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  1. Valuing a Life: Injury Law and the Calculation of Future Lost Income Capacity

    Singer, Leah C

  2. The British Perception of the Remilitarization of the Rhineland, 1936

    Huang, Hanson

  3. Work and Parenting Structures in Transition: An Empirical Study of the Effects of Paid Parental Leave on the Corporation and the Family

    Park, Karen Miran

  4. Evolution of the Amphibian Head and Neck: Fate and Patterning of Cranial Mesoderm in the Axolotl (Ambystoma Mexicanum)

    Sefton, Elizabeth Marie
    The vertebrate head is a complex structure derived from all three embryonic germ layers. Cranial mesoderm forms most of the neurocranium, cardiovascular tissues and voluntary muscles required for intake of food and oxygenated fluid. Despite its essential role in shaping cranial and neck anatomy, long-term fate maps of cranial mesoderm are known only from the mouse and chicken, as effective labeling techniques for use in other species have been developed only recently. Data from additional species are needed to determine the embryonic origin of features absent in amniotes but present in other vertebrates and to evaluate the extent of conservation...

  5. Ancient Polities, Modern States

    Foa, Roberto
    Political science is concerned with the study of polities. However, remarkably few scholars are familiar with the polities of the premodern era, such as Vijayanagara, Siam, Abyssinia, the Kingdoms of Kongo or Mutapa, or the Mysore or Maratha empires. This dissertation examines the legacies of precolonial polities in India, during the period from 1707 to 1857. I argue that, contrary to the widespread perception that the Indian subcontinent was a pre-state society, the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries were a time of rapid defensive modernization across the subcontinent, driven by the requirements of gunpowder weaponry and interstate warfare among...

  6. Rakugo Humor: The Performance of Memory, Mime & Mockery in Urban Tokyo

    Sahin, Esra Gokce
    This dissertation is based on the analysis of humor in rakugo, a traditional genre of comedic storytelling in Japan. This project tackles the question: How does highly structured rakugo humor contribute and shape the Japanese society’s perceptions of the city of Tokyo in an age where the major social trends are dominated with a highly mediated and digitized lifestyle. In analyzing humor in rakugo, I argue that the farcical encounters, by refracting certain domains of human experience that cannot be articulated otherwise, provide a spectacle through which to view the deeper nuances in the sociocultural panorama of city life in...

  7. Phlegm (Tan 痰): Toward a History of Humors in Early Chinese Medicine

    Koehle, Natalie
    This dissertation examines the Chinese conception of phlegm and related body fluids phlegm from the first occurrence of phlegm in Zhang Zhongjing’s 張仲景 (fl. 150-219) Jingui yaolue金匱要略 through the first extended discussion Wang Gui’s 王桂 (1264-1354) Taiding yangsheng zhulun 泰定養生主論 (1338). Following the conceptual development of phlegm and fluids, the study illustrates one of the most important shifts in postclassical Chinese medicine. That is the transformation of the experience of phlegm from an insignificant water pathology that causes indigestion, to a major pathogen in Chinese medicine that is associated with an astonishing range of symptoms, and external and internal etiologies....

  8. A Classical Perspective on Non-Diffractive Disorder

    Klales, Anna
    The unifying themes connecting the chapters in this dissertation are the profound and often surprising effects of disorder in classical and quantum systems and the tremendous insight gained from a classical perspective, even in quantum systems. In particular, we investigate disorder in the form of weak, spatially correlated random potentials, i.e. far from the Anderson Localization regime. We present a new scar-like phenomenon in quantum wells. With the introduction of local impurities to the oscillator, the eigenstates localize onto classical periodic orbits of the unperturbed system. Compared to traditional scars in chaotic billiards, these scars are both more common and...

  9. Vanishing Points: Perspectival Metaphysics in the English Renaissance

    Plunges, Craig
    Taking as its starting point the ut pictura poesis tradition of artistic theory, this dissertation examines how the poets and dramatists of the English Renaissance transformed mimetic strategies originally developed in the fields of art and architecture into unprecedented literary topoi and figures in their own right. The project focuses primarily on the practice of linear perspective, which simulates visual experience by subordinating abstract space to the artificial logic of the “vanishing point.” It demonstrates how English writers developed the initial idea of linear perspective as an artificially arranged, delimited point of view into a body of descriptive practices that...

  10. Superconducting Proximity Effect in Graphene Nanodevices: A Transport and Tunneling Study

    Wang, I-Jan
    Provided that it is in good electrical contact with a superconductor, a normal metal can acquire superconducting properties when the temperature is low enough. Known as the superconducting proximity effect, this phenomenon has been studied for more than 50 years and, because of the richness of its physics, continues to fascinate many scientists. In this thesis, we present our study of the superconducting proximity effect in a hybrid system made by bringing graphene, a mono- layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, into contact with metallic BCS superconductors. Here graphene plays two roles: First it is a truly 2-dimensional...

  11. Identifying Mechanisms of Apoptotic Pore Formation With Programmatic Ensemble Modeling

    Bachman, John
    Mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization is a key step in the apoptotic cell death program, regulating life-death decisions in response to cytotoxic drugs and other forms of cell stress. In this thesis I use mathematical modeling of a reconstituted biochemical system to identify and integrate mechanisms of apoptotic pore formation. A key bottleneck in using mathematical models to characterize mechanisms has been the difficulty of efficiently creating and revising alternative models and evaluating them against data. This problem is addressed through the use of a software framework, PySB, that allows ensembles of models to be transparently described using tools and approaches...

  12. Analysis of Voluntary Behavior to Interrogate Neural Function

    Roberson, David P.
    Mice and rats are critical to our understanding of human biology. They share most of our genome, are susceptible to most of the same diseases and usually benefit from clinical therapeutics, if only at very high doses. Equally important has been the development of new rodent research tools that allow us to manipulate their genome, to induce new likenesses and illuminate our similarities. However, there remain substantial obstacles to modeling clinically relevant human somatosensory experiences, such as chronic pain, in rodents. Conventional rodent pain assays require robust stimuli to generate brief behavioral readouts and they are able to detect the...

  13. Exceptions to Exclusion: A Prehistory of Asylum in the United States, 1880-1980

    Schacher, Yael
    This dissertation focuses on migrants mostly left out of scholarship on American refugee policy and resettlement programs and disrupts the scholarly dichotomy that analyzes the restrictionist handling of immigrants and the welcome accorded refugees. It does so by providing a history of political exiles, war widows and orphans, sailors, and students, who came to the United States and asked, with the help of advocates, to be accorded refuge. It is a history that shows how concepts of persecution and protection underlying our contemporary asylum system, which was created in 1980, have a long genealogy; they developed in campaigns on behalf...

  14. Moving Sensibility: Sex Work and Economies of Desire in Latin American Literature and Visual Cultures

    Francis, David Stewart
    This dissertation surveys diverse contexts in which sex and migratory labor are sold and conceptualized in, on, and across border zones since the 1990s. It examines texts by Pedro Lemebel, Fernando Vallejo, and Roberto Bolaño in conjunction with the museum installations of Teresa Margolles and films by Ishtar Yasin and Luis Mandoki. It concludes pointing to further research on works by Luisa Valenzuela, Beatriz Flores Silva, and Sebastiano d’Ayala Valva. The filmic narratives and rhetorical constructions I discuss mark what historian Brodwyn Fischer has called Latin America’s recent union of “dystopic terrors” and “deep optimism” or what I propose to...

  15. The Fabricated Forest

    Santini, Lauren Mee
    This dissertation approaches historical ecology as reflexive process, tying together archaeology, iconographic analysis, ethnography, and ethnohistory to argue that modern tropical ecosystems are the result of long-term, intentional engagement with human needs and priorites. Civilizational success in these environments, once thought to be marginal zones, required active and sensitive management of arboreal resources. Through a case study at the Late Preclassic and Late Classic inhabited Maya site of San Bartolo, Guatemala, I demonstrate the correspondence between the modern forest and ancient use patterns. The fieldwork component integrated silvicultural and ecohistorical development of the Petén. In conjunction with this interdisciplinary track,...

  16. Novel Applications of Buffer-Gas Cooling to Cold Atoms, Diatomic Molecules, and Large Molecules

    Drayna, Garrett Korda
    Cold gases of atoms and molecules provide a system for the exploration of a diverse set of physical phenomena. For example, cold gasses of magnetically and electrically polar atoms and molecules are ideal systems for quantum simulation and quantum computation experiments, and cold gasses of large polar molecules allow for novel spectroscopic techniques. Buffer-gas cooling is a robust and widely applicable method for cooling atoms and molecules to temperatures of approximately 1 Kelvin. In this thesis, I present novel applications of buffer-gas cooling to obtaining gases of trapped, ultracold atoms and diatomic molecules, as well as the study of the...

  17. Mobile Bodies: Migration, Performance and Social Belonging in Malian Dance

    Kivenko, Sharon Freda
    Mobile Bodies is a dance ethnography about the interface of arts performance, sociality and labor migration. Based on intensive apprenticeship in Mande Dance undertaken in Bamako, Mali this dissertation considers the creative ways in which professional and aspiring Malian dancers garner social recognition as they perform in local, national, and transnational arenas. How do bodies in motion - while dancing and migrating internationally - serve as strategic sites for re-negotiating social capital at home? Elaborating on Sheller’s “embodied theory of citizenship” (2012), this dissertation brings to light the work of Malian performance artists as they negotiate and articulate their social...

  18. Engineering of Allosteric Transcription Factors and Their Use for Metabolic Pathway Evolution

    Taylor, Noah David
    Microbial metabolic production is an attractive alternative to traditional chemical synthesis for a wide array of commercially relevant molecules. Coaxing microbes to produce a target chemical efficiently often requires substantial modification of host cell metabolism, which necessitates searching a vast genetic space of enzyme genes and expression levels. Millions of pathway designs can now be built, but identifying the most productive cells remains low throughput. The ability to detect and report on the presence of any arbitrary target molecule within individual cells would transform the field of metabolic engineering. To this end, we developed strains of E. coli that survive an...

  19. Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Establishment of Unimodality in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex

    Hattori, Ryoma
    Early visual cortex, an area classically defined as a purely unisensory cortex, has been suggested to be influenced by non-visual sensory inputs (Wallace et al., 2004; Iurilli et al., 2011; Vasconcelos et al., 2011; Charbonneau et al., 2012; Liang et al., 2013) and the cross-modal effects are enhanced after blindness (Bavelier, D. & Neville, 2002; Pascual-Leone et al., 2005). Although ectopic or increased neural projections from non-visual sensory areas might be partly responsible for the enhanced cross-modality after blindness in some cases (Karlen et al., 2006), such mechanism cannot explain acute enhancement of cross-modality after short-term blindfolding (Merabet et al.,...

  20. Laser Slowing of CaF Molecules and Progress Towards a Dual-MOT for Li and CaF

    Chae, Eunmi
    Diatomic molecules are considered good candidates for the study of strongly correlated systems and precision measurement searches due to their combination of complex internal states and strong long-range interactions. Cooling molecules down to ultracold temperatures is often a necessary step for fully utilizing the power of the molecule. This requires a trap for molecules and the ability to cool molecules to the mK regime and below. A magneto-optical trap (MOT) is a good tool for achieving mK temperatures. However, extra care is needed for molecules to form the necessary quasi-closed cycling transitions due to molecule's complicated energy structure. In our...

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