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  1. “The World Needs Some People Who Can Rush Out to Change It”: Chinese Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Roles and Responsibilities in Protests

    Zhang, Siwen

  2. Learning From Critical Feedback: An Interdisciplinary Literature Review

    Shukla, Stuti

  3. The Occupational Culture and Identity of Youth Workers: A Review of the Literature

    Vasudevan, Deepa Sriya

  4. Seeing Teachers at Work: A Review of the Teacher Workforce Diversity Literature

    Leung, Shauna Brown

  5. Resisting the New World: Constructions of Teachers and Change in Educational Technology Discourse

    Blum-Smith, Sarah

  6. How Do Rurality and Poverty Moderate the Relationship Between School Size and Student Achievement?

    Orzech, Aaron

  7. Speaking of Service: A Phenomenological Study of How Low-Income College Students Discuss Service-Learning Participation

    Stevens, Kim

  8. When Money Runs Out: The Effect of Losing Grant Aid on Late-Stage College Persistence

    Mabel, Zachary A.

  9. The Effects of Class Size on Student Behavioral Outcomes: The Role of Teacher-Student Interactions

    Thng, Yi Xe

  10. Exploring High School Students’ Representations of Their Relationships With Teachers Through Factor and Content Analysis

    Liu, Pei Pei

  11. “A Unique Way of Knowing”: Children’s Conceptions of the Nature of Science and Its Relationship to Religion

    Cuzzolino, Megan Powell

  12. Early Childhood Instructional Coaching

    Lebowitz, Rebecca Blazar

  13. Advance Kentucky: Effects on AP Course Enrollment, ACT Performance, and Postsecondary Enrollment

    Hansen, John D.

  14. Conceptually- and Procedurally-Oriented Mathematics Instruction, Achievement, and Equity: Results From the High School Longitudinal Study (HSLS:2009)

    McQuillen, Galen

  15. Teachers’ Perspectives on Evaluation: Exploring the Effects of New Evaluation Policies on Teaching

    Braslow, David A.

  16. Can Group Instruction Facilitate Personalized Education? Revisiting Bloom's Learning for Mastery Model

    Rouhani, Parisa

  17. Adapting to Large-Scale Changes in Advanced Placement Biology and Chemistry Curricula and Tests: the Impact of Online Teacher Communities

    Frumin, Kim M.

  18. Understanding Latina/o Undocumented Parents’ Engagement in Students’ College Readiness: A Literature Review

    Cuevas, Stephany

  19. Measuring Students' Readiness for the College Application Process: A Survey Development and Validation Study

    Shen, Lisa Utzinger

  20. Timing, Sequencing and Accumulation of Risk Factors Among Currently Incarcerated Men: Evidence of Developmental Cascades

    Goldstine-Cole, Krista

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