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  1. Asymptotic scaling in turbulent pipe flow

    McKeon, B. J.; Morrison, J. F.
    The streamwise velocity component in turbulent pipe flow is assessed to determine whether it exhibits asymptotic behaviour that is indicative of high Reynolds numbers. The asymptotic behaviour of both the mean velocity (in the form of the log law) and that of the second moment of the streamwise component of velocity in the outer and overlap regions is consistent with the development of spectral regions which indicate inertial scaling. It is shown that an ‘inertial sublayer’ in physical space may be considered as a spatial analogue of the inertial subrange in the velocity spectrum and such behaviour only appears for...
    - 22-sep-2016

  2. On the structure of wall turbulence in the thermally neutral atmospheric surface layer

    Guala, Michele; LeHew, Jeff; Metzger, Meredith; McKeon, Beverley J.
    Recent experimental investigations of the canonical turbulent boundary layer at high Reynolds numbers has provided evidence on the active role of very large-scale structures, extending in the streamwise direction for several boundary layer heights, and modulating near-wall turbulence from the energy containing eddy scales down to the dissipative scales. However, the physical mechanisms governing such interactions are not completely clear yet, and the reason may be related to the fact that the structure of wall turbulence at high Reynolds numbers still deserves further investigation. In this contribution we present recent results on the structural population in wall turbulence. We compare statistical trends obtained in two very...
    - 22-sep-2016

  3. Phase relationships in presence of a synthetic large-scale in a turbulent boundary layer

    Duvvuri, Subrahmanyam; McKeon, Beverley J.
    A synthetic spanwise-constant spatio-temporal mode is excited in a flat plate turbulent boundary layer through a spatially impulsive patch of dynamic wall-roughness. The streamwise wavelength of the synthetic mode approximately corresponds to the very large-scale motions present in high Reynolds number wall turbulence. Hot wire anemometer measurements made downstream of the roughness forcing reveal the nature of the two dimensional synthetic large-scale and its influence on the small-scale turbulence. A clear phase organizing effect on the small-scales is noticed in presence of the synthetic large-scale. A thorough understanding of these phase relations lays the foundation for a framework that allows...
    (application/pdf) - 22-sep-2016

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