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  1. Invasive marine macroalgae and their current and potential use in cosmetics

    McReynolds, Colin
    With increasing interconnectivity, human population growth along coastlines and changing climate, nearshore ecological assemblages are being modified at an unprecedented rate. These changes are bringing to light widespread proliferations of macroalgae, with various effects on the affected ecosystems. However, this abundance may also present opportunities. The production of cosmetics, and particularly those from natural origin, is in high demand. Many of the invasive species have demonstrated biological activity that can be applied to skin care products, so-called ‘cosmeceuticals’. A survey of common ‘invasive’ species revealed 47 species, 16 Chlorophyta, 19 Rhodophyta and 12 Phaeophyta. Their effects are interlinked but the...
    - 29-ago-2017

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