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  1. Good Thinking: A Knowledge First Virtue Epistemology

    Kelp, Christoph

  2. No evidence for associations between men's salivary testosterone and responses on the Intrasexual Competitiveness Scale

    Torrance, Jaimie S.; Hahn, Amanda C.; Kandrik, Michal; Debruine, Lisa M.; Jones, Benedict C.
    No abstract available.

  3. Utilizing 5G spectrum for healthcare to detect the tremors and breathing activity for multiple sclerosis

    Haider, Daniyal; Ren, Aifeng; Fan, Dou; Zhao, Nan; Yang, Xiaodong; Tanoli, Shujaat Ali Khan; Zhang, Zhiya; Hu, Fangming; Shah, Syed Aziz; Abbasi, Qammer H.
    No abstract available.

  4. Space QUEST mission proposal: experimentally testing decoherence due to gravity

    Joshi, Siddarth Koduru; Pienaar, Jacques; Ralph, Timothy C.; Cacciapuoti, Luigi; McCutcheon, Will; Rarity, John; Giggenbach, Dirk; Lim, Jin Gyu; Makarov, Vadim; Fuentes, Ivette; Scheidl, Thomas; Beckert, Erik; Bourennane, Mohamed; Bruschi, David Edward; Cabello, Adan; Capmany, Jose; Carrasco-Casado, Alberto; Diamanti, Eleni; Dusek, Miloslav; Elser, Dominique; Gulinatti, Angelo; Hadfield, Robert H.; Jennewein, Thomas; Kaltenbaek, Rainer; Krainak, Michael A.; Lo, Hoi-Kwong; Marquardt, Christoph; Milburn, Gerard; Peev, Momtchil; Poppe, Andreas; Pruneri, Valerio; Renner, Renato; Salomon, Christophe; Skaar, Johannes; Solomos, Nikolaos; Stipcevic, Mario; Torres, Juan P.; Toyoshima, Morio; Villoresi, Paolo; Walmsley, Ian; Weihs, Gregor; Weinfurter, Harald; Zeilinger, Anton; Zukowski, Marek; Ursin, Rupert
    No abstract available.

  5. Breathing rhythm analysis in body centric networks

    Fan, Dou; Ren, Aifeng; Zhao, Nan; Yang, Xiaodong; Zhang, Zhiya; Shah, Syed Aziz; Hu, Fangming; Abbasi, Qammer H.

  6. A Marxism for international law: a new agenda

    Rasulov, Akbar
    No abstract available.

  7. Texting to Reduce Alcohol Misuse (TRAM): main findings from a randomised controlled trial of a text message intervention to reduce binge drinking among disadvantaged men

    Crombie, Iain K.; Irvine, Linda; Williams, Brian; Sniehotta, Falko F.; Petrie, Dennis; Jones, Claire; Norrie, John; Evan, Josie M.M.; Emslie, Carol; Rice, Peter M.; Slane, Peter W.; Humphris, Gerry; Ricketts, Ian W.; Melson, Ambrose J.; Donnan, Peter T.; Hapca, Simona M.; McKenzie, Andrew; Achison, Marcus

  8. Design and development of a complex narrative intervention delivered by text messages to reduce binge drinking among socially disadvantaged men

    Irvine, Linda; Melson, Ambrose J.; Williams, Brian; Sniehotta, Falko F.; Humphris, Gerry; Crombie, Iain K.

  9. Reassessing the Hu—Wen Era: A golden age for social policy

    Howell, Jude; Duckett, Jane
    The Hu—Wen era has been characterized as a “lost decade” for economic and political reform, but a “golden era” in terms of economic growth and political stability. Yet, relatively little attention has been paid to the social policies introduced during Hu and Wen’s decade in power. These important policies, however, abolished agricultural taxes, extended health insurance, pensions and income support to all rural as well as urban residents, and built a civic welfare infrastructure to address migrants’ grievances. These policies, some of which were developed under the preceding Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji leadership, were introduced for a complex mix of reasons. Their aim was not only...

  10. RAB40C regulates RACK1 stability via the ubiquitin-proteasome system

    Baillie, George

  11. Modelling superimposed preeclampsia using angiotensin II infusion in pregnant stroke prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

    Graham, Delyth

  12. Who was the Fadiyār? Conflating textual evidence in Judeo-Arabic and Old Malayalam

    Gamliel, Ophira
    No abstract available.

  13. Measures of cardiac function in Theraphosidae spiders using in vivo magnetic resonance imaging

    Merrifield, Gavin D.; Brydges, Nichola M.; Hall, Lynsey; Mullin, James; Gallagher, Lindsay; Pizzi, Romain; Holmes, William M.

  14. Vote Goat: Conversational Movie Recommendation

    Dalton, Jeff

  15. Polarization in the social sciences: assortative mixing in social science collaboration networks is resilient to interventions

    Leifeld, Philip

  16. A Self-Calibration Scheme for TDD Massive MIMO with Imperfect Channel Estimation

    Mi, D.; Zhang, Lei; Dianati, M.; Muhaidat, S.; Xiao, P.

  17. Advanced Hybrid Beamforming Design for MIMO Systems

    Yang, B.; Molu, M.; Zhang, Lei

  18. Calculating vs estimating causal effects

    Green, Michael

  19. Terahertz Signal Generation Based on a Dual-Mode 1.5 μm DFB Semiconductor Laser

    Liang, Song; Hou, Bin; Chen, Dejun; Hou, Lianping; Marsh, John H.
    No abstract available.

  20. Generation of THz Radiation by Sampled Grating DBR Mode Locked Laser Diodes

    Hou, Lianping; Hou, Bin; Liang, Song; Chen, Dejun; Marsh, John H.
    No abstract available.

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