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Hebrew Annual Review: Volume 9 (1985)

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  1. Biblical Laws of Talion

    Carmichael, Calum M.

  2. An Unrecognized Denotation of the Verb HSR in Ben-Sira and Rabbinic Hebrew

    Bronznick, Norman M.

  3. A Lesson from the Arcane World of the Heavenly Spheres According to Maimonides

    Blumenthal, David R.

  4. Notes on the Use of Different Registers of Judeo-Arabic by One Author

    Blau, Joshua, 1919-

  5. Prayer in the Wilderness Traditions: In Pursuit of Divine Justice

    Balentine, Samuel E. (Samuel Eugene), 1950-

  6. The Evolution of the Israeli Attitude Toward the Holocaust as Reflected in Modern Hebrew Drama

    Avisar, Ilan, 1951-

  7. A Petition (Baqqasha) Addressed to Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, a Yemenite Jewish Saint

    Ahroni, Reuben

  8. Wisdom in Daniel and the Origin of Apocalyptic

    Wilson, Gerald H.

  9. Poetry and Society in the Works of Abraham ben Halfon (Yemen, 12th Century)

    Tobi, Joseph

  10. Etiology in the Moses Tradition: The Case of Exodus 18

    Van Seters, John

  11. Samuel Romanelli and His Massa ba'rab

    Stillman, Norman A., 1945-; Stillman, Yedida Kalfon, 1946-1998

  12. Discoveries of Reading: Stories of Childhood by Bialik, Shahar, and Roth

    Sokoloff, Naomi B.

  13. Exclusion from the Sanctuary and the City of the Sanctuary in the Temple Scroll

    Schiffman, Lawrence H.

  14. The Conditioning of Stress Position in Waw Consecutive Perfect Forms in Biblical Hebrew

    Revell, E. J. (Ernest John), 1934-

  15. Professor Shelomo Dov Goitein zal (1900-1985)

    Ahroni, Reuben

  16. Daniel 7: Its Structure and Role in the Book

    Raabe, Paul R., 1953-

  17. Genesis Rabbah as Polemic: An Introductory Account

    Neusner, Jacob, 1932-

  18. Eridu, Dunnu, and Babel: A Study in Comparative Mythology

    Miller, Patrick D.

  19. The Chieftains' Gifts: Numbers, Chapter 7

    Milgrom, Jacob, 1923-2010

  20. The Prophetic History and the Redaction of Kings

    McKenzie, Steven L., 1953-

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