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  1. Pseudo-spectral Code for Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Thermo-compositional Convection and Dynamos in Rotating Spherical Shells

    Silva, Luis A.C.; Simitev, Radostin D.
    This is a set of codes for numerical simulation of nonlinear thermo-compositional convection and of convection-driven dynamos in rotating spherical shells. The code has been benchmarked (Matsui et al 2016) and has been used extensively for modelling of the geodynamo, planetary and stellar dynamos (Simitev 2002-2018). The main numerical code uses a pseudo-spectral spatial discretisation, see (Tilgner 1999). The idea and early mathematical formulations were conceived by Busse. Early implementations were done by Tilgner, Ardes and Grote. Simitev maintained, modified, and used the code extensively, including introduction of a governing equation for the concentration within the project acknowledged below. Silva ported...
    - 14-jul-2018

  2. Spectral Code for Linear Analysis of the Onset of Thermo-compositional Convection in Rotating Spherical Fluid Shells

    Silva, Luis A.C.; Simitev, Radostin D.
    This is a set of codes for estimation of the critical parameters for the onset of thermo-compositional convection in rotating spherical fluid shells. The main numerical code solves a generalised eigenvalue problem obtained using a Galerkin spectral projection method originally published by Zhang and Busse (1987). Early versions of the code were written for the article of Ardes et al. (1997). Simitev modified the code to include a governing equation for the concentration. Silva ported the code to Fortran 95 and linked to open source libraries, wrote auxilliary scripting tools, updated the visualisation tools and prepared documentation.
    - 10-jul-2018

  3. A Linear Decomposition of Multiparty Sessions for Safe Distributed Programming (Artifact)

    Scalas, Alceste; Dardha, Ornela; Hu, Raymond; Yoshida, Nobuko
    This artifact contains a version of the Scribble tool that, given a protocol specification with multiple participants, can generate Scala APIs for implementing each participant in a type-safe, protocol abiding way. Crucially, the API generation leverages a decomposition of the multiparty protocol into type-safe peer-to-peer interactions between pairs of participants; and this, in turn, allows to implement the API internals on top of the existing lchannels library for type-safe binary session programming. As a result, several technically challenging aspects in the implementation of multiparty sessions are solved “for free”, at the underlying binary level. This includes distributed multiparty session delegation:...
    (text) - 03-may-2018

  4. Statistical Sculpture: Files needed to 3D print demographic data sculptures

    Minton, Jonathan
    The following contains links to stl files required to produce 3D printed 'Lexis cubes': 3D representations of Lexis surfaces used to explore changes in population size, mortality risk, or other variables over the life course and over time.

    The files themselves are available from the following location:

    Clicking on a file produces a rotating 3D visualisation of the stl file.

    - 03-may-2018

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