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  1. The great university gamble: money, markets and the future of higher education [Andrew McGettigan, 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Andrew McGettigan (2013), The Great University Gamble: Money, Markets and the Future of Higher Education, London: Pluto Press. 216 pp., £16.99, pbk, 9780745332932.

  2. The conscience of cinema: the works of Joris Ivens 1912-1989 [Thomas Waugh. Amsterdam University Press. 2016]

    Winston, Brian
    The Conscience of Cinema: The Works of Joris Ivens 1912-1989 by Thomas Waugh. Amsterdam University Press. 2016. $124 hardcover. Also available as an open access E-Book. 779 pages.

  3. Poverty and welfare in Guernsey 1560-2015 [Rose-Marie Crossan, 2015]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    R. Crossan, Poverty and Welfare in Guernsey 1560-2015 (Boydell 2015 xv+332pp ISBN 978 1 78327 040 8) £35.

  4. Medical negligence in Victorian Britain: the crisis of care under the English Poor Law, c. 1834–1900. London, Bloomsbury [Kim Price, 2015]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    K. Price , Medical Negligence in Victorian Britain: The Crisis of Care under the English Poor Law, c. 1834–1900. London, Bloomsbury, 2015. xi + 235 pp. £65. 9781441125460.

  5. Migration, settlement and belonging in Europe 1500–1930s: comparative perspectives [Steven King and Anne Winter (eds.), 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Migration, settlement and belonging in Europe 1500–1930s: Comparative perspectives, Steven King and Anne Winter (eds.), New York, NY, and Oxford, Berghahn Books, 2013, 326 pp., £68.00 (hardback), ISBN 978- 1-78238-145-7

  6. A grim almanac of the workhouse [Peter Higginbotham, 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    P. Higginbotham, A Grim Almanac of the Workhouse (Stroud, The History Press, 2013), 239pp. ISBN: 978-0-7524-8739-7. £12.99 (p/b).

  7. A caring county? Social welfare in Hertfordshire from 1600 [Steven King and Gillian Gear (eds.), 2013]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Steven King and Gillian Gear (eds.), A Caring County? Social Welfare in Hertfordshire from 1600, Hertfordshire: University of Hertfordshire Press, 2013. ISBN 978 1 909291 12 6, £16.99.

  8. The politics of provisions: food riots, moral economy and market transition in England, c.1550-1850 [John Bohstedt, 2010]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    J. Bohstedt, The Politics of Provisions. Food Riots, Moral Economy and Market Transition in England, c.1550-1850, Farnham, Ashgate, 2010. 312 pages. ISBN: 075466581X.

  9. Pauper capital: London and the poor law, 1790–1870 [David Green, 2010]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    David R. Green, Pauper capital: London and the poor law, 1790–1870 (Farnham: Ashgate, 2010. Pp. xix + 279. 59 figs. 12 tabs. ISBN 9780754630081 Hbk. £60/$114.95)

  10. Poverty, gender and life-cycle under the English Poor Law, 1760-1834 [Samantha Williams, 2011]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Poverty, Gender and Life-Cycle under the English Poor Law, 1760-1834. Samantha Williams. Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer, 2011, ISBN: 9780861933143; 204pp.; Price: £50.00

  11. Agrarian capitalism and poor relief in England, 1500–1860: rethinking the origins of the welfare state [Larry Patriquin, 2007]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Agrarian Capitalism and Poor Relief in England, 1500–1860: Rethinking the Origins of the Welfare State. By Larry Patriquin. Basingstoke: Palgrave. 2007. pp. 254. £50.00. ISBN 0 230 51693 9.

  12. Wanting and having: popular politics and liberal consumerism in England, 1830–70 [Peter Gurney, 2015]

    Shave, Samantha A.
    Peter Gurney, Wanting and Having: Popular Politics and Liberal Consumerism in England, 1830–70, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015, pp. xiii + 335, h/b, £20, ISBN 9780719091452

  13. Social protection after the crisis: regulation without enforcement [Steve Tombs, Bristol: Policy Press (2016)]

    Heydon, James

  14. The mythology of work: how capitalism persists despite itself

    Somerville, Peter

  15. La Grava: the archaeology and history of a royal manor and alien priory of Fonteveault [Council for British Archaeology, York, 2013]

    Lewis, Carenza
    This publication presents the results of the excavation of La Grava (also known as Grove Priory) in Bedfordshire, conducted in advance of quarrying. Described as ‘perhaps the largest and most complete excavation of a north-west European medieval manorial site in the twentieth century’ (p. 354), this report might be considered a worthy addition to any medievalist’s library for this reason alone. But it also an intensely interesting site, not least because it is so unusual: a manorial site converted to monastic use (and back again, both in the medieval period), using an atypical non-claustral plan, housing the only male establishment...

  16. Retention of early career registered nurses: the influence of self-concept, practice environment and resilience in the first five years post-graduation

    Mckinnon, John
    The topic of retention in nursing is never far from any healthcare professional forum of discussion. Factors which promote or inhibit a positive practice environment together with issues of self-awareness and professional resilience are of profound interest to all of us broadly associated with nursing and its future. So it is refreshing to read a paper that considers not just one but all of these influential areas. The findings are interesting and informative. However, it is important to remember that they arise from a cross-sectional study in which four separate groups of nurses responded within the same time frame. This is...

  17. The short guide to social policy [John Hudson, Stefan Kuhner and Stuart Lowe, 2015, 2nd edition, Policy Press]

    Nelson, David
    This book provides a concise overview of the key structures and concepts in social policy, focusing on the five pillars of the welfare state (social security; employment; education; health; housing). New to the second edition is a chapter on issues such as social care, criminal justice and family policy. The book is mostly descriptive, and each chapter has a common structure and layout used to systematically analyse the pillars of the welfare state. The book fulfils its primary aim: to provide a concise, straightforward and clear account of social policy relevant to UK and overseas students. It is well-written and...

  18. Victims of Ireland’s Great Famine: the bioarchaeology of mass burials at Kilkenny Union Workhouse

    Fennelly, Katherine
    In the last 20 years, power, control and resistance have emerged as popular themes in archaeological approaches to the modern period. Institutions like workhouses and industrial complexes have been well studied through a Marxist-inspired lens, and archaeologists have written about power relationships and hierarchies, domination and resistance and subaltern narratives. Jonny Geber’s bioarchaeology of the Irish Famine and Sarah Cowie’s intensive study of a former industrial settlement in Michigan contribute appreciably to this wider literature, and each situate themselves clearly within these narratives of power and resistance in historical archaeology. Accessible to scholars of the nineteenth century outside of archaeology,...

  19. Facilitating spiritual reminiscence for people with dementia: a learning guide

    Mathews, Ian
    Facilitating Spiritual Reminiscence for People with Dementia. A Learning Guide E. MacKinlay and C. Trevitt London: Jessica Kingsley, 2015 110 pp. £22.99 (pb), ISBN: 9781849055734 According to the introduction, this thought-provoking and usable guide written by two experienced and well-regarded Australian practitioners, aims to promote reminiscence as a way of communicating that acknowledges the person as a spiritual being and seeks to engage the person in a more meaningful and personal way. As can be seen from this initial assertion, this guide is based on a range of contested assumptions not least the nature of spirituality and the role that spiritual understandings play in understanding life,...

  20. Mindfulness in positive psychology: the science of meditation and wellbeing [Itai Ivtzan and Tim Lomas (eds.): Routledge, London, UK, 2016, 348]

    Bretherton, Roger
    This publication is the latest volume to bring together two prominent themes in contemporary psychological science: mindfulness and positive psychology. The editors, Ivtzan and Lomas 2016, based at the University of East London, are well versed in both. Over the last 10 years, the group of academics associated with the London-based Masters in Applied Positive Psychology have maintained a relentless output of publication. Their expanding list of authored and edited volumes, which now amounts to a small library of leading texts, is governed by two complementary intentions: to disseminate positive psychology through introductory textbooks (Hefferon and Boniwell 2011; Lomas et...

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