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14th Denman Undergraduate Research Forum (2009)

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  1. Motivational Effects of Need to Belong on Intergroup Memory in Minimal Groups

    O'Connor, Rachel; Van Bavel, Jay; Cunningham, William
    It has been repeatedly demonstrated that there is an in-group bias for face recognition such that people show greater memory for in-group compared to out-group members. Social categorization models have proposed that this bias is due to the differential way in which people are categorized. In-groups may initiate a more elaborate encoding process involving more individuation and leading to better memory. The current research proposes a motivational mechanism for the differential encoding of in-group members. In two studies, we tested whether people with greater need to belong, an important social motivator, would show increased in-group recognition bias. In both studies,...
    - 23-abr-2014

  2. Dichotic Word Recognition for Young Adults with Normal Hearing

    Bournique, Jennifer
    The purpose of this study was to measure dichotic word recognition at various intensity levels in order to produce a performance-intensity (PI) function that modeled the data. For any test that requires a behavioral response from a listener, such as a dichotic listening task, it is important to understand the relationship between the stimulus and the responses given. One way of characterizing this relationship is by generating a psychometric function, or in the case of speech recognition, a PI function. These functions display percentage of correct responses as a function of intensity in dB HL. The purpose of this study...
    - 23-abr-2014

  3. File Harvest: Targeted, Legal Crawling and Downloading of Online Media (Poster)

    Sowald, Chad
    Today's Internet user has a limited amount of time to manually mine the Internet for content such as videos, images, and documents that they want to view. Much of the user's time is wasted overhead: clicking hyperlinks, waiting for pages to load, and actually downloading the content for offline viewing. Therefore, many users would benefit from an application that could automatically crawl and download a large amount of content from the Internet, so that users could browse and further filter the content offline at a much faster speed and without the unnecessary overhead. I have developed a web crawling and...
    - 23-abr-2014

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