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  1. Mutation at the tomato EXCESSIVE NUMBER OF FLORAL ORGANS (ENO) locus impairs floral meristem development, thus promoting an increased number of floral organs and fruit size

    Fernández-Lozano, Antonia; Yuste-Lisbona, Fernando J.; Pérez-Martín, Fernando; Pineda Chaza, Benito José; Moreno Ferrero, Vicente; Lozano, Rafael; Angosto, Trinidad
    [EN] A novel tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) mutant affected in reproductive development, excessive number of floral organs (eno), is described in this study. The eno plants yielded flowers with a higher number of floral organs in the three innermost floral whorls and larger fruits than those found in wild-type plants. Scanning-electron microscopy study indicated that the rise in floral organ number and fruit size correlates with an increased size of floral meristem at early developmental stages. It has been reported that mutation at the FASCIATED (FAS) gene causes the development of flowers with supernumerary organs; however, complementation test and genetic...

  2. Transcriptional Activity of the MADS Box ARLEQUIN/TOMATO AGAMOUS-LIKE1 Gene Is Required for Cuticle Development of Tomato Fruit

    Giménez Caminero, Maria Estela; Domínguez, Eva; Pineda Chaza, Benito José; Heredia, Antonio; Moreno Ferrero, Vicente; Lozano, Rafael; Angosto, Trinidad
    [EN] Fruit development and ripening entail key biological and agronomic events, which ensure the appropriate formation and dispersal of seeds and determine productivity and yield quality traits. The MADS box gene ARLEQUIN/TOMATO AGAMOUS-LIKE1 (hereafter referred to as TAGL1) was reported as a key regulator of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) reproductive development, mainly involved in flower development, early fruit development, and ripening. It is shown here that silencing of the TAGL1 gene (RNA interference lines) promotes significant changes affecting cuticle development, mainly a reduction of thickness and stiffness, as well as a significant decrease in the content of cuticle components (cutin, waxes,...

  3. The tomato res mutant which accumulates JA in roots in non-stressed conditions restores cell structure alterations under salinity

    García-Abellán, José O.; Fernández-García, Nieves; López-Berenguer, Carmen; Egea, Isabel; Flores, Francisco B.; Angosto, Trinidad; Capel, Juan; Lozano, Rafael; Pineda Chaza, Benito José; Moreno Ferrero, Vicente; Olmos, Enrique; Bolarín, María C.
    [EN] Jasmonic acid (JA) regulates a wide spectrum of plant biological processes, from plant development to stress defense responses. The role of JA in plant response to salt stress is scarcely known, and even less known is the specific response in root, the main plant organ responsible for ionic uptake and transport to the shoot. Here we report the characterization of the first tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)mutant, named res (restored cell structure by salinity), that accumulates JA in roots prior to exposure to stress. The res tomato mutant presented remarkable growth inhibition and displayed important morphological alterations and cellular disorganization in...

  4. Reducing Oxidation of Foods Through Antioxidant Active Packaging Based on Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol and Natural Flavonoids

    [EN] The development of antioxidant active packaging systems is attracting considerable attention as one of the preferred emerging technologies for reducing the incidence of lipid peroxidation. This work presents the use of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer films containing two natural flavonoids, catechin and quercetin, to reduce the oxidation of food. In a series of experiments, these materials showed their ability to reduce the presence of hydroxyl radicals in the package headspace. Packaging fried peanuts in bags manufactured with these active films resulted in a large reduction in the presence of hexanal, a compound produced during peroxidation of the unsaturated fat...

  5. Characterization of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer containing lauril arginate (LAE) as material for active antimicrobial food packaging

    Muriel-Galet, Virginia; López Carballo, Gracia; HERNANDEZ MUÑOZ, MARIA PILAR; GAVARA CLEMENTE, RAFAEL
    [EN] The aim of this work was to characterize, as packaging materials, antimicrobial films based on two different ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers (EVOH 29 and EVOH 44) containing 5 and 10% lauril arginate (LAE). The characterization included optical, surface, thermal and barrier properties of the developed films, as well as the release of the agent into aqueous media. The results show that the addition of LAE did not produce relevant changes in optical, but reduced the films’ barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor, especially at high humidity conditions, and improved the wettability of the surface as demonstrated by the...

  6. Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae adiponectin receptor homolog Izh2 is involved in the regulation of zinc, phospholipid and pH homeostasis

    Mattiazzi Usaj, Mojca; Prelec, Metod; Brioznic, Mojca; PRIMO PLANTA, CECILIA; Curk, Tomaz; Scancar, Janez; Yenush, Lynne; Petrovic, Uros
    [EN] The functional link between zinc homeostasis and membrane-related processes, including lipid metabolism regulation, extends from yeast to humans, and has a likely role in the pathogenesis of diabetes. The yeast Izh2 protein has been previously implicated in zinc ion homeostasis and in the regulation of lipid and phosphate metabolism, but its precise molecular function is not known. We performed a chemogenomics experiment to determine the genes conferring resistance or sensitivity to different environmental zinc concentrations. We then determined at normal, depleted and excess zinc concentrations, the genetic interactions of IZH2 at the genome-wide level and measured changes in the...

  7. Effect of thermo-pressing temperature on the functional properties of bioplastics made from a renewable wheat gliadin resin

    Balaguer-Grimaldo, María De La Paz; Gomez-Estaca, Joaquin; Cerisuelo-Ferriols, Josep Pasqual; GAVARA CLEMENTE, RAFAEL; Hernández-Muñoz , Pilar
    [EN] In this work a new methodology based on thermo-pressing a resin made from gliadins and glycerol has been developed to obtain water resistant films. The effect of processing temperature was studied on the functional properties of the films. The results of SDS-PAGE analysis of the molecular weight profiles of the resulting films were indicative of disulfide/sulfhydryl interchange reactions giving rise to the formation of intermolecular disulfide bonds between the gliadin units. These reactions augmented the degree of cross-linking of the matrix, which increased with thermo-pressing temperature, as evidenced by the residual reaction enthalpy values determined by MDSC as well...

  8. A short critical history of the application of genomics to animal breeding

    Blasco Mateu, Agustín; Toro, Miguel Angel
    [EN] Two scientific schools have been in coexistence from the beginning of genetics, one of them searching for factors of inheritance and the other one applying biometrical models to study the relationships between relatives. With the development of molecular genetics, the possibilities of detecting genes having a noticeable effect in traits augmented. Some genes with large or medium effects were localized in animals, although the most common result was to detect markers linked to these genes, allowing the possibility of assisting selection programs with markers. When a large amount of simple and inexpensive markers were available, the SNPs, new possibilities...

  9. Contact probe electrochemical characterization and metal speciation of silver LLDPE nanocomposite films

    [EN] A contact probe methodology, based on the voltammetry of immobilized microparticle approach, is used for characterizing silver species present in linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) films with different Ag(I)/Ag(0) ratios and silver nanoparticle features usable as food contact polymers. The films displayed characteristic voltammetric features in contact with aqueous acetate buffer, in particular signals for the stripping oxidation of nanoparticulate Ag systems. Significant differences between the studied films were also observed by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and detected at the nanoscopic scale using electrochemical scanning microscopy. Differences in optical and thermal properties of the studied films are associated...

  10. Subwavelength slit acoustic metamaterial barrier

    Rubio Michavila, Constanza; Candelas Valiente, Pilar; Belmar Ibáñez, Francisco; Gómez Lozano, Vicente; Uris Martínez, Antonio
    [EN] Reduction of noise in the transmission path is a very important environmental problem. The standard method to reduce this noise level is the use of acoustic barriers. In this paper, an acoustic metamaterial based on sound transmission through subwavelength slits, is tailored to be used as an acoustic barrier. This system consists of two rows of periodic repetition of vertical rigid pickets separated by a slit of subwavelength width, embedded in air. Here, both the experimental and the numerical analyses are presented. These analyses have facilitated the identification of the parameters that affect the insertion loss performance. The results...

  11. Scoring rules and competitive behavior in best-value construction auctions

    Ballesteros Pérez, Pablo; Skitmore, M.; Pellicer, Eugenio; Zhang, X.
    This paper examines the extent to which engineers can influence the competitive behavior of bidders in best value or multiattribute construction auctions, in which both the (dollar) bid and technical nonprice criteria are scored according to a scoring rule. From a sample of Spanish construction auctions with a variety of bid scoring rules, it is found that bidders are influenced by the auction rules in significant and predictable ways. The bid score weighting, bid scoring formula, and abnormally low bids criterion are variables likely to influence the competitiveness of bidders in terms of both their aggressive / conservative bidding and...

  12. Zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a possible bioindicator of epigenetic factors present in drinking water that may affect reproductive function: is chorion an issue?

    Martínez-Sales, María Isabel; García Ximenez, Fernando; Espinos Gutierrez, Francisco Juan
    [EN] Emerging organic contaminants have been monitored in stream waters, raw and finished waters and wastewater effluents. Most of these contaminants, such as epigenetic substances, have been detected at very low levels. Unfortunately, their complete monitoring and/or removal are very difficult, given the increasing presence of new contaminants and due to analytical and economic considerations. For this reason, bioindicators are used as an alternative to monitor their presence. To this end, zebrafish is being used to assess certain contaminants in water quality studies. As our long-term aim is to determine if zebrafish (Danio rerio) can be used to detect environmental...

  13. Discrimination of the effects on zebrafish reproduction from pollutans in drinking water via female , via male and/or via fecundation water

    Martínez-Sales, María Isabel; García Ximenez, Fernando; Espinos Gutierrez, Francisco Juan
    [EN] The lack of preventive policy legislation and the low removal rate of organic pollutants in conventional potabilization treatments lead to some of them being present in drinking water. The problem arises because some of these substances have detrimental effects on human reproduction health, via females, via males or even both. In this work, we established the zebrafish as a bioindicator of these types of substances with the goal of discriminating the effects through three different pathways: male, female or water where the fertilization took place. For this purpose, four parameters were analysed: fertility rate, hatching rate and survival and...

  14. Convergence of Dirichlet polynomials in Banach spaces

    DEFANT, ANDREAS; Sevilla Peris, Pablo
    [EN] Recent results on Dirichlet series Sigma(n) a(n) 1/n(s), s is an element of C, with coefficients a(n) in an infinite dimensional Banach space X show that the maximal width of uniform but not absolute convergence coincides for Dirichlet series and for m-homogeneous Dirichlet polynomials. But a classical non-trivial fact fue to Bohnenblust and Hille shows that if X is one dimensional, this maximal width heavily depends on the degree m of the Dirichlet polynomials. We carefully analyze this phenomenon, in particular in the setting of l(p)-spaces.

  15. Diagonal extendible multilinear operators between l(p)-spaces

    Dimant, Verónica; Carando, Daniel; Sevilla Peris, Pablo; Villafañe, Román
    [EN] We study extendibility of diagonal multilinear operators from l(p) to l(p) spaces. We determine the values of and for which every diagonal -linear operator is extendible, and those for which the only extendible ones are integral. We address the same question for multilinear forms on l(p).

  16. Convergence of monomial expansions in banach spaces

    DEFANT, ANDREAS; Sevilla Peris, Pablo
    [EN] If E is a Banach sequence space, then each holomorphic function defines a formal power series ¿ ¿ c ¿(f) z ¿. The problem of when such an expansion converges absolutely and actually represents the function goes back to the very beginning of the theory of holomorphic functions on infinite-dimensional spaces. Several very deep results have been given for scalar-valued functions by Ryan, Lempert and Defant, Maestre and Prengel. We go on with this study, looking at monomial expansions of vector-valued holomorphic functions on Banach spaces. Some situations are very different from the scalar-valued case. © 2011 Published by...

  17. Diffusion modeling in polymer-clay nanocomposites for food packaging applications through finite element analysis of TEM images

    [EN] Nanocomposites are novel materials increasingly used in the food packaging industry because of their enhanced properties with respect to unfilled polymers, more specifically in active packaging because of their great potential to retain and control active molecules release into the preserved food. The estimation of the improvement achieved in barrier or retention properties is usually performed through the calculation of relative diffusivity, through application of theoretical models. However, their results are disparate and quite inaccurate when working with nanocomposites with low values of volume fraction and aspect ratio of particles. The method presented in this work is based on...

  18. Mass transport properties of gliadin films: Effect of cross-linking degree, relative humidity, and temperature

    [EN] The degree of cross-linking of gliadin films was increased by chemical treatment with cinnamaldehyde. The formation of a more reticulated network was able to achieve a simultaneous reduction of water vapor, oxygen, and carbon dioxide permeabilities, enhancing barrier properties by up to 64%, 75%, and 79%, respectively. The evaluation of solubility and diffusivity coefficients involved in water vapor permeation highlights the complexity of the mechanisms implicated in water transport through hydrophilic films. Water vapor sorption isotherms followed a non-linear profile, which was fitted with the D'Arcy and Watt model. Water vapor diffusivity was concentration-dependent, being affected by plasticization and...

  19. Modifications induced by the addition of a nanoclay in the functional and active properties of an EVOH film containing carvacrol for food packaging

    [EN] A nanoclay/EVOH composite has been developed to retard the release of a volatile antimicrobial from an EVOH film with application in active packaging. Concretely, 2% of bentonite nanoclay was added to the EVOH-29 matrix to modify its mass transport properties and consequently the activity of the antimicrobial film. The nanocomposite obtained, containing 5% of carvacrol as antimicrobial compound, is characterized in terms of antimicrobial solubility and release, water vapor solubility and permeability, oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability, diffusivity and solubility, thermal properties, and microstructural morphology. The clay-filled EVOH-29 film had a similar macroscopic appearance to the unfilled film, thanks...

  20. Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer films based on the release of oregano essential oil and green tea extract components

    Muriel-Galet, Virginia; Cran, Marlene; Bigger, Stephen; HERNANDEZ MUÑOZ, MARIA PILAR; GAVARA CLEMENTE, RAFAEL
    [EN] Polymer films with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties were manufactured for the active packaging of food products. Green tea extract (GTE) and oregano essential oil (OEO) were incorporated in an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH). Release studies of the main active components of the films into three food simulants, 3% acetic acid, 10% ethanol and 50% ethanol, were conducted at 4 degrees C and 23 degrees C. The total antioxidant activity at equilibrium was measured in the food simulants and the antimicrobial capacity of the films was tested in vitro against Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli and Penicillium expansum. The results suggest...

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