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  1. Structural motifs in salts of sulfathiazole: implications for design of salt forms in pharmaceuticals APIs†

    Munshi, Tasnim; Scowen, Ian; Seaton, Colin C.; Thomas, Rayan R.; Essifaow, Eman A. A.; Nauha, Elisa
    The creation of salts is a frequently used approach for the modification of physicochemical properties of an active pharmaceutical ingredient. Despite the frequency of application, there has been little research into the structural–property relationships of the final material and the nature of the counterion present. This work reports on five new salts of sulfathiazole and compares the energetics of the intermolecular interactions with variation in the crystal packing motifs.

  2. “The Atmosphere is Permissive and Free”: The Gendering of Activism in the British Adventure Playgrounds Movement, c.1948-1970.

    Cowman, Krista
    This article explores how gender shaped activities on British adventure playgrounds, designated abandoned spaces where children engaged in free play with urban materials under loose adult supervision. It argues that as these bold experiments emerged in post-war Britain in a period when women’s traditional roles were beginning to be scrutinized and questioned they might have been expected to develop into spaces where traditional gendered norms were challenged, girls and boys offered different forms of play, and mothers drawn into wider community activism. This potential was limited through the emergence of the figure of the heroic playleader, a charismatic man capable...

  3. Changing nature and emerging patterns of domestic violence in global contexts: dowry abuse and the transnational abandonment of wives in India

    Anitha, Sundari; Yalamarty, Harshita; Roy, Anupama
    This paper argues for the need to understand dowry-related abuse through a lens that focuses not only on micro-and meso-level gendered socio-cultural milieus and economic norms but also on macro-level formal-legal structures and global power asymmetries. Based on life-history narratives of 57 women in India and 21 practitioner interviews, this paper documents a growing phenomenon whereby men who are resident in another country abuse their Indian-origin wives, appropriate their dowry and abandon them. While dowry-related abuse in such marriages is part of a continuum of domestic violence prevalent in South Asia and the South Asian diaspora, we explore how gender...

  4. Investigating head movements induced by "riloid" patterns in migraine and control groups using a virtual reality display

    O'Hare, Louise; Sharp, Alex; Dickinson, Patrick; Richardson, Graham; Shearer, John
    Certain striped patterns can induce illusory motion, such as those used in op-art. The visual system and the vestibular system work together closely, and so it is possible that illusory motion from a visual stimulus can result in uncertainty in the vestibular system. This increased uncertainty may be measureable in terms of the magnitude of head movements. Head movements were measured using a head-mounted visual display. Results showed that stimuli associated with illusory motion also seems to induce greater head movements when compared to similar stimuli. Individuals with migraine are more susceptible to visual discomfort, and this includes illusory motion...

  5. The conscience of cinema: the works of Joris Ivens 1912-1989 [Thomas Waugh. Amsterdam University Press. 2016]

    Winston, Brian
    The Conscience of Cinema: The Works of Joris Ivens 1912-1989 by Thomas Waugh. Amsterdam University Press. 2016. $124 hardcover. Also available as an open access E-Book. 779 pages.

  6. It’s the news, stupid!

    Winston, Brian
    George the Fifth, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland etc etc…. To all whom these Presents shall come Greeting! etc etc.... AND WHEREAS…. more than two million persons in our United Kingdom…. have applied for and taken out Licenses to instal and operate apparatus for wireless telegraphy for the purposes of receiving Broadcast programmes…. We believe that it would greatly…. be of public benefit if a Corporation…were created by the exercise of Our Royal Prerogative and certain knowledge and of Our special grace and knowledge and mere motion…. The King thus willed...

  7. Mapping the location of terrestrial impacts and extinctions onto the spiral arm structure of the Milky Way

    Gillman, Michael; Erenler, Hilary; Sutton, Phil
    High density regions within the spiral arms are expected to have profound effects on passing stars. Understanding of the potential effects on the Earth and our Solar System is dependent on a sufficient dynamic model of arm passage. Using a novel combination of data we derive a model of the timings of the Solar System through the spiral arms and the relationship to arm tracers such as methanol masers. This reveals that asteroid/comet impacts are significantly clustered near the spiral arms and within specific locations of an average arm structure. The end-Permian and end-Cretaceous extinctions are shown to be located...

  8. On the tidal environment of an outwardly migrated F ring

    Sutton, Phil
    Saturn’s F-ring is a unique narrow ring that lies radially close to the tidally disruptive Roche limit of Saturn for water ice. Significant work has been done on the system that shows it to be one of the most dynamic places in the Solar System. Aggregates fortunate enough to form constantly battle against the strong tidal forces of Saturn and the nearby moons Prometheus and Pandora, which act to gravitationally stir up ring material. Planetary rings are also known to radially spread, with the outer ring edge migrating outwards. As the F ring lies at the edge of the main...

  9. Determinants of livelihood choices and artisanal entrepreneurship in Nigeria

    Igwe, Paul Agu; Madichie, Nnamdi O.; Newbery, Robert
    Purpose – This study provides fresh insights into rural artisanal activities in a developing world context. It highlights key determinants of the decision to engage in an artisanal business and the challenges that impact upon the growth of these activities. Design/methodology/approach – The study adopts a mix-method research approach to explore a rural setting where most respondents (81 percent) combine farm and non-farm livelihood activities. Quantitatively, a multi-nominal regression is used to examine the determinants of diversified artisanal livelihoods. It modelled the differences between farming livelihoods that have not diversified, compared to those also involved in the artisanal activity or wage...

  10. Thermal camera based physiological monitoring with an assistive robot

    Cosar, Serhan; Yan, Zhi; Zhao, Feng; Lambrou, Tryphon; Yue, Shigang; Bellotto, Nicola
    This paper presents a physiological monitoring system for assistive robots using a thermal camera. It is based on the detection of subtle changes in temperature observed on different parts of the face. First, we segment and estimate these face regions on thermal images. Then, by applying Fourier analysis on temperature data, we estimate respiration and heartbeat rate. This physiological monitoring system has been integrated in an assistive robot for elderly people at home, as part of the ENRICHME project. Its performance has been evaluated on a new thermal dataset for physiological monitoring, which is made publicly available for research purposes.

  11. Nation, nationalism and theatre

    Bull, John
    26th annual Contemporary Drama in English conference, on “Nation, Nationalism and Theatre,” held at the University of Reading (UK) in June/July 2017. Journal of Contemporary Drama in English [special issue] 6/1

  12. Nation, nationhood and theatre [introduction to special issue]

    Bull, John
    There is, for me at least, a delightful irony in the fact that I should be writing the introduction to this collection of essays based on the proceedings of the 26th annual Contemporary Drama in English conference, on “Nation, Nationalism and Theatre,” held at the University of Reading (UK) in June/July 2017. For John Bull is, or more realistically was, regarded as the popular iconic figure epitomising the robust and patriotic cheerfulness of the English people.1 It is an identification that goes back to 1712, when he first made an appearance in John Arbuthnot’s The History of John Bull, an...

  13. Nation, nationalism and theatre [special issue of Journal of Contemporary Drama in English]

    Bull, John
    Collection of essays based on the proceedings of the 26th annual Contemporary Drama in English conference, on “Nation, Nationalism and Theatre,” held at the University of Reading (UK) in June/July 2017.

  14. The effect of sleep deprivation on emotional memory consolidation in participants reporting depressive symptoms

    Harrington, Marcus O.; Nedberge, Karen M.; Durrant, Simon J.
    Sleep has been shown to play a crucial role in the consolidation of emotionally salient memories. However, the influence of sleep, and Sleep Deprivation (SD), on emotional memory consolidation in depressive individuals remains elusive. For this experiment we recruited two groups of healthy students, one reporting mild-to-severe depressive symptoms, and another reporting minimal/no depressive symptoms (assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory; BDI-II). We measured recognition performance for positive, neutral and negative images before and after a 12 h overnight retention interval, during which participants either remained awake in the laboratory or returned home to sleep normally. We found a significant...

  15. Arctic Amplification metrics

    Davy, Richard; Chen, Linling; Hanna, Edward
    One of the defining features of both recent and historical cases of global climate change is Arctic Amplification (AA). This is the more rapid change in the surface air temperature (SAT) in the Arctic compared to some wider reference region, such as the Northern Hemisphere (NH) mean. Many different metrics have been developed to quantify the degree of AA based on SAT anomalies, trends and variability. The use of different metrics, as well as the choice of dataset to use can affect conclusions about the magnitude and temporal variability of AA. Here we review the established metrics of AA to...

  16. Exercise fidelity and progression in a supervised exercise programme for adults with venous leg ulcers

    Klonizakis, Markos; Gumber, Anil; McIntosh, Emma; King, Brenda; Middleton, Geoff; Michaels, Jonathan A.; Tew, Garry A.
    Background: Despite exercise being included in the recommended advice for patients with venous leg ulcers, there is a fear shared by clinicians and patients that exercise may be either inappropriate or harmful and actually delay rather than promote healing. Therefore, before embarking in a large trial exploring the effect of supervised exercise on healing outcomes, it is important to assess exercise safety as well as fidelity and progression in a feasibility study. Objective: We aimed to evaluate the fidelity and exercise progression of a supervised exercise programme in patients with venous ulcers being treated with compression therapy. Design: We analysed the...

  17. Evaluation of ‘Eyelander’: a video game designed to engage children and young people with homonymous visual field loss in compensatory training

    Waddington, Jonathan; Linehan, Conor; Gerling, Kathrin; Williams, Cathy; Robson, Leone; Hodgson, Timothy
    Introduction: Rehabilitation can improve visual outcomes for adults with acquired homonymous visual field loss. However, it is unclear whether (re)habilitation improves visual outcomes for children because previous training schedules have been tiresome, uninteresting, and failed to keep them engaged. In this study we assessed whether children and young people with homonymous visual field loss would adhere to six weeks of unsupervised compensatory training using a specialised video game. Methods: Participants aged between 7 and 25 with homonymous visual field loss completed table-top assessments of visual search across four site visits. Two baseline assessments separated by four weeks evaluated spontaneous improvements before...

  18. ‘One big playground for kids’: a contextual appraisal of some 1970s photographs of children hanging out on a post-World War Two British council estate

    Waites, Ian
    This article gives a broad assessment of a number of photographs taken in the early 1970s of children on a post-World War Two British council estate in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. As one of the cornerstones of postwar social reconstruction in Britain, the provision and design of new public housing often had the well being of the future citizen – the child – in mind, and the photography of these estates at the time often included children as a way to promote a sense of well-being and community. This article offers a reading of these photographs as a representation of the child’s day-to-day life in this particular environment,...

  19. Reframing agile organization: do big data analytics capabilities matter?

    Rialti, Riccardo; Marzi, Giacomo; Ciappei, Cristiano; Caputo, Andrea
    The Agile Manifesto has become the mantra for software developers seeking to create innovative software. However, recently, the principles of Agile Manifesto have also emerged as guidelines for organizations continuously seeking to develop and adopt innovations. Hence, the expression Agile Organization arose. Notwithstanding this interest, Agile Organizations' traits still have to be conceptualized. Yet, the role of Big Data Analytics capable information systems has been neglected. In this perspective, the research aims to develop a framework assessing why Big Data analytics capabilities are fundamental for organizations aiming to follow Agile Organization's principles. Implications of the potential role of such information...

  20. Application of HRM’s Universal Model: an examination of people vs institutions as barriers of internationalization for SMEs in a small developing country

    Mendy, John; Rahman, Mahfuzur
    Although the importance of people and institutions has been highlighted in MNE studies, the association between people, institutions and the internationalization of SMEs is under explored from a small developing country context. We examine theories subsumed under the Universal Model of HRM onto SMEs to study the hypothesized people and institutionally-orientated barriers posed to SMEs’ internationalization. Using quantitative analysis, the impacts of the barriers on internationalization are highlighted with particular attention to employer attractiveness. Following extant literature review, this study has used primary data collected through questionnaires from 212 Bangladeshi SMEs. We developed and validated partial least square based structural...

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