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Datasets of project "Wissenschaftliche Monitoringkonzepte für die Deutsche Bucht"

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  1. Water level time series and sediment grain size model

    Herrling, Gerald; Winter, Christian
    The environment of ebb-tidal deltas between barrier island systems is characterized by a complex morphology with ebb- and flood-dominated channels, shoals and swash bars connecting the ebb-tidal delta platform to the adjacent island. These morphological features reveal characteristic surface sediment grain-size distributions and are subject to a continuous adaptation to the prevailing hydrodynamic forces. The mixed-energy tidal inlet Otzumer Balje between the East Frisian barrier islands of Langeoog and Spiekeroog in the southern North Sea has been chosen here as a model study area for the identification of relevant hydrodynamic drivers of morphology and sedimentology. We compare the effect of...
    (application/zip, 2 datasets) - 27-jun-2016

  2. Modeled water level time series at the water level gauge Spiekeroog for the storm event Tilo

    Herrling, Gerald; Winter, Christian
    (text/tab-separated-values, 7201 data points) - 27-jun-2016

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