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  1. Vientos de cambio: presente y futuro de Studio Ghibli

    Montero Plata, Laura
    [EN] This article analyzes the evolution of Studio Ghibli after the first statement of retirement of Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki at the end of the nineties, following the successful premiere of Princess Mononoke, an eventual farewell that will repeat in 2013 after the premiere of The Wind Rises. The text, prepared by Laura Montero Plata —author of the monographs The Invisible World of Hayao Miyazaki (Dolmen, 2012) and the most recent Princess Mononoke (Héroes de Papel, 2017), second installment of the Library Studio Ghibli— revises for Con A de Animación the editorial policy of studio Ghibli and the changes produced...

  2. Trazos de luz. Abi Feijó y Regina Pessoa: 25 años de animación portuguesa

    Herráiz Zornoza, Beatriz; Vidal Ortega, Miguel
    [EN] We are entering a fascinating journey through Strokes of Light, a retrospective of the Portuguese animators Abi Feijó and Regina Pessoa, inaugurated on 26th September 2017 in the Sala Josep Renau (UPV). This exhibition included original works from their animated productions, pre-cinema toys — and even a light table for tracing sand!, to the delight of students, scholars, and public lovers of the septième art bis. The Lusitanian tandem is a worldwide reference for contemporary auteur animation. Committed to his country and the spreading of the animated image, Feijó revitalized the sector in the nineties through the Cinanima Festival...

  3. Todo se conecta, lo real es irreal y lo irreal real: Contact

    Carpizo de Diego, Silvia
    [EN] This review is a cinematic reflection about the concepts from the film Contact (2017), by the Italian director — based in Barcelona — Alessandro Novelli; a short film with a deep symbolism based on the original perception of its author, the perception of the world that surrounds him. It is not a narrative short film, but rather an intertwined union of ideas in an artfully poetic audiovisual piece, and with strong principles to awake the awareness of the audience. Filmmaker Silvia Carpizo has written this review from her perspective as a spectator, with her vision as a filmmaker, and...

  4. Recreando el fotorrealismo: la consultoría visual del director de fotografía Roger Deakins en Wall-E

    Viñolo Locubiche, Samuel; Suárez Gómez, Rafael
    [EN] The rising dominance of CG film techniques in the early 2000s has led to an interesting artistic canon shift in animated commercial feature films produced in the US. Although Hollywood 2D animation always flirted with the photorealist style, it was only after the standardisation of digital techniques in the 1990s that such trends became commonplace in commercial animation, thanks to the many possibilities of computer-generated images. This paper considers the release of Wall•E (2008)—one of Disney/Pixar’s most visually impressive works—a crucial moment in such aesthetic process, as the film marked the first collaboration between the cinematographer Roger Deakins and...

  5. Quien mira en su interior, despierta: Morning Cowboy

    Lorenzo Hernández, María
    [EN] Morning Cowboy (2017) is a unique short animated film by Fernando and Elena Pomares, produced by Travelogue Studio, with the collaboration of Movistar +, Generalitat de Catalunya and ICAA. After passing through the highly selective 67th Berlin Film Festival in the Generation section and at the prestigious Lucania Festival, and having won significant awards, such as the Best National Short Film Award in 3D Wire (Segovia), Morning Cowboy has been one of the most emblematic titles of the Spanish short animation film in 2017, and it will surely remain that way in 2018. In its intense 15-minute length, which...

  6. Patchwork, remendando ideas y técnicas en un novedoso proyecto de animación

    Manero Muro, María
    [EN] Patchwork (2018) is at the same time an animated documentary and a fictional short film, directed by María Manero about her mum life experience: Loly, a 60 years old housewife and mother. It is an ambitious Master Degree Project made at the M.A. of Universitat Politècnica de València, in a collaboration with Abano Producións, a wellknown producer winner of a Goya Award during 2017 based on Galicia, Spain. With its original visuals and achieving a profound human renewal, Patchwork tries to not just concern about human transplants but also to make people aware of reusing scraping materials, and it...

  7. Más allá de las hurdes: Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas

    Meneu Oset, Ignacio
    [EN] Extremadura had its leading role in the 30s thanks to the great filmmaker Luis Buñuel, who shot in 1932 his documentary Las Hurdes, tierra sin pan at one of the most Spanish depressed counties. The film could be done thanks to Buñuel’s friend Ramón Acín who, after winning a Lottery prize, decided to financed the documentary that would be a landmark in Buñuel’s cinematographic. Now, 85 years later, Buñuel returns to Extremadura as an inspiration for a film based on the graphic novel by Fermín Solís, called Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles. Produced by Sygnatia and The...

  8. Los cambios de rol en los festivales de cine de animación. Crónica desde Animafest-Zagreb

    Benavent, Rocío
    [EN] Animation festivals and their functions begin to center attention in the international studies and analysis on animation. Within the Animafest-Zagreb Festival and as a complementary part of this, the Scanner Symposium for Contemporary Animation Studies was created in 2013 as a place for discussion and exchange of ideas about animation. The Symposium’s fourth edition (2017) aimed to create synergies and interactions between the most theoretical and practical approaches, to generate new discourses and stimulate exchanges between the film-makers and the academic-scholars at the animation sector. It is one of the scarce meetings of this kind that are celebrated worldwide,...

  9. LGBTI y feminismo en animación televisiva: una reinterpretación de Steven Universe y Sailor Moon

    Delamorclaz Ruiz, Carolina
    [EN] This research delves into one of the series that has possibly succeeded in making visible for a young audience subjects such as feminism, is­sues and gender issues or homosexuality: Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar in 2013 for the TV channel Cartoon Network. Starting from the analysis of this series and the references that have helped its creation, we will make more un­derstandable the LGBTI panorama in television animation during the last decades. For this, it is also necessary to include in this text the detailed study of another series, the Japanese Sailor Moon, created in 1992 by Naoko...

  10. La primavera de la animación en series 2D

    Rodríguez Valdunciel, Sergio
    [EN] 2D animation for television is one of the contents which has accompanied us over the years. Hanna Barbera Studios undertook to find a profitable production system to carry out more than 200 different series. What happens sometimes with some successful series is that they seek to repeat formulas, with the risk of falling into repetition, neglecting creativity. But there are always people looking for a new point of view, as Fred Seibert, the first director of Cartoon Network, who put on displays a series of new characters, which marked a before and after. Today, we are enjoying creative, fun,...

  11. La música como temática narrativa en Susurros del corazón

    Esteban López, Lidia
    [EN] Music is not only part of the soundtrack, but it can also be developed as a narrative topic inside the film. The aim of this article is to identify the link between the topic of music and the storytelling of the animated movie Whisper of the Heart, directed by Yoshifumi Kondō, produced by Studio Ghibli. To verify the importance of the changes made by Hayao Miyazaki while adapting the original comic to a film, we use Bordwell and Thompson’s Film Art: An Introduction as a reference. The dichotomy form-style will be used in order to make a practical analysis...

  12. La apuesta independiente de la animación europea, a través de El pan de la guerra

    Ballester Cabo, Rosa
    [EN] The Breadwinner (Nora Twomey, 2017) is an Irish-Canadian film by Cartoon Saloon, with the cooperation of Angelina Jolie and Jordan Peele as executive producers. The movie adapts Deborah Ellis’ best-seller novel, published in 2002, which has won several literary awards, and it was inspired by numerous interviews to women and girls living at refugee camps of Pakistan and Russia. The Breadwinner tells the story of Parvana, an Afghan Young girl who pretends to be a boy to be able to support her family during the Taliban regime. The animated film was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017,...

  13. Impromptu o la magia de la imagen cinematográfica celebrada en un musical animado

    Pérez-Guerrero, Ana M.
    [EN] Impromptu (María Lorenzo, 2017) is an animated film shortlisted for the Goya Awards 2018. A Valencian production by Enrique Millán, despite its still brief tour by festivals, the short film had its Spanish premiere at the prestigious ALCINE - Alcalá de Henares Film Festival, it has accumulated numerous international selections, and it has won the award for Best Artistic Animation at the 1st Expression Art Movie Festival in Los Angeles (USA). But Impromptu is, above all, a love letter to the origin of cinema, drawn by hand. Its traditional animation labour, the difficulty sought in the execution of the...

  14. El pasillo. Emprendimiento animado desde la universidad

    Gil Soriano, Marta; Cruz Barceló, Julia
    [EN] Within the entrepreneurship spaces of the Fine Arts School, known as The Corridor, it has been created a small animation ecosystem, which work philosophy is based on synergies to carry out projects. A key point of this philosophy is the internal advice that is provided in all branches of animation knowledgement, as well as members outside this group. To make these spaces better known, they are promoted internal proposals with the support of the school. The most recent examples of this are related to the last Prime the Animation! 5 festival, with the participation of projects at the Blue...

  15. El modelo de cuento de hadas de las producciones animadas de Walt Disney: la importancia de la música en su construcción y su influencia en películas producidas por otros estudios

    Montoya Rubio, Alba
    [EN] When referring to “classic Disney”, it is usual to associate these movies with fairy tales and songs. Nevertheless, not all Disney productions are fairy tales adaptations, but the studio takes elements from these tales and puts them in many of its movies. In this way, as well as with the help of songs, Disney creates its own conventions and a new model of fairy tale. Moreover, throughout their history, the Disney company have incorporated their own conventions, as giving more importance to romance plots or the inclusion of the American Dream. Thus, the main point of this paper is...

  16. Editorial

    Lorenzo Hernández, María
    [ES] Editorial del octavo número de Con A de Animación.

  17. Desarrollando Porto: un videojuego sobre patrimonio cultural

    Roque López, Miguel Ángel
    [EN] This paper introduces the results of a multidisci­plinary proposal focused on the construction of a space for interaction between the cultural and artistic heritage of Porto and the user through the development of a virtual learning environment on the cornerstone of videogames as a model of experiences immersive and learning from enter­tainment. For this, we will analyze the creation process of Porto the video game (IDECA, 2017), currently in prototyping phase, whose gameplay demonstrates the importance of video games as a tool for developing the skills in secondary stu­dents and the viability of models of development based on photogrammetry...

  18. Del largo al corto. Khris Cembe, un director de animación polivalente

    Navarro Álvarez, Adriana
    [EN] Khris Cembe (Cangas, Galicia) is a 2D animation director, producer and filmmaker. He has participated with Goya winning director Alberto Vázquez as animation director in the short films Birdboy (2011) and Decorado (2016) and the feature film Psiconautas, the forgotten children (2015). In his own short films, Cembe debuted as director thanks to a successful and intense crowdfunding campaign in Verkami with Viaje a pies (2015), a black comedy set in a train that combines different styles of animation, traditional, digital and some well camouflaged 3D.” He is currently working on his latest film, with a suggestive title Soy...

  19. De Top Cat a Don Gato: acerca del doblaje en animación

    Orfila, Jorgelina; Ortega-Grimaldo, Francisco
    [EN] Hanna-Barbera’s Top Cat (1961-1962) was, and still is, widely popular in Mexico as Don Gato y su Pandilla. By adapting the script and lending their voices to the characters, local translators and voice-actors secured the positive reception of the cartoon, whose plot centered on the failed moneymaking schemes of six NYC alley cats. Although their marginal social condition already made them attractive to the Mexican audience, dubbing was critical in changing the cats into relatable local characters. Don Gato illustrates how Latin American countries manage to appropriate U.S. mainstream products for the dissemination of regional content: while the visual...

  20. AnimaFICX y la animación 2D en el 55FICX Gijón

    Fernandi Martínez, Samuel
    [EN] Gijón International Film Festival is known for its careful selection of independent films, hence the nickname of Spanish Sundance. Its programming has always included notable titles of the most avant-garde animation, both short films and feature films. Since its 50th edition in 2012, the festival has a specific section of animated films: AnimaFICX. On the occasion of this CAA issue, we review five of the titles present in this Anima-FICX that use the 2D technique. Press play!

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