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  1. La educación artística como elemento clave en el proceso de aprendizaje en preescolar

    Park Kim, Da Hee
    [EN] Is art education key during the learning process? When this quiestionis being asked, a majority would have negative response, even though is undeniable role in expresion and canalisation of emotions, as well as in the cultural development of the students through different activities such as playing, creating and sharing. Is it possible to consider the eduation/art tandem as an important source of motivation and active learning during preschool? This article pretends to support art education as an essential resource in preschool education, relying on analyses and comparisons between several strategies used in Spanish art schools. As well as several methods used by remarkable artists and lecturers.

  2. Huellas en el tiempo. Grandes tipos móviles de madera

    Ferré Ferri, Enrique; Alcaraz Mira, Antonio
    [EN] The manufacture and use of large wooden movable types had its purpose for the typographic companies, in the 19 th and 20 th Century. This present work tries to highlight the importance and value of wooden movable types, big in size, that fortunately were saved from being abandoned. are still in use, movable and available in the workshop of typography at the Faculty of BB.AA., of the UPV of Valencia, that are part of the Degree course in Fine Arts and the Master of Artistic Production.

  3. La Animación en las Ilustraciones Infantiles del Cuento Digital Interactivo. Del Papel a la Tablet.

    Navarro Álvarez, Adriana
    [EN] With the advancement of new technologies, and the precedent of pop-up books, children’s stories extend its graphics, expressive and aesthetic horizons through different means and devices. This article discusses the use of animation and its interaction with the user in the new formats of children’s reading where, increasingly often, illustration and text explore the narrative possibilities of moving images. To do this, I will use as a case study The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore which is a part of a transmedia production derived from the film version of the animated short film which won the Oscar in 2012

  4. Animando la ilustración e ilustrando el mundo en movimiento a través de visual literacy

    Carpe, Inma; Garcia Rams, María Susana
    [EN] “If a picture is worth a thousand words” as Arthur Brisbane, journalist of the New York Times said in 1911, Fig.1 How many words would equal the hundreds of frames contained in an animation? Illustration and animation are complex visual expressions, rich in nuances, which have strong links that increasingly intermingle thanks to new technologies and applications that the transmedia world allows. Through visual literacy, with still on moving images, we learn to see, to feel and re-think by playing with images, full of emotions. Thanks to the emerging CrossMedia, Transmedia and Multiplatform; together with books, video games and digital applications; where, it´s doesn´t seem so different: Illustrating the animated...

  5. Posibilidades para un recital en una ciudad poscomunista. Entropología sonora en el “Tigre de los Tatra”

    López Fernández, Santiago
    [EN] In the early 1990s, the former communist countries of central and eastern Europe suffered the collapse of the centralized economy after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the transition towards liberalization began. The failure of international socialism against democratic capitalism would lead to the end of the cold war and to the development of the globalized world. This artistic piece would be located in the time and space of the former Slovak Socialist Republic which in the early 2000s was called "The Tatra Tiger", a series of three site-specific concerts where the remains of the abandoned structures of...

  6. Sobre otras fallas posibles (entre otras utopías).

    Chornet Roig, Jaime; Gómez Haro, Leonardo
    [EN] Other kind of Fallas are possible. This idea encouraged us to accept the proposal made from Comissió de la Falla Avd. Tarongers-Universitat Politècnica-Camí de Vera to Department of Sculpture, which was to create their children’s Falla 2013. That assignment was assumed, from our teaching and researching field, as an opportunity to think about a fact that was absolutely unattended by Fine Arts studies, but however, so close to sculpture in public space, we think. This relationship is not only close in those matters concerning to technical solutions for big sculptures but also in those facts involving folk festivals, community,...

  7. Investigación interdisciplinar experimental de arte contemporáneo y matemáticas

    Pérez García, Elías Miguel; Peris Manguillot, Alfredo
    [EN] The communication shows the methodology and results of the research project funded within the call for new lines of multidisciplinary research of “Programa de Apoyo a la investigación y desarrollo de la U.P.V. (PAIDH05H12), Reference: AP20120570. Principal investigator: Elías M. Pérez García Throughout the entire history of art, science and technology have formed part of the same innovative force and wealth of their interaction has contributed to integral human progress. The importance of mathematics in artistic creation can be traced from the origin of art itself. At present there is a wide field of research in art and mathematics,...

  8. ACEROGRAFÍA: la plancha acero laminado en frío como soporte alternativo en los procesos de impresión litográficos y en procedimientos mixtos de estampación planográfica, en hueco y relieve

    Guillén Ramón, José Manuel; Del Saz Barragán, Miriam
    [EN] The cold rolled steel plate is offered as alternative support in lithographic procedures, intaglio and relief, for its qualities and its expressive possibilities. The term “Steelgraphy, is a new term that we call this new procedure. Etymologically derived from the words "steel” and "graphein". In the field of printmaking, artists and researchers have continually sought new opportunities to enrich the graphic language and facilitate imaging. Currently we can see the profound changes in the graphic work, both in terms of technical and conceptual and expressive factors. In 2000, in collaboration with Daniel Manzano, professor of the National School of Plastic...

  9. Las rectas paralelas se besan en el infinito: Amor y humor por las Matemáticas en el Arte de la Vanguardia Histórica Española.

    Molina Alarcón, Miguel
    [EN] Although the relationship between Arts and Mathematics has occurred throughout history reciprocal, however since the nineteenth century and preferably in the period of historical avantgardes of the early twentieth century, was created at the same time, an approach as a rejection between the two disciplines, which would be reflected through different polarities: Art Science, figuration-abstraction, Intuition-determinism, Visible-Invisible, Virtual-Real, Emotion-Reason, etc. All this manifested itself in the vanguard in a very clear way of artists who served based on mathematical principles or geometry works, which were on the other side rejected by a large part of the society of his...

  10. Grafitos, pancartas, pasquines y otros relatos iconoclastas

    Martínez Ballester, José Juan
    [EN] The second meaning of the ‘grafito’ entry in the dictionary of the RAE says: "Writing or drawing made by hand in the ancient monuments." This reveals a fact that just seen, turns out to be classic, namely the entrenched interests of the human being to intervene where others try to impose their criteria: aesthetic, political, territorial, etc. If from positions of power, statuary part of viewing and taxation, there has always been another consistent work in appropriating, minorizarlo, and even ridicule from the more pedestrian and accessible places of ordinary people, either those mentioned graffiti, literaturizados the leaflets, or...

  11. El uso del micrófono piezoeléctrico sobre instrumentos metálicos de largas cuerdas y objetos idiófonos a través del sonido en las artes. Aplicación práctica creativa.

    López Fernández, Santiago
    [EN] In this research we analyze the role of the piezoelectric microphone in use on long strings metal instruments and everyday objects turned into sound devices which we call here idiófonos objects. It is taken as reference papers by Terry Fox and Paul Panhuysen that deal with installations and sound actions with long ropes without contact microphone and works of other authors who use it to convert objects into instruments designed to create sound concerts.

  12. El virtual antes de la era virtual

    Valdaliso Casanova, Teresa; López Poquet, Josepa
    [EN] For many centuries, the man has tried to capture what he visually perceived through painting or sculpting, in the most possible realistic way. Apart from the field of the Fine Arts, various philosophers, scientists and inventors have developed a wonderful world of gadgets and optical toys, the predecessors of cinematography, using progressively different discoveries of each age, in terms of geometrical optics , visual perception, lenses and mirrors , perspective, etc...; projecting or refracting light rays , inventing devices, cameras and magic lanterns that showed the real world, even managing to generate experiences of “virtual reality” through built stages...

  13. INNER NATURE: videoarte, naturaleza y contemplación

    Rodríguez Mattalia, María Lorena; Albelda Raga, José Luís; López de Frutos, Estela; Sgaramella, Chiara
    [EN] This paper presents the results of Inner Nature, an initiative launched in October 2014 within a wider cultural project organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and centred on the study of the relationship between art, nature and contemplation. Its objective is to investigate how a dialogue among video art, ecological thinking and contemplation can be established through an international exhibition enabling the largest possible dissemination of the works with a minimal environmental impact. The use of the video – since its origins a cheap and user-friendly device – creates a fundamental change in our relationship with the moving image, which becomes accessible, easy to...


    [EN] This proposal, designed for the option of artistic production, is a reactive audiovisual installation, which enables an approximation to three issues. On the one hand contemplates the invisibility through physical optical paraxials; on the other reflects on the difficulties inherent in our perception and its possible manipulation in the construction of imaginaries, through the distortion of the projection of the figure of the spectator; and also deals with the change of plane between the real and the virtual, transfering the spectator from one to another level, whose separation today are still questioning specialists in Media Art as Claudia Gianetti...


    Gayet Valls, Javier
    [EN] We have live in a turn of the century in which the rules of the game have changed as far as photography and photographic production is concerned, due in part to the democratization of existing electronic devices, digital photo capture and development of the Internet as space exhibition or publication. Likewise, the proliferation of new and different forms of self-portrait in the cyber-virtual environment, raises a new formal, conceptual and definitional paradigm linked to the history of the image or art theory. The selfie, which we define here as self portrait photographed with a digital device for the later...

  16. Cualidades hápticas de la imagen digital

    Martínez Barragán, Carlos
    [EN] The qualities of the digital imagen is generated from imitate the textural qualities of perceptual image, leading software creators to turn to history image (photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography) to increase the potential for manipulation of the images because in this story are many examples that this relationship between the tactile identification of the image and its representation. Digital imagen, in its various forms of production and display, supposedly goes to the "pure" visuality. However, the development of the applications and the ways in which it is displayed tell us otherwise. It is true that not all digital images...

  17. ESTRUCTURA Y SISTEMA. La respuesta vegetal en la mira del compromiso escultórico.

    Abarca Martínez, Inmaculada
    [EN] In the paradoxical confluence between "real" and "virtual" words, we determined influence the relationship posed words like "structure" and "system" as terminologies related to both and, by referring to the sculptural field, we serve to establish links with the process of artistic creation. The universe is a harmonic resonance system in which all parties and harmonize with each other, in whole cosmos match. Focusing on the mission of art, the artist's goal is then to reveal the harmonies underlying reality and the senses can not perceive. At present the artists show creative processes based on the similarities between the...

  18. Using ecosystem services to represent the environment in hydro-economic models

    Momblanch Benavent, Andrea; Connor, Jeffery D.; Crossman, Neville D.; Paredes Arquiola, Javier; Andreu Álvarez, Joaquín
    [EN] Demand for water is expected to grow in line with global human population growth, but opportunities to augment supply are limited in many places due to resource limits and expected impacts of climate change. Hydro-economic models are often used to evaluate water resources management options, commonly with a goal of understanding how to maximise water use value and reduce conflicts among competing uses. The environment is now an important factor in decision making, which has resulted in its inclusion in hydro-economic models. We reviewed 95 studies applying hydro-economic models, and documented how the environment is represented in them and...

  19. Rapid Identification of Viable H. pylori Cells in Feces by DVCFISH

    Moreno Trigos, Mª Yolanda; Pérez-Santonja, Rut; RAMIREZ, M.; Calvet, X.; SANTIAGO CUELLAR, PAULA; Ferrús Pérez, Mª Antonia
    [EN] Helicobacter pylori isolation in fecal samples is a less invasive and more comfortable practice than those that require patient endoscopy, particularly in children. However, culture of this pathogen from stools is usually unsuccessful. Other techniques such as PCR or H. pylori Stool Antigen (HpSA) are used to detect the presence of H. pylori in feces; nevertheless, a positive result by using these techniques does not involve viability of the pathogen. Direct Viable Count combined with Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (DVC-FISH) technique has been successfully applied to detect viable H. pylori cells in highly contaminated environmental samples. To assess the...

  20. Dynamical versus statistical downscaling for the generation of regional climate change scenarios at a Western Mediterranean basin: the Jucar River District

    Chirivella Osma, Vicente; Capilla Romá, José Esteban; Pérez-Martín, Miguel Ángel
    [EN] Current climate change (CC) predictions for the Western Mediterranean show a significant increase in temperature, and a decrease in precipitations, with great variability depending on general circulation models (GCM) and downscaling approaches. This paper analyses how dynamic downscaling improves statistically based CC scenarios. The study area was the Jucar River Basin (JB), with results from ECHAM5 GCM, and a close time frame of 2010-2040 appropriated for decision-making. The dynamic downscaling was performed with the regional climate model (RCM) RegCM3. It was applied to a coarse grid over the Iberian Peninsula, and then to a finer grid over the JB....

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