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  1. Desistance and cognitive transformations

    Anderson, Sarah; McNeill, Fergus
    No abstract available.

  2. Is there a problem with our Hamiltonians for quantum nonlinear optical processes?

    Barnett, Stephen M.
    No abstract available.

  3. National cultural autonomy in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and possibilities

    Prina, Federica; Smith, David; Molnar Sansum, Judit
    No abstract available.

  4. A review on the role of nano-communication in future healthcare systems: A big data analytics perspective

    Rizwan, A.; Zoha, A.; Ahmad, W.; Arshad, K.; Ali, N.; Alomainy, A.; Imran, M.A.; Abbasi, Q.H.
    This paper presents a first-time review of the open literature focused on the significance of big data generated within nano-sensors and nano-communication networks intended for future healthcare and biomedical applications. It is aimed towards the development of modern smart healthcare systems enabled with P4, i.e. predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory capabilities to perform diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment. The analytical capabilities that can be produced from the substantial amount of data gathered in such networks will aid in exploiting the practical intelligence and learning capabilities that could be further integrated with conventional medical and health data leading to more efficient decision...

  5. Understanding electromigration in Cu-CNT composite interconnects: A multiscale electro-thermal simulation study

    Lee, Jaehyun; Berrada, Salim; Adamu-Lema, Fikru; Carrillo-Nunez, Hamilton; Nagy, Nicole; Georgiev, Vihar; Sadi, Toufik; Liang, Jie; Ramos, Raphael; Carrillo-Nunez, Hamilton; Kalita, Dipankar; Lilienthal, Katharina; Wislicenus, Marcus; Pandey, Reeturaj; Chen, Bingan; Teo, Kenneth B.K.; Goncalves, Goncalo; Okuno, Hanako; Uhlig, Benjamin; Todri-Sanial, Aida; Dijon, Jean; Asenov, Asen
    In this paper, we report a hierarchical simulation study of the electromigration problem in Cu-CNT composite interconnects. Our work is based on the investigation of the activation energy and self-heating temperature using a multiscale electro-thermal simulation framework. We first investigate the electrical and thermal properties of Cu-CNT composites, including contact resistances, using the Density Functional Theory and Reactive Force Field approaches, respectively. The corresponding results are employed in macroscopic electro-thermal simulations taking into account the self-heating phenomenon. Our simulations show that although Cu atoms have similar activation energies in both bulk Cu and Cu-CNT composites, Cu-CNT composite interconnects are more resistant to electromigration thanks to the large Lorenz number of the CNTs. Moreover, we...

  6. Wrinkling in engineering fabrics: a comparison between two different comprehensive modelling approaches

    Harrison, Philip
    No abstract available.

  7. Intercultural encounters: Intertwined complexities and opportunities in international students’ experience

    Elliot, Dely
    International students who study overseas for a finite period (regarded as learners in ‘mainstream’ international education) constitute the largest group of students engaged in international education. This chapter discusses the opportunities and challenges inherent in the educational sojourn experience of these learners. The discussion, underpinned by a theoretical framework based upon a developmental theory promulgated by Urie Bronfenbrenner, offers a psychological perspective on the distinctive processes entailed in an educational sojourn. Likewise, Jin Li’s mind-virtue orientation dichotomy illuminates the likely consequential effects of moving from one academic culture to another. A focus on the less explored perspective of academic acculturation...

  8. Family and support networks following critical illness

    Haines, Kimberley J.; Quasim, Tara; McPeake, Joanne
    No abstract available.

  9. The evolution of post-intensive care syndrome

    McPeake, Joanne; Mikkelsen, Mark E.
    No abstract available.

  10. Technological seduction and self-radicalization

    Alfano, Mark; Carter, J. Adam; Cheong, Marc
    Many scholars agree that the Internet plays a pivotal role in self-radicalization, which can lead to behaviors ranging from lone-wolf terrorism to participation in white nationalist rallies to mundane bigotry and voting for extremist candidates. However, the mechanisms by which the Internet facilitates self-radicalization are disputed; some fault the individuals who end up self-radicalized, while others lay the blame on the technology itself. In this paper, we explore the role played by technological design decisions in online self-radicalization in its myriad guises, encompassing extreme as well as more mundane forms. We begin by characterizing the phenomenon of technological seduction. Next,...

  11. The publications, appointments and other achievements (1925-1977) of William C. Atkinson

    Byrne, Ceri
    No abstract available.

  12. Nature on the margins: parks, gardens, and coasts in Whistler’s work of the 1880s and 90s

    Willsdon, Clare
    No abstract available.

  13. Stereoselective synthesis of 2,6-trans-4-oxopiperidines using an acid-mediated 6-endo-trig cyclisation

    Bell, Jonathan D.; Harkiss, Alexander H.; Wellaway, Christopher R.; Sutherland, Andrew
    An acid-mediated 6-endo-trig cyclisation of amine-substituted enones has been developed for the stereoselective synthesis of trans-6-alkyl-2-methyl-4-oxopiperidines. Performed under conditions that prevent removal of the Boc-protecting group or acetal formation, the key cyclisation was found to generate cleanly the 4-oxopiperidine products in high overall yields from a wide range of alkyl substituted enones. The synthetic utility of the trans-6-alkyl-2-methyl-4-oxopiperidines formed from this process was demonstrated with the total synthesis of the quinolizidine alkaloid, (+)-myrtine and the piperidine alkaloid, (–)-solenopsin A.

  14. Review: 'Heritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging Legal Discourses' edited by Andrea Durbach and Lucas Lixinski, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, Hart Publishing, 2017, 301 pp., £75.00, hardcover, ISBN: 9781849468084

    Roodt, Hendrika Christ
    No abstract available.

  15. The strength of the protein-material interaction determines cell fate

    Gonzalez Garcia, Cristina; Cantini, Marco; Ballester-Beltran, Jose; Altankov, George; Salmeron-Sanchez, Manuel
    Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins are key mediators of cell/material interactions. The surface density and conformation of these proteins adsorbed on the material surface influence cell adhesion and the cellular response. We have previously shown that subtle variations in surface chemistry lead to drastic changes in the conformation of adsorbed fibronectin (FN). On poly(ethyl acrylate) (PEA), FN unfolds and displays domains for cell adhesion and FN-FN interaction, whereas on poly(methyl acrylate) (PMA) – with only one methyl group less – FN remains globular as it is in solution. The effect of the strength of the protein/material interaction in cell response, and...

  16. Spaces of city-regionalism: conceptualising pluralism in policymaking

    Waite, David; Bristow, Gillian
    City-regionalism is now established as a key spatial arena for shaping sub-national urban policy. In these spaces, economic growth interests are marshalled within a competitiveness narrative as the dominant approach for the development of governance and policy. Yet such dominance in principle does not preclude other policy approaches from emerging and re-fashioning city-regionalism. In this paper, making reference to evolving city-region arrangements in the UK, specifically Cardiff, we explore and conceptualise policy pluralism. Our core argument is that to determine the possibilities for plural approaches to emerge, researchers can productively assess the intersections of relational and territorial geographies filtered through...

  17. Current research priorities for UK occupational physicians and occupational health researchers: a modified Delphi study

    Lalloo, Drushca; Demou, Evangelia; Smedley, Julia; Madan, Ira; Asanati, Kaveh; Macdonald, Ewan B.
    No abstract available.

  18. Business history and European integration: how EEC competition policy affected companies' strategies

    Rollings, Neil; Warlouzet, Laurent
    No abstract available.

  19. "Taking away the chaos": a health needs assessment for people who inject drugs in public places in Glasgow, Scotland

    Tweed, Emily; Rodgers, Mark; Priyadarshi, Saket; Crighton, Emilia
    No abstract available.

  20. The role of mTOR-mediated signals during haemopoiesis and lineage commitment

    Malik, Natasha; Sansom, Owen J.; Michie, Alison M.
    No abstract available.

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