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DEF - Departamento de Engenharia Florestal

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  1. Identification of agroforestry systems and practices to model

    Palma, J.H.N.; Graves, Anil; Crous-Duran, Josep; Paulo, Joana Amaral; Upson, Matthew; Dupraz, Christian; Gosme, Marie; Lecomte, Isabelle; Touhami, Haythem Ben; Mézière, Delphine; Burgess, Paul
    This report is an output from work-package 6 which contributes to the third objective. Work-package 6 focuses on the field- and farm-scale evaluation of innovation research that have arisen from about 40 agroforestry stakeholder groups created across Europe. Some research, for example tree protection options, are best determined by technical evaluations in the field. However some research questions require a modelling approach to predict, for example, the financial and economic impact of a new practice over a number of years. This report seeks to identify those agroforestry systems and practices which could be usefully assessed using biophysical agroforestry models such...

  2. CliPick: Project database of Pan-European simulated climate data for default model use

    Palma, J.H.N.

  3. Predicting site index from climate and soil variables for cork oak (Quercus suber L.) stands in Portugal

    Paulo, Joana Amaral; Palma, J.H.N.; Gomes, Alberto A.; Faias, Sónia Pacheco; Tomé, Margarida
    Comunicação Oral

  4. Um nome diferente para mais uma base de dados ?

    Palma, J.H.N.

  5. 1 st RAIN Meeting Report - Portugal

    Paulo, Joana Amaral; Palma, J.H.N.; Almeida, Raquel P.
    The final objective of the present document is to report on the first Portuguese RAIN meeting, which took place in Observatório do Sobreiro e da Cortiça, Coruche Municipality, on the 12th of September 2017

  6. Relatório da 2ª Reunião - Projeto Redes de Inovação Agroflorestal (AFINET)


  7. Relatório da 1ª Reunião - Projeto Redes de Inovação agroflorestal (AFINET) - Apresentação


  8. Bark anatomy, chemical composition and ethanol-water extract composition of Anadenanthera peregrina and Anadenanthera colubrina

    Mota, Graciene S.; Sartori, Caroline J.; Miranda, Isabel; Quilhó, Teresa; Mori, Fábio Akira; Pereira, Helena
    The bark of Anadenanthera peregrina (L.) Speg and Anadenanthera colubrina (Vell.) Brenan were characterized in relation to anatomical and chemical features. The barks were similar and included a thin conducting phloem, a largely dilated and sclerified non-conducting phloem, and a rhyridome with periderms with thin phellem interspersed by cortical tissues. Only small differences between species were observed that cannot be used alone for taxonomic purposes. The summative chemical composition of A. peregrina and A. colubrina was respectively: 8.2% and 7.7% ash; 28.8% and 29.3% extractives; 2.4% and 2.6% suberin; and 18.9% lignin. The monosaccharide composition showed the predominance of glucose (on average 82% of total neutral sugars) and...

  9. Green spaces are not all the same for the provision of air purification and climate regulationservices: the case of urban parks

    Vieira, Joana; Matos, Paula; Mexia, Teresa; Silva, Patrícia; Lopes, Nuno; Freitas, Catarina; Correia, Otília; Santos-Reis, Margarida; Branquinho, Cristina; Pinho, Pedro
    The growing human population concentrated in urban areas lead to the increase of road traffic and artificial areas, consequently enhancing air pollution and urban heat island effects, among others. These environmental changes affect citizen's health, causing a high number of premature deaths, with considerable social and economic costs. Nature-based solutions are essential to ameliorate those impacts in urban areas. While the mere presence of urban green spaces is pointed as an overarching solution, the relative importance of specific vegetation structure, composition and management to improve the ecosystem services of air purification and climate regulation are overlooked. This avoids the establishment of optimized planning and management procedures...

  10. Variation of ring width and wood density in two unmanaged stands of the Mediterranean oak Quercus faginea

    Sousa, Vicelina B.; Louzada, José Luís; Pereira, Helena
    Ring width and wood density variation were studied from pith-to-bark and along the stem in two naturally regenerated stands of Quercus faginea Lam. in Portugal. Ring width was significantly different between sites, in both heartwood and sapwood rings, ranging from 1.83 mm to 2.52 mm and from 0.77 mm to 2.11 mm, respectively. Wood density was significantly different between sites only in the heartwood, i.e., 914 kg m??3 and 1037 kg m??3. Site effects were the main source of variation for ring width and wood density within the heartwood as well as for sapwood ring width, while the between-tree effects explained more the density variation within...

  11. Lessons learnt: montados in Portugal

    Faias, Sónia Pacheco; Firmino, Paulo; Tomé, Margarida; Palma, J.H.N.; Paulo, Joana Amaral
    The AGFORWARD research project (January 2014 - December 2017), funded by the European Commission, is promoting agroforestry practices in Europe that will advance sustainable rural development. The project has four objectives: 1. to understand the context and extent of agroforestry in Europe, 2. to identify, develop and field-test innovations (through participatory research) to improve the benefits and viability of agroforestry systems in Europe, 3. to evaluate innovative agroforestry designs and practices at a field-, farm- and landscape scale, 4. to promote the wider adoption of appropriate agroforestry systems in Europe through policy development and dissemination. This report contributes to the second objective and Deliverable 2.5...

  12. Modelling the economics of agroforestry at field- and farm-scale

    Garcia de Jalon, S.; Graves, A.R.; Palma, J.H.N.; Crous-Duran, J.; Giannitsopoulos, M.; Burgess, P.J.
    This report (Deliverable 6.18) assesses the economics of agroforestry systems at field- and farm-scales and compares them with alternative land uses such as arable cropping, pasture and forestry. This analysis is undertaken in terms of financial profitability (e.g. from a farmer perspective) and economic benefits (e.g. from a societal perspective)

  13. Modelled agroforestry outputs at field and farm scale to support biophysical and environmental assessments

    Palma, J.H.N.; Oliveira, T.; Crous-Duran, J.; Graves, A.R.; Garcia de Jalon, S.; Upson, M.; Giannitsopoulos, M.; Burgess, P.J.; Tomé, M.; Ferreiro-Dominguez, N.; Mosquera-Losada, M.R.; Gonzalez-Hernandez, P.; Kay, S.; Mirk, J.; Smith, J.; Moreno, G.; Pantera, A.; Mantovani, D.; Rosati, A.; Luske, B.; Hermansen, J.
    This report, comprising Deliverable 6.17, in the AGFORWARD project brings together examples of modelled outputs at field and farm scale to support the biophysical, social, and environmental assessment of the innovations selected from work-packages 2 to 5.

  14. Forage-SAFE: a tool to assess the management and economics of wood pasture systems

    Garcia de Jalon, S.; Graves, A.; Moreno, G.; Palma, J.H.N.; Crous-Duran, J.; Burgess, P.J.
    Forage-SAFE is a spreadsheet model that has been developed within the AGFORWARD project to better understand the interactions between trees, the grass understorey and livestock on the profitability of wood pastures. It can be used to assess the daily balance between the demand for and the production of forage to estimate an annual farm net margin. It is possible to use the model to modify biophysical and financial parameters related to the tree, pasture and livestock components (such as tree cover density, carrying capacity and livestock species) in order to maximise net farm income

  15. Initial modelled outputs at field scale

    Gosme, M.; Blitz-Frayret, C.; Burgess, P.J.; Crous-Duran, J.; Dupraz, C.; Dux, D.; Garcia de Jalon, S.; Graves, A.R.; Herzog, F.; Lecomte, I.; Moreno, G.; Oliveira, T.; Palma, J.H.N.; Paulo, J.A.; Sereke, F.; Tomé, M.
    This report comprises Deliverable 6.16 in the project, which contributes to the third objective as it presents field-scale evaluation of innovations, in order to adapt and evaluate agroforestry designs and practices for locations where agroforestry is currently not-widely practised or declining. The modelling of outputs at field scale to support best agroforestry practices is an ongoing activity during the AGFORWARD project. This report highlights some of the outputs which has been produced in the form of three papers (either submitted or about to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal) or in four presentations at the Third European Agroforestry Conference in...

  16. Database of agroforestry system descriptions. Milestone Report 28 (6.3) for EU FP7 Research Project

    Palma, J.H.N.; Crous-Duran, J.; Graves, A.R.; Burgess, P.J.
    Research Project

  17. Maize yield in silvoarable systems established under Prunus avium L. in Galicia (NW Spain)

    Ferreiro-Dominguez, N.; Rigueiro-Rodriguez, A.; Palma, J.H.N.; Mosquera-Losada, M.R.; Gonzalez-Hernandez, M.P.

  18. Productivity of silvopastoral systems under Pinus radiata D. Don estimated with Yield-SAFE model

    Ferreiro-Dominguez, N.; Palma, J.H.N.; Rigueiro-Rodriguez, A.; Mosquera-Losada, M.R.

  19. Integration of a soil carbon dynamics module into yield-SAFE model

    Ferreiro-Dominguez, N.; Palma, J.H.N.; Mosquera-Losada, M.R.

  20. O modelo SUBER na plataforma SIMFLOR para apoio à gestão florestal

    Tomé, Margarida; Paulo, Joana Amaral; Faias, Sónia P.; Palma, J.H.N.

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