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  1. Built to meet needs [Paul Oliver]

    Whelan, Deborah
    Paul Oliver’s approach on a number of previous occasions has been the production of massive edited volumes, such as the Dictionary of Vernacular Architecture of the World (1997), together with discursive editions such as Shelter, Sign and Symbol (1975) that address the issues of vernacular architecture around the world. They have formed invaluable contributions to the construction of a discourse on the vernacular, popularizing the modest and at the same time making it more academically accessible and credible. Built to Meet Needs (2006) is no exception, but where it differs from much of his previous publications is that it is...

  2. From the pre-hospital literature: Pre-hospital endotracheal intubation is associated with increased mortality in patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury

    Christopher, Sarah

  3. From the pre-hospital literature: Diagnosing death on the line

    Christopher, Sarah
    This retrospective study aimed to ascertain the accuracy with which the medical priority dispatch system (MPDS) identifies cases of cardiac arrest. Ambulance dispatch records of all cases suspected as cardiac arrest over a 3-month period were matched with ambulance patient records and those from the Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry to determine the number of correctly identified cardiac arrests. Although 76.7% of cardiac arrests were correctly identified, it was found that 172 of these were allocated a non-priority MPDS code so were allocated fewer resources than necessary. Additionally, of those cases identified as potential cardiac arrests, only 58.2% turned out...

  4. From the pre-hospital literature: Arrive in 9 min and the patient lives – “failure”; arrive in 8 min and the patient dies – “success”

    Christopher, Sarah
    his qualitative study explores paramedic’s attitudes to the government’s target that category A calls must receive a response within 8 min. The study consisted of a purposive sample of 20 paramedics from nine ambulance stations with a mean length of service of 19 years. Semi-structured interviews informed by a loose topic guide were conducted and analysed using a constant comparative method. Paramedics’ accounts of response time targets and their attendant strategies had three main strands: their inadequacy as a performance indicator, their detrimental effects on patient care; and their detrimental effect on the health, safety and well being of paramedics....

  5. From the pre-hospital literature: Not yet time to change our ways

    Christopher, Sarah
    There has long been debate over the efficacy of intravenous drugs in cardiac arrest. This observational, prospective study set out to investigate whether the introduction of a single dose of 1 mg intravenous epinephrine improved outcomes from prehospital cardiac arrest in an emergency medical service that did not previously use this drug. Outcomes examined included survival to discharge, survival to hospital admission, return of spontaneous circulation and functional status on discharge. Although the authors state that they were unable to establish a survival benefit with the introduction of intravenous epinephrine to this emergency medical service, many unmeasured confounders were not...

  6. From the pre-hospital literature: To see or not to see

    Christopher, Sarah
    This study set out to assess whether witnessing an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt of a family member in cardiac arrest caused relatives to display symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A total of 34 witnesses and 20 non-witnesses were compared and were similar both demographically and in their relationship to their relative (the patient). Data were analysed using the PTSD symptom scale-interview (PSS-I). It was found that the total PTSD symptom scores of witnesses were almost twice as high as those of non-witnesses (14.47 vs 7.60 respectively, mean difference 6.87). The results of linear regression analysis showed that witnessing resuscitation of...

  7. From the pre-hospital literature: Time to manoeuvre for a change?

    Christopher, Sarah
    This randomised crossover trial set out to compare the Airtraq, Truview and Mackintosh laryngoscopes when used by advanced paramedics in Ireland. Each of the 21 paramedics who participated in the study performed endotracheal intubation with each device in a Simman manikin in two scenarios—that of a ‘normal’ airway with the manikin in a supine position and following the application of a hard cervical collar. The severity of dental trauma and the number of optimisation manoeuvres were also recorded. No significant difference was found in the duration of intubation attempts between the Macintosh and Airtraq laryngoscopes in either scenario. The duration...

  8. From the pre-hospital literature: Keep on pumping

    Christopher, Sarah
    Many studies have shown that interruption of chest compressions in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is an important factor that limits survival. This observational prospective study of patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Norway, Sweden and the UK set out to quantify in detail the effects of interrupting chest compressions. ECG segments showing ventricular fibrillation and pulseless ventricular tachycardia arrest were extracted and analysed by computing the logarithm of the mean slope which can be viewed as the coarseness of the ECG. Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) was identified by either changes in transthoracic impedance coincident with QRS complex or by a...

  9. Perspectives on tuberculosis in pregnancy

    Bates, Matthew; Ahmed, Yusuf; Kapata, Nathan; Maeurer, Markus; Mwaba, Peter; Zumla, Alimuddin
    Tuberculosis (TB) has been recognized as an important cause of morbidity and mortality in pregnancy for nearly a century, but research and efforts to roll out comprehensive TB screening and treatment in high-risk populations such as those with a high prevalence of HIV or other diseases of poverty, have lagged behind similar efforts to address HIV infection in pregnancy and the prevention of mother-to-child-transmission. Immunological changes during pregnancy make the activation of latent TB infection or de novo infection more likely than among non-pregnant women. TB treatment in pregnancy poses several problems that have been under-researched, such as contraindications to...

  10. The character-driven person: how frozen's Anna, not Elsa, is an exemplar

    Niemiec, Ryan M.; Bretherton, Roger
    We argue that the character of Anna in the Disney animated feature film Frozen, when examined through the lens of character strengths, is one of the strongest characters in recent film history. Nevertheless it is notable, on both sides of the Atlantic, that consumers (young girls and adults alike) have a particular fascination with the older sister Elsa, viewing her as the beloved character of the film.

  11. Muslims of medieval Latin Christendom, c.1050-1614 [Brian A. Catlos, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014]

    Liuzzo Scorpo, Antonella
    One of the achievements of this well-researched and exhaustive book is that it challenges some of the traditional historiographical views of interfaith relationships in 'frontier' territories. Catlos chose an intimidating title for an extremely ambitious book. The result is an intense and yet coherent reading, enriched by numerous source extracts, a comprehensive and up-to-date engagement with international historiography and a useful glossary. The first part takes the reader through a chronological narrative of the 'static diaspora' to which Muslim communities in Latin Christendom were exposed from the 11th to the 16th centuries. The second part is thematically structured and reconsiders...

  12. Negotiating neoliberalism: developing alternative educational visions [Tim Rudd and Ivor F. Goodson (eds), Sense: Rotterdam, 2017; 218 pp.: ISBN 9789463008525]

    Winn, Joss
    Discussions of ‘neoliberal education’ tend to focus on concrete expressions of capitalism (e.g. policy, performativity or professionalism) while rarely engaging with its fundamental categories (e.g. labour, value, capital), let alone being grounded in them (Hall and Downs’ chapters are notable exceptions). As Moishe Postone has argued (1993), one of the problems with this approach is that anti-capitalist efforts to resist the concrete features of neoliberalism tend to be both dualistic and one-sided; they identify capital with its manifest expressions (its concrete appearance rather than essence) and in the act of resistance (e.g. violence, refusal) further hypostasize the concrete while overlooking...

  13. Writing an icon: celebrity culture and the invention of Anais Nin [by Anita Jarczok]

    Charnock, Ruth
    Review for Contemporary Women's Writing journal

  14. Mad-doctors in the dock: Defending the diagnoses, 1760-1913 [Joel Peter Eigen, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016. 224 p., 9781421420486]

    Shepherd, Jade
    This is a review of Joel Eigen's Mad-Doctors in the Dock

  15. Acts of giving: individual, community and church in tenth-century Christian Spain [W. Davies] [Spanish]

    Portass, Robert
    Los últimos diez años han visto cómo Wendy Davies ha concentrado su atención en las comunidades rurales de la temprana Edad Media en el norte de España. Acts of Giving es el primer fruto sustancial de este trabajo y representa una contribución importante a nuestros esfuerzos para entender lo que la autora ha llamado «the workings of local society» en la España del siglo x. Un foco de interés primordial en este libro es el ya establecido énfasis de Davies por la realidad de la experiencia campesina, una preocupación que la autora ha estudiado con gran éxito en su trabajo sobre...

  16. Cross, crescent, and conversion: studies in memory of Richard Fletcher [ed. Simon Barton and Peter Linehan]

    Portass, Robert
    It is a testament to the legacy of the late Richard Fletcher that a Festschrift composed in his honour should feature essays by many of the leading historians of a field that he himself had helped to establish in British academe. Indeed, such is the current strength of the academic community of anglophone hispanists on both sides of the Atlantic, that it is easy to forget that it was the pioneering work of Richard Fletcher which helped to launch Spanish medieval history in Britain as a subject deemed worthy of study, as James Campbell makes clear in his warm introductory...

  17. Da Representaçaõ à Materialidade do Espaço. Territorio da diocese de Braga (Séculos IX–XI) [by André Evangelista Marques]

    Portass, Robert
    This book explores the relationship between the documentary representation of places, settlements and people, and their concrete reality—an exploration that aims to capture something of the ‘materialidade do espaço’ (‘materiality of space’). The setting is the northern Portuguese diocese of Braga from the ninth to the eleventh centuries. To the uninitiated this may seem a philosophical problem as much as an historical one, but this book in fact responds to a well-developed set of thematic and methodological concerns, deeply entrenched in medieval Iberian studies since the late 1960s. Few books, however, situate themselves quite so explicitly in relation to a...

  18. Breaking ground: art, archaeology & mythology

    Waites, Ian

  19. Plant peroxisomes as a source of signalling molecules

    Nyathi, Yvonne; Baker, Alison
    Peroxisomes are pleoimorphic, metabolically plastic organelles. Their essentially oxidative function led to the adoption of the name ‘peroxisome’. The dynamic and diverse nature of peroxisome metabolism has led to the realisation that peroxisomes are an important source of signalling molecules that can function to integrate cellular activity and multicellular development. In plants defence against predators and a hostile environment is of necessity a metabolic and developmental response—a plant has no place to hide. Mutant screens are implicating peroxisomes in disease resistance and signalling in response to light. Characterisation of mutants disrupted in peroxisomal β-oxidation has led to a growing appreciation...

  20. Review article: Social groups and synthesis in Londinium

    Wallace, Lacey
    Review of: Temples and Suburbs: Excavations at Tabard Square, Southwark. By D. Killock, J. Shepherd, J. Gerrard, K. Hayward, K. Rielly and V. Ridgeway. Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited, London, 2015. Pp. xvi + 348, illus. (some col.), maps, plans. Price: £27.00. ISBN 9780992667252. Roman and Medieval Revetments on the Thames Waterfront: Excavations at Riverbank House, City of London, 2006-9. By A. Mackinder. Museum of London Archaeology Studies Series 33. Museum of London Archaeology, London, 2015. Pp. xiv + 137, illus. (some col.), plans. Price: £15.00. ISBN 9781907586309. The Upper Walbrook Valley Cemetery of Roman London: Excavations at Finsbury Circus, City of London,...

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