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  1. Técnicas estereo-fotométricas para la digitalización a escala micrométrica

    Cachero, Rocio; Abello, Carlota
    [EN] This paper describes a new methodology based on the combination of photogrammetric and stereo-photometric techniques that allows creating virtual replicas reproducing the relief in micrometric scale, with a geometric resolution until 7 microns. The finest details of the texture obtained by photogrammetric methods are translated to the relief of the mesh to provide quality 3D printing by additive manufacturing methods. These results open new possibilities for virtual and physical reproduction of archeological items that need a great accuracy and geometric resolution.

  2. Princeps Resurgens: investigación arqueológica y documentación fotogramétrica en el estudio de una estatua romana thoracata de Los Bañales (Uncastillo, Zaragoza)

    Maqueda García-Morales, Raúl; Luque Cortina, Manuel; Andreu Pintado, Javier; Romero Novella, Luis
    [EN] In these lines we present a set of sculptural fragments in Carrara marble recovered in a secondary context in the forum of the Roman city of Los Bañales (Uncastillo, Zaragoza) and how digital recovery of these set using photogrammetric procedures has allowed the reintegration of digital fragments to restore the original appearance of the sculpture recovered so far, allowing the documentation of the remains, a deeper scientific study and the dissemination of the performed works.

  3. La producción del sistema ferroviario. Hacia una IDE histórica del patrimonio ferroviario de Andalucía

    Ferreira Lopes, Patricia
    [EN] The railway process (1854-1940) in Andalucia contributed to the formation of a new territorial structure. The railway, built and used, was also a means of production: business networks, flows of raw materials and people, energy technologies that shaped the land and also were shaped by it. In this sense, the railroad, produced and producer of various changes, cannot be understood without its productive forces, including knowledge and technology, the working class, the superstructure of society, the State and nether can't be separated from nature, where the topography and hydrology played important role. These factors are combined, juxtaposed, are interspersed,...

  4. Interoperabilidad de la fotogrametría en modelado 3D: documentación, investigación y difusión en el yacimiento de Jamila

    Moya-Maleno, Pedro R.; Tormejón Valdelomar, Juan; Vacas Madrid, David; Losa Sánchez, Rocío
    [EN] This paper intends to be a sample, both theoretical and practical, of a protocol for the use of photogrammetric resources when generating a three-dimensional archaeological model. The use of said resources allows to cheaply compile, systematise, use and share the generated data –photogrammetric and 3D- in order to both work with hypothesis and share the knowledge –via online repositories with an academic public or with a wider audience using didactics and other means of spreading History and Archaeology–. As an example, the article analyses the possibilities and problems detected when applying said protocol at the site of the Columnated...

  5. Procesamiento de imágenes panorámicas en patrimonio.Catedral de Jaén

    Soria, Gregorio; Ortega, Lidia; Feito, Francisco R.; Barroso, Inmaculada
    [EN] A spherical photo is an image that it can show a scene and the user can interact with its. We are working in the Jaén’s cathedral. We are giving the possibility of a virtual visit with good results in many points at this place. We labored with a camera called Lady Bug 2. It can take spherical photo very easy. We used some web tools where we share all ours work.

  6. Paleocatálogo 3D: Fotogrametría para la realización de un Catálogo Virtual en 3D de alta calidad, accesible y gratuito

    Maqueda García-Morales, Raúl; Luque Cortina, Manuel
    [EN] To develop quality tools for dissemination and outreach today is no longer a problem. The access to archaeological collections, to have at our disposal a repertoire of portable art, tools, etc. of European Prehistory, neither will be. In these lines we will see the project in which we combine technology, information and accessibility to that information, as a tool for the study and dissemination of prehistory for all educational levels.

  7. Fotogrametría aérea por drone en yacimientos con grandes estructuras. Propuesta metodológica y aplicación práctica en los castillos medievales del Campo de Montiel

    Ruiz Sabina, Juan Ángel; Gallego Valle, David; Peña Ruiz, Cristina; Molero García, Jesús Manuel; Gómez Laguna, Antonio
    [EN] By writing this article we aim to illustrate the interesting combination of two existing techniques, accessible both for research groups and for professionals who want to study archaeological heritage: photogrammetry and aerial photography using a drone. We have applied these techniques to archaeological sites with standing structures, such as medieval castles in “Campo de Montiel” (Ciudad Real). Based on our expertise and experience, we have developed methodology for surface archaeological research, excavation and wall stratigraphy, thus identifying positive and negative aspects of this ethodology. The results obtained are truly positive, as we generated high-quality images offering news opportunities to...

  8. Evaluación de programas de educación patrimonial de base tecnológica

    Vicent, Naiara; Ibáñez-Etxeberria, Alex; Asensio, Mikel
    [EN] The heritage education program evaluation methodology has been devised for evaluateing the teaching-learning process given through one of the programs offered at Santa María la Real archaeological site (Zarautz, Gipuzkoa) and, in particular, to assess the impact that mobile devices offer in this process. The design has been very successful in assessing heritage education programs based on mobile learning, so it can be considered by other researchers. In this article the method is explained in order to keep in mind for future studies.

  9. Protocol: Systematic Literature Review on coordination mechanisms for the mathematical programming models in production planning with decentralized decision making

    Rius-Sorolla, Gregorio; Maheut, Julien; Estelles-Miguel, Sofía; Garcia-Sabater, José Pedro
    [EN] The article presents the research protocol for a systematic literature review on the coordination mechanisms in the mathematical programming for decentralized decision making on the planning and scheduling, intra or inter companies from 2006 to 2016.

  10. Entrepreneurship, finance entrepreneurs and job creation: Evidence from panel data

    Vega-Pascual, Manuela; Di Pietro, Filippo; Alfalla-Luque, Rafaela
    [EN] Within the line of research in entrepreneurship and economic development that defends the entrepreneurial activity as a tool for job creation and activation of the economy, we will perform an empirical analysis in Spain of the relationship between the institutional environment, specifically the entrepreneurial finance variable , capital structure and growth of young firms. To this end, this study focuses on the business context of young Spanish SMEs and uses information from the GEM and SABI databases for the period 2008-2015. Using the panel data methodology, empirical evidence is provided that access to finance favors the indebtedness of young...

  11. Protocolo: Comparación del ABP y lección magistral activa para desarrollar la capacidad emprendedora en estudiantes universitarios del área de Marketing

    Rincón Diez, Virginia; Zorrilla Calvo, Pilar
    [EN] This protocol presents a research process which aims to analyze the impact of an active learning model on entrepreneurship of university students of Marketing. First, a learning model is proposed which allows to jointly conducting the content of different subjects and which provides an integrated vision of Marketing. Subsequently, the concept of entrepreneurship is defined and a measuring instrument is mentioned. Through this instrument the information needed to analyze to what extent the new learning model promotes students’ entrepreneurship is gathered. Finally, several possibilities to perform the data analysis are presented.

  12. Análisis del Sistema de Comunicación Interna de una Pequeña Empresa

    Sanchis, Pablo Ignacio; Bonavia, Tomas
    [EN] The aim of this paper is to analyze the internal communication system in a small company. We used structured interviews in all hierarchical levels to compare the perceptive differences and the way of using the communication tools. A total of five one-hour interview sessions were made to evaluate the involved variables in every communicative tool appointed byor-ganization members. The results showed some contradictions between the respondentsand a low horizontal and descending communication caused by the limited use of these commu-nication tools. Finally, suggestions for improvements to prevent problems and enhance their positive effects were informed.

  13. Trayectoria delictiva y factores de riesgo de los menores que ejercen violencia filioparental

    Cuervo, Keren; Palanques, Natalia; Busquets, Pilar
    [EN] In the last few years, mass media have shown cases of a new kind of a worryingly domestic violence, the child-to-parent violence, which is increasing alarmingly. Thereby, the main objective of this paper is to analyse the criminal career and risk factors of the minors who have committed child-to-parent violence depending on the sex. The sample is composed of 57 minors (aged from 14 to 17, Average= 15.81) with at least one file in Castellón’s Juvenile Court. Likewise, 82.5% of the minors have born in Spain, 10.5% are from Eastern Europe, 5.3% from South America and 1.8% from Arabian countries. The...

  14. Privatización en la Justicia de Menores. ¿Acierto o desacierto en la mecantilización de los centros de régimen cerrado de menores a la luz del artículo 45.3 de la Ley 5/2000?

    Rezzani, Agustina
    [EN] In this paper it is going to be analysed the article 45.3 of the 5/2000 of January 12, regulating the criminal responsibility of minors, gave free rein to the privatization of juvenile institutions, leaving the management of the sacred social value of security in hands of business men and politicians. Added to this, it is necessary to mention that control of the State is near to none, companies have a very vast range of discretion to committee abuses and corruption. It is indispensable to remarked that children are not objects of consume, they are subjects of law in constant...

  15. Nuevas estrategias para la integración social de los jóvenes migrantes no acompañados

    Epelde Juaristi, Maddalen
    [EN] The current research aims to investigate the situation of social integration of unaccompanied young foreigners who are in the Basque Country, and to analyse how the relationships maintained with local families influence in this process of social integration. For some time now, foreign minors who decide to emigrate alone to Spain/Basque Country searching for a better life have appeared on the migration map. The system of child protection covers the basic needs of the minors until the age of 18. However, at the moment they reach this age, these young foreigners get automatically full legal capacity and they find...

  16. La violencia filio parental y la medida de internamiento. Especial referencia a la "prestación por excarcelación"

    Jiménez Arroyo, Sandra
    [EN] Nowadays, society’s concern regarding one particular criminal phenomenon committed by minors is growing. This phenomenon is known under a variety of labels very different from each other such as “parents abuse syndrome”, “tyrannical children”, “little dictators”, “ascendant violence”, “inverted violence”, or “child-to-parent violence”. Indeed, this phenomenon is a type of domestic violence constituted by those psychological, physical and/or economical aggressions, and exercised intentionally and repeatedly by under age children towards their parents or towards those other adults who occupy their place. With the present paper, we pretend to contribute to research on this phenomenon from a legal perspective. In order...

  17. El centro de día como alternativa innovadora en el ámbito de justicia juvenil que favorece la responsabilización y la integración sociocomunitaria

    Jiménez, Juanan; Asociación educativa Berriztu
    [EN] The current model of juvenile justice includes, in article 7.1 f of Organic Law 5/2000 of January 12, a new judicial measure "assistance to day care" whose purpose is to facilitate criminal accountability, personal development and socio- of offenders. Berriztu creates the resource of day center for the execution of this measure. This service offers underage people a socio-educational, formative-pre-work, socio-family and semi-residential care. The results of several studies conclude that 70% of the population served in the period 2010 - 2014 finalize their judicial measure of "attendance at day care". Of a sample of 15 people who complete this...

  18. Editorial núm. 13

    Cabedo Mallol, Vicente; Sierra Pérez, Susana Evelyn
    Cabedo Mallol, V.; Sierra Pérez, SE. (2017). Editorial núm. 13. Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia. (13). doi:10.4995/reinad.2017.8860

  19. Metodología para la evaluación de daños a vehículos expuestos a inundaciones en zonas urbanas

    Martínez Gomariz, E.; Gómez, M.; Russo, B.; Sánchez, P.; Montes, J.A.
    [EN] Urban floods may provoke important damages to vehicles, usually not taken into account within most studies related to urban flood risks damage assessments. Herein a methodology to estimate damages to vehicles exposed to urban floods is presented. After a state-of-the-art review, the most recent damage curves for vehicles developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE, 2009) are presented as the best adaptive and the most comprehensively performed so far. The proposed methodology is applied to the Spanish municipality of Badalona, framed in the H2020 European Project BINGO. In order to conduct this methodology some aspects such as...

  20. Determinación de la inundación en tramos de ríos afectados por marea basada en la simulación continua de nivel

    Sopelana, J.; Cea, L.; Ruano, S.
    [EN] The hydrodynamics of coastal river reaches is complex due to the interaction of several sources of flooding as the astronomical tide, surge, wave set-up and river discharge. The tidal level might affect several km of river reach. In those reaches, the same inundation water level can result from different combinations of the sea level ad river discharge. At the present time, most flood inundation studies in tidal river reaches are based in the application of an arbitrary sea level at the downstream river boundary, without considering the interaction and possible correlations between sea level and river discharge. In Spain,...

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