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  1. Two-dimensional visualization and measurement of the fetal optic chiasm: improving counseling for antenatal diagnosis of agenesis of the septum pellucidum.

    Viñals, F; Ruiz, P; Corre, F; Pereira, P
    OBJECTIVE: To develop an objective method for visualizing and measuring the fetal optic chiasm (OC) using transvaginal two-dimensional (2D) ultrasound in the coronal plane and to report measurements in fetuses with agenesis of the septum pellucidum (SP). METHODS: This was a prospective cross-sectional study of 115 morphologically normal fetuses in low-risk pregnancies, between 21 and 30 weeks' gestation. The OC was measured in a coronal plane at the level of the third ventricle and was seen as a horizontally aligned dumbbell-shaped structure of moderate echogenicity. In addition, OC measurements from eight fetuses with agenesis of the SP and complete follow-up were compared with...

  2. Off-Label Use of Ultrasound Contrast Agents for Intravenous Applications in Children: Analysis of the Existing Literature

    Rosado, E; Riccabona, M
    OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to collect and analyze the published data related to intravenous (IV) use of ultrasound (US) contrast agents in children. METHODS: We searched the literature to collect all of the published studies reporting the IV administration of a second-generation US contrast agent in children. RESULTS: We analyzed 9 case series and 5 case reports, as well as 5 individual cases, of pediatric contrast-enhanced US use reported in a study group that also included adults. We found that 502 children underwent contrast-enhanced US examinations (mean age, 9.7 years; range, 1 day-18 years). Most patients (89%) were injected with the sulfur...

  3. Mesothelial cyst of the pulmonary ligament: an uncommon lesion.

    Penha, D; Pinto, E; Marchiori, E; Costa, A; Neto, W; Irion, K

  4. Metástasis hemorrágicas en pulmón

    Penha, D; Pinto, E; Costa, A; Binukrishnan, S; Marchiori, E

  5. Disección de la arteria vertebral asociada a síndrome MURCS

    Santos, M; Cruz, S; Casimiro, C; Biscoito, M; Costa, M
    La asociación MURCS (OMIM 60176), también conocida como síndrome de Mayer-RokitanskyKüster-Hauser de tipo II, constituye una rara malformación que afecta aproximadamente a una de cada 50.000 mujeres [1,2]. Consiste en la combinación de aplasia de los conductos de Müller, aplasia o ectopia renal unilateral y displasia de los somitas cervicodorsales, relacionado con deformidades vertebrales del espectro Klippel-Feil, y asociado o no a malformaciones occipitoatloideas [2]. La disección de la arteria vertebral es una causa poco frecuente de ictus, que puede asociarse a anomalías del desarrollo craneocervical [3]. Se describe un caso de ictus causado por disección de la arteria vertebral en...

  6. 2D visualization and measurement of the fetal optic chiasm. Improving the counselling of antenatal diagnosis of agenesis of the septi pellucidi.

    Viñals, F; Ruiz, P; Correa, F; Pereira, P
    To develop an objective method to visualize and measure the optic chiasm (OC) through a 2D coronal vaginal plane and to report measurements in fetuses with agenesis of the septi pellucidi (SP). METHODS: This was a prospective cross-sectional study of 115 morphologically normal fetuses in low-risk pregnancies, between 21 and 30 weeks' gestation. OC was measured in a coronal plane at the level of the third ventricle and was seen as a horizontally aligned dumbbell-shaped structure of moderate echogenicity. In addition, OC measurements from eight fetuses with agenesis of the SP and complete follow-up were compared to the reference range. RESULTS: OC measurements were...

  7. High-risk features in potentially resectable colon cancer: a prospective MDCT-pathology agreement study

    Santiago, I; Rodrigues, E; Germano, A; Costa, A; Manso, R; Gomes, A; Leichsenring, C; Geraldes, V
    Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in potentially resectable high-risk Stage II and Stage III colon cancer has demonstrated promising results in the PRODIGE 22-ECKINOXE Phase II trial. Identification of adverse morphologic features, namely T3 with >5 mm extramural extension/T4 stages and/or N2, is fundamental and requires accurate noninvasive imaging. Our aim was to assess the value of optimized preoperative MDCT to stratify potentially resectable colon cancer patients for neoadjuvant therapy. METHODS: this is an observational prospective cross-sectional radiologic-pathologic agreement study. All patients with colon cancer referred to our Institution's Radiology department for preoperative MDCT staging between 01-10-2013 and 11-02-2015 underwent independent reading based on axial...

  8. An ontogenetic approach to gynecologic malignancies

    Santiago, I; Gomes, A; Heald, R
    Ontogenetic anatomy is the mapping of body compartments established during early embryologic development, particularly well demarcated in the adult pelvis. Traditional cancer surgery is based on wide tumour excision with a safe margin, whereas the ontogenetic theory of local tumour spread claims that local dissemination is facilitated in the ontogenetic compartment of origin, but suppressed at its borders in the early stages of cancer development. Optimal local control of cancer is achieved by whole compartment resection with intact margins following ontogenetic "planes". The principles embodied in this hypothesis are most convincingly supported by the results of the implementation of total...

  9. Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors: correlation between histogram analysis of apparent diffusion coefficient maps and tumor grade

    Pereira, JA; Rosado, E; Bali, M; Metens, T; Chao, SL
    Purpose: To explore the role of histogram analysis of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) MRI maps based on entire tumor volume data in determining pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor (PNT) grade. Methods and Materials: Retrospective evaluation of 22 patients with PNTs included low-grade (G1; n = 15), intermediate-grade (G2; n = 4), and high-grade (G3; n = 3) tumors. Regions of interest containing the lesion were drawn on every section of the ADC map containing the tumor and summated to obtain histograms for entire tumor volume. Calculated histographic parameters included mean ADC (mADC), 5th percentile ADC, 10th percentile ADC, 25th percentile ADC, 50th per- centile ADC, 75th percentile ADC (ADC75), 90th percentile ADC (ADC90) and 95th percentile...

  10. Punção aspirativa com agulha fina de nódulos da tiróide: critérios ecográficos e interpretação dos resultados

    Germano, A; Gasparinho, MG

  11. “Um nó no estômago”: volvo gástrico

    Penha, D; Rodrigues, E; Paixão, P; Schmitt, W; João, P; Pinto, E; Costa, A
    O volvo gástrico é caracterizado por uma rotação anómala do estômago sobre os seus eixos. Embora seja uma causa rara de oclusão, pode apresentar-se clinicamente de forma aguda ou crónica, com períodos de obstrução intermitente. É impor- tante o reconhecimento desta patologia, no sentido de evitar graves complicações médicas e cirúrgicas. Assim, perante um volvo gástrico é imperativo um diagnóstico clínico e imagiológico correto e precoce. Com o presente artigo, pretendemos através de uma breve revisão bibliográfica definir a patologia em questão, bem como ilustrar através de exames fluoroscópicos com contraste do tubo digestivo, a classificação do volvo gástrico em orga- noaxial, mesenteroaxial...

  12. Isquémia mesentérica

    Rosado, E; Gomes, A; Tavares, A

  13. Selection of colon cancer patients for neoadjuvant chemotherapy based on optimised preoperative MDCT A prospective multi-observer radiologic-pathologic agreement study

    Rosado, E; Germano, A; Costa, A; Theias, R; Gomes, A; Leichsenring, C; Santiago, I
    PURPOSE: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) in potencially-resectable locally advanced colon cancer (LACC) is likely to prove superiority compared to standard treatment in the phase III FOXTROT Collaborative Group Trial. Thus, identification of LACC, defined as T3≥5 mm or T4, is fundamental and requires accurate noninvasive imaging. The value of optimized preoperative MDCT for that purpose is being assessed. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Observational, cross-sectional, prospective study including all patients with colon cancer refered to our Institution´s Radiology Department for preoperative staging between the 1st of October 2013 and the 6th of August 2014. Independent reading of optimized MDCT acquisitions using MPR was...

  14. Pericardite constritiva

    Ornelas, E; Cardoso, M; Paixão, P

  15. Duodeno-colic fistula as a rare presentation of lung cancer - surgical treatment of a stage IV oligometastatic lung disease

    Nunes, V; Santiago, I; Marinho, R; Pires, D; Theias, R; Gomes, A; Pignatelli, N
    INTRODUCTION: Rare adenosquamous carcinomas have no defined standard approach given their low incidence. They present with nonspecific imaging characteristics and are described as having worse prognosis than other lung malignancies, with greater likelihood of local invasion and early metastasis. PRESENTATION OF CASE: Male caucasian patient, 43 years, 26 pack-year smoking history, presented with watery diarrhea, early emesis and loss of 25% body weight (20kg) in four weeks. Colonoscopy identified a left colonic mass. Abdominal CT/ultrasound showed a large fistulous lesion between the 4th portion of the duodenum and left colon. CT showed a solid mass in the right upper lung lobe. Endoscopy and...

  16. Alterações mesiotemporais em doentes com neurossífilis

    Bousende, M; Cravo, I; Lopes, L; Gonçalves, C; Valverde, A; Palma, T
    Objectivos: Avaliar e descrever os achados clínico-imagiológicos de dois doentes com alterações mesiotemporais num contexto de neurossífilis. Métodos: Foram revistos dois casos de neurossífilis com lesões mesiotemporais. Os dados clínicos foram recolhidos dos proces - sos dos doentes, incluindo sexo, idade, apresentação clínica, alterações laboratoriais, electroencefalograma, tratamento e evolução clínica. Foram reavaliadas as ressonâncias magnéticas iniciais e de seguimento dos pacientes. Resultados: Apresentamos dois doentes do sexo masculino, 45 e 43 anos, imunocompetentes e sem história de sífilis conhecida. Ambos apresentavam história de alterações do comportamento, desorientação e alterações mnésicas com semanas de evolução. Laboratorialmente os resultados foram compatíveis com neurossífilis (TPHA e...

  17. Lipomas torácicos simulando metástases

    Cabral, P; Baptista, M

  18. Eco-doppler renal: quando, como e porquê?

    Duarte, AL; Germano, A
    Com este trabalho pretendemos rever as aplicações do eco-Doppler renal, familiarizando os clínicos quanto a esta técnica, as suas utilidades e limitações. A hipertensão arterial é uma doença altamente prevalente e a estenose da artéria renal (EAR) é a causa secundária potencialmente tratável mais frequente. As principais etiologias desta condição são a doença aterosclerótica (a grande maioria) e a displasia fibromuscular. Entre os vários métodos imagiológicos disponíveis, o eco-Doppler está presente no quotidiano hospitalar e apresenta vá- rias vantagens como o baixo custo, a disponibilidade, ser não invasivo e não utilizar radiação ionizante. No entanto também tem limitações, como a de ser operador dependente e as condicionantes...

  19. Avaliação morfológica e funcional por ecografia e doppler como fator preditivo da permeabilidade aos 12 meses em acessos vasculares proximais.

    Gomes, A; Germano, A; Sousa, M; Rocha, R; Marinho, R; Campos, P; Fragoso, M; Pignatelli, N; Nunes, V
    Introdução: O mapeamento vascular por ecografia e doppler é crucial no planeamento de um acesso vascular para hemodiálise. O objectivo deste estudo é avaliar quais das variáveis anatómicas e hemodinâmicas arteriais e venosas, medidas por ecografia e Doppler, se associam a permeabilidade global aos 12 meses nos acessos vasculares proximais. Material e Métodos: Estudo observacional, analítico, longitudinal, com colheita retrospetiva de dados. Foram incluídos os doentes admitidos no nosso hospital entre Janeiro de 2011 e Junho de 2013 para a criação de acesso vascular proximal para hemodiálise como primeiro acesso, com mapeamento vascular por ecografia e doppler. Foram comparados os doentes com permeabilidade de acesso aos...

  20. Inflammatory pseudotumor of the urinary bladder

    Rosado, E; Pereira, J; Corbusier, F; Demeter, P; Bali, MA
    We report a case of an inflammatory pseudotumor of the urinary bladder in a 31 year-old woman. She presented at the emergency room with low abdominal pain and urinary symptoms. Abdominal ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging were performed and revealed asymmetric thickening of the urinary bladder wall. Cystoscopy with urinary cytology revealed a benign nature of the process. The patient underwent partial cystectomy and the pathologic examination of the specimen revealed an inflammatory pseudotumor. We reviewed the clinical, imaging and pathological features of the inflammatory pseudotumor of the urinary bladder and discussed its differential diagnosis.

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