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  1. 24th ISUF International Conference. City and territory in the Globalización

    Colomer Sendra, Vicente
    XXIV ISUF Conference in Valencia marks as its objective the updating of studies in urban morphology and urban and territorial planning on a two-fold global concern, environmental sustainability and social and urban inequality, concern to be focused on the development of new analytical techniques. First concern, environmental sustainability, is addressed in Topics nº 1 "Stages in territorial configuration", nº 4, "Efficient use of resources for a sustainable city", nº 5 "Transforming the existing city", and nº 8, "Urban green space". Second concern, social and urban inequality, is addressed in Topics nº2 "Urban form and social use of space" and nº3, "Reading and...

  2. Entre mitos. Libros de artista

    La exposición de obras reseñadas en este catálogo giran en torno a uno de los legados culturales que mejor definen y representan a nuestra especie: el mito. Este concepto, ampliamente utilizado por el arte y la literatura, se aborda aquí a partir de una selección de libros creados por artistas de reconocido prestigio, a nivel nacional e internacional, con una destacada presencia del grupo de investigación LAMP (El libro de artista como materialización del pensamiento), profesores de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universitat Politècnica de València y de la Universidad de Palermo. Se trata de libros especiales no tanto...

  3. A polyhedral approach to the Rural Postman Problem

    Corberan, A.; Sanchís Llopis, José María
    [EN] In this paper we study the polyhedron associated with the Rural Postman Problem (RPP). Because the RPP is NP-hard, we cannot expect to find a complete description of the rural postman polyhedron of a general graph, but a partial knowledge of such a description frequently proves to be useful for both theoretical and computational purposes. We have tried to characterize the facial structure of this unbounded full-dimensional polyhedron. Sets of valid inequalities inducing facets have been studied as well as their use in a cutting-plane algorithm. The application of this algorithm to a set of RPP instances taken from...

  4. Una propuesta de Recorrido de Estudio e Investigación (REI): Diseño, simulación y decisión de una estrategia de pesca sostenible

    Boigues, Francisco J.; Estruch, Vicente D.; Roig, Bernardino; Vidal, Anna
    [EN] In ecology and fisheries management, growth models are very important. We present a proposal of a Research and Study Course (RSI) for the subject Mathematics of first course of the Environmental Science Degree in the Polytechnic School of Gandia, in which modeling is used to propose a sustainable policy for fisheries from data collected during initial growth period of close season. The aim is: i) Establishing a mathematical model for the evolution of the population throughout the study period (close season). ii) Fixed a minimum population to ensure a sustainable development of fisheries resources, proposing a fishing quota that...

  5. Technical Evolution of Ceramic Tile Printing

    Sanz, V.; Reig, Y.; Feliú, C.; Bautista, Y.; Edwards Schachter, Mónica Elizabeth
    [EN] Ceramic tile decorating techniques have evolved significantly in recent years. Digital inkjet printing technology has enabled digital systems to be used for the direct decoration of ceramic tiles, revolutionizing ceramic tile decoration and providing many advantages over traditional decoration techniques. It was the formulation of inks with soluble and vitrifiable stains that allowed inkjet printing technology to be introduced into ceramic tile decoration. The incorporation of milled inorganic pigments into the inks broadened the available color palette. However, the colloidal instability of these inks and the constraints of the printing heads themselves made it necessary to reduce pigment particle...

  6. ABC classification of spare parts considering costs and service

    Cardós, Manuel; Guijarro, Ester; Babiloni, Eugenia
    [EN] This paper focuses on the multi-item problem where it is necessary to reach an overall stock availability of the spare parts while minimising involved costs. Over the last years, a number of authors have proposed a variety of approaches and provided different rules in order to classify items in ABC classes. An additional optimisation has to be performed in order to minimise the inventory cost while fulfilling a target service level. The proposed approach focuses on the characteristics of spare parts and optimises the inventory cost subject to the overall target fill rate by means of a closed form...

  7. Morphological and morphometric changes of sagittae otoliths related to fish growth in three Mugilidae species

    Callico Fortunato, Roberta Glenda; Benedito Durá, Vicent; González-Castro, M.; Volpedo, Alejandra
    [EN] The aim of this study was to analyze morphologic and morphometric changes of sagittae otoliths throughout the growth of three mullets: Mugil liza, Mugil cephalus and Liza ramada. Fish were collected seasonally between October 2011 and April 2014, and three methods were used: regression analysis of traditional biometric characters; morphological analysis for group identification; and morphometrical analysis of shape indices among groups (circularity, rectangularity, aspect ratio and percentage occupied by the sulcus). In all species, dependence of standard length on otolith length and height were best described as power functions. Two morphological groups were identified for M. liza and...

  8. Thermal hysteresis of microwave loss in (La1-xPrx)(0.7)Ca 0.3MnO3 films

    Kale, Sangeeta; Lofland, S.E.; Bhagat, S.M.; García Miquel, Ángel Héctor; Ogale, S.B.; Shinde, S.R.; Venkatesan, T.
    [EN] We have measured the temperature (T) dependencies of the dc resistances (R-dc) and the microwave loss (R-muw) in a variety of samples of (La1-xPrx)(0.7)Ca0.3MnO3 while varying x from 0 to 0.4. Whereas both the sets of data exhibit maxima, the ac loss peak is much flatter and, during cooling, appears at a much lower temperature than the peak temperature in R-dc. The discrepancy, which vanishes for x=0, increases with lowering tolerance factor (t) (or increasing x). Also R-muw vs T exhibits large thermal hysteresis for x=0.4 indicating that the transition is first order. Cooling in a magnetic field of...

  9. Very large magnetoimpedance effect in FeCoNi ferromagnetic tubes with high order magnetic anisotropy

    Kurlyandskaya, G.V.; Yakabchuk, H.; Kisker, E.; N.G. Bebenin; García Miquel, Ángel Héctor; Vázquez, M.; Vas'kovskiy, V.O.
    [EN] The extraordinarily high (up to 800% magnetoimpedance ratio) and sensitive magnetoimpedance effect has been found and studied in FeCoNi magnetic tubes electroplated onto CuBe nonmagnetic wire at frequency of about 1 MHz order. Special annealing was done in order to induce magnetic anisotropy. The high harmonic response has been studied, and the harmonics show larger variations with the external magnetic field than the fundamental. This huge sensitivity of the harmonics (up to an order of the tens of thousands %/Oe) is promising in regard to the increase of the sensitivity of giant magnetoimpedance sensors. To explain the experiment results,...

  10. Primeros pasos con las tareas de modelización en secundaria

    Gallart Palau, Cèsar; Garcia-Raffi, Lluís M.
    [EN] The growing importance of skills in our education system emphasizes the need not only of methodological changes in the teaching of mathematics in compulsory secondary education, but also to design new tools to develop the basic competences in general and mathematical competence in particular our students. The problems of modelling, in the context of realistic mathematics education, become an important tool for this purpose. In this paper we describe the design and implementation of a pilot activity modelling with students aged 15-16 as a first step in the introduction of this type tasks in the programming course.

  11. Modelo para el trazado de una carretera entre dos paraboloides

    Lorente Arreba, Víctor José; Jiménez Fernández, Eduardo; Vicent Ferrando, Lorena
    [EN] We present a classroom task that consists to model the path of the road between two paraboloid surfaces. The purpose of this paper is to teach the differential calculus using mathematical modeling as a teaching tool. The context of the engineering design of a highway serves as a vehicle for teaching and learning the mathematical contents necessary for driving the task.

  12. Modelización no lineal de secciones aeronaúticas con EXCEL-SOLVER©

    Lázaro, Mario; Pérez Aparicio, José Luis
    [EN] The program MICROSOFT-EXCEL© has a great popularity in the professional world of engineering-consulting. The authors are aware of that from own experience. This is the reason that has led us to implement a nonlienar model to predict the ultimate strenght of fuselage and wings structures. The didactic methology has been developed for the subject Aircraft Structural Design in the 4th course of Aeronautical Engineering studies at the Polythecnic University of Valencia. The students show a high level of satisfaction since they learn nonlinear computational methods, valid for real structures; they are capable of the implementation with help of the...

  13. Círculos de Mohr: un laboratorio virtual para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje de estados tensionales planos

    Jiménez Mocholí, Antonio José; Giménez-Palomares, Fernando; Lapuebla-Ferri, Andrés
    [EN] Linear elasticity is a discipline that studies the elastic solid under external forces that generate a mechanical response in linear elastic regime. In particular, it is of special interest to study the stresses and strains at any point of the solid, which is known as the elastic problem. Moreover, the problem of plane stress state -that is, in two dimensions- it is very common in engineering. Prior to its study, it is necessary to first obtain the so-called stress state in the differential vicinity around a point of the elastic solid, then calculating the different values that can reach...

  14. Analysis of Oscillations in a Cableway: Wind Load Effects

    Gustincic, Jan; Garcia-Raffi, Lluís M.
    [EN] The purpose of this paper is to develop and investigate a non-linear model for analysing the reaction of a self-detachable cabin monocable ropeway exposed to a sudden deceleration and wind forces. The First and Second Newton's Law and Differential Equations are the basic tools for building the model. Furthermore a few basic considerations have been made about the air “dragging and lifting" forces that induce oscillations and vibrations in mechanical systems alike. All the numerical data used for the simulation was taken from a ropeway in the skiing site of Ravascletto-Zoncolan in the North- East of Italy.

  15. Electrochemical analysis of gildings in Valencia altarpieces: a cross-age study since fifteenth until twentieth century, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

    JAVIER VICENTE FERRAGUD ADAM; Piquero-Cilla, Joan; Domenech Carbo, Mª Teresa; Guerola Blay, Vicente; COMPANY CLIMENT, JOAQUIN; ANTONIO DOMÉNECH CARBÓ
    [EN] The application of the voltammetry of microparticles methodology to the study of gildings in paintings and architectural ornaments is described. Nanosamples from pieces from different churches of the Comunitat Valenciana (Spain) covering since the fifteenth century until nowadays were studied upon attachment to graphite electrodes in contact with aqueous HCl and H2SO4 electrolytes. Electrochemical measurements, combined with field emission scanning electron microscopy X-ray microanalysis (FESEM-EDX) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) data, denoted that a common manufacturing technique was used with minimal variations along time. The relationship between specific voltammetric features associated to bulk gold and active surface sites, however,...

  16. Dielectric relaxation in chlorinated polyethylene polypropylene copolymers

    Sanchis Sánchez, María Jesús; Sánchez Martínez, Enrique; Díaz Calleja, Ricardo; Pankratova, E.T.; Murin, I.
    [EN] Dielectric relaxation measurements were carried out on eight chlorinated polyethylene-polypropylene (PEPP) copolymers in the range of temperatures covering the main dielectric absorption. Chlorination of PEPP is expected to change the dynamic dielectric properties gradually with increasing amount of chlorine in the polymer chains. Thus, in the present study, increasing degrees of chlorination give a clear shift of the glass transition temperature towards higher values, except in the range between 40 and 51% chlorine, where an anomalous behaviour was observed. The same tendency is also observed in the relaxation strength (Delta epsilon). The value of Delta epsilon has been estimated...

  17. A GRASP for the Mixed Postman Problem

    Corberán, A.; Marti, R.; Sanchís Llopis, José María
    [EN] Arc routing problems (ARPs) consist of finding a traversal on a graph satisfying some conditions related to the links of the graph. In the Chinese postman problem (CPP) the aim is to find a minimum cost tour (closed walk) traversing all the links of the graph at least once. Both the Undirected CPP, where all the links are edges that can be traversed in both ways, and the Directed CPP, where all the links are arcs that must be traversed in a specified way, are known to be polynomially solvable. However, if we deal with a mixed graph (having...

  18. Fabrication of ultrafine and nanocrystalline WC-Co mixtures by high energy milling

    Bonache Bezares, Victoria; Salvador Moya, Mª Dolores; Busquets Mataix, David Jeronimo; Segovia-López, Francisco
    [EN] In this work ultrafine and nanocrystalline WC-Co mixtures were obtained by low energy milling in planetary ball mill. The effect of the processing conditions on the reduction and distribution of the grain sizes and the internal strains level were studied. The characterisation of the powder mixtures was performed by means of scanning and transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis. Observations through SEM and TEM images showed a particle size below 100 nm, after milling. The X-ray diffraction profile analysis revealed a WC phase refined to a crystallite size of 19 nm. The mixtures obtained have been consolidated and...

  19. Electrochemical characterization of biodeterioration of paint films containing cadmium yellow pigment

    Ortiz-Miranda, Annette; DOMENECH CARBO, ANTONIO; Domenech Carbo, Mª Teresa; Osete Cortina, Laura; Valle-Algarra, Francisco M.; BOLIVAR GALIANO, FERNANDO; MARTIN SANCHEZ, INES; López Miras, María del Mar
    [EN] The voltammetry of microparticles (VMP) methodology was used to characterize the biological attack of different bacteria and fungi to reconstructed egg tempera and egg linseed oil emulsion paint films containing cadmium yellow (CdS), which mimic historical painting techniques. When these paint films are in contact with aqueous acetate buffer, different cathodic signals are observed. As a result of the crossing of VMP data with attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), and atomic force microscopy (AFM), these voltammetric signals can be associated with the reduction of CdS and...

  20. Comparative study of amorphous and partially crystalline poly(ethylene-2-6-naphthalene dicarboxylate) by TSDC, DEA ,DMA and DCSC

    Canadas, J.C.; Diego, J.A.; Sellares, J.; Mudarra, M.; Belana, J.; Díaz Calleja, Ricardo; Sanchis Sánchez, María Jesús
    [EN] A comparative study of the relaxational behavior of amorphous and partially crystalline poly(ethylene-2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate) (PEN), has been carried out by thermally stimulated depolarization currents (TSDC), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and dynamic electric analysis (DEA). As received, PEN (partially crystalline) shows, in the temperature range from -150 to 200 degrees C, four relaxations located, in increasing temperature order, around -70 degrees C (beta), 60 degrees C (beta*), 130 degrees C (alpha) and 170 degrees C (rho). Amorphous PEN has been crystallized thermally heating up to different temperatures between 170 and 200 degrees C. The DSC measurements...

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