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  1. Improvements to the TCVD method to segment hand-drawn sketches

    Albert Gil, Francisco Eugenio; Aleixos Borrás, María Nuria
    Tangent and Corner Vertices Detection (TCVD) is a method to detect corner vertices and tangent points in sketches using parametric cubic curves approximation, which is capable to detect corners with a high accuracy and a very low false positive rate, and also to detect tangent points far above other methods in literature. In this article, we present several improvements to TCVD method in order to establish mathematical conditions to detect corners and make the obtaining of curves independent from the scale, what increases the success ratio in transitions between lines and curves. The new conditions for obtaining corners use the...

  2. Bimetallic nanosized solids with acid and redox properties for catalytic activation of C-C and C-H bonds

    Cabrero Antonino, Jose Ramón; Tejeda-Serrano, Maria; Quesada Vilar, Manuel; Vidal Moya, José Alejandro; Leyva Perez, Antonio; Corma Canós, Avelino
    A new approach is presented to form self-supported bimetallic nanosized solids with acid and redox catalytic properties. They are water-, air- and H-2-stable, and are able to activate demanding C-C and C-H reactions. A detailed mechanistic study on the formation of the Ag-Fe bimetallic system shows that a rapid redox-coupled sequence between Ag+, O-2 (air) and Fe2+ occurs, giving monodisperse Ag nanoparticles supported by O-bridged diatomic Fe3+ triflimides. The system can be expanded to Ag nanoparticles embedded within a matrix of Cu2+, Bi3+ and Yb3+ triflimide.

  3. A High Fundamental Frequency (HFF)-based QCM Immunosensor for Tuberculosis Detection

    Montoya Baides, Ángel; March Iborra, Mª Del Carmen; MONTAGUT FERIZZOLA, YEISON JAVIER; Moreno Tamarit, Mª José; Manclus Ciscar, Juan José; Arnau Vives, Antonio; Jiménez Jiménez, Yolanda; Jaramillo, Marisol; Paula A. Marín; Torres-Villa, Róbinson Alberto
    Tuberculosis, one of the oldest diseases affecting human beings, is still considered as a world public health problem by the World Health Organization. Therefore, there is a need for new and more powerful analytical methods for early illness diagnosis. With this idea in mind, the development of a High Fundamental Frequency (HFF) piezoelectric immunosensor for the sensitive detection of tuberculosis was undertaken. A 38 kDa protein secreted by Mycobacterium tuberculosis was first selected as the target biomarker. Then, specific monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were obtained. Myc-31 MAb, which showed the highest affinity to the analyte, was employed to set up a...

  4. Prediction of labor onset type: Spontaneous vs induced; role of electrohysterography?

    Alberola Rubio, José; Garcia Casado, Francisco Javier; Prats-Boluda, Gema; Ye Lin, Yiyao; Desantes, D.; Valero, J.; PERALES MARIN, ALFREDO JOSE
    Background and objective Induction of labor (IOL) is a medical procedure used to initiate uterine contractions to achieve delivery. IOL entails medical risks and has a significant impact on both the mother's and newborn's well-being. The assistance provided by an automatic system to help distinguish patients that will achieve labor spontaneously from those that will need late-term IOL would help clinicians and mothers to take an informed decision about prolonging pregnancy. With this aim, we developed and evaluated predictive models using not only traditional obstetrical data but also electrophysiological parameters derived from the electrohysterogram (EHG). Methods EHG recordings were made on singleton term...

  5. An Active Safety System for Low-Speed Bus Braking Assistance

    Girbés, Vicent; Armesto Ángel, Leopoldo; Dols Ruiz, Juan Francisco; Tornero Montserrat, Josep
    Accidents in which buses or coaches are involved cause thousands of injuries and fatalities every year. To reduce their number and severity, the paper describes an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) based on a haptic throttle pedal and emergency braking. It also proposes a computationally efficient algorithm with a methodology based on three main concepts: a simplified but accurate vehicle model; an efficient collision detection system considering driver's intention and pedestrians wandering around the vehicle; and a risk evaluation system to generate warnings and emergency braking signals. Finally, the performance of the proposed ADAS is validated using a driving simulation...

  6. Haptic Feedback to Assist Bus Drivers for Pedestrian Safety at Low Speed

    Girbés, Vicent; Armesto Ángel, Leopoldo; Dols Ruiz, Juan Francisco; Tornero Montserrat, Josep
    Buses and coaches are massive Passenger Transportation Systems (PTS), because they represent more than half of land PTS in the European Union. Despite of that, bus accident figures are lower than other means of transport, but its size and weight increase the severity of accidents in which buses are involved, even at low speed. In urban scenarios, turnings and manoeuvres around bus stops are the main causes of accidents, mostly due to low visibility, blind spots or driver s distractions. Therefore, there is an increasing interest in developing driving assistance systems to avoid these situations, among others. However, even though...

  7. Efficient TLB-Based Detection of Private Pages in Chip Multiprocessors

    Esteve Garcia, Albert; Ros Bardisa, Alberto; Gómez Requena, María Engracia; Robles Martínez, Antonio; Duato Marín, José Francisco
    © 2016 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. Permission from IEEE must be obtained for all other uses, in any current or future media, including reprinting/republishing this material for advertising or promotional purposes, creating new collective works, for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or reuse of any copyrighted component of this work in other works.

  8. Bandwidth-Aware On-Line Scheduling in SMT Multicores

    Feliu-Pérez, Josué; Sahuquillo Borrás, Julio; Petit Martí, Salvador Vicente; Duato Marín, José Francisco
    © 2016 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. Permission from IEEE must be obtained for all other uses, in any current or future media, including reprinting/republishing this material for advertising or promotional purposes, creating new collective works, for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or reuse of any copyrighted component of this work in other works.

  9. Enhancing the L1 Data Cache Design to Mitigate HCI

    Valero Bresó, Alejandro; Miralaei, Negar; Petit Martí, Salvador Vicente; Sahuquillo Borrás, Julio; Jones, Timothy M.
    © 2016 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. Permission from IEEE must be obtained for all other uses, in any current or future media, including reprinting/republishing this material for advertising or promotional purposes, creating new collective works, for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or reuse of any copyrighted component of this work in other works.

  10. Toward a General Conceptualization of Multi-Display Environments

    García Sanjuan, Fernando; Jaén Martínez, Francisco Javier; Nácher-Soler, Vicente Ernesto
    Combining multiple displays in the same environment enables more immersive and rich experiences in which visualization and interaction can be improved. Although much research has been done in the field of multi-display environments (MDEs) and previous studies have provided taxonomies to define them, these have usually consisted of partial descriptions. In this paper, we propose a general taxonomy that combines these partial descriptions and complements them with new evidences extracted from current practice. The main contribution of this paper is the summarization of the key dimensions that conform MDEs and a classification of previous studies to illustrate them.

  11. Recognition of Abnormal Uptake through 123I-mIBG Scintigraphy Entropy for Paediatric Neuroblastoma Identification

    Martínez Díaz, Milagros; Martínez Díaz, Rafael; Sánchez Ruiz, Luis Manuel; Peris Fajarnes, Guillermo
    Whole-body 123I-Metaiodobenzylguanidine (mIBG) scintigraphy is used as primary image modality to visualize neuroblastoma tumours and metastases because it is the most sensitive and specific radioactive tracer in staging the disease and evaluating the response to treatment. However, especially in paediatric neuroblastoma, information from mIBG scans is difficult to extract because of acquisition difficulties that produce low definition images, with poor contours, resolution and contrast. These problems limit physician assessment. Current oncological guidelines are based on qualitative observer-dependant analysis. This makes comparing results taken at different moments of therapy, or in different institutions, difficult. In this paper, we present a computerized method that processes an image and calculates a...

  12. A decision support system for the collaborative selection of strategies in enterprise networks

    Andres, B.; Poler, R.
    Collaborative networks (CN) consist of autonomous and heterogeneous partners, and each defines its own objectives and formulates its own strategies, which are selected and activated to achieve these objectives. The heterogeneity that characterises network partners could lead to contradictions appearing among the strategies formulated in each CN enterprise. Consequently, the strategies formulated in one enterprise could negatively influence the achievement of the objectives defined in other enterprises of the same network. These contradictions lead to strategies misalignments, which worsens the network performance. In order to deal with these misalignments, a DSS is proposed to support the process of selecting the...

  13. The social relations of university students: intensity, interaction and association with academic performance

    Tomas Miquel, Jose Vicente; Nicolau Juliá, Débora; Expósito Langa, Manuel
    [EN] In recent years, the literature has stressed the importance of relational factors in students’ academic performance. Thus, the networks of assistance and exchange in academic matters and the expressive or friendship networks established in the classroom can have a significant influence on students’ academic performance. For this reason, we thought that it might be interesting to explore the intensity, structure and interaction of these networks, as well as their ties with students’ academic performance. Using social network analysis, we performed an exploratory study on the relations in a sample of students from the Universitat Politècnica de València. The results...

  14. Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) landraces in Catalonia, a Mesoamerican germplasm hotspot to be preserved

    Sanchez, E.; Sifres Cuerda, Alicia Gemma; Casañas, F.; Nuez Viñals, Fernando
    Several landraces of common bean with high organoleptic value have resisted the rapid expansion of improved cultivars in Catalonia, in north-eastern Spain. To establish strategies for their preservation and use, we employed RAPD and AFLP markers to investigate the genetic variability within 15 landraces and to identify their original gene pools. A higher percentage of Mesoamerican landraces was found in Catalonia (40%) than in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula, or in Europe (approx. 20%). This is probably due to the exclusion of Catalonia from early trade with the American colonies and stronger commercial links with the Caribbean during the nineteenth century. Our results confirm that...

  15. Continuous supercritical synthesis of unsupported and high specific surface area catalyst precursors for deep-hydrodesulfurization

    Theodet, Manuel; Quilfen, Cyril; Martínez, Cristina; Aymonier, Cyril
    Unsupported and high specific surface area (S-BET) catalyst precursors for deep-hydrodesulfurization (deep-HDS) are obtained using an environmental friendly, continuous and fast synthesis process in supercritical water/alcohol mixtures. This approach offers an access to high production rate and upscaling. Two mixed oxides were synthesized: NiMoO4, which is the preferred material when deep-HDS is investigated, and CoMoO4 preferred for simple HDS. The role of the water/alcohol mixture on the resulting specific surface area has been studied and allows a controlled adjustment of the resulting specific surface area. The obtained NiMoO4 material consists of the highly active hydrate NiMoO4 center dot 0.75H(2)O phase...

  16. A navigational role-centric model oriented web approach - MoWebA

    GONZÁLEZ TOÑÁNEZ, MAGALÍ; Cernuzzi, Luca; Pastor López, Oscar
    This study presents MoWebA, a navigational role-centric model driven development (MDD) proposal for web applications development. The approach was conceived considering a previous study of web methods and analysing some open issues. This article presents the fundamentals of the proposal; the methodological aspects for modelling and transformation processes; and the defined notations/techniques for modelling and transformation tasks, including their abstract and concrete syntax definitions. We include a summary of the validation experiences and main results, and a comparison against other related proposals, in order to highlight the main contributions of MoWebA.

  17. Single users' affective responses models for product form design

    Diego-Mas, Jose Antonio; Alcaide Marzal, Jorge
    This paper presents a neural network based approach to modeling consumers' affective responses for product form design. A theoretical framework for a single user's perception is developed. On the basis of this theoretical framework, a mathematical model which enables single users' responses to different products to be predicted was developed. The results obtained show that the mathematical models developed achieved highly accurate predictions. For the purpose of obtaining a global model various individual mathematical models were created, which were based on the opinions of users representing different groups of opinion. The results suggest that, under some conditions, the combined use of...

  18. Changes in the microstructure and location of some bioactive compounds in persimmons treated by high hydrostatic pressure

    Vázquez Gutiérrez, José Luis; Quiles Chuliá, Mª Desamparados; Hernando Hernando, Mª Isabel; Pérez Munuera, Isabel Mª
    [EN] Persimmon fruit are an important source of phenolic compounds, dietary fibre, and carotenoids. However, the location of these elements in the tissue is directly connected with processing techniques used. The aim of this work was to study the effect of high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) on the microstructure of persimmon fruit cv. 'Rojo Brillante' during different ripening stages and the relationship of this treatment with changes in the location of some bioactive compounds. Samples from persimmon fruit cv. 'Rojo Brillante' from two ripening stages, with and without deastringency treatment (95-98% CO(2)), were treated by HHP at 200 and 400 MPa...

  19. Effect of different cornstarch types in new formulations of gluten-and lactose-free white sauces with high protein content.

    Quiles Chuliá, Mª Desamparados; Llorca Martínez, Mª Empar; Hernández Carrión, María; Hernando Hernando, Mª Isabel
    [EN] Celiac disease is an immune response to ingestion of gluten in genetically susceptible individuals. As gluten is present in white sauces, the aim of this paper was to obtain new formulations of gluten- and lactose-free sauces with high protein content. The microstructure and several sensory and physical properties were studied. The results showed white sauces maintained good stability and resistance to syneresis during storage. The sauces had a continuous phase consisting of components of starch granules released from gelatinized granules and soy protein, and a dispersed phase consisting of fat globules and swollen starch granules with high amylopectin content....

  20. Ultrasonic assessment of fresh cheese composition

    Telis Romero, Javier; Vaquiro, Henry A.; Bon Corbín, José; Benedito Fort, José Javier
    [EN] Fresh cheese composition was assessed by measuring ultrasonic velocity in cheese and cheese blends at different temperatures Twenty types of commercial fresh cheeses with fat contents ranging from 0 2% to 17 6% w b were analyzed Ultrasonic velocity was not only heavily dependent on the composition of the cheese but also on its structure Based on the different effect temperature has on velocity in water and fat a semi-empirical model was used to estimate the cheese composition from velocity measurements at six temperatures ranging from 3 to 29 degrees C The model provided good results for the assessment...

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