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2013-14 Mershon Center Conferences

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  1. Interdisciplinary Studies of Political Behavior: From Election to Protests

    Paxton, Pamela; Jenkins, Craig; Beck, Paul; Beaulieu, Emily; Crenshaw, Ed; Gunther, Richard; Hughes, Melanie; Maher, Tom; Nisbet, Erik; Slomczynski, Kazimierz; Tomescu-Dubrow, Irina
    The conference brings together noted scholars in the fields of democracy, politics and protest, and cross-national methodology, to contribute – via lectures, presentations and discussions in a multidisciplinary forum – to our understanding of democracy and political participation around the world.  The workshop is devoted to key technical issues of data comparability assessment following the harmonization of data from international public opinion survey projects.
    - 16-ago-2016

  2. Business for Peace Collaborative: Panel Discussion on USIP Public Education for Peacebuilding Support Progtram

    Fisher, Ann; McMahon, Patrice; Gelpi, Chris; Haftel, Yoram; Ye, Mason
    This event will bring together scholars, students, policymakers and the business community. The goal is to think strategically on how economic development and business affects peace, and how peace building and end of conflicts impact regional development, rule of law, and economic growth.
    (Video duration: 01:58:22) - 16-ago-2016

  3. Student Peace Conference and Peace Awards

    Smith, Jocelyn; Carlarne, John
    The Student Peace Awards were initiated in 2013 by the Peace Studies Society student organization at The Ohio State University as a means of recognizing significant contributions by students to peace and justice. The 2014 Student Peace Awards is part of a half-day long celebratory conference that will include workshops on compassionate communication, peace through service, and a panel discussion on bridging the gap between theory and practice in the nonviolent defense of human rights.
    (Video duration: 01:46:10) - 16-ago-2016

  4. Democracy, Elections, and the Changing Dynamics of Partisan Competition on Five Continents

    Gunther, Richard; Beck, Paul; Magalhães, Pedro; Moreno, Alejandro
    This workshop will present and discuss the findings of the Comparative National Elections Project.  This is the Mershon Center’s longest-running research project, and it has become one of the largest survey-based research projects in the world, now including over 40 countries on five continents. The editors of our forthcoming volume—Richard Gunther, Paul Beck (both of the Mershon Center), Pedro Magalhães (University of Lisbon), and Alejandro Moreno (ITAM, Mexico)—will summarize and lead discussions of the wide-ranging empirical findings and their implications (both for social science theory-building and for the real world of democratic politics) that will be presented in this forthcoming...
    (Video duration (Session 1): 02:14:29; Video duration (Session 2): 02:37:35) - 09-ago-2014

  5. The Confirming U.S. Presidential Election of 2012

    Weisberg, Herb
    This conference will examine the 2012 presidential campaign and election, analyzing factors that affected voting, including the impact of domestic, foreign, and military policy debates.  
    (Video duration (Session 1): 01:04:19; Video duration (Session 2): 00:54:23; Video duration (Session 3): 01:12:58; Video duration (Session 4): 00:58:47; Video duration (Session 5): 00:45:07) - 16-ago-2016

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