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  1. The governance of smart mobility

    Docherty, Iain; Marsden, Greg; Anable, Jillian
    No abstract available.

  2. Polarisation structuring of broadband light

    Mitchell, Kevin J.; Radwell, Neal; Franke-Arnold, Sonja; Padgett, Miles J.; Phillips, David B.
    No abstract available.

  3. Spatial intensity distribution analysis: studies of GPCR oligomerization

    Pediani, John D.; Ward, Richard J.; Marsango, Sara; Milligan, Graeme
    No abstract available.

  4. Role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in Sugen 5416-induced experimental pulmonary hypertension

    Dean, Afshan; Gregorc, Teja; Docherty, Craig K.; Harvey, Katie Y.; Nilsen, Margaret; Morrell, Nicholas W.; MacLean, Margaret R.
    No abstract available.

  5. The political purpose of the ‘mixed legal system’ conception in the law of Scotland

    Rahmatian, Andreas
    No abstract available.

  6. Morality as rebellion: towards a partial reconciliation of Bauman and Durkheim

    Dawson, Matt
    No abstract available.

  7. ‘A Europe without walls, without fences, without borders’: a desecuritisation of migration doomed to fail

    Skleparis, Dimitris

  8. European governments' responses to the 'refugee crisis': the interdependence of EU internal and external controls

    Skleparis, Dimitris

  9. On the hydrodynamics and heat convection of an impinging external flow upon a cylinder with transpiration and embedded in a porous medium

    Alizadeh, Rasool; Rahimi, Asghar B.; Karimi, Nader; Alizadeh, Ahmed
    This paper extends the existing studies of heat convection by an external flow impinging upon a flat porous insert to that on a circular cylinder inside a porous medium. The surface of the cylinder is subject to constant temperature and can include uniform or non-uniform transpiration. These cylindrical configurations are introduced in the analyses of stagnation point flows in porous media for the first time. The equations governing steady transport of momentum and thermal energy in porous media are reduced to simpler nonlinear differential equations and subsequently solved numerically. This reveals the dimensionless velocity and temperature fields of the stagnation-point...

  10. End-host Driven Troubleshooting Architecture for Software-Defined Networking

    Csikor, Levente; Pezaros, Dimitrios P.
    The high variability in traffic demands, the advanced networking services at various layers (e.g., load- balancers), and the steady penetration of SDN technology and virtualization make the crucial network troubleshooting tasks ever more challenging over multi-tenant environments. Service degradation is first realized by the users and, as being the only one having visibility to many relevant information (e.g., connection details) required for accurate and timely problem resolution, the infrastructure layer is often forced upon continuous monitoring resulting in wasteful resource management, not to mention the long time frames. In this paper, we propose an End-host-Driven Troubleshooting architecture (EDT), where users are able to share the application-specific connection details with the infrastructure to accelerate...

  11. Children's Access to Gardens in Norway, India and the United Kingdom

    Sageidet, Barbara; Almeida, Sylvia; Dunkley, Ria
    No abstract available.

  12. How mothers in poverty explain their use of corporal punishment: a qualitative study in Kampala, Uganda

    Boydell, Nicola; Nalukenge, Winifred; Siu, Godfrey; Seeley, Janet; Wight, Daniel
    No abstract available.

  13. web-based topic modelling for substructure discovery in mass spectrometry

    Wandy, Joe; Zhu, Yunfeng; van der Hooft, Justin J.J.; Daly, Rónán; Barrett, Michael P.; Rogers, Simon
    No abstract available.

  14. web-based topic modelling for substructure discovery in mass spectrometry

    Wandy, Joe; Zhu, Yunfeng; van der Hooft, Justin J.J.; Daly, Rónán; Barrett, Michael P.; Rogers, Simon
    No abstract available.

  15. Rethinking higher education and its relationship with social inequalities. Past knowledge, present state and future potential

    Kromydas, Theocharis
    No abstract available.

  16. Letter: reproducible evidence shows that exclusive enteral nutrition significantly reduces faecal calprotectin concentrations in children with active Crohn's Disease

    Logan, Michael; Ijaz, Umer Z.; Hansen, Richard; Gerasimidis, Konstantinos; Russell, Richard K.
    No abstract available.

  17. Identification of patients with stable chest pain deriving minimal value from coronary computed tomography angiography: an external validation of the PROMISE minimal-risk tool

    Adamson, Philip D.; Fordyce, Christopher B.; McAllister, David; Udelson, James E.; Douglas, Pamela S.; Newby, David E.
    No abstract available.

  18. A miniaturized 4K platform for superconducting infrared photon counting detectors

    Gemmell, Nathan R.; Hills, Matthew; Bradshaw, Tom; Rawlings, Tom; Green, Ben; Heath, Robert M.; Tsimvrakidis, Konstantinos; Dobrovolskiy, Sergiy; Zwiller, Val; Dorenbos, Sander; Crook, Martin; Hadfield, Robert H.
    We report on a miniaturized platform for superconducting infrared photon counting detectors. We have implemented a fibre-coupled superconducting nanowire single photon detector in a Stirling/Joule–Thomson platform with a base temperature of 4.2 K. We have verified a cooling power of 4 mW at 4.7 K. We report 20% system detection efficiency at 1310 nm wavelength at a dark count rate of 1 kHz. We have carried out compelling application demonstrations in single photon depth metrology and singlet oxygen luminescence detection.

  19. Fingerprinting coal-derived gases from the UK

    Györe, Domokos; McKavney, Rory; Gilfillan, Stuart M.V.; Stuart, Finlay M.
    The large-scale extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons in the United States has led to fears of methane contamination of shallow groundwaters. Differentiating between the deep gas released during extraction (shale gas, coal bed methane and underground coal gasification) and natural shallow-sourced methane is imperative for the monitoring and managing of environmental risks related to the extraction process. Here, for the first time, we present measurements of the major gas, and stable and noble gas isotope composition of coal bed methane (CBM) from central Scotland and coal mine methane (CMM) from central England, UK. The molecular (C1/(C2+C3) = 21 to 120) and...

  20. Graphical statistics to explore the natural and anthropogenic processes influencing the inorganic quality of drinking water, ground water and surface water

    Flem, Belinda; Reimann, Clemens; Fabian, Karl; Birke, Manfred; Filzmoser, Peter; Banks, David
    Plots of cumulative distribution functions (CDF) are a simple but powerful exploratory data analysis (EDA) tool to evaluate and compare statistical data distributions. Here, empirical CDF plots are used to compare results of four large (476 to 884 samples) national- to continental-scale inorganic water chemistry data sets: (1) European surface water, (2) European tap water, (3) European bottled waters as a proxy for groundwater and (4) Norwegian crystalline bedrock rock groundwater, all analysed at the same laboratory, albeit at different times. For many parameters (e.g., Ba, Cl-, K, SO4 2-) median values and ranges are, given the differing origins and, in...

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