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Datasets of project "BIOdiversity Monitoring Transect Analysis in Africa"

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  1. Table 1: Main characteristics of the BIOTA observatories included in this study & Table 3: Occurrence of termite taxa at the observatories

    Grohmann, Constanze
    Termites are the most important soil ecosystem engineers of semi-arid and arid habitats. They enhance decomposition processes as well as the subsequent mineralisation of nutrients by bacteria and fungi. Through their construction of galleries, nests and mounds, they promote soil turnover and influence the distribution of nutrients and also alter texture and hydrological properties of soils, thereby affecting the heterogeneity of their ecosystem. The main aim of the present thesis was to define the impact of termites on ecosys-tem functioning in a semi-arid ecosystem. In a baseline study, I assessed the diversity of termite taxa in relation to the amount...

  2. Table 2 Overview of the established BIOTA Observatories in Africa & Appendix

    Jürgens, Norbert; Schmiedel, Ute; Haarmeyer, Daniela H; Dengler, Jürgen; Finckh, Manfred; Goetze, Dethardt; Gröngröft, Alexander; Hahn, Karen; Koulibaly, Annick; Luther-Mosebach, Jona; Muche, Gerhard; Oldeland, Jens; Petersen, Andreas; Porembski, Stefan; Rutherford, Michael C; Schmidt, Marco; Sinsin, Brice; Strohbach, Ben J; Thiombiano, Adjima; Wittig, Rüdiger; Zizka, Georg
    The international, interdisciplinary biodiversity research project BIOTA AFRICA initiated a standardized biodiversity monitoring network along climatic gradients across the African continent. Due to an identified lack of adequate monitoring designs, BIOTA AFRICA developed and implemented the standardized BIOTA Biodiversity Observatories, that meet the following criteria (a) enable long-term monitoring of biodiversity, potential driving factors, and relevant indicators with adequate spatial and temporal resolution, (b) facilitate comparability of data generated within different ecosystems, (c) allow integration of many disciplines, (d) allow spatial up-scaling, and (e) be applicable within a network approach. A BIOTA Observatory encompasses an area of 1 km2 and...

  3. Appendix 7: List of species with their distribution ranges restricted to the corresponding phytogeographical region

    Da, Sié Sylvestre
    Understanding species distribution patterns and the corresponding environmental determinants is a crucial step in the development of effective strategies for the conservation and management of plant communities and ecosystems. Therefore, a central prerequisite is the biogeographical and macroecological analysis of factors and processes that determine contemporary, potential, as well as future geographic distribution of species. This thesis has been conducted in the framework of the BIOMAPS-BIOTA project at the Nees Institute of Biodiversity of Plants, which was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The study investigated patterns of plants species richness and phytogeographic regions under...

  4. Reptiles in Kakamega Forest, western Kenya

    Lötters, Stefan; Wagner, Philipp

  5. Amphibians in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

    Lötters, Stefan; Wagner, Philipp

  6. Fruit flies in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

    Copeland, Robert C

  7. Dragonflies in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

    Clausnitzer, Viola

  8. Butterflies in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

    Kühne, Lars; Holstein, Joachim; Häuser, Christoph

  9. Birds in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

    Templin, Mathias

  10. Bees in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

    Gikungu, Mary; Hagen, Melanie

  11. Ants in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

    Garcia, Francisco Hita; Fischer, Georg

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