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  1. Modelación de Crecidas Aluvionales en la Cuenca del Río Copiapó, Chile

    Valdés-Pineda, Rodrigo; Valdés, Juan B.; García-Chevesich, Pablo
    [EN] Extreme precipitation events that occurred between March 24 and March 26 of 2015 in the region of the Atacama Desert (26-29°S) left around 30 000 victims, being one of the biggest events over the past 50 years, with total a cost of reconstruction of about 1.5 billion dollars. The mudflows which increased during the flashflood inundated much of the city of Copiapó and Tierra Amarilla. This manuscript aims to model the mudflow of March 2015 in the Río Copiapó, specifically in the towns of Copiapó and Tierra Amarilla. The modeling process is performed using the Rapid Mass Movement Simulation Model (RAMMS) that allows modeling...

  2. Mejora en las simulaciones de un modelo hidrogeológico de base física mediante corrección complementaria de sus errores

    Reyes Alcalde, Jorge Mauricio
    [EN] Physically-Based groundwater Models (PBM), such MODFLOW, are used as groundwater resources evaluation tools supposing that the produced differences (residuals or errors) are white noise. However, in the facts these numerical simulations usually show not only random errors but also systematic errors. For this work it has been developed a numerical procedure to deal with PBM systematic errors, studying its structure in order to model its behavior and correct the results by external and complementary means, trough a framework called Complementary Correction Model (CCM). The application of CCM to PBM shows a decrease in local biases, better distribution of errors...

  3. Análisis del golpe de ariete en un sistema de distribución de agua

    Twyman, John
    [EN]The solution to water hammer in a water distribution system (WDS) is shown by applying three hybrid methods (HM) based on the Box’s scheme, McCormack's method and Diffusive Scheme. Each HM formulation in conjunction with their relative advantages and disadvantages are reviewed. The analyzed WDS has pipes with different lengths, diameters and wave speeds, being the Courant number different in each pipe according to the adopted discretization. The HM results are compared with the results obtained by the Method of Characteristics (MOC). In reviewing the numerical attenuation, second order schemes based on Box and McCormack are more conservative from a...

  4. Análisis de la implementación de un modelo hidrodinámico tridimensional al flujo de un cauce natural

    Ochoa García, Santiago Aurelio; Reyna, Teresa; García, Marcelo; Herrero, Horacio; Díaz, Jose Manuel; Heredia, Ana
    [EN] In the analysis of river hydrodynamics a great quantity of variables are present, this variables when considered in solving the state equations describe the flow behavior. In this work is presented the three-dimensional solution of the equations of Navier Stokes averaged by Reynolds with a model of closing for the turbulence K–ξ ; solution applied in the flow of the river Tercero or Ctalamochita in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. The calculation tool for solving equations of state is the SSIIM model, a free software oriented to the computational fluid dynamics developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology....

  5. Underground urbanity: from the carrefour à étages multiples to the ‘inner street’

    Clua, Alvaro
    [EN] As Manuel de Solà-Morales noted, urbanity relies on the variety and quality of relations between things, materials and human beings. Considered as such, how are we to achieve an underground urbanity? This paper seeks to address this question through a focussed reading of a number of European urban projects from the 20th century; all of which put special care into ensuring the quality of their subterranean passageways. We begin with the carrefour à giration, which was designed by Eugène Hénard in 1906, in order to identify four fundamental attributes of this kind of urbanity: legibility, spatiality, accessibility and activity....

  6. The exhibitions of El Lissitzky through Cine-Eye

    Paz-Agras, Luz
    [EN] The Avant-Garde movements of the twentieth century explored the creative possibilities of new types of media in architecture, such as the photographic camera or cinema. In a series of experimental projects, authors such as El Lissitzky based their work on assimilating the human eye with a mechanical lens, making it possible to create new concepts of space. A simultaneous consideration of the resources of Vertov’s Cine-Eye in relation to the exhibition projects of El Lissitzky reveals some of his proposals as paradigmatic examples of the perceptive experimentation of the viewer in relation to art, and in a wider sense,...

  7. The changing symbology of the ordinary. An American visual approach

    Santamarina-Macho, Carlos
    [EN] The concept of “the ordinary” has become an ever more usual reference in the analysis of certain architectonic and territorial situations; but also social ones, which seem to escape any order set by planning. Nonetheless, the word still carries a rather ambiguous meaning, because not only the term is in itself polysemic, but also because it can have several interpretations, sometimes in a contradictory way, depending on the area of study, the time or the place in which it is used. This text addresses some of these apparent contradictions through a selection of visual expressions that emerge from the...

  8. Perret & Piacentini. A Comparative Analysis of Two Parallel Architectures

    Alonso Pereira, José Ramón
    [EN] It is very common to understand the home of the masters of architecture as a manifesto of their respective architectures. Nevertheless, those houses are usually identified with single-family models, relegating collective examples. Only the apartment-atelier that Le Corbusier elevated in Porte Molitor (1930-33) is saved from this oblivion. However, there are at the same time two other examples of house-studio by two masters of the moment: Perret and Piacentini. Both are parallel in their vital dynamics and in their programs: The Roman house-studio of Piacentini in Lungotevere Tor di Nona (1929-31) and the Parisian building of Raynouard (1929-33), where...

  9. Paimio´s Three Walls

    Grijalba Bengoetxea, Julio; Grijalba Bengoetxea, Alberto
    [EN] Alvar Aalto´s career has certainly been a complex one and has been reported by official historiography to be divided into some more or less well-defined periods which correspond to unitary in time clusters of projects. Thus, Paimio has come to be for architecture the consolidation of the Modern Finnish Project at its apparently orthodox splendor. Aalto, from the very beginning, was attracted by the possibility of generating his own project message. This may be the reason why he found researching into the evocative power of opposite conciliation which allowed him to obtain efficient tools to service his project. The...

  10. Exploratory gazes. Unpublished photographs of Asís Cabrero's Italian trip

    Aldea Hernández, María José; Bergera, Iñaki
    [EN] As was the case in not just a few of his contemporaries, Francisco Cabrero's modern advent is centred on his initial trip, in this case the one made to Italy in 1941. The historiography of Spanish architecture in general and the specific studies on the architect have shown the impact and the scope of this two-month trip on his later career. Fleeing the ruling academicism in Spain, Cabrero 'discovers' in Italy the rationalist and abstract expression of monumentality. Nevertheless, the access to a wide photographic reportage —unpublished up to now— accomplished by the architect during the trip, allows us...

  11. Alison and Peter Smithson: The Space Between. Edited by Max Risselada

    Abalos Ramos, Ana
    [EN] The Space Between (Walther König, Cologne, 2016) is the third part of the trilogy about the work of Alison and Peter Smithson seen through their own eyes. It follows The Charged Void: Architecture (2001) and The Charged Void: Urbanism (2005) both published by Monacelli Press, New York. This long-awaited book by Walther König features the same layout and general design as the two previous volumes but has a personality all of its own. The Space Between includes more than forty writings spanning the Smithsons’ entire career and features a wealth of illustrations from their own archives. Just as the...

  12. Improvements to the TCVD method to segment hand-drawn sketches

    Albert Gil, Francisco Eugenio; Aleixos Borrás, María Nuria
    Tangent and Corner Vertices Detection (TCVD) is a method to detect corner vertices and tangent points in sketches using parametric cubic curves approximation, which is capable to detect corners with a high accuracy and a very low false positive rate, and also to detect tangent points far above other methods in literature. In this article, we present several improvements to TCVD method in order to establish mathematical conditions to detect corners and make the obtaining of curves independent from the scale, what increases the success ratio in transitions between lines and curves. The new conditions for obtaining corners use the...

  13. Bimetallic nanosized solids with acid and redox properties for catalytic activation of C-C and C-H bonds

    Cabrero Antonino, Jose Ramón; Tejeda-Serrano, Maria; Quesada Vilar, Manuel; Vidal Moya, José Alejandro; Leyva Perez, Antonio; Corma Canós, Avelino
    A new approach is presented to form self-supported bimetallic nanosized solids with acid and redox catalytic properties. They are water-, air- and H-2-stable, and are able to activate demanding C-C and C-H reactions. A detailed mechanistic study on the formation of the Ag-Fe bimetallic system shows that a rapid redox-coupled sequence between Ag+, O-2 (air) and Fe2+ occurs, giving monodisperse Ag nanoparticles supported by O-bridged diatomic Fe3+ triflimides. The system can be expanded to Ag nanoparticles embedded within a matrix of Cu2+, Bi3+ and Yb3+ triflimide.

  14. A High Fundamental Frequency (HFF)-based QCM Immunosensor for Tuberculosis Detection

    Montoya Baides, Ángel; March Iborra, Mª Del Carmen; MONTAGUT FERIZZOLA, YEISON JAVIER; Moreno Tamarit, Mª José; Manclus Ciscar, Juan José; Arnau Vives, Antonio; Jiménez Jiménez, Yolanda; Jaramillo, Marisol; Paula A. Marín; Torres-Villa, Róbinson Alberto
    Tuberculosis, one of the oldest diseases affecting human beings, is still considered as a world public health problem by the World Health Organization. Therefore, there is a need for new and more powerful analytical methods for early illness diagnosis. With this idea in mind, the development of a High Fundamental Frequency (HFF) piezoelectric immunosensor for the sensitive detection of tuberculosis was undertaken. A 38 kDa protein secreted by Mycobacterium tuberculosis was first selected as the target biomarker. Then, specific monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were obtained. Myc-31 MAb, which showed the highest affinity to the analyte, was employed to set up a...

  15. Prediction of labor onset type: Spontaneous vs induced; role of electrohysterography?

    Alberola Rubio, José; Garcia Casado, Francisco Javier; Prats-Boluda, Gema; Ye Lin, Yiyao; Desantes, D.; Valero, J.; PERALES MARIN, ALFREDO JOSE
    Background and objective Induction of labor (IOL) is a medical procedure used to initiate uterine contractions to achieve delivery. IOL entails medical risks and has a significant impact on both the mother's and newborn's well-being. The assistance provided by an automatic system to help distinguish patients that will achieve labor spontaneously from those that will need late-term IOL would help clinicians and mothers to take an informed decision about prolonging pregnancy. With this aim, we developed and evaluated predictive models using not only traditional obstetrical data but also electrophysiological parameters derived from the electrohysterogram (EHG). Methods EHG recordings were made on singleton term...

  16. Voces sobre muros. Gráfica disidente en Ciudad Juárez

    Méndez Llopis, Carles
    [EN] Carles Méndez · ARTICLES Ciudad Juárez is a border metropolis in north-ern Mexico that shares a boundary with the United States. It a city known to be the victim of a series of violent and criminal acts, especially between 2007 and 2012, which restricted the so-cial and cultural development of the region. Si-multaneously, artistic groups and artists began to emerge focusing their efforts on a will to res-construct the city through graphic expression, taking the city as a project and the media itself for their work, incorporating a human dimen-sion through the sensitisation of citizens. They will become...

  17. Joe Sacco: viñetas, periodismo y el conflicto palestino-israelí.

    Yoldi López, Mónica
    [EN] The article focuses on the work on Palestine by journalist and cartoonist Joe Sacco. Mem-ber of the current denominated journalistic comic, Joe Sacco, through his direct, commit-ted drawings, offers his particular view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He tries to avoid preconceptions and common places. In this text we analyse his main comic books, such as Palestine or Footnotes in Gaza

  18. Ilustración, cómic y compromiso social. Crónica de una exposición en movimiento

    Garrido Barberá, Manuel
    [EN] This article describes an exhibition project that puts to value the relationship between graphic illustration, comics, and social commitment through numerous examples of commissions and personal works carried out by today’s Valencian authors. Divided into eleven thematic areas or social causes, the exhibition offers a wide array of styles and poetics, focused on acting as speaker of the claims of various invisible groups

  19. El uso creativo en diseño a través de códigos en silencio; el braille como ejemplo

    Torres Cantón, Sonia
    [EN] Sonia Torres · ARTICLES CREATIVE DESIGN OF SILENT CODES; BRAILLE SYSTEM AS AN EXAMPLESonia TorresArtist, musician and researcherThis article presents a brief descriptive analysis of some relevant projects where braille is under-stood as a metaphorical concept of visual silence, as a gaze capable of seeing through other senses. The work shows a selection of illustrated books and tactile works with the objective of offering the inclusive meeting between seer and blind. We are always accustomed to a visual reading, but what if we used our hands; touch and other senses? Our motivation is to contribute to new areas,...

  20. Discos, arte y racismo: introducción la gráfica reivindicativa del free jazz de los años setenta

    Torán Tortajada, Claudia
    [EN] This article is a preliminary research proposing us to take a trip through racism and art in the historical context of New York Free Jazz; ana-lysing it will allow us to understand the defin-ing characteristics and activist goals of the art shown in the record covers.After a brief historical introduction, dealing with the topic of racism and jazz music, the au-thor focuses her interest on a selection of record covers and artists, with the purpose of starting an analysis of the graphics and iconography that defined the music industry of that period.Music and art is an excuse to study...

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