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  1. Weed Management in Horticultural Crops: Research Results 2013

    Doohan, Douglas J.; Edwards, Rick

  2. Weed Management in Horticultural Crops: Research Results 2014

    Doohan, Douglas J.; Edwards, Rick

  3. 1999 Ohio Wheat Performance Test

    Jordan, D. M.; Minyo, R. J. Jr.

  4. 1998 Proceedings. Ohio Grape-Wine Short Course

    Stamp, C.; Whiting, D.; Carisetti, D.; Butler, B.; Boas, E.; Riesen, Roland; Bordelon, B.; Sigel, Gene; McArtney, Steven; Ferree, Dave; Ellis, Mike; Gallander, Jim; Steiner, Todd; Giesbrecht, Ron; Pollman, Greg; Salvador, C.; Troutman, Andy; Brown, Maurus; Fickle, Dan; Gertz, C.; Doohan, D.; Ferrante, N.; Pavan, A.
    The dollars and sense of starting a small winery / Chris Stamp -- You have the key, now where is the lock? You have the answer, now what was the question? / David Whiting -- Winery design and equipment / Domenic Carisetti -- Use of oak chips in winemaking / Bill Butler -- Matching wine style with your market / Edward Boas -- Open house--riesling reception / Roland Riesen -- 1997 vineyard survey / The Ohio Grape Team -- Economics of Midwestern grape production / Bruce Bordelon -- The economics of grape growing in Ohio / Gene Sigel -- The...

  5. 1998 Muck Crop Cultivar Trials: Dry Onions, Green Onions, Leeks, Lettuce, Parsley, Radishes

    Evans, W. B.

  6. 1997 Ohio canola studies

    Schmidt, Walter H.

  7. 1996 Pickling Cucumber Cultivar Evaluation Trials

    Hassell, Richard L.; Wallace, Cindy; Scaife, Ken

  8. 1996 Ohio Potato Cultivar Trials

    Hassell, Richard L.; Kelly, David M.; Wittmeyer, E. C.; Wallace, Cindy; Grassbaugh, Elaine M.; Elliott, John Y.; Wenneker, Gary L.

  9. 1995 Ohio Wheat Performance Test

    Jordan, D. M.

  10. 1995 Ohio Potato Cultivar Trials

    Hassell, Richard L.; Kelly, David M.; Wittmeyer, E. C.; Grassbaugh, Elaine M.; Biederstedt, Darvin L.; Elliott, John Y.; Wenneker, Gary L.

  11. 1995 Ohio forage legume performance trials

    Sulc, R. M.; McCormick, J. S.; Rhodes, L. H.; Balthaser, Eugene; Houdashelt, Paul; Renk, Clarence; Ault, Lynn

  12. 1994 Proceedings. Ohio Grape-Wine Short Course.

    Roehrig, K. L.; Bordelon, B.; Williams, R. N.; Fickle, D.; Ellis, S.; Ellis, M. A.; Gubler, W. D.; Erb, A.; Scurlock, D.; Esterer, A.; Ferree, D. C.; Wineberg, A.; Ferrante, N.; Miller, D.; Riesen, R.; Syberg, C. E.; Harkness, E.; Glaus, K. R.; Meier, P.; Buechsenstein, J.; Mazza, B.; Keegan, E.
    History and culture in France's Rhone Valley / Karla L. Roehrig -- Wines from Rhone varietal grapes in the New World / John Buechsenstein -- Adaptation of the training system to the grape cultivar-a review of common practices / Bruce Bordelon -- IPM for grapes in Ohio / Roger Williams, Dan Fickle, and Sean Ellis -- The use of fungicides for controlling grape diseases in Ohio / Michael A. Ellis -- Epidemiology and control of grapevine powdery mildew / W. Douglas Gubler -- Integrated management of botrytis bunch rot of grapes in California / W. Douglas Gubler -- Leaf removal...

  13. 1972 Research Progress Reports, Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Food Technology

    Gould, Wilbur A.; Howiler, Louise; Black, James; Perryman, Shirley; Berry, Stanley Z.; Gould, Jacquelyn; Mount, John; Pope, Gerald A.; Geisman, J. R.; Topits, Roberta; Flinn, Gary; Swinehart, James W.; Peng, Andrew C.; Mahmoud, Mohamed I.
    Evaluation of tomato cultivars / W. A. Gould, James Black, Louise Howiler, Shirley Perryman, and Stanley Z. Berry -- Effects of food additives on the quality of canned tomatoes / Wilbur A. Gould, John Mount, Jacquelyn Gould, Louise Howiler, and James Black -- Effect of storage temperature on shelf life of ascorbic acid fortified tomato juice / Gerald A. Pope and Wilbur A. Gould -- Survey of waste disposal practices of Ohio tomato processors / J. R. Geisman -- Evaluation of snap bean varieties for processing / Wilbur A. Gould, Jacquelyn Gould and Roberta Topits -- The effect of variety,...

  14. 1994 Ohio Potato Cultivar Trials

    Hassell, Richard L.; Kelly, David M.; Wittmeyer, E. C.; Grassbaugh, Elaine; Bennett, Mark; Henne, Richard; Elliott, John; Wenneker, Gary

  15. 1994 Ohio forage legume performance trials

    Sulc, R. M.; McCormick, J. S.; Henderlong, P. R.; Rhodes, L. H.

  16. 1993 Proceedings. Ohio Grape-Wine Short Course

    Hammond, K.; Schmidlin, T. W.; Erb, W. A.; Scurlock, D. M.; Koch, T. A.; Johns, G. R.; Howell, G. S.; Hanson, E.; Miller, D. D.; Reynolds, A. G.; Neel, D.; Quilter, T.; Williams, R.; Ellis, S.; Fickle, D.; Stetson, J.; Riesen, R.; Burkholder, J.; Ellis, M. A.; Salvadore, C.; Carlucci, T.; Shively, C. E.; Stamp, L.; Winchell, D.
    Class by the glass--a marketing approach to introduce wines into major restaurants / Karyl Hammond -- Geographical, geological, and climatic mapping of Ohio / Thomas W. Schmidlin -- The dynamic growth cycle of the grape vine / W. A. Erb, D. M. Scurlock, T. A. Koch and G. R. Johns -- Nitrogen dynamics in the grapevine--a matter of life and death / G. Stanley Howell and Eric Hanson -- The development and ripening of the grape berry / Diane D. Miller -- Wine growing in British Columbia; the ultimate challenge to cold hardiness / Andrew G. Reynolds -- Production of...

  17. 1993 Ohio Potato Cultivar Trials

    Hassell, R. L.; Kelly, Dave; Wittmeyer, Gene; Grassbaugh, Elaine; Bennett, Mark; Elliott, John; Dietz, Frank

  18. 1992 Proceedings. Ohio Grape-Wine Short Course

    Cahoon, G. A.; Scurlock, D. M.; Johns, G. R.; Koch, T. A.; Peterson, D. V.; Riesen, R.; Dharmadhikari, M.; Esterer, A.; Stetson, J. F.; Goodman, D. G.; Ellis, M. A.; Williams, R. N.; Welty, C.; Mcleod, M. J.
    Cultivar characteristics of Ohio vinifera grapes / C. A. Cahoon, D. M. Scurlock, G. R. Johns and T. A. Koch -- Managing vinifera varieties for improved fruit quality / David V. Peterson -- Wine characteristics of some newer varietals in Ohio / Roland Riesen -- A little wine knowledge goes a long way / Murli Dharmadhikari -- Growing vinifera in northeast Ohio / Arnulf Esterer -- Trends in wine grape production in the Finger Lakes region / David V. Peterson -- Take another look at juice clarification / J. F. Gallander, R. Riesen and J. F. Stetson -- Small things...

  19. 1992 Ohio Potato Cultivar Trials

    Bennett, M. A.; Grassbaugh, E. M.; Hassell, R. L.; Kelly, D. M.; Rowe, R. C.; Wittmeyer, E. C.

  20. 1991 Processing Cabbage Cultivar Evaluation Trials

    Kretchman, Dale; Jameson, Mark; Willer, Charles

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