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16th Denman Undergraduate Research Forum (2011)

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  1. Virtual Design and Optimization of Metallic Glass Alloys

    Ward, Logan
    Optimizing a material for a specific application usually requires extensive experimental testing in order to find the best composition. The goal of this work is to greatly reduce the amount of experimentation by introducing a means of testing and selecting materials using only first-principles computational methods. For this work, we have aimed to design a metallic glass with low density, low elastic modulus, and high fracture toughness using molecular dynamics. Metallic glasses are non-equilibrium metallic alloys that lack the long range order characteristic of conventional metals. They are well-suited for testing this design technique because they currently lack methods for...
    - 23-abr-2014

  2. Ecology of Mathematics

    DeLany, Jacqueline
    Evidence suggests that America is losing its place as the dominating economic powerhouse, partly due to its education system, specifically mathematical accomplishment. Few studies have examined the ecological effects influencing mathematics and relatively little is known about the environmental etiologies of mathematics abilities and disabilities (Kovas, Haworth, Petrill, & Plomin 2007). More generally, there remains a need to determine the essential environmental factors related to mathematical abilities. This study aims at finding the relationship of the children’s school life, family life, and child’s exclusive environment on mathematical achievement. This study examined environmental influences on mathematical ability, using 384 elementary and...
    - 23-abr-2014

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