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Faculty Scholarship and Publications (Moritz College of Law)

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  1. Reforming Complicity Law: Trivial Assistance as a Lesser Offense?

    Dressler, Joshua

  2. In Memoriam, Alan Holoch

    Beytagh, Francis X.

  3. Conceptualizing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace as a Dignitary Tort

    Hébert, L. Camille

  4. "If You Are Not a United States Citizen...": International Requirements in the Arrest of Foreigners

    Quigley, John B.

  5. Exclusion of Death-Scrupled Jurors and International Due Process

    Quigley, John B.

  6. Welcome to the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

    Rogers, Nancy H.

  7. State Capitalism and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    Rose, Paul

  8. The Interplay Between China's Anti-Bribery Laws and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    Chow, Daniel C. K.

  9. Justice and Beneficence in Military Medicine and Research

    Parasidis, Efthimios

  10. House Rule XII: Congress and the Constitution

    Spindelman, Marc

  11. Progressive Constitutionalism and Alternative Movements in Law

    Cohen, Amy J.; Alberstein, Michal

  12. Ledbetter, Gender Equity and Institutional Context

    Chamallas, Martha

  13. Information on Sources for Appendix in Ballot Battles: The History of Disputed Elections in the United States, Oxford University Press, 2016

    Foley, Edward B.
    The Appendix to Ballot Battles: The History of Disputed Elections in the United States contains three tables concerning overtime statewide elections. Accompanying the three tables in the appendix is a general explanation of the methodology and sources used to generate the data for those tables. This document supplements that general explanation with information on sources used for specific entries in the tables (along with, as needed, additional notes).

  14. Reflections on Race: The Limits of Formal Equality

    Colker, Ruth

  15. Desegregation, Discrimination and Democracy: Parents Involved's Disregard for Process

    Tokaji, Daniel P.

  16. Teaching Law: Thoughts on Retirement

    Whaley, Douglas J.

  17. Leave It to the Lower Courts: On Judicial Intervention in Election Administration

    Tokaji, Daniel P.

  18. Refining the Bush v. Gore Taxonomy

    Foley, Edward B.

  19. The Strange Death of Academic Commercial Law

    Garvin, Larry T.

  20. Commercial Calamities: An Introduction and Sermon

    Garvin, Larry T.

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