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15th Denman Undergraduate Research Forum (2010)

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  1. Spatial and Temporal Variations of Water Quality in a Recently Urbanized Watershed in Central Ohio

    Volk, John
    Hellbranch Run drains land near Columbus, Ohio that was subject to rapid conversion from agricultural to urban land use during the 1990s. The stream is a tributary to Big Darby Creek, a national scenic river that is valued for its biological diversity and health. Headwater areas in the Hellbranch Run watershed have been channelized, and the stream’s water quality is threatened from nutrient enrichment caused by agricultural runoff. In recent decades, State and private organizations have funded and implemented stream remediation within the Hellbranch Run watershed. The objective of this study was to synthesize historically measured flow and solute concentrations...
    - 20-ago-2014

  2. Interactions of Heart Rate Variability and Gender on Cognitive Performance

    Williams, DeWayne; Plaskett, Sean
    The study of reaction time to attention evoking stimuli is one to the oldest, yet consistently used paradigms in cognitive psychology. One variation of this paradigm is the Simon Effect task, during which individuals must respond to a stimuli that is consistent (congruent) or inconsistent (incongruent) with positioning. Interestingly, research has suggested that an index of cardiovascular health and flexibility (Heart Rate Variability|HRV) may predict performance on cognitive tasks such as the Simon Effect. This work suggests that communication between the heart and brain may serve much more complex functions than just heart rate regulation. In the present study we...
    - 23-abr-2014

  3. Utilizing Doppler Ultrasound to Detect Blood Flow within the Median Nerve

    Zale, Kathryn
    Ultrasound technologists are at an increased risk for developing work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). CTS is characterized by inflammation of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel and a literature review supports that hypervascularization is seen within the nerve sheath. Currently, only invasive procedures such as nerve conduction testing and dynamic contrast magnetic resonance imaging are utilized in diagnosing CTS. This feasibility study was the first of its kind to detect and quantify arteriole blood flow within the median nerve with spectral and power Doppler ultrasound. Five ultrasound technologists had their wrists scanned with a hand...
    - 23-abr-2014

  4. Diffusion of spins in a strongly spatially varying local magnetic field

    Labanowski, Dominic
    In recent years, the field of spintronics has gained immense interest in the research community. In conventional computing, data is encoded by turning electrical signals on and off; with spintronics, data is encoded with electron spin, allowing for new electronic devices that can move more data at reduced voltages. To further this field, an understanding of spin behavior at the local level is necessary. In my group, magnetic force detection experiments are being used to understand these local phenomena. In these experiments, a micro-magnetic probe couples to the spins generated in a gallium arsenide sample. The sample in these experiments...
    - 23-abr-2014

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