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  1. A Bibliography of Translations of Economic Literature to 1850

    Carpenter, Kenneth E.

  2. The Opening of Science and Scholarship

    Suber, Peter

  3. Good Practices for University Open-Access Policies (2015)

    Suber, Peter; Shieber, Stuart Merrill

  4. Time to make publicly funded medical research public

    Suber, Peter

  5. Copyright Law and Free Online Scholarship: Interview with Peter Suber

    Suber, Peter

  6. The Free Online Scholarship Movement: An Interview with Peter Suber

    Suber, Peter; Morrison, James L.

  7. Bibliography of Free Online Scholarship

    Suber, Peter

  8. BOAI Discussion List Launched

    Suber, Peter

  9. Dispatch - Spring 2017

    Lukens, Colin B.

  10. The Devil’s Shoehorn: A case study of EAD to ArchivesSpace migration at a large university

    Mayo, William David; Bowers, Kathryn A.
    A band of archivists and IT professionals at Harvard took on a project to convert nearly two million descriptions of archival collection components from marked-up text into the ArchivesSpace archival metadata management system. Starting in the mid-1990s, Harvard was an alpha implementer of EAD, an SGML (later XML) text markup language for electronic inventories, indexes, and finding aids that archivists use to wend their way through the sometimes quirky filing systems that bureaucracies establish for their records or the utter chaos in which some individuals keep their personal archives. These pathfinder documents, designed to cope with messy reality, can themselves...

  11. Opening Access to Research

    Suber, Peter

  12. SPARC Open Access Newsletter 168

    Suber, Peter

  13. Public Should Have Free Access to the Research it Funds

    Suber, Peter

  14. Second Thoughts on Reflexivity of Change

    Suber, Peter

  15. Dispatch - Fall 2016

    Lukens, Colin B.

  16. Email Archiving Stewardship Tools Workshop

    Patch, Chuck

  17. Email Archiving Systems Interoperability

    Simpson, Joel

  18. The Global Dimensions of Scholarship and Research Libraries: Finding Synergies, Creating Convergence

    Hazen, Dan Chapin; Jakubs, Deborah
    The Global Dimensions of Scholarship and Research Libraries: A Forum on the Future brought together faculty, administrators, librarians, and representatives from scholarly societies, associations, and funding agencies for two days in December 2012 to consider the future of research libraries and their role in advancing international scholarship and the globalization of the universities of which they are a part. The Forum, supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and co-hosted by the Duke University Libraries and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), covered broad ground. Participants considered shifts in the directions of research; the new global information pipeline; the tension...

  19. Digitizing Orphan Works: Legal Strategies to Reduce Risks for Open Access to Copyrighted Orphan Works

    Hansen, David

  20. Converting Scholarly Journals to Open Access: A Review of Approaches and Experiences

    Solomon, David J.; Laakso, Mikael; Björk, Bo-Christer

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