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  1. Characterization of the cis‐regulatory regions  governing ojoplano locus 

    Gago-Rodrigues, Inês
    Ojoplano (opo) is a vertebrate-specific gene that was first identified in medaka fish as a recessive mutant, showing both neural crest defects and a failure of optic cup folding. In humans, this gene is associated with genetic diseases including hereditary craniofacial malformations and schizophrenia. It is localized in a 2Mb gene desert flanked by insulator sequences, between the genes SLC35B and TFAp2a. This region, syntenic between all vertebrates, represents only 2% of chromosome 6. However, it includes 23% of the all conserved cis-regulatory elements in this chromosome. Using transgenesis assays in zebrafish, we screened the enhancer activity of this locus...
    - 10-mar-2017

  2. Endocrine regulation of extracellular matrix proteins in calcified tissue in teleost fish

    Estêvão, M. Dulce
    Tese dout., Biologia, Universidade do Algarve, 2005
    (application/pdf) - 17-dic-2016

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