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Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia

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  1. La mayoría de edad como requisito para la rectificación registral del sexo y el nombre: una cuestión de derechos fundamentales

    Sánchez Freyre, Juan Manuel
    [EN] Constitutional transcendence of the requirement of majority for the recognition of the right to sexual identity and the change in the registration of sex in the Civil Registry in the case of transsexual people and their incardination in the limitations to the capacity to act Minors. Diversity of legal treatment of the age and its legislative and jurisprudential treatment in attention to the progressive acquisition of discernment and ability to understand and to issue its will in the best interest of the minor. The principle of the best interest of the child as a frame of reference to analyze...

  2. La educación de los sordos de la exclusión a la inclusión

    Gómez Gómez, Mª Carmen
    [EN] The education of deaf students normally begins to be studied from Ponce de Leon in a monastery of Burgos; but until this moment people with hearing loss or deafness have had moments in history with more or less acceptance. In primitive societies both could be protected as repudiated , depending on whether the deafness was considered a punishment or a gift of God holder . Over time , history has continued to generate periods of more or less accepted to be people, but especially after the Middle Ages and the eighteenth century past has been where most progress has...

  3. Infancias Ignoradas. Hijos e Hijas de Mujeres Víctimas de Violencia en situación de Refugio

    Carrillo Meráz, Rosalia; Jiménez Bernal, Graciela
    [EN] In México, in 1990’s it was create the first refuges for women victims of violence in order to attend and give them a place to live when her run away from their aggressor. Strategies for attend integrally were designed but, at first there was not thought of their sons and daughters, who came whit her at the refuge and they were ignored until their mothers were attended. Now, is indispensable to protect the child community in refuge situation, begin to design strategies to follow up and care these children who were previously ignored as victims.

  4. Imaginario del bullying y su vinculación a los servicios sociales. Voces desde futuros docentes de Educación Primaria

    Rodríguez Otero, Luis M.; Gallego Jiménez, Mª Gloria
    [EN] The article presents a study on bullying and cyberbullying from social work and from Social Services. This concept is described through a qualitative research taking as context Spanish Elementary School students. We present a qualitative research with the aim of knowing the imaginary around bullying, based on the interpretive paradigm and a design based on grounded theory. The results presented prove how bullying is recorded as a rejection, abuse, direct or indirect attack by one or more individuals. The reflected causes that influence the person to take an aggressive or defensive attitude are manifested. Finally, it presents preventive measures...

  5. El acoso escolar como forma de violencia en la enseñanza secundaria, una visión legal del problema

    Carrillo Izquierdo, Antonio
    [EN] A psychological analysis of attitudes before school violence is done. As we know "bullying" in a group of students in Secondary School according to a three-dimensional evaluation attitudinal model regarding to relationships, beliefs, expectations, etc. Besides, emotional feelings and assessments regarding the differences reported in the family relational environment and academic. And we have a sample consisting of 493 boys and girls with the age between eleven and eighteen years old, who are studying ESO in different high schools in Sevilla and province. Moreover, a study on applicable law in all levels from international, national, local, administrative, criminal and...

  6. Editorial núm. 14

    Cabedo Mallol, Vicente; Ramón Fernández, Francisca
    Cabedo Mallol, V.; Ramón Fernández, F. (2018). Editorial núm. 14. Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia. (14). doi:10.4995/reinad.2018.9977

  7. Análisis de variables psicopedagógicas en hijos adolescentes violentos desde el modelo cognitivo

    Molla Esparza, Cristian; Aroca-Montolío, Concepción; Garcia-Garcia, Fran J.
    [EN] Parental abuse by sons and daughtersis a reality latent in our society. The present article analyzes the existence or not of psycho-pedagogical variables (academic and occupational) as risk factors in adolescents who exert violence against their parents. Methods used are descriptive, focused on the analysis of studies that contemplate these variables and compare them with research on aggressive offspring. Results suggest that these variables are risk factors for violent behaviors in adolescents due to violence towards parents and they suggest relevant issues to research, prevention and educational intervention. Hereby, from the cognitive model, interaction between intrapersonal and interpersonal cognition...

  8. Trayectoria delictiva y factores de riesgo de los menores que ejercen violencia filioparental

    Cuervo, Keren; Palanques, Natalia; Busquets, Pilar
    [EN] In the last few years, mass media have shown cases of a new kind of a worryingly domestic violence, the child-to-parent violence, which is increasing alarmingly. Thereby, the main objective of this paper is to analyse the criminal career and risk factors of the minors who have committed child-to-parent violence depending on the sex. The sample is composed of 57 minors (aged from 14 to 17, Average= 15.81) with at least one file in Castellón’s Juvenile Court. Likewise, 82.5% of the minors have born in Spain, 10.5% are from Eastern Europe, 5.3% from South America and 1.8% from Arabian countries. The...

  9. Privatización en la Justicia de Menores. ¿Acierto o desacierto en la mecantilización de los centros de régimen cerrado de menores a la luz del artículo 45.3 de la Ley 5/2000?

    Rezzani, Agustina
    [EN] In this paper it is going to be analysed the article 45.3 of the 5/2000 of January 12, regulating the criminal responsibility of minors, gave free rein to the privatization of juvenile institutions, leaving the management of the sacred social value of security in hands of business men and politicians. Added to this, it is necessary to mention that control of the State is near to none, companies have a very vast range of discretion to committee abuses and corruption. It is indispensable to remarked that children are not objects of consume, they are subjects of law in constant...

  10. Nuevas estrategias para la integración social de los jóvenes migrantes no acompañados

    Epelde Juaristi, Maddalen
    [EN] The current research aims to investigate the situation of social integration of unaccompanied young foreigners who are in the Basque Country, and to analyse how the relationships maintained with local families influence in this process of social integration. For some time now, foreign minors who decide to emigrate alone to Spain/Basque Country searching for a better life have appeared on the migration map. The system of child protection covers the basic needs of the minors until the age of 18. However, at the moment they reach this age, these young foreigners get automatically full legal capacity and they find...

  11. La violencia filio parental y la medida de internamiento. Especial referencia a la "prestación por excarcelación"

    Jiménez Arroyo, Sandra
    [EN] Nowadays, society’s concern regarding one particular criminal phenomenon committed by minors is growing. This phenomenon is known under a variety of labels very different from each other such as “parents abuse syndrome”, “tyrannical children”, “little dictators”, “ascendant violence”, “inverted violence”, or “child-to-parent violence”. Indeed, this phenomenon is a type of domestic violence constituted by those psychological, physical and/or economical aggressions, and exercised intentionally and repeatedly by under age children towards their parents or towards those other adults who occupy their place. With the present paper, we pretend to contribute to research on this phenomenon from a legal perspective. In order...

  12. El centro de día como alternativa innovadora en el ámbito de justicia juvenil que favorece la responsabilización y la integración sociocomunitaria

    Jiménez, Juanan; Asociación educativa Berriztu
    [EN] The current model of juvenile justice includes, in article 7.1 f of Organic Law 5/2000 of January 12, a new judicial measure "assistance to day care" whose purpose is to facilitate criminal accountability, personal development and socio- of offenders. Berriztu creates the resource of day center for the execution of this measure. This service offers underage people a socio-educational, formative-pre-work, socio-family and semi-residential care. The results of several studies conclude that 70% of the population served in the period 2010 - 2014 finalize their judicial measure of "attendance at day care". Of a sample of 15 people who complete this...

  13. Editorial núm. 13

    Cabedo Mallol, Vicente; Sierra Pérez, Susana Evelyn
    Cabedo Mallol, V.; Sierra Pérez, SE. (2017). Editorial núm. 13. Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia. (13). doi:10.4995/reinad.2017.8860

  14. Los niños y niñas un grupo vulnerable en México

    Jaimes Fonseca, Adriana; Izquierdo Muciño, Martha Elba
    [EN] One of the great problems that at the moment are debate is the vulnerability of the mexican childhood, thats because they are part of a group, when being in a process of formation and development, it maintains a relation of greater dependency with other people, what implies frequents violations of its rights, little visible in relation to other groups of the population. The situation of million children worsens when the parents live in conditions of marginalization and poverty, because the children acquire responsibilities that are not of them, resigning to means and resources necessary to increase its future opportunities like the education. Nevertheless, the constitutional reform...

  15. Reflexiones en torno a los internamientos terapéuticos y su especificidad

    Estalayo Hernández, Ángel; Rodríguez Ochoa, Olga; García Ormaza, Jon
    [EN] There are cases treated in detention centers that present some specificities with respect to other affordable educational strategies from social component. This we refer to the need to address situations in which the same symptom of transgression resulting in an offense that carries a legal measure has other bases that generate and / or maintain, or etiology marking its expression and so much attention.The approach to interventions with children and young people is a seriously disruptive content submitted to numerous debates, discussions and disagreements. In this regard, therapeutic placements would be for those cases in which the intervention on...

  16. Menores en contextos de riesgo al borde de la infracción. La práctica deportiva como propuesta preventiva

    Carrasco Santos, Herminia; González González, Patricia; Gutiérrez Sánchez, José David; Jiménez Hernández, Antonio Salvador
    [EN] Just a few miles away from our country (Spain), there is a concentration of children in a poor context and in very deprived conditions showing the body of today. We refer to the north of a neighboring continent, a population that has shown us , once again, the difficulties to get out of that loop called underdevelopment. Therefore, to compare the behavior of children in both countries could be made, especially since our Western view leads us to classify people by their actions. So it is easier to consider any child that exceeds its freedom as to what the legal and political framework are permitting as...

  17. Gestión y prácticas educativas en los centros de reeducación de la Comunitat Valenciana

    Uceda i Maza, Francesc Xavier; Navarro Pérez, José Javier; Domínguez Alonso, Francisco Javier
    [EN] In the present communication aspects that define the political rehabilitation of Valencia are analyzed. The role of rehabilitation centers and educational practices are evaluated, for it’s taken as indicators as coordination mechanisms with the open environment, relations with the community, the proportion of investment spending and public administration performed on the juvenile justice system, the public policy commitment to integration of teen in conflict with the law, etc. The research is mainly qualitative, based on the analysis of in-depth professional and life stories of teens complemented with documentary data provided background information. The main conclusion suggests that the re-education policy to a risk management model, moving away from...

  18. Menores y redes sociales: cuestiones legales

    Ramón Fernández, Francisca
    [EN] The participation in a company increasingly technological does that numerous questions appear on the protection of the most vulnerable subjects, between them the minors. The influence of the social networks like instrument of communication is not exempt from risks for the quantity of information that is facilitated and is shared. The lack of a specific regulation that he contemplates from the point of view of the Law which is the protection that a minor must have, does that there take place situations of abandonment of the rights of the same ones. The opportunity of regulation has been left to...

  19. La sustitución pupilar y cuasipupilar o ejemplar: el patrimonio del menor de 14 años e incapacitados

    Moretón Sanz, Mª Fernanda
    [EN] This reserch stuy the law, the jurisprudence and the law literatury of aspects of replaces of a minors and “exemplary” of a disability persons. It is fact that used by the testator, have different impact about the patrimony of de minors and persons whit disability. In the substitution or replaces, the object will depend on the means the testatpr deciding on the disposal heritage. Specifically, despite certain resistance from legal thought and caselaw, in the substitution of a minor and in exemplary replace,the substitute (parent or legal representative) may dispose of all the of the person substituted (child under 14 years of age or legal incapacitated...

  20. La gestión de la escuela inclusiva y su intervención institucional: tensiones entre la pertinencia de sus actuaciones y la necesidad de un nuevo paradigma epistémico

    Ocampo González, Aldo Ariel
    [EN] The following article presents a theoretical/ methodological analysis regarding the conditions and/or cultural, organizational and ideological institutional processes that claim opportunely and appropriately, the construction of an educational institution with inclusive character on exclusion times. Initially, we reflect on the challenges that postmodernist educational science faces in view of the absence of an epistemic paradigm supporting founding challenges of this approach. In this way, its pragmatic and epistemological obstacles are identified. Secondly, we broaden the reflection indicating the epistemological considerations required to assume the current tensions and challenges, which the inclusive education approach faces. We recognize the discursive and ideological imposition of a traditional model of special education...

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