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  1. Electrodeposition of Zn-Mn alloys from recycling battery leach solutions in the presence of amines

    Brito, P. S. D.; Patrício, S.; Rodrigues, L. F.; Santos, D. M. F.; Sequeira, C. A. C.
    The recovery of metal ions by electrodeposition from solutions resulting from the lixiviation of spent Zn-MnO2 batteries was studied. It was attempted to optimise the electrodeposition process, the selectivity of ion-separation, the morphologic characteristics, and the anticorrosive and galvanic properties of metallic deposits. The simultaneous deposition of zinc and manganese on different ferrous substrates under various experimental conditions was tested. This allowed us to access the efficiency of the electrodeposition, the morphology and composition of the metallic deposits, as well as their performance as galvanic coating layers. The effect of amine additives, namely, of methylamine and ethylenediamine, on the properties of the coatings was also studied. It was shown that...
    - 16-oct-2013

  2. Monotoring of the degradation of concrete structures in environments containing chloride ions

    Romano, Pedro; Brito, Paulo S. D.; Rodrigues, Luiz
    This study aims to develop a methodology for evaluating the degradation of concrete structures subjected to aggressive environments containing chloride ions based on the use of monitoring systems with sensors permanently installed within the structures. Assays were performed on specimens subjected to controlled media in the laboratory. Measurements of linear polarization resistance (LPR), ionic resistivity of the concrete and corrosion potential of embedded rebars and of chloride content in the concrete probes were made. Analysis of the results based on Evans diagrams, allowed the development of a model based on the simultaneous monitoring over time of the corrosion potential of the steel reinforcement and its LPR could the...
    - 16-oct-2013

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