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  1. Regional cerebral saturation monitoring in cardiac arrest patients

    Genbrugge, Cornelia
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the act of giving chest compressions, rescue breathings and early defibrillation in cardiac arrest (CA) patients. The main goal of CPR is to preserve the pre-arrest neurological state by maintaining sufficient cerebral blood flow and oxygenation and consequently achieving return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). During pre-hospital CPR, monitoring possibilities are limited and do not give information about the brain. Cerebral oxygen saturation (rSO2) measured via near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology is non-invasive, provides continuous information about the oxygenation of the brain and moreover is independent of a pulsatile signal. Therefore, this might be the ideal monitoring parameter...

  2. Inductie en werking van interferon in menselijke lymfoblastoide cellen

    Vervliet, Greta

  3. cDNA phage display as a tool to analyze antibody reactivity in multiple sclerosis

    Govarts, Cindy

  4. Glycine receptors alpha 2 tune cortical network formation

    Morelli, Giovanni
    The development of the brain ranges from early embryogenesis to adolescence in humans. Initially, proliferation and migration of neurons allow the increase in number and correct placement of the neurons in the brain. These neurons will be part of the inhibitory and excitatory circuits of the brain arising after cell differentiation and formation of the synapses. Specifically, intrinsic cues (genetic imprinting) and extrinsic cues (extracellular signals present in the environment) modulate the processes that lead to the proper formation of the brain. Neurotransmitters and their receptors belong to the extrinsic cues influencing all developmental stages. GlyRs are complexes of transmembrane...

  5. Motor fatigability of the upper limb in persons with multiple sclerosis:clinical and neurophysiological insights

    Severijns, Deborah
    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system, causing symptoms such as muscle weakness, decreased sensibility and fatigue. Besides the general feeling of fatigue, persons with MS report a decline in muscle strength after physical activities, which is called motor fatigability. The main goal of this thesis was to study motor fatigability with different protocols to determine if fatigability in the upper limbs and the underlying mechanism of motor fatigability are different in persons with MS. Chapter 1 describes the results of a systematic literature review on the possible assessment methods for motor fatigability. The results...

  6. Immunomodulatory Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

    Dooley, Dearbhaile
    SCI is a devastating pathology which has a significant impact on life expectancy and quality, and also bears considerable economic burden. Despite considerable progress in palliative care, there is currently no therapeutic intervention available which leads to functional recovery. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop new strategies and therapies. Inflammatory responses are a major component of the secondary injury phase and play a key role in regulating the pathogenesis of acute and chronic SCI. However, the continual and dual role of the neuroinflammatory response leaves it difficult to decide upon a single modulatory strategy. Additionally, the role of...

  7. Correlation between language and motor skills at children with severe acute malnutrition and healthy children under six years old in Ethiopia

    Thierie, Katrien; Smeets, Catherine
    Onze masterproef onderzoekt de correlatie tussen taal en motoriek bij gezonde kinderen en ondervoedde kinderen onder de zes jaar, in Jimma.

  8. Correlation between language and motor skills at children with severe acute malnutrition and healthy children under six years old in Ethiopia

    Smeets, Catherine; Thierie, Katrien

  9. Pijnperceptie tijdens de IPVtherapie bij prematuren

    Haesen, Daisy; Savenay, Karlien
    Pijnperceptie tijdens de IPVtherapie bij prematuren.

  10. The clinical impact of bèta-blocker intake on fat mass and BMI in patients with cardiometabolic disease following an exercise training program

    Peuters, Bart; Jacobs, Joren

  11. The effect of 12 weeks high-intensity interval - and resistance training on mobility and quality of life in multiple sclerosis

    Casado, Miguel-Angel

  12. Anatomische predispositieplaatsen voor compressie van de n. medianus, n. radialis en de n. ulnaris: een kinesitherapeutische beslissingsboom.

    Paulissen, Goedele; Kaerts, Kevin
    Een compressieneuropathie of een inklemmingsneuropathie treedt op door druk op een zenuw. Hierdoor ontstaan, afhankelijk van de plaats van de compressie, sensorische en/of motorische veranderingen die gepaard kunnen gaan met pijn. Aan de hand van een literatuurstudie en dissectie werd er een kinesitherapeutische beslissingsboom opgesteld. Hiermee kan de diagnose voor een zenuwcompressie van de n. medianus, n. ulnaris en n. radialis eenvoudiger gesteld worden. Eveneens werden er filmpjes gemaakt van het zenuwverloop en de zenuwcompressieplaatsen van het bovenste lidmaat.

  13. Is there an influence of temperature and intensity on the variability of the magnetic field of a TMS device?

    Guarraci, Lennert
    Het veelgebruikte Magstim 200² toestel wordt gecheckt op variabiliteit. Door temperatuur en intensiteit te verhogen verwachten we een mindere nauwkeurigheid van het toestel te gaan zien. De invloed van temperatuur wordt weerlegd, die van intensiteit niet. Onverwachte data zorgt ervoor dat er een oplossing wordt gezocht die in vele wetenschappelijke setting toepasbaar is.

  14. The effect of community-based running training on physical function in patients with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial

    Velkeneers, Niels

  15. The clinical impact of bèta-blocker intake on fat mass and BMI in patients with cardiometabolic disease following an exercise training program

    Jacobs, Joren; Peuters, Bart

  16. Pupilmetingen tijdens een joint attention taak bij jonge kinderen

    Geerits, Nele; Vansonhoven, Elke

  17. Is corticoid infiltration an effective therapy for distal biceps tendinopathy?
    A case-control study to compare and declare differences in outcome with corticoid infiltration

    Coenegrachts, Ine

  18. Autism Spectrum Disorder Specific Imitation Profiles in Preschoolers Without Intellectual Disabilities

    Willems, Laura
    Imitation is the ability of an individual to reproduce an observed action whereby the own motor patterns are related to observed motor patterns. Regarding the importance of imitation to social communicative abilities it is important to determine imitation abilities in children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Furthermore, the imitation profile of children with ASD may provide insight in how to encompass imitation training in interventions. The goal of the present study was to determine imitation abilities and the imitation profile of preschool children with ASD. In addition, it attempts to examine the association between imitation abilities and ' profile and...

  19. Heeft insulinegevoeligheid een invloed op het effect van trainingsinterventie bij personen met obesitas?

    Mannaerts, Alexander; Arits, Stef
    Heeft insulinegevoeligheid een invloed op het effect van trainingsinterventie bij personen met obesitas? De populatie met obesitas kan onderverdeeld worden in insulinegevoelige en insulineresistente personen. Om vetmassa te verliezen is vetmobilisatie een belangrijk gegeven. Vetmobilisatie wordt aangestuurd door verschillende hormonen, waaronder insuline. De vraag luidt welke invloed insulinegevoeligheid heeft op vetmassa verlies door trainingsinterventie bij personen met obesitas.

  20. De accuraatheid van de withings pulse Ox

    Boven, Lien; Maris, Vincent

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