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  1. Reseña de la monografía Economía y comercialización de los aceites de oliva. Factores y perspectivas para el liderazgo español del mercado global

    Mili, Samir
    [ES] “Economía y comercialización de los aceites de oliva” reúne a un grupo de reconocidos especialistas que abordan, desde distintos enfoques y paradigmas analíticos, un examen exhaustivo de uno de los sectores más importantes y estratégicos de la agricultura española. Esta iniciativa de Cajamar pone a disposición de todo el sector oleícola, y del conjunto de la sociedad, un documento riguroso y asequible donde el lector puede encontrar un análisis profundo y actual sobre la importancia del sector en España, su trayectoria reciente, sus problemas y sus perspectivas de futuro.

  2. Impacto del comercio y el transporte internacional sobre la calidad ambiental: un estudio en países de América Latina y el Caribe

    García, Christian Martín
    [EN] This paper explores the effect of trade liberalization and international transport on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 18 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean for the period 1995-2013. The results indicate that an increase in the levels of trade openness has a greater effect for high-income countries (0.17 %) than for the others (0.067 %). While it is observed that an increase of 1 % in the tons transported per kilometer increases CO2 emissions by 0.022 % (high-income countries) and by 0.014 % (middle-high income countries).

  3. Product-country image and crises in the Spanish horticultural sector: Classification and impact on the market

    Serrano-Arcos, M. Mar; Pérez-Mesa, Juan Carlos; Sánchez-Fernández, Raquel
    [EN] This research provides a conceptual framework to analyse the concept of ‘crisis’ and its multiple origins in the Spanish horticultural sector, the largest horticultural exporter in Europe. For this purpose, this study provides a typology of crises and a classification according to their nature, reasons, and temporary impact. Consequently, this research reviews and chronologically classifies the harmful campaigns that have originated several of those crises. Additionally, the impact on the perceived product-country image is analysed through an empirical research based on the results of a survey of consumers in several European countries.

  4. Assessing food retail competitors with a multi-criteria GIS-based method

    Roig-Tierno, Norat; Baviera-Puig, Amparo; Buitrago-Vera, Juan; Escribá-Pérez, Carmen
    [EN] Given the importance of competition in the retail sector, this research builds on spatial interaction theory to develop the competition index (CI). For this, geographic information systems (GIS) and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) were used. AHP results reveal that key factors to assess competitors relate to location and branding. The proposed method was tested by evaluating 45 supermarkets in the city of Castellón (Spain). Using this method, sales targets can be adapted to each outlet’s individual circumstances.

  5. Choosing not to choose: A meta-analysis of status quo effects in environmental valuations using choice experiments

    Barreiro-Hurle, Jesús; Espinosa-Goded, María; Martínez-Paz, José Miguel; Perni, Ángel
    [EN] Discrete choice experiments (DCE) normally include in their choice sets an option described as the status quo (i.e. no change to current situation; SQ). The literature has identified Status Quo Effect (SQE) as the systematic preference of the SQ over the alternatives that propose changes over and beyond what can be captured by the variation of attributes’ levels. In this paper, we conduct a meta-analysis of DCE applied in environmental policy to identify potential drivers of SQE. We find that accounting for heterogeneity in the econometric analysis, excluding protest responses and easing the choice’s cognitive burden reduce the presence...

  6. El comportamiento de las exportaciones españolas de vino en los mercados internacionales

    Cervera Ferrer, Francesc J.; Compés López, Raúl
    [EN] The different evolution of wine production and consumption in Spain in recent decades has pushed the sector into a model which is highly dependent on international markets. In these circumstances, the variable that determines the viability of many enterprises is the performance of exports. This article evaluates the performance of Spanish wine exports using a set of indicators that measure their diversification, adaptation and competitiveness in target markets. The results show a positive export performance in three dimensions, which contributes to determine the keys to their success, especially in volume, and to guide future strategies.

  7. ¿Es el lugar de compra determinante en las preferencias de los compradores de aceite de oliva?

    Corbeto-Fabón, Héctor; Kallas, Zein; Gil, José M.
    [EN] This paper aims at analyzing consumers’ preferences towards olive oil attributes taking into account the retail chain where they buy food. The methodological approach is based on the design of a choice experiment using home scan data from a sample of Catalonian households. Four attributes are selected: price, brand, type of olive oil and packaging size. Two retailers are considered with different business strategies: Mercadona and Carrefour. Results show that the preferences for olive oil attributes are different depending of the retail outlet a household uses to buy.

  8. Análisis espacial de los precios del suelo de uso agrario

    Segura, Baldomero; Marqués Pérez, Inmaculada
    [EN] Since 1983, the Spanish administration publish the national land prices survey, whose main objective is to measure the prices evolution of agricultural land. The Survey provides objective reference prices without speculative effects, by Autonomous Communities and differentiated by the most representative uses in each one of them. We start from the hypothesis that the land value is conditioned by its location. We want analyst the spatial correlation between the prices publicized or it is necessary different grouping or if it is necessary to introduce new location correction factors.

  9. Uso profesional de las redes sociales por los Docentes de grado de Fisioterapia. Estudio Multi- Institucional

    Cantero Tellez, R.
    [EN] Main objective is to know the professional use and perception of social networks by teachers of the Physiotherapy degree in Spanish Universities. To achieve this objective, our methodological approach has been based on the elaboration of a questionnaire of 7 questions that has been distributed among teachers of different Spanish Universities Physiotherapy degrees There is a great diversity in the use of social networks for academic purposes among the teachers of Spanish universities. Only 37% of participants use them for teaching purposes, with YouTube being the most used (76.5%) followed by Facebook. Others like Instagram or twitter are not...

  10. TPACK: un modelo para analizar prácticas docentes universitarias. El caso de una docente experta

    Flores, F. A.; Ortiz, M.C.; Buontempo, M.P.
    [EN] In this article we analyze the teaching practice of a teacher of the subject Distance Education of the Degree in Educational Sciences, from the dimensions of the TPACK model. The framework of the article is the project: “The construction of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge in experienced and beginners teachers of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste in Argentina. Multiple case study”. With a qualitative perspective, we build a narrative case, based on double triangulation: a) from primary sources-observations and interviews-, secondary -analysis of personal and curricular documents-; and b) the interpretations of the teacher and researchers; with the objective of identifying...

  11. Rendimiento, contexto académico y salud percibida en estudiantes de psicología antes y después del EEES

    López-Núñez, M.I.; Rubio-Valdehita, S.; Díaz Ramiro, E.M.
    [EN] The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has involved a number of structural and methodological changes whose results on academic performance and student health have not been sufficiently studied. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the performance, perceived context and self-reported health of a sample of undergraduate and graduate Psychology students to see how these variables relate to and influence their academic achievement and welfare. Methodology. The sample consisted of 811 students (487 pre-Bologna system and 324 bacherlor ́s degree). For the evaluation of the indicated variables, the following instruments were used: the Academic Context questionnaire, to evaluate...

  12. Recursos tecnológicos y educativos destinados al enfoque pedagógico Flipped Learning

    Serrano Pastor, R.M.; Casanova López, O.
    [EN] The incursion of new information and communication technologies (ICT) into teaching has brought multiple benefits in education in general and university education in particular, facilitating and improving the teaching-learning process. A project of a university teaching team is presented. Its purpose was to integrate various educational resources and ICT tools in the training process of the different subjects, evaluating their ability to favour the application of the Flipped Learning pedagogical approach. Flipped methodology used is briefly explained and the different resources and technological tools are shown grouped according to their functionality, describing their possibilities of didactic application. The results...

  13. La narrativa audiovisual como una herramienta para la reflexión filosófica en el aula

    Medina Vicent, María
    [EN] The present paper presents a specific educational experience in the teaching of modern and contemporary philosophy to students of third year of the degrees in Humanidades: Estudios Interculturales, and Historia and Patrimonio of the Universitat Jaume I (Castelló de la Plana, Spain). The main objective is to show how the generic and specific competences of this subject can be exercised through cinematographic and audiovisual resources. It is argued that TV series and cinema are a useful tool to generate reflection spaces in the classroom, places from which students can keep philosophical dialogue and connect the different philosophical proposals with...

  14. Formación inicial del profesorado generalista en Chile: Análisis desde la perspectiva de la educación musical

    Angel-Alvarado, R.
    [EN] In some Western countries, the generalist teachers’ initial training programmes are ceding to trainee teachers the responsibility for articulating musical and pedagogical knowledge. In a same education system, therefore, would arise many representations about the music education. This study aims to determine the pedagogical and musical training that Chilean accredited universities are imparting on their Primary Education Degree’s programmes, in accordance with the Chilean education policy for the music education enacted by the Chile’s Ministry of Education. The Holistic Architecture for Music Education is used as the research approach. Results show the Chilean reality is not different to other...

  15. El Trabajo Fin de Máster (TFM) de Humanidades en el EEES: Análisis de las necesidades de los estudiantes

    San-Mateo-Valdehíta, Alicia; Escobar-Álvarez, M.ª Ángeles; Chacón-Beltrán, Rubén
    [EN] The incorporation of official Master’s degrees into the European Higher Education Area has required the preparation of new study plans, and the development of assessment procedures at Spanish universities. The Master’s dissertation (TFM, in Spanish) has become an essential element when evaluating the assimilation of knowledge and the acquisition of new competences by postgraduate students. The Master’s dissertation has become a key instrument in the initiation in different areas of research. In the new Humanities fields, there is a need to provide guidelines for the writing of a TFM, as students are required to present their research in line...

  16. El cine aplicado a la docencia universitaria. Propuesta de secuencia de aprendizaje para Sociología del Trabajo

    Torres Outón, S.M.
    [EN] Currently the application and use of new technologies has become widespread in different areas of our life, extending beyond leisure and entertainment and becoming a tool for work and knowledge. Audiovisual culture is not limited to fun but replaces/complements other more traditional forms of knowledge transmission. In this context, new tools appear feasible to become didactic resources for use in the teaching environment. Within this framework the idea of using cinema as a pedagogical resource arises. In itself this possibility is not new since there are proposals, actions, and experiences made with different educational objectives at all levels of...

  17. Directrices y recursos para la innovación en la enseñanza de la Estadística en la universidad: una revisión documental

    Blanco Blanco, A.
    [EN] Statistic is a discipline present in numerous university curricula of very diverse degrees in Natural Sciences, Biosanitary, Engineering or Social Sciences. Given its role in the general training of students and also the strong evolution of the discipline in recent years, the teaching of Statistics in the university today poses specific challenges. In this context, this paper adopts the perspective of the American statistical community to offer a possible framework for innovation in the teaching of Statistics at the introductory level and for students with another field of specialization (e.g. Social Sciences). First, there is a documentary review centered...

  18. Competencias genéricas y resultados de aprendizaje en los estudios de grado de Pedagogía

    Alvarez-Pérez, Pedro Ricardo; López-Aguilar, David
    [EN] In this article, the training and learning outcomes in generic competences in the degree titles of university education are studied in depth. Learning outcomes are concretions of what a student is expected to know, understand and / or be able to do at the end of a learning period. Although there has been progress in the curricular designs for competences, much remains to be done to improve the systems of evaluation by competences, specifying well-defined learning outcomes and contextualized in the different subjects of the curriculum. To address this problem, a sample of teaching guides of the degree of...

  19. Competencia digital en los planes de estudios de universidades públicas españolas

    Peirats Chacón, J.; Marín Suelves, D.; Granados Saiz, J.; Morote Blanco, D.
    [EN] The massive incorporation of the technological resources in the classrooms of the infantile and primary centers has been a reality evident for some years, thanks to state plans like School 2.0 or autonomous ones like EducaMadrid or the Intelligent Educational Centers in the Valencian Community. And although much has been written in recent times about digital competence and the initial training of teachers in public universities, it is necessary to continue investigating and reflecting on their suitability and implementation in a society in continuous technological change. On this subject, in these lines it is tried to analyze the curriculum...

  20. ¿Qué competencias profesionales se movilizan con el Prácticum? Algunas certezas que manifiesta el alumnado

    Rosselló Ramon, M.R.; Ferrer Ribot, M.; Pinya, C.
    [EN] The Practicum constitutes a key moment in the formation of future teachers. This is reflected in the current study plans by extending their duration and by depositing in this period the capacity to mobilize the development of certain professional skills. In this context, the research presented here aims to show the perception of the students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) about the competences acquired during internships. By applying a questionnaire to the same sample before and after the Practicum, we compare the importance that students attach to the...

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