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Technical Bulletin (OAES)

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  1. Bulletin of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. Articles 1-3

    Weed, Clarence M.
    Article I. On the preparatory stages of the 20-spotted lady-bird (Psyllobora 20-maculata, Say) / Clarence M. Weed -- Article II. Studies in pond life. I. / Clarence M. Weed -- Article III. A partial bibliography of insects affecting clover / Clarence M. Weed

  2. Bulletin of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. Articles 4-6

    Craig, Moses; Weed, Clarence M.; Surface, H. A.
    Article IV. A catalogue of the uncultivated flowering plants growing on the Ohio State University grounds / Moses Craig -- Article V. Fourth contribution to a knowledge of the life-history of certain little-known plant-lice (Aphidadae) / Clarence M. Weed -- Article VI. A descriptive catalogue of the shells of Franklin County, Ohio. Part I. Land shells / H. A. Surface

  3. Bulletin of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. Articles 7-23

    Webster, F. M.; Marten, John; Williston, S. W.; Ashmead, W. H.; Tyler Townsend, C. H.; Detmers, Freda; Kellerman, W. A.; Selby, A. D.; Werner, W. C.
    Article VII. Methods of oviposition in the Tipulidae / F. M. Webster -- Article VIII. A dipterous gall-maker and its associates / F. M. Webster -- Article IX. Description of a new species of gall-making diptera / John Marten -- Article X. Description of a species of Chlorops reared from galls on Muhlenbergia mexicana / S. W. Williston -- Article XI. Notes on some species of Ohio Hymenoptera and Diptera heretofore undescribed / F. M. Webster -- Article XII. Descriptions of new parasitic Hymenoptera bred by F. M. Webster / W. H. Ashmead -- Article XIII. A Tachinid reared from...

  4. Bulletin of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. Article 24

    Oberholser, Harry C.
    Article XXIV. A preliminary list of the birds of Wayne County, Ohio

  5. A review of the literature of phosphorus compounds in animal metabolism

    Forbes, E. B.; Keith, M. H.

  6. The metabolism of organic and inorganic compounds of phosphorus

    Forbes, E. B.

  7. On nitrification; preliminary observations

    Allen, E. R.; Bonazzi, A.

  8. Studies on the estimation of inorganic phosphorus in plant and animal substances

    Forbes, E. B.; Beegle, F. M.; Wussow, A. F. D.

  9. Environmental factors in relation to plant disease and injury: a bibliography

    Wilson, J. D.

  10. A phenol coefficient study involving bacterial plant pathogens

    Thomas, R. C.

  11. The bacteriophage reaction for the identification of bacteria

    Thomas, R. C.

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