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  1. Delusional belief flexibility and informal caregiving relationships in psychosis: a potential cognitive route for the protective effect of social support

    Jolley, S; Ferner, H; Bebbington, P; Garety, P; Dunn, G; Freeman, D; Fowler, D; Kuipers, E
    For people with psychosis, contact with informal caregivers is an important source of social support, associated with recovery, and with better outcomes following individual cognitive therapy (CBTp). In this study, we tested whether increased flexibility in delusional thinking, an established predictor of positive outcome following CBTp, was a possible mechanism underlying this effect. 219 participants with delusions (mean age 38 years; 71% male; 75% White) were grouped according to the presence of a caregiver (37% with a caregiver) and caregiver level of expressed emotion (High/Low EE, 64% Low). Delusional belief flexibility was compared between groups, controlling for interpersonal functioning, severity of...

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