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Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 111, Issue 2-5 (January, 2013)

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  1. Front Matter

  2. Classic Reprint: Scenes in Ohio During the Last Ice Age

    Goldthwait, Richard Parker, 1911-
    Author Institution: Department of Geology, The Ohio State University

  3. Vertical Variability and Lateral Distribution of Late Wisconsinan Sediments Parallel to theAxis of the Buried Valley of Mud Brook North of Akron, Summit County, Ohio

    Szabo, John P.; Huth-Pyscher, Christine G.; Kushner, Vaughn A.
    The buried valley of Mud Brook in northern Summit County, OH, contains sediments associated with the late Wisconsinan glaciation. The vertical variability and lateral distribution of these sediments can be ascertained from information derived from logs from highway borings and water wells along a 15-km north-south transect parallel to the axis of the buried valley. Textural, carbonate, clay mineral, and lithologic analyses of samples from roadcuts, geological borings, and some highway department borings provide additional information to assign lithofacies units to specific glaciations. Cross sections show that nearly similar depositional environments existed before each late Wisconsinan glacial advance. The proglacial...

  4. The Protective Effects of the Violacein Pigment Against UV-C Irradiation in Chromobacterium violaceum

    Abboud, Andrew N.; Arment, Anthony
    Chromobacterium violaceum is a gram-negative bacteria found in tropical regions. C. violaceum has the distinct phenotypic characteristic of a deep violet pigment called violacein. Violacein has a high molar extinction in methanol, suggesting that it is protective against visible light. The purpose of this study was to establish the protective effects of violacein against UV-induced cellular damage. It was hypothesized that violacein protects DNA and proteins (e.g. catalase) from UV-C induced damage. Wild-type (WT) C. violaceum was mutagenized with N-methyl-N’-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine to produce mutants with varying amounts of violacein. Mutants CV9, CV13, and CV14 (non-pigmented) produced less pigmentation than WT and retained...

  5. Diel Larval Fish Drift in a Small Ohio Stream (Honey Creek, Seneca Co., OH)

    Boehler, Christopher T.; Baker, Kenneth
    Knowledge of the timing, distribution, and abundance of newly hatched larval fish is helpful in developing an understanding of stream fish ecology. This study investigated the larval fish community in Honey Creek, a tributary to the Sandusky River in Seneca County, Ohio (April-August 2007; total N = 44). Castostomids were the most abundant family of fish collected in the drift, with percids, cyprinids, centrarchids, and ictalurids also present in the stream. Comparisons were made between time of day (day and night) and larval fish density, stream discharge, and turbidity (total suspended solids mg/L). Stream discharge was significantly higher during the...

  6. Nesting Success of Grassland and Shrub-Nesting Birds on The Wilds, an Ohio Reclaimed Surface Mine

    Ingold, Danny J.; Dooley, James L.
    Recent studies on reclaimed surface mines show that the encroachment of woody vegetation may have an adverse effect on breeding grassland birds. During the 2008-2011 breeding seasons, nests of ground- and shrub-nesting birds were monitored on The Wilds, a reclaimed surface mine in east-central Ohio. The study’s objectives were to compare findings with those from a similar study on this site a decade earlier and to compare the nesting success of ground- versus above-ground and shrub-nesting species. The study found 291 nests from 18 bird species. Ground-nesting species had notably higher overall annual as well as Mayfield nest success rates...

  7. The Effects of Text Messaging During Dual-Task Driving Simulation on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Responses and Reaction Time

    Park, Andrew; Salsbury, Joshua; Corbett, Keira; Aiello, Jennifer
    Research over the past decade has shown the potentially harmful effects of distracted driving, particularly on reaction time of the driver to external stimuli. With the recent surge in frequency of the use of cell phones for text messaging in nearly all situations, including during driving, it is important to understand the impact of texting on driver reaction time and the body’s physiological response. This study attempts to replicate the effects of text messaging distractions on reaction times found in previous studies, and correlate both physiological and cognitive stress in dual-task situations as measured by changes in cardiovascular and respiratory...

  8. 2012 Necrology Report

  9. STEM Education Policy Resolution

    The National Association of Academies of Science

  10. Back Matter

  11. Ohio Patent Award Nomination Form

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