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  1. Libro de Actas del IX Congreso de estudiantes universitarios de Ciencia, Tecnología e Ingeniería Agronómica

    Compendio de 26 trabajos presentados por estudiantes de la ETSIAAB.

  2. Libro de Actas del VI Congreso de estudiantes universitarios de Ciencia, Tecnología e Ingeniería Agronómica

    Compendio de los trabajos presentados en el VI Congreso de estudiantes universitarios que organiza la Escuela de Agrónomos

  3. Optically enhanced photon recycling in mechanically stacked multijunction solar cells

    Steiner, Myles A.; Geisz, John F.; Ward, J. Scott; García Vara, Iván; Friedman, Daniel J.; King, Richard R.; Chiu, Philip T.; France, Ryan M.; Duda, Anna; Olavarria, Waldo J.; Young, Michelle; Kurtz, Sarah R.
    Multijunction solar cells can be fabricated by mechanically bonding together component cells that are grown separately. Here, we present four-junction four-terminal mechanical stacks composed of GaInP/GaAs tandems grown on GaAs substrates and GaInAsP/GaInAs tandems grown on InP substrates. The component cells were bonded together with a low-index transparent epoxy that acts as an angularly selective reflector to the GaAs bandedge luminescence, while simultaneously transmitting nearly all of the subbandgap light. As determined by electroluminescence measurements and optical modeling, the GaAs subcell demonstrates a higher internal radiative limit and, thus, higher subcell voltage, compared with GaAs subcells without the epoxy reflector....

  4. Wind turbine fatigue loads statistical estimation from standard signals

    Pérez Campuzano, Darío
    Fatigue loads represent a critical element in several aeronautical applications and Wind Turbines (WTs) are not an exception. Their evolution over the machine service life usually determines its life span, hence their behavior knowledge can cause a relevant economic impact on the Cost of Energy (CoE). Nevertheless, their measurements are frequently difficult or expensive and estimations arising from other known signals can be carried out instead. This thesis aims to design a load estimation model using standard signal as inputs by means of statistical and machine learning procedures. It includes an input selection stage and the models layout arrangement and assessment,...

  5. Modeling of thermal effect on the electronic properties of photovoltaic perovskite CH3NH3PbI3: the case of tetragonal phase

    Montero Alejo, Ana L.; Menéndez-Proupin, E.; Hidalgo-Rojas, D.; Palacios Clemente, Pablo; Wahnon Benarroch, Perla; Conesa, J.C.
    Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites are semiconductors with disordered structures and remarkable properties for photovoltaic applications. Many theoretical investigations have attempted to obtain structural models of the high-temperature phases, but most of them are focused on the mobility of organic components and their implications in material properties. Herein we propose a set of geometric variables to evaluate the conformation of the inorganic framework at each phase of methylammonium lead iodide perovskite. We show that the analysis of these variables is required to ensure consistent structural models of the tetragonal phase. We explore the theoretical ingredients needed to achieve good models of this...

  6. Spectrally-resolved measurement of concentrated light distributions for Fresnel lens concentrators

    Besson, Pierre; McVey White, Patrick; Domínguez Domínguez, César; Voarino, Philippe; García-Linares Fontes, Pablo; Lemiti, Mustapha; Schriemer, Henry; Hinzer, Karin; Baudrit, Mathieu
    A test method that measures spectrally resolved irradiance distribution for a concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) optical system is presented. In conjunction with electrical I-V curves, it is a means to visualize and characterize the effects of chromatic aberration and nonuniform flux profiles under controllable testing conditions. The indoor characterization test bench, METHOD (Measurement of Electrical, Thermal and Optical Devices), decouples the temperatures of the primary optical element (POE) and the cell allowing their respective effects on optical and electrical performance to be analysed. In varying the temperature of the POE, the effects on electrical efficiency, focal distance, spectral sensitivity, acceptance angle...

  7. Manufacturing and characterization of III-V on silicon multijunction solar cells

    Veinberg Vidal, Elias; Dupre, Cecilia; García-Linares Fontes, Pablo; Jany, Christophe; Thibon, Romain; Card, Tiphaine; Salvetat, Thierry; Scheiblin, Pascal; Brughera, Celine; Fournel, Frank; Desieres, Yohan; Veschetti, Yannick; Sanzone, Vincent; Mur, Pierre; Decobert, Jean; Datas Medina, Alejandro
    Tandem GaInP/GaAs//Si(inactive) solar cells were manufactured by direct wafer bonding under vacuum. At this early stage, an inactive silicon substrate was used (i.e. n+ Si substrate instead of an active n-p Si junction). Bonded devices presented an Sshaped J-V curve with a kink close to Voc caused by a built-in potential barrier at the III-V//Si interface that reduces the fill factor and therefore the efficiency of the device by 7% compared to the stand-alone GaInP/GaAs tandem cells. Nevertheless, losses in Jsc and Voc caused by the bonding process, account for less than 10%. AlGaAs single junction cells, designed to be...

  8. Business models in the smart grid: challenges, opportunities and proposals for prosumer profitability

    Rodríguez Molina, Jesús; Martínez Nuñez, Margarita; Martinez Ortega, Jose Fernán; Pérez Aguiar, Waldo Saul
    Considering that non-renewable energy resources are dwindling, the smart grid turns out to be one of the most promising and compelling systems for the future of energy. Not only does it combine efficient energy consumption with avant-garde technologies related to renewable energies, but it is also capable of providing several beneficial utilities, such as power monitoring and data provision. When smart grid end users turn into prosumers, they become arguably the most important value creators within the smart grid and a decisive agent of change in terms of electricity usage. There is a plethora of research and development areas related to...

  9. Urban heat island of Madrid and its influence over urban thermal comfort

    Román López, María Emilia; Gómez Muñoz, Gloria; Luxan Garcia de Diego, Margarita de
    This work is part of the activities MODIFICA Project: Predictive model of the energy performance of residential buildings under conditions of urban heat island (BIA2013-41732-R). This project is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the R + D + i, 2013 program, and the authors are involved in their development, together with the research group Bioclimatic Architecture in a Sustainable Environment - ABIO (UPM). The hypothesis of the project is the fact that the transformation of land for urban growth in the city of Madrid potentiates the effect of the urban heat island (UHI), which modifies substantially...

  10. Social Rent Housing Refurbishment Demonstrator of LIFE Project “New4Old” (LIFE10 ENV/ES/439)

    Román López, María Emilia; Gómez Muñoz, Gloria; Luxan Garcia de Diego, Margarita de
    This ecoefficient renovation of two buildings of social housing for rent is located in the historic center of Zaragoza and has been carried out among 2013 and 2015. It emerges from the conclusions and strategies developed for the NewSolutions4OldHousing project (LIFE10 ENV / ES / 439), funded by the European Commission. The general objective of LIFE project is to define the most appropriate methodology for the rehabilitation of social housing with criteria of energy and environmental sustainability and application of innovative technologies to combat climate change. The application of passive strategies in the refurbishment of these Demonstrator Buildings has helped...

  11. Tools for the high penetration of PV Systems in the EU electrical networks: results of PVCROPS Project

    Narvarte Fernández, Luis; Marroyo Palomo, Luis; Collares Pereira, Manuel; Tyutyundzhiev, Nicolay; Conlon, Michael; Bouzzan, N.; Guelbenzu Michelena, Eugenio; González, R.; Desportes, Adrien; Simmonds, Gary; Wilkin, Benjamin
    The Solar Energy Industrial Initiative established the objective of integrating PV into the grid to provide up to 12% of the EU electricity demand. The FP7 project PVCROPS has developed solutions to allow the high penetration of PV systems in EU electrical networks and to reduce its Levelized Cost (LCoE) increasing PV system performance. The solutions consist of documents like technical specifications and toolboxes for design, prediction, integration of batteries and automatic detection of performance failures. Six of them are on-line free tools and thirteen are marketable products. These tools allow reducing the LCoE up to 30%, increasing the Performance...

  12. Modeling and sizing of large PV-diesel hybrid systems without energy storage

    Muñoz Cano, Federico Javier; Carrillo Salinas, José Manuel
    This paper describes the modelling of components and control strategies for PV-diesel hybrid systems without energy storage, which have been implemented in an online and free-software simulator of PV systems called SISIFO, which is publicly available at Among other features, this software tool allows the prediction of fuel savings for different sizes and types of PV generators, the comparison of selected control strategies and the evaluation of the spinning reserve requirements in systems with multiple diesel generators operating in parallel.

  13. Parque eólico offshore San Fernando (Cádiz)

    Suso Castellano, David
    El presente proyecto pretende incluirse dentro del Plan eólico de la Comunidad Andaluza (más concretamente de la provincia de Cádiz) a favor del desarrollo ordenado y sostenible de la generación de energía eléctrica a partir de fuentes renovables. Al ser el viento un recurso natural e inagotable del que disponemos, y al haber alcanzado la energía eólica la madurez tecnológica necesaria, se presenta una oportunidad inmejorable para aumentar la producción de energía eléctrica de la provincia de Cádiz a la vez que se logra cumplir con los compromisos medioambientales establecidos. A nivel municipal, el objetivo de esta obra es cubrir...

  14. Implementation and validation of a self-consumption maximization energy management strategy in a Vanadium Redox Flow BIPV demonstrator

    Fialho, Luis; Fartaria, Tomás; Narvarte Fernández, Luis; Collares Pereira, Manuel
    This paper presents the results of the implementation of a self-consumption maximization strategy tested in a real-scale Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) (5 kW, 60 kWh) and Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) demonstrator (6.74 kWp). The tested energy management strategy aims to maximize the consumption of energy generated by a BIPV system through the usage of a battery. Whenever possible, the residual load is either stored in the battery to be used later or is supplied by the energy stored previously. The strategy was tested over seven days in a real-scale VRF battery to assess the validity of this battery to...

  15. Wind Power Potentials in Cameroon and Nigeria: Lessons from South Africa

    Mas’ud, Abdullahi Abubakar; Wirba, Asan Vernyuy; Ardila-Rey, Jorge Alfredo; Albarracin Sanchez, Ricardo; Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus; Jaramillo Duque, Álvaro; Bani, Nurul Aini; Munir, Abu Bakar
    Wind energy has seen a tremendous growth for electricity generation worldwide and reached 456 GW by the end of June 2016. According to the World Wind Energy Association, global wind power will reach 500 GW by the end of 2016. Africa is a continent that possesses huge under-utilized wind potentials. Some African countries, e.g., Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and South Africa, have already adopted wind as an alternative power generation source in their energy mix. Among these countries, South Africa has invested heavily in wind energy with operational wind farms supplying up to 26,000 GWh annually to the national grid. However,...

  16. Parque eólico offshore en Capdepera

    Carranza Guasch, Alan
    Este parque eólico offshore se encuentra situado en el Mar Mediterraneo, frente a la costa correspondiente al termino municipal de Capdepera. Dicho termino municipal pertenece a la isla de Mallorca, adscrita a la Comunidad Autónoma de las Islas Baleares. Este parque discurre por una línea separada de la costa una media de 3 kilómetros y que va desde Cala Ratjada hasta Cabo Vermell con una longitud aproximada de 2800 metros. A su alrededor existirá una zona de exclusión que no se podrá utilizar libremente.

  17. Diseño de generadores de vapor para plantas termosolares de concentración comparando el uso de sales fundidas y aceite sintético como fluido de transferencia térmica

    Marbán Macías, Samuel
    Debido a los efectos potencialmente dramáticos del cambio climático y la estimada disminución de los combustibles fósiles disponibles, el desarrollo de nuevas energías renovables se ha convertido en una prioridad en la investigación y el desarrollo para anticipar las soluciones de suministro energético del futuro. La energía solar, que permite la conversión de la luz solar en electricidad, puede considerarse una de las formas más prometedoras. En particular, durante las últimas décadas, la energía termosolar de concentración ha mostrado resultados muy interesantes, a través de diferentes aplicaciones de generación de energía sostenible a escala industrial. Actualmente se utilizan cuatro enfoques tecnológicos...

  18. On the relation between battery size and PV power ramp rate limitation

    Makibar Puente, Aitor; Narvarte Fernández, Luis; Lorenzo Pigueiras, Eduardo
    PV power fluctuations caused by clouds are leading operators of grids with high renewable energy penetration rates to impose ramp rate limitations. Costly battery energy storage systems are used for fulfilling these regulations but the question of the power and energy requirements for accomplishing them has not been fully answered. This work analyses the effects of reducing the size of a battery designed to absorb every fluctuation by taking into consideration, both, the fluctuation occurrence and the penalties in case of non-compliance of a given prescribed ramp-rate limitation. A theoretical analysis was carried out in order to assess the relation...

  19. Parque eólico offshore en Xove (Lugo)

    Berlanga González, Cristina
    El trabajo que aquí se presenta va a aprovechar el recurso eólico en el medio marino. El parque eólico off-shore que se plantea se situará en Xove, en la provincia de Lugo (Galicia), más concretamente en Punta de Morás. Este proyecto trata de cumplir con el objetivo de crear un sistema de aprovisionamiento energético sostenible, basado en la medida en que sea posible, en energías limpias.

  20. "METHOD": a tool for mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical characterization of single lens module design

    Besson, Pierre; Domínguez Domínguez, César; Voarino, Philippe; García-Linares Fontes, Pablo; Weick, Clement; Lemiti, Mustapha; Baudrit, Mathieu
    The optical characterization and electrical performance evaluation are essential in the design and optimization of a concentrator photovoltaic system. The geometry, materials, and size of concentrator optics are diverse and different environmental conditions impact their performance. CEA has developed a new concentrator photovoltaic system characterization bench, METHOD, which enables multi-physics optimization studies. The lens and cell temperatures are controlled independently with the METHOD to study their isolated effects on the electrical and optical performance of the system. These influences can be studied in terms of their effect on optical efficiency, focal distance, spectral sensitivity, electrical efficiency, or cell current matching....

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