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  1. Absence of N-terminal acetyltransferase diversification during evolution of eukaryotic organisms

    Rathore, Om Singh; Faustino, Alexandra; Prudêncio, Pedro; Van Damme, Petra; Cox, Cymon J.; Martinho, Rui Gonçalo
    Protein N-terminal acetylation is an ancient and ubiquitous co-translational modification catalyzed by a highly conserved family of N-terminal acetyltransferases (NATs). Prokaryotes have at least 3 NATs, whereas humans have six distinct but highly conserved NATs, suggesting an increase in regulatory complexity of this modification during eukaryotic evolution. Despite this, and against our initial expectations, we determined that NAT diversification did not occur in the eukaryotes, as all six major human NATs were most likely present in the Last Eukaryotic Common Ancestor (LECA). Furthermore, we also observed that some NATs were actually secondarily lost during evolution of major eukaryotic lineages; therefore,...

  2. Preserving Dignity in Later Life

    São José, José
    This article examines how elders who receive social care in the community experience loss of dignity and how they preserve their dignity. Qualitative research revealed that loss of dignity is a major concern for these elders and that they preserve their dignity differently, ranging from actively engaging with life to detaching themselves from life. We conclude that, in later life, preserving dignity while receiving social care differs from preserving dignity in the context of health care, especially health care provided in institutional settings. Furthermore, preserving dignity in later life, while receiving social care, is a complex process, depending not only...

  3. Monitoring tourism flows and destination management: Empirical evidence for Portugal

    Andraz, Jorge Miguel; Rodrigues, Paulo M. M.
    We propose the use of a tool recently introduced by Gayer (2010), known as the "economic climate tracer", to analyze and monitor the cyclical evolution of tourism source markets to Portugal. Considering the period 1987-2015, we evaluate how tourism to Portugal has been affected by economic cycles. This tool is useful as it clearly illustrates the evolutionary patterns of different markets, and allows us to identify close relationships with economic fluctuations. We found that German tourism plays a leading role, since its movements are followed with delays by tourism flows from other countries, and exhibits higher resilience to shocks. Also,...

  4. Do tourism spillovers matter in regional economic analysis? An application to Portugal

    Andraz, Jorge Miguel; Norte, Nélia; Gonçalves, Hugo S.
    This study estimates tourism's effects on economic performance at the national and regional levels, accounting explicitly for the existence of regional spillovers. The results suggest that there are important regional spillover effects on output, employment, and investment, respectively, and regions benefit differently from tourism located in the region and tourism located elsewhere in the country. The geographical pattern that emerges from the results is that the direct effects are more important in the central regions, while spillovers are more important in the northern and southern regions, the latter being one of the most important touristic regions in the country.

  5. Measuring active ageing: a Data Envelopment Analysis approach

    Amado, Carla; São José, José; Santos, Sérgio Pereira dos
    The 'Active Ageing Index' was created with the purpose of helping policy makers implement and monitor active ageing policies both at European and national levels. However, this index has not fully achieved this purpose. In this article we propose a methodological approach based on Data Envelopment Analysis to enhance the measurement of active ageing in the European Union countries. We use a model with 22 indicators grouped into four domains. By introducing different types of virtual weight restrictions, we combine normative judgements with an optimisation procedure, showing each country in the best possible light. Furthermore, we undertake a sensitivity analysis...

  6. On the relationship between soveregn bonds and credit default swaps in Portugal

    Andraz, Jorge Miguel; Viegas, Cristina; Norte, Nélia
    This paper aims at identifying the relationship between government bonds spreads and credit default swaps premiums in Portugal for long and short maturities, covering a period that includes the beginning of the 2008 international financial crisis. We estimate Autoregressive Distributed Lag error correction models for the sub periods prior and after the moment crisis started. Results reveal the absence of cointegration over the sample period, with important differences prior and after 2010 in both maturities. There is no evidence of long-run relationship between both markets in both maturities, as the 2007 crisis has interrupted the long run relationship that was...

  7. Comparing trade-off adjustments in credit risk analysis of mortgage loans using AHP, Delphi and MACBETH

    Ferreira, Fernando A. F.; Santos, Sérgio Pereira dos
    Due to the severe restrictions on access to credit resulting from the current economic climate, credit risk analysis of mortgage loans has been considered paramount for banking institutions and is currently accompanied by higher credit underwriting standards. In this paper, we present an empirical comparison of three decision support tools (i.e. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Delphi, and Measuring Attractiveness by a Categorical Based Evaluation Technique (MACBETH)) in the specific context of trade-off readjustments in credit risk analysis of mortgage loans. We conducted a panel study with credit analysts and focused on five lines of comparison: ease of use; time-consumption; ease...

  8. Low-technology industries and regional innovation systems: the salmon industry in Chile

    Rojo, Mauricio Maldonado; Noronha, Teresa de
    Results show that the worldwide competitiveness of the low-tech Salmon Industry in the Los Lagos region has not developed the principal factors permitting the consolidation of a Regional Innovation System (RIS). On the contrary we identify important gaps in terms of the regional conditions such as "networking", "knowledge creation and diffusion", among others, capable to stimulate the innovation behavior of salmon firms.

  9. Apartamentos turísticos 3* Borda d’Água: uma análise multidimensional à identidade do hóspede

    Vieira, Filipa Vitória Cruz de Macedo
    Esta dissertação tem como principal objetivo construir, identificar e analisar o perfil do hóspede de uma unidade de alojamento na tipologia de Apartamentos Turísticos 3* em Albufeira através das suas caraterísticas, preferências e motivações pelo lado da procura, de forma a implementar novos produtos e serviços. Foram salientados, em primeiro lugar, os atributos do alojamento turístico e a sua inserção em contexto da oferta na Região do Algarve. Destacaram-se os fatores associados à procura como motivações e atributos, e a caraterização do Algarve pelo lado da procura. Exibiu-se um perfil do turista tradicional que visita o Algarve. A contextualização termina com uma inserção turística e caraterização do município...

  10. O processo de internacionalização das empresas portuguesas: o caso de Timor-Leste

    Pereira, Maria Alexandra Agostinho
    Este Relatório propõe identificar oportunidades, motivações e obstáculos que as empresas portuguesas enfrentam nas relações comerciais no mercado timorense e, inclusive, fora das fronteiras do país, em particular com os vizinhos asiáticos. O objetivo principal deste trabalho foi conhecer como as empresas portuguesas abordam o mercado timorense e em que medida utilizam o país como plataforma de acesso ao mercado dos membros da Associação das Nações do Sudeste Asiático (ASEAN). Com o pilar do enquadramento teórico sobre o processo de internacionalização, foram analisados relatórios e documentação oficial, proveniente de entidades e organizações timorenses, portuguesas e internacionais. Foram realizadas entrevistas a pontos focais da esfera económica entre Timor-Leste e Portugal....

  11. The economic dimension of climate change impacts on tourism: the case of Portugal

    Pintassilgo, Pedro; Rossello, Jaume; Santana-Gallego, Maria; Valle, Elisabeth
    Climate variables such as temperature and precipitation play a crucial role on tourism flows worldwide. This places tourism at the forefront of the economic sectors to be affected by climate change. In this article, we address the impacts of climate change on the arrivals of inbound tourists to Portugal, a south European country where tourism is a core economic sector. The economic dimension of the impacts, in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) and employment, is then assessed. This is achieved by combining a world gravity model of tourism flows with an input-output model. The results show that under standard...

  12. International Fisheries Management and Recreational Benefits: The Case of Baltic Salmon

    Oinonen, Soile; Gronbaek, Lone; Laukkanen, Marita; Levontin, Polina; Lindroos, Marko; Nieminen, Emmi; Parkkila, Katja; Pintassilgo, Pedro; Pulkkinen, Henni; Romakkaniemi, Atso
    This article studies how accounting for the benefits of recreational fisheries affects the formation and stability of an international fisheries agreement (IFA) on the management of Baltic salmon stocks. The interaction between four countries is modelled through a partition function game, under two scenarios. In the first scenario, countries take their participation decision for the IFA based only on the net present value of profits from commercial fisheries. In the second scenario, the net present value of the recreational benefits from angling is also considered. The results show that accounting for recreational benefits leads to the formation of the grand...

  13. Para além da vida quotidiana. Amor e sexualidade em contexto turístico: resultados preliminares de uma pesquisa exploratória no Algarve (Portugal)

    Marques, João Filipe; Lança, Milene
    This artide explores the idea according to which the concept of liminality, concretely liminoides situations', can be used to analyse and explain the behaviours and attitudes towards romance and non-commercialino-mploratoly sexual relationships occurring in tourism context. In a broad sense, the research problem was: which are the patterns of romantic and sexual behaviour in 'sun and beach' destination? We intended to study behavioural patterns, the attitudes towards sexuality and expressions of intimacy in a contemporary (hyper) tourist setting: the Algarve southern (Portugal). The data were collected using a questionnaire in a sample (stratified by country of residence) of 1015 tourists...

  14. O financiamento das autarquias locais e a estrutura da despesa: o caso dos municípios algarvios

    Joaquim, Eusébio Rodrigues
    A presente dissertação discute a evolução das receitas e das despesas ocorridas nos municípios do Algarve no período compreendido entre 2000 e 2009. Com base nos dados disponíveis, analisou-se o principal tipo de receitas obtidas e a estrutura da despesa realizada. As autarquias locais portuguesas tiveram, ao longo dos últimos anos, um aumento considerável das suas competências, com o consequente aumento da despesa efetuada. Tanto nas receitas como nas despesas, cerca de metade do seu volume total está concentrado em apenas quatro municípios. Foi no ano de 2007 que os municípios conseguiram arrecadar mais receitas; contudo, foi também o ano em que menos receberam das transferências do Orçamento...

  15. Plano de negócio: projeto Loft Accesshotel****Lisboa

    Silva, Filipa Maria Duarte da
    O presente trabalho é sobre a análise e avaliação da viabilidade económica e financeira de um projeto de hotel 100% para clientes com mobilidade condicionada. O Hotel irá situar-se na zona de Santa Apolónia, em Lisboa. A ideia do projeto surgiu após efetuar uma análise da oferta hoteleira existente em Lisboa e verificar que as acessibilidades nos hotéis eram vistas pelos gestores hoteleiros como um problema ao invés de uma oportunidade de ouro. Inicialmente, partiu-se da ideia de criar um projeto hoteleiro temático, numa fase posterior, após alguma reflexão e análise, verificou-se que seria mais inovador criar uma start-up com responsabilidade...

  16. Marketing territorial: o caso do Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina

    Oliveira, Vanessa Isabel dos Reis
    O Marketing Territorial distingue-se entre outros aspectos, pelo necessário conhecimento do perfil dos diferentes públicos-alvo que se torna indispensável na procura de um modelo de desenvolvimento sustentável dos territórios no actual mundo globalizado. Apesar de não ser considerado um fenómeno recente, é um tema actual no sentido em que cada vez mais os territórios sentem a necessidade de encontrar ferramentas que favoreçam o seu desenvolvimento e a melhoria da qualidade de vida possibilitando assim falcaçar a sua individualidade e os seus objectivos económicos, políticos e sócio-psicológicos. A presente investigação pretende, através da óptica do Marketing Territorial contribuir como ponto de partida de conhecimento e base de desenvolvimento de futuras iniciativas...

  17. Gestão do conhecimento no sector turístico: estudo empírico em organizações hoteleiras

    Cruz, Anabela Gaspar
    Actualmente a gestão do conhecimento é concebida como um processo fulcral para a conversão do conhecimento organizacional em vantagem competitiva, e portanto uma necessidade para qualquer tipo de organização, particularmente para aquelas que actuam em sectores competitivos, como é o caso do sector turístico.

  18. What are we talking about when we talk about care? A conceptual review of the literature

    José, José de São
    The primary aim of this article is to make a contribution to clarify the concept of ?care? in the field of care for older people, by reviewing and discussing the conceptual literature and, based on this, by proposing a new unified definition. The secondary aim of this article is to trace, in general terms, the evolution of the empirical research on care for older people, presenting at the same time, possible avenues for future research. It is expected that a new unified definition of the concept of care may contribute to a better operationalization of it, enhancing the reliability and...

  19. Consumption values in destination decision making

    Denys, Vasyl
    Dissertação de Mestrado, Marketing, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Algarve, 2011

  20. O evento como potenciador de desenvolvimento de destinos e recursos turísticos: o caso da Feira Medieval na Vila de Aljubarrota

    Carreira, Susana Maria Ascensão
    Dissertação de Mestrado, Gestão de Organizações Turísticas, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Algarve. Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, 2012

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