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  1. Language testing for minority students in portuguese schools: Teacher’s decision making based in common european framework

    Figueiredo, Sandra; Martins, Margarida Alves; Silva, Carlos Fernandes da
    Recent research on cognitive and academic performance assessment of immigrant students evidences inconsistencies in teachers’ practice regarding performance assessment of L2 students. We aim to verify whether students classified by schools as having different proficiency levels in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR, 2001) perform differently in tests on vocabulary and verbal reasoning. The study included 23 learners of Portuguese as L2 aged 9-18, divided into three groups according to their proficiency level (A1, A2, B1). Assessment tools included four tasks - verbal analogies, semantic associations, picture naming and morphological extraction. Our expectations are that A1 students perform more poorly in all tasks...

  2. Efeitos de uma intervenção sobre emoções a partir de histórias tradicionais

    Fernandes, Ana Rita Ligeiro; Mata, Maria de Lourdes Estorninho Neves
    Este trabalho teve dois objetivos a elaboração de um programa para trabalhar emoções básicas com crianças em idade pré-escolar sustentado em histórias infantis e a análise do seu impacto no desenvolvimento do conhecimento das emoções a 3 níveis: nomeação, reconhecimento e conhecimento da causa das emoções, O programa foi desenvolvido com crianças dos 3 aos 5 anos, existindo um grupo de intervenção com questionamento ao nível das emoções (Alegria, Tristeza, Raiva e Medo) e um grupo de controlo. Após 8 sessões identificaram-se diferenças estatisticamente significativas entre os 2 grupos, no seu conhecimento das emoções.

  3. A National Early Intervention System as a Strategy to Promote Inclusion and Academic Achievement in Portugal

    Franco, Vitor; Melo, Madalena; Santos, Graça; Apolónio, Ana; Amaral, Leonor
    Early intervention with children at risk or facing developmental problems is a practice defined by three fundamental characteristics: being family-centered, being based on the community and on the child’s life context, and being conducted by a team with transdisciplinary practice. In this paper we wish to present how the SNIPINational System of Early Intervention, implemented in Portugal over the past 15 years, contributes to promote maximum development and the full inclusion of children up to 6 years of age and works to prevent school failure. The SNIPI covers the entire territory and intends to respond to the needs of children with developmental disorders or those in at risk...

  4. Social experiences of children eith disabilities in inclusive portuguese preschool settings

    Ferreira, Milene Alexandra Gregório; Aguiar, Cecília; Correia, Nadine; Fialho, Margarida; Pimentel, Júlia van Zeller de Serpa
    Based on peer sociometric reports, we examined how number of friendships, social acceptance, and characteristics of social networks vary as a function of disability profile. We also investigated teachers’ awareness of the sociometric status of young children with disabilities. Participants were 86 children with disabilities (63 boys) enrolled in inclusive preschool classrooms of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, Portugal (Mage = 67.33 months, SD = 10.54). Findings suggest that children with severe or sociobehavioral disabilities may be at increased risk of social rejection and isolation, having fewer friends and lower social network centrality than children with mild disabilities. Low agreement between teachers’ classifications of the social status...

  5. Teacher perceived difficulty in implementing differentiated instructional strategies in primary school

    Gaitas, Sérgio Miguel Protásio; Martins, Margarida Alves
    This study analyses teacher perceived difficulty in implementing differentiated instructional strategies in regular classes. The participants were 273 Portuguese primary school teachers with teaching experience ranging from 1 to 33 years. A 39-item questionnaire was used to evaluate teacher perceived difficulty in relation to different instructional strategies. Teacher responses were factor analysed and five different domains were identified: (1) activities and materials; (2) assessment; (3) management; (4) planning and preparation; and (5) classroom environment. Results showed that with the exception of the classroom environment domain, all the instruction practices in the remaining domains were considered to be difficult. In particular, the most difficult practices were under the domain of activities and...

  6. Morphological priming effects on children’s spelling

    Rosa, Joao Manuel; Nunes, Terezinha
    Previous research has suggested that children in the early grades of primary school do not have much awareness of morphemes. In this study, a priming paradigm was used to try to detect early signs of morphological representation of stems through a spelling task presented to Portuguese children (N = 805; age range 6–9 years). Primes shared the stem with the targets and contained well-articulated, stressed vowels; the stems of the target words and pseudo-words contained nonstressed schwa vowels, which typically result in spelling difficulties. If priming proved effective, the well-articulated vowels in the prime should result in an improvement in the spelling of the schwa vowels. Primes were...

  7. The impact of invented spelling on phonemic awareness

    Martins, Margarida Alves; Silva, Ana Cristina
    The objective of this study was to assess the impact of a training programme, designed to make preschool-age children’s invented spelling evolve, on their phonemic awareness. The participants were 90 children who were divided into 3 experimental and 3 control groups based on the nature of their invented spelling. Children’s phonemic skills were evaluated in a pre-test and a post-test. In between the experimental groups underwent the training program. The experimental groups achieved greater progress in the phonemic tests than the control groups. The training’s impact on those tests differed depending on the level of the children’s invented spelling.

  8. Tipo de ensino e autoconceito artístico de adolescentes

    Pipa, Joana; Peixoto, Francisco

  9. Letter names and sounds: Their implications for the phonetisation process

    Silva, Ana Cristina; Almeida, Tiago Alexandre Fernandes; Martins, Margarida Alves
    Our aim was to analyse the impact of the characteristics of words used in spelling programmes and the nature of instructional guidelines on the evolution from grapho-perceptive writing to phonetic writing in preschool children. The participants were 50 5-year-old children, divided in five equivalent groups in intelligence, phonological skills and spelling. All the children knew the vowels and the consonants B, D, P, R, T, V, F, M and C, but didn’t use them on spelling. Their spelling was evaluated in a pre and post-test with 36 words beginning with the consonants known. In-between they underwent a writing programme designed to lead them to use the letters P...

  10. Self-concept, self-esteem and academic achievement: Strategies for maintaining self-esteem in students experiencing academic failure

    Peixoto, Francisco José Brito; Almeida, Leandro da Silva
    Previous research into the relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement shows that despite differences in academic self-evaluation, students’ global self-representations do not differ as a result of their grades at school. In this study, we will analyse the strategies that underachievers used to maintain their self-esteem at an acceptable level. The participants were 955 adolescents in the 7th, 9th and 11th grades at four secondary schools in Lisbon. Three hundred fifty-two of these students had retaken a year at least once in their school careers, whilst 603 had never done so. We collected the data using both a self-concept scale and a scale for evaluating attitudes towards...

  11. Quality of individualized education program goals of preschoolers with disabilities

    Silva, Tânia Carina Boavida Domingues da; Aguiar, Cecília; McWilliam, Robin A.; Pimentel, Júlia van Zeller de Serpa
    Individualized education programs (IEPs) are a fundamental mechanism for making special education services unique for the child and for enhancing the developmental outcomes of children with disabilities. If written IEP goals diverge, however, from recommended practices, they might result in ineffective interventions. This study investigated the quality of Portuguese IEP goals written for 83 preschoolers with disabilities attending public preschool classrooms from 21 school groups from the District of Lisbon, Portugal. The quality of IEP goals was measured using the Goal Functionality Scale III (R. A. McWilliam, 2009) and the IEP/Individualized Family Service Plan Goals and Objectives Rating Instrument (A. R. Notari, 1988). Results showed that IEP...

  12. Modèles internes opérants de l’attachement et relations d’objet internalisées : L’analyse du devenir des relations «attachement par les récits à compléter»

    Pinto, Alexandra Maria Pereira Inácio Sequeira; Torres, Nuno; Veríssimo, Manuela; Maia, Joana Branco; Fernandes, Marília; Santos, Orlando
    Constituant les deux principaux domaines de la compréhension théorique et scientifique des êtres humains, la théorie de l’attachement et la psychanalyse se sont développées de façon autonome, tout en maintenant des points de contact. Cette recherche vise à les relier de façon empirique en se concentrant sur les théories psychanalytiques de la relation d’objet. L’Attachment story completion task a été administré à un échantillon de 51 enfants en âges préscolaire et scolaire. Les narratives ont été analysées de manière indépendante, sur le ton émotionnel du monde interne objectal, évaluées en fonction de la dimension de la Tonalité affective du paradigme...

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