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  1. Generalized additive and fuzzy models in environmental flow assessment: A comparison employing the West Balkan trout (Salmo farioides; Karaman, 1938)

    Muñoz Mas, Rafael; Papadaki, Christina; Martinez-Capel, Francisco; Zogaris, Stamatis; Ntoanidis, Lazaros; Dimitriou, Elias
    Human activities have altered flow regimes resulting in increased pressures and threats on river biota. Physical habitat simulation has been established as a standard approach among the methods for Environmental Flow Assessment (EFA). Traditionally, in EFA, univariate habitat suitability curves have been used to evaluate the habitat suitability at the microhabitat scale whereas Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) and fuzzy logic are considered the most common multivariate approaches to do so. The assessment of the habitat suitability for three size classes of the West Balkan trout (Salmo farioides; Karaman, 1938) inferred with these multivariate approaches was compared at three different levels. First...

  2. Restructuring of Public Transport Service of Alcoy

    San Nicolás-Comendador, Davinia; Colomer Font, Oscar; Fiore ., Mauro Flavio; Colomer Ferrandiz, José Vicente
    Alcoy has a population of 60.000 inhabitants and is located in Valencia, on the north of the province of Alicante. Alcoy has been provided with an urban public bus transport service since 50 years ago. As a result of the current economic downturn, the Municipality of the city applied to the Polytechnic University of Valencia for a study to restructuring the public transport service to allow less municipal subsidies, ensuring quality from two points of view - coverage and frequency. The aim of this study was to provide the government team of detailed information about public transport service of Alcoy...

  3. Discussion of "Reliability-Based Load Requirements for Formwork Shores during Concrete Placement" by Hao Zhang, James Reynolds, Kim J. R. Rasmussen, and Bruce R. Ellingwood

    Adam Martínez, José Miguel; Buitrago, M; Calderón García, Pedro Antonio
    Adam Martínez, JM.; Buitrago, M.; Calderón García, PA. (2016). Discussion of "Reliability-Based Load Requirements for Formwork Shores during Concrete Placement" by Hao Zhang, James Reynolds, Kim J. R. Rasmussen, and Bruce R. Ellingwood. Journal of Structural Engineering. 142(10):1-1. doi:10.1061/(ASCE)ST.1943-541X.0001610.

  4. Crowdsensing and Vehicle-Based Sensing (Editorial)

    Tavares De Araujo Cesariny Calafate, Carlos Miguel; Wu, Celimuge; Natalizio, Enrico; Martínez, Francisco J.
    Tavares De Araujo Cesariny Calafate, CM.; Wu, C.; Natalizio, E.; Martínez, FJ. (2016). Crowdsensing and Vehicle-Based Sensing (Editorial). Mobile Information Systems. 2016. doi:10.1155/2016/2596783.

  5. Application of the relative wavelet energy to heart rate independent detection of atrial fibrillation

    García, Manuel; RODENAS GARCIA, JUAN; Alcaraz, Raúl; Rieta, J J
    Background and Objectives: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common sustained cardiac ar- rhythmia and a growing healthcare burden worldwide. It is often asymptomatic and may appear as episodes of very short duration; hence, the development of methods for its au- tomatic detection is a challenging requirement to achieve early diagnosis and treatment strategies. The present work introduces a novel method exploiting the relative wavelet energy (RWE) to automatically detect AF episodes of a wide variety in length. Methods: The proposed method analyzes the atrial activity of the surface electrocardio- gram (ECG), i.e., the TQ interval, thus being independent on...

  6. Análisis del remodelado anatomoeléctrico auricular para la predicción del éxito de la ablación quirúrgica concomitante de la fibrilación auricular a largo plazo

    Martin, Elio; Hornero, Fernando; Rieta, J J; Hernández Alonso, Antonio; Paredes, Federico; Mena, Armando; Gil, Oscar; Canovas, Sergio; Garcia, Rafael; MARTINEZ LEON, JUAN
    [EN] Objective: To identify preoperative parameters of anatomo-electrical atrial remodelling in order to identify the subgroup of patients more favourable to long-term sinus rhythm (SR) re-establishment after concomitant ablation of persistent-permanent atrial fibrillation (AF). Methods: The study included 50 consecutive patients undergoing concomitant surgical ablation of persistent-permanent AF with cryoablation and bipolar radiofrequency Maze IV pattern. The variables collected before the operation were: demographic variables, morbidity, AF evolution time, transthoracic echocardiographic study, and digital electrocardiogram register for f-wave signal organisation analysis (sample entropy [SampEn]). An assessment was also made of the individual and combined association of atrial remodelling parameters...

  7. POLIS - The experience of the tuscan innovation cluster in the field of sustainable mobility

    Bellandi, MARCO; Monti, ALESSANDRO; SCERBO, MARCO; Colomer Ferrandiz, José Vicente; Colomer Font, Oscar; Fiore ., Mauro Flavio
    Tuscany Region, in order to promote innovation and technology transfer according to the communication n° 323/2006 of the EU commission, constituted twelve clusters since July of 2011 within which POLIS – Pole of innovation on the technologies for the sustainable city – is the one focused on: - Mobility, flow management and organization of transport processes. - Cultural heritage, conservation, management and fruition. - Sustainable construction, new building materials, energy consumption reduction systems. Foundation for Research and Innovation (proponent and key-manager partner of POLIS) is highly active in the field of urban logistics, as a key sector where innovative solutions and policies could significantly ease traffic impacts...

  8. Review of Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridge, and Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridges Case Studies edited by Sreenivas Alampalli and William J. Moreau

    Adam Martínez, José Miguel
    Adam Martínez, JM. (2016). Review of Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridge, and Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridges Case Studies edited by Sreenivas Alampalli and William J. Moreau. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. 30(4):1-2.

  9. Hacia la sostenibilidad en la obra civil con soluciones prefabricadas de hormigón. Una primera aproximación

    López-Vidal, A.; Yepes, V.
    La mayoría de avances alcanzados relacionados con los métodos estandarizados para cuantificar la sostenibilidad de la construcción, están fundamentalmente enfocados a la edificación más que a las infraestructuras, especialmente en su variante residencial. El impacto global de la edificación residencial es el mayor de todos, pues implica a los tres ejes de la sostenibilidad: medioambiental (emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero, derivados de los consumos de calefacción y/o refrigeración para lograr unas condiciones interiores confortables), social (la vivienda es una primera necesidad para las personas) y económico (suele representar el mayor gasto que afronta una persona a lo largo de su vida). Mientras tanto, la...

  10. Beach nourishment impact on Posidonia oceanica. Case study of Poniente Beach (Benidorm, Alicante)

    Serra Peris, José Cristobal; Aragones, Luis; García-Barba, José; garcía-Bleda, Eduardo; Lopez, Ignacio
    The importance of nourishment processes on the beaches of Mediterranean Sea has been increasing since the end of the 20th century due to its socio-economical awareness (tourismboost) and environmental implications (possible impact on Posidonia oceanica meadows and important processes of dredging and earth movements). However, in many cases, and especially in eastern Spain, relevant actions have been made which had caused that, after 20 years, the beaches in which these works were carried out will be in a similar situation with the original one. The present study analyzed the Poniente Beach (Benidorm, Spain), a beach where the nourishment works of 1991...

  11. Characterization of Screen-Printed Organic Electrochemical Transistors to Detect Cations of Different Sizes

    Contat-Rodrigo, L; Pérez Fuster, Clara; Lidon-Roger, Jose V.; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Garcia-Breijo, Eduardo
    A novel screen-printing fabrication method was used to prepare organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) doped with polysterene sulfonate (PEDOT:PSS). Initially, three types of these screen-printed OECTs with a different channel and gate areas ratio were compared in terms of output characteristics, transfer characteristics, and current modulation in a phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution. Results confirm that transistors with a gate electrode larger than the channel exhibit higher modulation. OECTs with this geometry were therefore chosen to investigate their ion-sensitive properties in aqueous solutions of cations of different sizes (sodium and rhodamine B). The effect of the gate electrode...

  12. The insecticide DDT targets the OSCP and subunit D of the Apis mellifera ATP synthase

    Younis, Hassan M.; Serrano Salom, Ramón; Abdel Razik, Reda K.; Rydström, Jan
    1, 1-bis (p-Chlorophenyl) -2, 2, 2-trichloroethane (DDT) has been used for control of malaria mosquitoes and other insect vectors of human diseases since 1945. Its use poses an environmental dilemma and efforts to replace it have been hampered by lack of information about its molecular target. This work identifies the 23 kDa band responsible for the DDT sensitivity in bees, as the OSCP and subunit "d" of the ATP synthase. The OSCP of the bee's ATP synthase contained 207 amino acids compared to 190 in bovine, which is insensitive to DDT, and the identities were only 47%. Subunit "d" of...

  13. RAPD analysis of cultivated and wild yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus L.)

    Abad Campos, Paloma; Pascual España, Bernardo; Maroto Borrego, José Vicente; López Galarza, Salvador Vicente; Vicente, María J.; Alagarda Pardo, José
    Cultivated and weedy clones of yellow nutsedge were analyzed using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers to assess the polymorphism within the species and determine if this approach was suitable for identification of cultivar and wild populations. The RAPD markers unambiguously identified all studied clones. Nei-Li similarities were computed and used in an unweighted pair group method using arithmetic average (UPGMA) cluster analyses. Cultivated and weedy clones were clustered in two groups, but two cultivated clones were more closely related to weedy clones than to cultivated clones. The results showed a high level of genetic variability among the clones tested,...

  14. Designing healthy, climate friendly and affordable school lunches

    Ribal Sanchis, Francisco Javier; Fenollosa Ribera, M. Loreto; García Segovia, Purificación; Clemente Polo, Gabriela; Escobar Lanzuela, Neus; Sanjuán Pellicer, María Nieves
    Purpose This study aims to develop a model with which to build diets taking into account nutritional, climate change and economic aspects. A case study is used to test the proposed model, consisting of finding the optimal menus for school children in Spain from combinations of 20 starters, 20 main dishes and 7 desserts for a 20-day planning period. Methods An optimizing technique, specifically integer goal programming, is used as a means of designing diets which take into account the aforementioned aspects. Goal programming (GP) is used to design those menus that meet, or nearly meet, all the requirements with respect to caloric content, caloric share among macronutrients, nutrients to encourage...

  15. Environmental assessment of antimicrobial coatings for packaged fresh milk

    Manfredi, Michelle; Fantin, Valentina; Vignali, Giusseppe; GAVARA CLEMENTE, RAFAEL
    Antimicrobial coatings are being increasingly used as a means to extend the shelf life of food products. This extension helps consumers cut down on the food waste generated at household level, while at the same time reducing the impact, which these products' life cycle has on the environment. The aim of this Life Cycle Assessment study is thus to assess the consequences on the environment arising from the application of an antimicrobial coating onto the packaging of a fresh milk product, while also taking into account the reduction in milk waste. The antimicrobial coating considered is a synthetic derivative of lauric...

  16. Feasibility of selection for male contribution to embryo survival as a way of improving male reproductive performance and semen quality in rabbits.

    Piles, M.; MOCÉ CERVERA, MARÍA LORENA; Laborda Vidal, Patricia; Santacreu Jerez, María Antonia
    The objective of this research was assess the male contribution to the number of implanted embryos (IE) and embryo survival (ES) estimated as the rate of variance due to male genetic and permanent environmental effects regarding total variance. In prolific species, the number of embryos and ES at early stages of gestation could be considered as fertility measurements because it indicates the number and rate of fertilized ova which are able to initiate the embryo development. Analyzed traits were ovulation rate (OR) estimated as the number of corpora lutea in both ovaries, IE estimated as the number of implantation sites,...

  17. Genetic selection for ovulation rate and litter size in rabbits: estimation of genetic parameters and direct and correlated responses.

    ZIADI, CHIRAZ; MOCÉ CERVERA, MARÍA LORENA; Laborda Vidal, Patricia; Blasco Mateu, Agustín; Santacreu Jerez, María Antonia
    The aim of this work was to estimate direct and correlated responses in survival rates in an experiment of selection for ovulation rate (OR) and litter size (LS) in a line of rabbits (OR_LS). From generation 0 to 6 (first selection period), females were selected only for second gestation OR estimated by laparoscopy. From generation 7 to 13 (second selection period), a 2-stage selection for OR and LS was performed. In stage 1, females having the greatest OR at second gestation were selected. In stage 2, selection was for the greatest average LS of the first 2 parities of the...

  18. Selection for ovulation rate in rabbits: Genetics parameters and correlated responses on survival rates.

    Laborda Vidal, Patricia; MOCÉ CERVERA, MARÍA LORENA; Blasco Mateu, Agustín; Santacreu Jerez, María Antonia
    The aim of this work was to evaluate the correlated responses on survival rates after 10 generations of selection for ovulation rate (OR). Selection was based on the phenotypic value of ovulation rate estimated at d 12 of second gestation by laparoscopy. Traits recorded were litter size (LS), estimated as total number of rabbits born per litter in up to 5 parities; OR, estimated as the number of corpora lutea in both ovaries; the number of implanted embryos (IE), estimated as the number of implantation sites; the number of right and left IE (RIE and LIE); ovulatory difference (OD), defined as the difference between the right and the left OR, expressed as...

  19. Selection for ovulation rate in rabbits: Direct and correlated responses estimated with a cryopreserved control population1

    Laborda Vidal, Patricia; Santacreu Jerez, María Antonia; Blasco Mateu, Agustín; MOCÉ CERVERA, MARÍA LORENA
    The aim of this work was to evaluate the response in 10 generations of selection for ovulation rate in rabbits using a cryopreserved control population. Selection was based on the phenotypic value of ovulation rate estimated at d 12 of second gestation by laparoscopy. To produce the control population, embryos from 50 donor females and 18 males, belonging to the base generation of the line selected for ovulation rate, were recovered. A total of 467 embryos (72-h embryos) were vitrifi ed and stored in liquid N2 for 10 generations. The size of both populations was approximately 10 males and 50 females. The number of records used to analyze the different traits ranged...

  20. A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Assessment of Small Animals Phobia Using Virtual Reality as a Stimulus

    Clemente Bellido, Miriam; Rey Solaz, Beatriz; Rodríguez Pujadas, Aina; Breton Lopez, Juani; Barros Loscertales, Alfonso; Baños, Rosa María; Botella, Cristina; Alcañiz Raya, Mariano Luis; Ávila, César
    Background: To date, still images or videos of real animals have been used in functional magnetic resonance imaging protocols to evaluate the brain activations associated with small animals phobia. Objective: The objective of our study was to evaluate the brain activations associated with small animals phobia through the use of virtual environments. This context will have the added benefit of allowing the subject to move and interact with the environment, giving the subject the illusion of being there. Methods: We have analyzed the brain activation in a group of phobic people while they navigated in a virtual environment that included the small...

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