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CEEAplA Working Paper Series 2011

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  1. Knowledge IT-based Cycle and Territorial Digital Patterns Influence

    Tiago, Maria Teresa Borges; Tiago, Flávio Borges
    Knowledge management, competitive intelligence, data mining are all buzzwords in a more digital and complex world. Nowadays, digital information and IT-based knowledge creation and application are present in most successful business initiatives. Unveil the surrounding factors of these successes is critical and therefore, this article discusses the relationship of digital patterns to knowledge management creation and application. It argues that some of the enablers and inhibitors come from firms’ regional and/or local environment. Understanding the factors that determine technology and knowledge management adoption is thus a highly relevant topic from the policy point of view. Considering the growing impact of...
    - 05-dic-2013

  2. Tourists' satisfaction and loyalty in the hotel business: an application to the island of São Miguel, Azores

    Couto, João Pedro Almeida; Batista, Maria da Graça Câmara; Botelho, Diana Rocha
    Given the recent competition in the hotel business and the constant search for satisfaction and loyalty of the guests, the objective of this study is to understand tourists’ perceptions of service quality offered at the hotels in São Miguel, and the factors contributing to their satisfaction and loyalty. Based on a reference model taken from literature on satisfaction and loyalty, na exploratory research of national and international tourists who stayed at the hotels of São Miguel was made. The data was used to simulate a model of structural equations to test the hypotheses of investigation. The results showed that the...
    - 19-oct-2013

  3. Knowledge, technology and innovation cycle

    Tiago, Flávio Borges; Couto, João Pedro Almeida; Tiago, Maria Teresa Borges
    There is a common thought both in business and academia that some factos such as technology, innovation and knowledge are key components of success and allowing firms to achieve and sustain competitive advantages. There is a considerable amount of research performed around these three concepts and some of them analyzed their relationship. However, it still suffers from oversimplification of its development processes and methodological limitations. Nevertheless, there is a consensus in business and academia that knowledge is a key component of success and allows firms to achieve and sustains competitive advantages. In a digital era, these advantages arise from the...
    - 05-dic-2013

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