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Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia

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  1. Trayectoria delictiva y factores de riesgo de los menores que ejercen violencia filioparental

    Cuervo, Keren; Palanques, Natalia; Busquets, Pilar
    [EN] In the last few years, mass media have shown cases of a new kind of a worryingly domestic violence, the child-to-parent violence, which is increasing alarmingly. Thereby, the main objective of this paper is to analyse the criminal career and risk factors of the minors who have committed child-to-parent violence depending on the sex. The sample is composed of 57 minors (aged from 14 to 17, Average= 15.81) with at least one file in Castellón’s Juvenile Court. Likewise, 82.5% of the minors have born in Spain, 10.5% are from Eastern Europe, 5.3% from South America and 1.8% from Arabian countries. The...

  2. Privatización en la Justicia de Menores. ¿Acierto o desacierto en la mecantilización de los centros de régimen cerrado de menores a la luz del artículo 45.3 de la Ley 5/2000?

    Rezzani, Agustina
    [EN] In this paper it is going to be analysed the article 45.3 of the 5/2000 of January 12, regulating the criminal responsibility of minors, gave free rein to the privatization of juvenile institutions, leaving the management of the sacred social value of security in hands of business men and politicians. Added to this, it is necessary to mention that control of the State is near to none, companies have a very vast range of discretion to committee abuses and corruption. It is indispensable to remarked that children are not objects of consume, they are subjects of law in constant...

  3. Nuevas estrategias para la integración social de los jóvenes migrantes no acompañados

    Epelde Juaristi, Maddalen
    [EN] The current research aims to investigate the situation of social integration of unaccompanied young foreigners who are in the Basque Country, and to analyse how the relationships maintained with local families influence in this process of social integration. For some time now, foreign minors who decide to emigrate alone to Spain/Basque Country searching for a better life have appeared on the migration map. The system of child protection covers the basic needs of the minors until the age of 18. However, at the moment they reach this age, these young foreigners get automatically full legal capacity and they find...

  4. La violencia filio parental y la medida de internamiento. Especial referencia a la "prestación por excarcelación"

    Jiménez Arroyo, Sandra
    [EN] Nowadays, society’s concern regarding one particular criminal phenomenon committed by minors is growing. This phenomenon is known under a variety of labels very different from each other such as “parents abuse syndrome”, “tyrannical children”, “little dictators”, “ascendant violence”, “inverted violence”, or “child-to-parent violence”. Indeed, this phenomenon is a type of domestic violence constituted by those psychological, physical and/or economical aggressions, and exercised intentionally and repeatedly by under age children towards their parents or towards those other adults who occupy their place. With the present paper, we pretend to contribute to research on this phenomenon from a legal perspective. In order...

  5. El centro de día como alternativa innovadora en el ámbito de justicia juvenil que favorece la responsabilización y la integración sociocomunitaria

    Jiménez, Juanan; Asociación educativa Berriztu
    [EN] The current model of juvenile justice includes, in article 7.1 f of Organic Law 5/2000 of January 12, a new judicial measure "assistance to day care" whose purpose is to facilitate criminal accountability, personal development and socio- of offenders. Berriztu creates the resource of day center for the execution of this measure. This service offers underage people a socio-educational, formative-pre-work, socio-family and semi-residential care. The results of several studies conclude that 70% of the population served in the period 2010 - 2014 finalize their judicial measure of "attendance at day care". Of a sample of 15 people who complete this...

  6. Editorial núm. 13

    Cabedo Mallol, Vicente; Sierra Pérez, Susana Evelyn
    Cabedo Mallol, V.; Sierra Pérez, SE. (2017). Editorial núm. 13. Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia. (13). doi:10.4995/reinad.2017.8860

  7. Violencia de pareja online y offline en la adolescencia: el rol de la soledad y del género

    Muñiz Rivas, María; Cuesta Roldan, Pepa; Monreal Gimeno, M. Carmen; Povedano Díaz, Amapola
    [EN] In this article, it carried out a review of the characteristics of violence in romantic relationships in the adolescent stage in real environments (off-line) and virtual (online), based on the importance of gender socialization and feelings of loneliness it has on these relationships. First, dating violence in adolescence is analyzed, according to their distinctive characteristics compared to adulthood. Secondly, virtual social networks and the Internet as present realities are discussed in the daily lives of teenagers and how this use affects social relations in general, and especially for couples. Third, the importance of gender socialization and its relationship to...

  8. El ingreso de menores con problemas de conducta en centros específicos de protección

    Vázquez-Pastor Jiménez, Lucía
    [EN] In recent years the number of minors, undergoing serious behavioral problems, has significantly increased in our country. The urgent need to provide these children with a - more structured- social, educational and psychotherapeutic environment justified for the first time that the Spanish National Parliament legislate to meet these needs. In particular, the Act 8/2015, of July 22, introduces regulation on special protection centers for children suffering behavioral problems. The present study is dedicated to these

  9. Sobre l'adopció internacional. L'ús de la imatge dels nens i nenes i el "mercadeig".

    Sánchez-Valverde Visus, Carlos Antonio
    [EN] International adoption is one of the forms of fostering which most developed in our country in recent years. It proved to be one of the most efficient optimization strategies for the life of many children. This article presents a "journey" through adoption both local and international and ends analyzing some practices and their suitability with respect to children's rights. This leaves us in a situation in which, from a legal and ethical perspective, perhaps "the best interests of the child" are not being effectively guaranteed.

  10. La violencia en espacios públicos en adolescentes en la comunidad valenciana

    Pérez Alonso-Geta, Petra Mª; Bellver Moreno, Mª Carmen; Aroca Montolío, Concepción
    [EN] The aim of our research is to know statistically prevelancia and types of aggressive behavior against school, but in public spaces (on the way from home to school / college, and college / school to home), while there is own voice to the school (victims and perpetrators) with what we understand we study the problem from a new perspective. The sample is representative of the Valencia of the total school population in this community among adolescents between 11 and 16 years.The analysis of the results was carried out at various levels of analysis: on a first level, statistical techniques...

  11. La violencia de hijos adolescentes contra sus progenitores

    Aroca Montolío, Concepción
    [EN] According to Prosecutor¿s Office of the Minor, the accusation interposed by mothers and/or fathers victims by theirs children, along 2007 were 2603, in 2008 amounted 4.211, in 2009 there were 5.209 and in 2010 there were 8.000 accusations. Suede this worrying increase, the principal aim of our article is to check the scientific international and national documentation, from 1957 until the year 2010 that analyses the phenomenon of the adolescent violence against parents, to achieve an approximation to its keys that there allows us the comprehension and analysis of this serious familiar problem. For it we will analyse: (a)...

  12. El trato a los niños/as de hoy, entre los avances normativos y las prácticas institucionales en la argentina. Una mirada desde la antropología.

    Bertoni, María Belén
    [EN] The aim of this paper is to attain a theoretical reflection based on empirical data about childhood representations and the institutional doings on unequal social contexts existing nowadays in Argentina. We understand childhood as a sociohistorical concept and, therefore, analyse the existing relationship between national and international regulations currently in force, discourses, and the institutional doings as regards the (always diverse and heterogeneous) topic of childhood. We ask ourselves how do past childhood representations and models act and how this makes the actual fulfillment of children rights in institutional settings more complex. We will focus particularly on a diurnal...

  13. El derecho a la asistencia letrada en menores extranjeros no acompañados

    Molina Domínguez, Monserrat
    [EN] This article analyzes the right of unaccompanied foreign minor to be represented before a civil both administrative procedure by independent legal counsel to ensure their rights in the legal proceedings in question. Law that will allow you to be informed participant heard and displayed either by the mere statement of evidence, and therefore to defend the decisions that may involve a violation of their rights. Specifically, we analyze the STC of the First Chamber of December 22, 2008 and the judgment of the Court of Justice of Galicia of May 25, 2011. Trying different aspects both in the problems that...

  14. Saúde na escola: educação, saúse e inclusão em adolescentes brasileiros.

    Bucalen Ferrari, Carlos Kusano; Dourado Nery, Lohany; Taiane Kopp, Marla; Franco dos Santos, Daniela; Silva Pereira, Noeli; Souza Lira Ferrari, Graziele; Aires Barcelos, Fernando; Silva Gonçalves, Jéssica; Rodrigues Costa Junior, Rildo
    [EN] Promotion of Health and Quality of life as well prevention of health hazards is essential for the adolescents. The present study had the aim to describe the experience of an adolescent educational project for health promotion and disease prevention. This project sought to investigate eating habits, practice of physical activity, the risk of overweight and obesity, lifestyle (sleeping, smoking, drinking), osteoporosis knowledge, and quality of life. The preliminary results identifyed six psychossocial and health priorities for the adolescents: inadequate eating; lacking of knowledge bone health, serious body dissatisfaction associated with low self-esteem, sedentary behavior, absence or insufficient knowledge regarding...

  15. Propuesta de modelo de gestión de responsabilidad social:Trabajo infantil

    Santandreu Mascarell, Cristina; Pons Morera, Carlos
    [EN] In a globalized economy of today there are multinational companies operating in various sectors of activity, being present in different countries, can take advantage of reduced labor costs using child labor. This behavior is independent of the competitive international business follow: multidomestic, international, global or transnational. Obviously, this situation is not recommended in any case and bodies such as the International Labour Organization (ILO) have presented their recommendations. Also, a number of initiatives dedicated to promoting fair work cited the problem of child exploitation. Specifically, Conventions C 182 and C 183, and Recommendations 146 and 190, and the SA8000...

  16. Medidas de protección del menor en los casos de violencia de género

    Ramón Fernández, Francisca
    [EN] In the present work we propose to realize an analysis of the different rules that contemplate the protection measures of the minor in the cases of violence of kind, so much in the international, state and autonomous legislation. The minor as fastened, direct or indirect, from the violence on the woman is protected across a series of measures and recognition of rights, which is more wide in a legislation that in other one of the studied ones. A uniformity would be suitable on this protection to the minor, since in the majority of the times it suffers this violence...

  17. La poliédrica y heterogénea protección internacional de los menores

    Bartolomé Cenzano, José Carlos De
    [EN] The article addresses the European measures of protection of one of the most vulnerable community: children. Now, more often than ever, more minors must leave their place of origin in the intent of offering a better future for their families. And, on the other hand, due to the now global and therefore worldwide economic crisis, the economic structures of the social fabric that ensured the right of those more vulnerable are collapsing. Social welfare benefits levels are in a spiraling plunge in many states of the union, even more so in those states that is most vigorously living this,...

  18. Infancia migrante y educación trasnacional en la frontera de México-Estados Unidos

    Sierra Pérez, Susana Evelyn; López López, Yara Amparo
    [EN] Child and youth migration, along with that of the general population, is not an isolated matter of modern-day. In this article we wish to reference the matter of child and youth migration and the educational consequences derived from this. In the matter that concerns us we intend to convey a vision of the current reality of the cross-country migration in the Mexico-United States border. Examining the variables we have observed, according to the profile of children and youths that migrate back and forth from one neighboring country to another along with the process of inclusion into or exclusion out...

  19. Sobre la interpretación del interés superior del menor y su trascendencia en el derecho positivo español

    Bartolomé Cenzano, José Carlos De
    [EN] In this article are analyzed real problems of minor¿s vulnerability in Spain and solutions proposed by the Spanish doctrine and the civil and criminal jurisprudence. Some recent research about minor¿s real situation in our country and the few effective measures which are contemplated from rules and living policies focused on this weak group are reviewed. Is intended to deepen in hermeneutical clues that should lead the neat and diverse interpretation of this interests connected to the specific facts. The concept is studied from many starting points and it is started from the key concept included in the 10 art. of...

  20. Propuesta de uso del análisis de redes de actores de políticas públicas para la gestión de la integración de los Menores Inmigrantes No Acompañados (MINA). Estudio del caso de la Comunidad Valenciana

    Miguel Molina, Mª Del Rosario De; Herrero Blasco, Aurelio
    [EN] Social Network Analysis (SNA) has been applied by the literature in different cases in which it is highlighted the need to create, in certain situations of complex management, stable relations among the stakeholders when these relations are not formal. Therefore, to analyze these relations could improve the management of those public organizations responsible for carrying out public policies for the integration of the Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (UFM). Thus, the objective of this study is to raise the possibility of applying social network analysis with the aim of improving the final integration of UFM in the Spanish society, through the...

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