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The information system PANGAEA is operated as an Open Access library aimed at archiving, publishing and distributing georeferenced data from earth system research. The system guarantees long-term availability of its content through a commitment of the operating institutions.

Datasets with geocode "DEPTH, sediment, experiment"

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  1. Bioturbation determines the response of benthic ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms to ocean acidification

    Laverock, Bonnie; Kitidis, Vassilis; Tait, Karen; Gilbert, Jack Anthony; Osborn, A M; Widdicombe, Stephen
    Ocean acidification (OA), caused by the dissolution of increasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in seawater, is projected to cause significant changes to marine ecology and biogeochemistry. Potential impacts on the microbially driven cycling of nitrogen are of particular concern. Specifically, under seawater pH levels approximating future OA scenarios, rates of ammonia oxidation (the rate-limiting first step of the nitrification pathway) have been shown to dramatically decrease in seawater, but not in underlying sediments. However, no prior study has considered the interactive effects of microbial ammonia oxidation and macrofaunal bioturbation activity, which can enhance nitrogen transformation rates. Using experimental...
    (text/tab-separated-values, 13415 data points) - 24-mar-2018

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