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  1. Una nueva aproximación para la evaluación del golpe de ariete incluyendo la condición inicial de presurización de la instalación y del fluido

    Kaless, G.
    [EN] The water hammer phenomenon is well known since the 19th century, while its mathematical formulation, by means of differential equations, is due to works of researchers such us Allievi (1903) and others from the beginning of the 20th century. The equations found in the technical publications produce a strange water hammer when the initial condition is defined assuming an incompressible fluid and a rigid pipe. The correct solution requires solving the water hammer equations for the initial state. When the finite difference method is applied, the initial state is solved by means of a set of non-linear equations. A...

  2. Sistema de detección de fugas en tiempo real en presas de materiales sueltos mediante sensores distribuidos en fibra óptica

    Muñoz, O.; Gómez, R.; Russo, B.; Sánchez, J.C.
    [EN] The present paper examines the use of optic fiber as a distributed temperature sensor to leakage detection on earth dams. This technique allows complement the current auscultation systems improving the way of monitoring of this kind of critical infrastructures. This type of real time monitoring system has been implemented on two real cases (Soto-Terroba and Yesa earth dams). The aim of this work is to provide a practical vision about this novel and promising technique, and particularly on the criteria to select the adequate materials and the precautions to be taken into account in order to deploy correctly the...

  3. Previsão consumo diário de água: um estudo de caso de Nobres (Brasil)

    Silva, W. T. P.; Campos, M. M.; Santos, A. A.
    [EN] In order to move operational efficiency from the water system supply (Waterworks, i.e. a combined water purification plant and pumping station) forecast water consumption values 24 h ahead are required. The objective of this paper is to develop mathematical model forecast water consumption 24 h ahead for Nobres city, Mato Grosso State, in Brazil. The methodology developed comprises the following steps: (1) literature review; (2) gathering and data analysis (water consumption and climatic); (3) proposal of a model forecast water consumption; (4) calibration and verification of the proposed model; and, (5) application of model. The mathematical modelling techniques employed...

  4. Estimación de algunas propiedades geohidrológicas en un conjunto de pozos de monitoreo en el Valle de Mexicali, B.C., México.

    Fuentes-Arreazola, Mario Alberto; Vázquez-González, R.
    [EN] With the aim of studying the response of the water level related to variations in barometric pressure and the action of theoretical Earth tide, in a set of monitoring wells in the Mexicali Valley; are propose and implement analysis techniques in the time and frequency domain to obtain as result from the calculation of transfer functions and harmonic analysis, values of barometric efficiency and sensitivity to Earth tide, with which under conditions of theoretical static-confined response, was possible to obtain estimates of some geohydrological and geophysical properties as: porosity, specific storage, and compressibility. In five wells considered in this...

  5. La explotación intensa de los acuíferos en la cuenca baja del Segura y en la cuenca del Vinalopó

    Sahuquillo, Andrés
    [EN] The carbonate aquifers of the Lower Segura Basin and the Vinalopó basin, along with some other granular aquifers are being exploited well above its average recharge for almost half a century. That causes a continuous decline of groundwater levels in most of the region, up to 5m/year in some cases and more than 300m from their initial situation in some areas, thus increasing the cost of groundwater pumping. The drop in levels produced the drying of springs and wetlands and increased salinity in some areas caused by the presence of saline formations. Against these problems is the increase in...

  6. Estabilidad de personas en flujos de agua

    Martínez-Gomariz, E.; Gómez, M.; Russo, B.
    [EN] Our cities are formed by several elements which are exposed to floods of a magnitude according to the importance of the rainfall event and the design of the urban drainage system. The most important components in the cities are the pedestrians who develop various activities during rain events. Focusing on pedestrians, the research on their stability when they are exposed to water flows provides the necessary knowledge to understand and manage the associated hazard for them. In this research, several experiments with humans were carried out in order to determine the stability limits to pedestrians crossing through a water...

  7. Dissipação de energia do escoamento deslizante sobre turbilhões em vertedouros em degraus de declividade 1V:1H

    Dai Prá, M.; Priebe, P.S.; Sanagiotto, D.G.; Marques, M.G.
    [EN] The energy dissipation along the chute is the stepped spillway’s main function. With those structures the reduction of residual energy at the dam’s toe is sought, allowing lower cost with the construction of dissipation structures downstream the spillway. The study characterizes energy dissipation on sliding flow in skimming flow on stepped spillways with slope of 45° (1V:1H), through experimental analysis in 4 physical models, one with flat chute and three stepped chutes with steps of 30mm, 60mm and 90mm. Aspects related to flow’s energy dissipation were evaluated, especially those related to mean levels of water on aerated and non-aerated...

  8. Análisis regional de frecuencia de precipitaciones extremas en el Norte de Mozambique

    Álvarez, M.; Puertas, J.; Peña, E.
    [EN] Extreme precipitation events that occur over internal basins of Cabo Delgado (Northern Mozambique) often result in the occurrence of flood events with associated loss of life and infrastructure. This paper presents a study of regional frequency analysis of maximum daily precipitations based on the index flood procedure with estimated parameters by L-moments approach. Observed annual maximum daily precipitation series of 12 stations with records of more than 20 years were analyzed. The discordancy and heterogeneity measures based on the L-moments suggest that the region can be considered as homogeneous. Among the candidate distributions analyzed Monte Carlo simulations identified the...

  9. Un sistema de detección de peces para escala de hendidura vertical utilizando tecnología láser y técnicas de visión artificial

    Rico Díaz, A. J.; Rabuñal, J.R.; Puertas, J.; Pena, L.; Rodríguez, A.
    [EN] Vertical slot fishway are hydraulic structures which are widely used to allow the upstream migration of fish through obstructions in rivers. Learning about the frequency of fish’s movement through these systems can help determine the efficiency of a vertical slot fishway, as well as migratory patterns of species, determine if waterways are healthy or whether we can continue to fish with guaranteed conservation and improve wildlife. This paper presents a noninvasive method for fish detection. A laser sensor is used to detect fish and data collected by the sensor is analyzed automatically, using computer vision techniques.

  10. Previsão de secas na primavera em Portugal Continental com base em indicadores climáticos de larga escala

    Santos, J.F; Portela, M.M.; Pulido-Calvo, I.
    [EN] The success of a strategy of mitigation of the effects of the droughts requires the implementation of an effective monitoring and forecasting system, able to identify drought events and follow their spatiotemporal evolution. This article demonstrates the capability of the artificial neural networks in predicting the spring standardized precipitation index, SPI, for Portugal. The validation of the models used the hindcasting, which is a technique by which a given model is tested through its application to historical data followed by the comparison of the results thus achieved with the data. The SPI index was calculated at the timescale of...

  11. Influência da sazonalidade em lagoas de estabilização

    D'Alessandro, E.B.; Saavedra, N.K.; Santiago, M. F.; D'Alessandro, N.C.O.
    [EN] The study evaluated the influence of seasonality in efficiency of Trindade Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), during six months, that had dry and rainy seasons. The following variables were analyzed: flow rate, wastewater temperature, depth, HDT, pH, DO, CND, Chla,TP, PO4-3, NH4+, NO3-, BOD520°C, COD, TSS, FSS, VSS and also climatic variables. There was no removal of COD and TSS during the rainy season. The Principal Component Analysis (PCA) indicated that there were groupings of raw affluent and the anaerobic lagoon, and between facultative pond and maturation, in other words, there was spatial variation. ACP also indicated that raw affluent...

  12. El impacto del riego en la calidad del agua de drenaje en una nueva zona regable

    Villar Mir, J.M.; Pascual, M.; Rufat, J.; Villar, P.
    [EN] The water quality of two agricultural drainage systems was monitored over two irrigation seasons in order to determine the sustainability of a new area of irrigated land (the Algerri-Balager irrigation district) located in the northeast of Spain. The average electrical conductivity of the drainage water was around 4dS·m-1, and the waters were enriched with boron, phosphorous and nitrate. Drainage represented 17% of total applied irrigation water (measured leached fraction) and is considered necessary to minimize the risk of soil salinization in semiarid environments. The most common ions in the drainage waters were magnesium, sulphate, and calcium and others related...

  13. Students Academic Progress Analysis at the Escola Politècnica Superior of the Universitat de les Illes Balears: Background implications

    Roca, Miquel; González, Yolanda; Mas, Ramon; Rossello, Joan; Carrasco, Loren; Forteza, Francisco; Cardona, Biel; Llabrés, Mercè; Guerrero, Carlos
    In this work, the influence of the background of the University students is analyzed. In particular how the average mark of the students affects their academic progress. An anonymously collected data analysis is performed, Among these data are the number of European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) enrolled, the mark exams, average mark exams, access type, etc. Conclusions of each considered degree are presented at the end of the work.

  14. Spanish Real Estate Bubble: A Classroom Experiment

    Castello-Sirvent, Fernando
    The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) requires development of teaching methodologies that encourage active participation by students in the autonomous learning process, taking the figure of the professor as the mediator. On the other hand, the economy is a fundamental aspect in today’s society insofar that it contributes to explaining the behaviour of individuals. In this sense, the experimental economy applied in lecture rooms is presented as an innovative educational procedure that is perfectly adapted to university teaching, since it facilitates acquisition and consolidation of curricular knowledge and favours the development of capabilities by students, whilst at the same time...

  15. Mentoring program for students newly enrolled in an Engineering Degree

    Peña-Martín, Juan Pedro; González-Parada, Eva; García-Berdonés, Carmen; Pérez-Rodríguez, Eduardo Javier
    This work presents a mentoring program for first year engineering students in the Telecommunications Engineering College (ETSIT) at the University of Malaga (UMA). Actors involved in the program are professors from staff, veterans mentoring students and, of course, freshmen. All of them has been organized trough the Moodle based Virtual Learning Environment Platform of the UMA. The program has gone through several phases over three years. This paper shows the main objectives of this mentoring program, the initial design to get them where professors played mentor role, and successive changes made to try to improve the results, including the assumption...

  16. MATLAB as a tool as Analysis and Problem Solving Competency Development in Chemical Engineering Degree using MATLAB

    López-Pérez, Maria-Fernanda; Cardona, S. C.; Lora, J.; Abad, A.
    Analysis and solving problems is a Chemical Engineering student capability. In order to develop this ability, activities that encompass problem-solving by students may involve problems in real-world settings. In Chemical Engineering degree, MATLAB is a numerical software package that helps in the process of designing, evaluating and implementing a strategy to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.  In this context, Matlab is software used in process simulation. Several lectures of Escuela Politécnica Superior d’Alcoi presented an innovation and improvement educational research project (PIME) in order to used MATLAB, like coordination teaching tool between some subjects.The principal purpose...

  17. Examining pedagogical knowledge content on mitosis in a University context

    González, N.; Rossi, A.
    Mitosis is a process of cell division occurring in eukaryotic organisms. Students from many countries experience difficulties learning this science topic, and its teaching demands substantial effort. Effective teachers develop a wide range of knowledge types to successfully transform science matter for students; this transformation of knowledge has been conceptualized as pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). In this study the PCK of two University teachers on mitosis was explored. As informed by the instruments employed (Content Representation and Pedagogical (CoRe), and Professional experiences Repertoires, analytical rubric (PaP-eR), and semi-structured interviews) both participants’ PCK on mitosis can be characterized as incomplete, however...

  18. Engaging and Assessing Students through their Electronic Devices and Real Time Quizzes

    Ferrándiz, E.; Puentes, C.; Moreno, P. J.; Flores, E.
    This paper describes a teaching experience using Socrative, a third party electronic tool, for real-time questioning in lectures of Econometrics.  Econometrics is a theoretical-practical subject, but traditionally a large proportion of our students tend to focus on the practical and discard the theory, often skipping classes on theory and avoiding studying its content, probably motivated by its complexity. As a consequence, students’ marks obtained in the theoretical part of the exam are usually low. In this context, we put forward a change in our teaching methodology to include the use of Socrative, a freely available app, that allows students to...

  19. District heating and cogeneration in the EU-28: Current situation, potential and proposed energy strategy for its generalisation

    Rosales-Asensio, Enrique; Borge-Diez, David
    Yearly, EU-28 conventional thermal generating plants reject a greater amount of energy than what ultimately is utilised by residential and commercial loads for heating and hot water. If this waste heat were to be used through district heating networks, given a previous energy valorisation, there would be a noticeable decrease in imported fossil fuels for heating. As a consequence, benefits in the form of an energy efficiency increase, an energy security improvement, and a minimisation of emitted greenhouse gases would occur. Given that it is not expected for heat demand to decrease significantly in the medium term, district heating networks show the greatest potential for the development of cogeneration....

  20. Corporate Social Networks Applied in the Classroom

    de Juan-Jordán, Hugo; Guijarro-García, María; Guardiola-Contreras, Javier
    The impact of online social networks has been extensive because of the new way they enable not only in terms of the relation, communication and collaboration among people, but also between people and businesses. So much so, their use is already habitual within organizations, known as Corporate Social Networks, in order to achieve the same benefits.The present study aims to analyze the advantages these corporate social networks have in the classroom seen as a micro-organization where a group of students interact, work and collaborate during a master´s or postgraduate course. To support this research, during 2015 a corporate social network...

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