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  1. 小麦育種における品種改良の成果と肥料反応関数

    藤井, 陽子; 長南, 史男
    An increase in yield has been pursued mainly in wheat breeding research. The initiation of the quality-based trade may lead farmers to choose the variety based not only on the yield level, but also on the quality. Thus, an improvement in the quality, such as an increase in the protein content becomes a major subject in wheat research. It is necessary to allocate the R&D resources efficiently among the several topics. The existing research has focused on the adoption of the technology and the diffusion process of technology. However, there has not been much discussion about the details of the technology...

  2. 北海道の水田農業地帯のかんがい施設管理組織と集落の関係の特徴

    福島, 健司
    It is generally said that, in mainland Honshu, the strong ties between hamlets and the O.I.M. support the operation of O.I.M., and preventing deterioration of agriculture. But in Hokkaido, it is pointed out that the ties are weak and the operation of O.I.M. is rather businesslike. This paper discusses the actual situation and activities of O.I.M. in paddy field areas where a cooperative work system is basically employed, focusing on the relationship between farm households and the AWU. The management unit(MU)is one of O.I.M.s in Hokkaido. The activities of MU include not only the irrigation management but also maintenance of the...

  3. 日本産りんご輸出における産地流通主体の役割 : 青森県産りんごを事例として

    田中, 重貴
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of local distributors of apples for export in Aomori, Japan. Recently, the apples for export to Taiwan are remarkably increasing. The local distribution channel is an organization made up of mainly three distributors ; private companies, agricultural cooperatives, and cooperatives of joint selling. And they independently export apples to the overseas market. However, the distribution system is originally developed for domestic selling, and it is not completely adjusted to exports. Consequently, there are some functional differences between each distributor ; product standard at the time of primary collection and collection/marketing...

  4. ブランド力の構成要素を考慮した農畜産物における地域ブランド力の計量分析 : インターネットリサーチからの接近

    小池, 直; 山本, 康貴; 出村, 克彦
    The purpose of this study is to measure the regional brand power of rice, potatoes and milk in Japan. The score of regional brand power used in this study is decomposed into brand awareness, brand association, brand image, brand loyalty and perceived quality. The consumer's data to calculate the score are obtained by making use of internet research methodology. The results show Hokkaido prefecture has the highest score in potatoes and milk and Niigata prefecture has the highest score in rice.

  5. ブランド力の構成要素を考慮した農畜産物における地域ブランド力の計量分析 : インターネットリサーチからの接近

    小池, 直; 出村, 克彦; 山本, 康貴
    The purpose of this study is to measure the regional brand power of rice, potatoes and milk in Japan. The score of regional brand power used in this study is decomposed into brand awareness, brand association, brand image, brand loyalty and perceived quality. The consumer's data to calculate the score are obtained by making use of internet research methodology. The results show Hokkaido prefecture has the highest score in potatoes and milk and Niigata prefecture has the highest score in rice.

  6. 農産物の規格化の変遷とその意味に関する一考察

    橋本, 直史
    The Standardization of crops has made distribution efficient and widespread. However the role of "Standardization" has shifted to price making. The reasons are as follows : the price of crops has been decreasing, the numbers of imported crops are increasing, and the distribution system is changing. There have been only a few studies on the standardization of crops in Japan. The purpose of this paper is to trace the changes of standardization process in Japan and its background, as well as to examine the function of standardization and its effect in each era.

  7. わが国の農業分野におけるLCA 研究の動向

    増田, 清敬
    The agricultural sector causes a lot of environmental burdens due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. In recent years, LCA(Life Cycle Assessment)has been used for estimating environmental burdens. LCA evaluates the environmental impacts throughout a product's life cycle. Assessing the environmental burdens by using LCA is considered to be helpful to mitigate environmental problems of the agricultural sector. The purpose of this paper is to organize LCA research materials, and to touch on the future view.

  8. モンゴルにおける食肉流通・市場構造の変化と現状 : ウランバートル市フチト・ションホール食料市場を事例として

    バルジンニャム, マイツェツェグ; 清水池, 義治; 飯澤, 理一郎
    With changes in the consumption pattern of meat, increases in urban population and underdeveloped distribution system after the collapse of the planned economy, there are meat supply and distribution problems in Mongolia, particularly in the capital city Ulaanbaatar.This paper examines the stages of meat distribution focusing on Khuchit Shonhor food market. Two types of informal wholesalers are identified ; wholesalers who buy meat from nomads and transport it to the market in Ulaanbaatar and wholesalers in the market who buy this meat and sell it to retailers operating within the market. It is assumed that the latter has a stronger...

  9. 新彊地域における遊牧業展開基盤の変容 : 遊牧民の定住化施策の背景をめぐって

    甫尓加甫; 黒河, 功; 志賀, 永一; 祖力菲亜, 買買提
    The Chinese government is currently promoting permanent settlement among nomadic tribes in dry regions. For that reason, nomadic pastoralism, which has been developed over thousands of years, is being forced to undergo drastic changes. Settling in one place has seriously affected the way of life for nomadic tribes, which use wide areas of grasslands, as they now must adapt to segregation with farmers in the use of farmlands. The real reason why the Chinese government is aggressively promoting measures to force nomadic tribes to settle is unclear, although there are various explanations given, such as to improve minority welfare, as...

  10. 韓国中山間地域における農業構造の変動と自生的対応の意義 : 忠清北道槐山郡青川面K里を事例として

    糸山, 健介
    This paper considers the autochthonous correspondence to situation changes, clarifying the change of agricultural structure in the hilly and mountainous areas in the Republic of Korea based on hearing investigation. While the autochthonous correspondence was the aggregate of individual correspondence, it was complement-correspondence of blood relationship. Such autochthonous correspondence had also established unity as local agriculture till the 1980's. Due to aging of farm villages, the unity collapsed and the autochthonous correspondence has also been specialized. The structure improvement has progressed due to such specialization of the autochthonous correspondence. However, the present extreme aging is generating unused farmland and the autochthonous...

  11. 韓国における親環境農業政策の展開過程と到達点

    糸山, 健介
    This paper gives consideration to the meaning of environment-friendly agricultural policy in the Republic of Korea. The overall picture of agricultural policy is clarified by studying annual development of the policy. Environment-friendly agricultural policy has been carried out, for the purpose of fostering largescale rice farmers, through promoting projects to group small-and-medium sized farmers. At first the direct payment system required groupings of farmers, but later the certification of environmentfriendly agricultural products was required for groupings. As a result, the number of farming households to join a group has increased steadily. The problem is that there is a difference between...

  12. 中国国有林における地域社会と集団多角経営の現段階 : 吉林省白河林業局を事例に

    金, 玉善; 山本, 美穂; 朴, 紅
    Chinese national forestry stations have been engaged in various and unique community services in each to their jurisdiction. But since the latter half of the 1980's, forest management has faced serious problems, such as depletion of forest resources due to destruction of virgin forests over a long period and managerial difficulties in the midst of economic reform and liberalization. Under the natural forest protection policy in 1998, production of timber, which was a major product, was strictly regulated, and production of non - timber and forestry products were emphasized as the second and third forestry industries. In this paper the...

  13. 中国蘇南地域の農村工業化と就業構造 : 江村の追跡調査 (2)

    朴, 紅; 坂下, 明彦; 市来, 正光
    In China, reform of the ownership system of enterprises was promoted on a large scale in the late 1990's. Due to the increase of private enterprises, "Sunan model", which was owned by the town and village enterprises, has become a "Wenzhon model". This paper clarifies the real state and characteristics of farming village industrialization, centering on one of the villages in the Sunan area. In addition, by making clear the present status of progress of home-based industry, this paper ascertains the change in the agricultural work structure in the economic developmentarea, based on the existing study materials and actual condition...

  14. 中国蘇南地域における農業生産システムの変化と土地問題 : 江村の追跡調査 (1)

    坂下, 明彦; 朴, 紅; 市来, 正光
    The Sunan area, as a riverside district, has taken a unique policy for land use. This paper deals with the transition of land use and land ownership under the policy, especially during the land reforming period at the time of liberalization policy, group farming promotion period, and family contract system promotion period. This paper also clarifies the change in land ownership resulting from the conversion of farmland due to the recent development of industrialization as well as the change in land use and land ownership caused by flourishing inland water fisheries.

  15. 中国国有農場における企業改革の進展と農場機能の変化 : 二九一農場を事例として

    朴, 紅
    In recent years, in the Heilongjiang national farm which is recognized as a model among Chinese national farms, drastic reforms have been promoted, such as the establishment of an enterprise group called "Heilongjiang Group" and listing shares of some affiliated enterprises, and so on. But the actual state of reform is not clear. In this paper, we focused on the proceeding enterprise reform in national farms, and tried to make clear the details and features of the reforms, the actual state of reorganization, and the effects that the reform policy has brought about to individual farmhouses.

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