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  1. Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System: Assessing the Use of Risk Assessments in Sentencing

    Kehl, Danielle Leah; Kessler, Sam Ari
    Risk assessment tools are increasingly being incorporated into all aspects of the criminal justice system. This paper focuses on the use of these tools in the sentencing process, a relatively recent development which raises fundamental legal and ethical questions about fairness, accountability, and transparency. The paper provides an overview of these issues and questions for further research that can help local policymakers who are currently implementing or considering implementing similar systems in their jurisdiction.

  2. Data Analytics and the Fight against Housing Blight: A Guide for Local Leaders

    Pough, Bradley; Wan, Qian
    Other Research Unit

  3. Punitive Damages and the Public/Private Distinction: A Comparison Between the United States and Italy

    Cappelletti, Marco
    In 2007, the Italian Supreme Court stated in a landmark judicial decision regarding the enforcement of a U.S. punitive damages award that Italian tort law is meant to serve a compensatory function and that there is no room for any goal other than corrective justice within domestic tort law. The majority of Italian jurists, while criticizing this monofunctional reading of tort law, have excluded the adoption of punitive damages as a domestic remedy on the grounds that they would blur the line between tort law and criminal law and that the conditions existing in the U.S. make punitive damages non-replicable...

  4. Justice Kennedy and the Unfolding Doctrine of Corporate Religious Sincerity

    Churchill, Spencer
    This article explores how Justice Kennedy’s Hobby Lobby concurrence synthesizes competing narratives about religious liberty and points toward a doctrinal test of corporate religious sincerity that is legally and politically justifiable.

  5. Interlocking Directorates in the European Union: An Argument For Their Restriction

    Petersen, Vidir Smari
    The EU Commission has recently undertaken a review of the EU Merger Regulation. In this process it has published a White Paper that proposes to extend the Regulation to cover situations in which firms acquire minority shareholding in their competitors. However, the White Paper is silent about the closely related phenomenon of interlocking directorates (interlocks), which occurs when the same person sits on the board of two firms. This issue has never been directly addressed by the European Union, perhaps because the theory of interlocks is underdeveloped in Europe. This paper provides comprehensive antitrust arguments for why the EU should...

  6. Putting a Pricetag on Life: The Value of Life and the FDA

    Prout, Alison
    Regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration are in the business of protecting American lives. These agencies are constantly making judgment calls as to whether prospective products are sufficiently safe, whether proposed regulations will do more harm than good, and whether costs of compliance will justify the benefits. And yet, what cost is too high to save a human life? Although we would like to live in a world that needed not spare any expense to save a life, we know that ours is a world of scarcity. This fact requires that we, as a society, make difficult decisions...

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