces localised tissue necrosis but previous studies using the photosensitiser meso-tetrahydroxyphenylchlorin (mTHPC) caused prolonged skin photosensitivity. This study assessed a shorter acting photosensitiser, verteporfin.Methods: Fifteen inoperable patients with locally advanced cancers were sensitised with 0.4 mg kg-1 verteporfin. After 60-90 min, laser light (690 nm) was delivered via single (13 patients) or multiple (2 patients) fibres positioned percutaneously under computed tomography (CT) guidance, the light dose escalating (initially 5 J, doubling after each three patients) until 12 mm of necrosis was achieved...

  14. Together we innovate: Cross-cultural teamwork through virtual platforms

    Duus, R; Cooray, M
    In a global business environment, marketing education must support students to develop cross-cultural agility and adeptness with an aim to enhance their employability. This article contributes with an experiential cross-cultural exercise that enables students to develop new enterprises in collaboration with other students in a different country through virtual teamwork. The exercise exposes students to practical cross-cultural learning, enterprise development, and virtual team management. Results from students’ reflection journals indicate that the exercise is enjoyable, builds confidence in a range of skills, and prepares students for future employment. We offer guidance and direction on how to design and execute this...

  15. Use of LysoTracker Dyes: A Flow Cytometric Study of Autophagy

    Chikte, S; Panchal, N; Warnes, G
    The flow cytometric use of LysoTracker dyes was employed to investigate the autophagic process and to compare this with the upregulation of autophagy marker, the microtubule-associated protein LC3B. Although the mechanism of action of LysoTracker dyes is not fully understood, they have been used in microscopy to image acidic spherical organelles, and their use in flow cytometry has not been thoroughly investigated in the study of autophagy. This investigation uses numerous autophagy-inducing agents including chloroquine (CQ), rapamycin, low serum (<1%) RPMI, and nutrient starvation to induce autophagy in Jurkat T-cell leukemia and K562 erythromyeloid cell lines. LC3B showed an increase...

  16. The Genetics of Pain: Implications for Therapeutics

    Sexton, JE; Cox, JJ; Zhao, J; Wood, JN
    Pain is an increasing clinical challenge affecting about half the population, with a substantial number of people suffering daily intense pain. Such suffering can be linked to the dramatic rise in opioid use and associated deaths in the United States. There is a pressing need for new analgesics with limited side effects. Here, we summarize what we know about the genetics of pain and implications for drug development. We make the case that chronic pain is not one but a set of disease states, with peripheral drive a key element in most. We argue that understanding redundancy and plasticity, hallmarks...

  17. Food practices, intergenerational transmission and memory

    Brannen, JM; O'connell, R

  18. SigMA: Signaling Framework for Decentralized Network Management Applications

    Valocchi, D; Tuncer, D; Charalambides, M; Femminella, M; Reali, G; Pavlou, G
    The management of network infrastructures has become increasingly complex over time, which is mainly attributed to the introduction of new functionality to support emerging services and applications. To address this important issue, research efforts in the last few years focused on developing software-defined networking solutions. While initial work proposed centralized architectures, their scalability limitations have led researchers to investigate a distributed control plane. Controller placement algorithms and mechanisms for building a logically centralized network view are some examples of challenges addressed in this context. A critical issue that requires specific attention concerns the communication between distributed entities involved in decision-making...

  19. Open science in mental health research

    Bell, V

  20. London's Housing Crisis

    Dianati, K; Zimmermann, NZ; Davies, MD

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