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International Journal of Production Management and Engineering

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  1. Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem for a multi-period, multi-perishable product system with time window: A Case study

    Rashidi Komijan, Alireza; Delavari, Danial
    [EN] The well-known Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is to find proper sequence of routes in order to minimize transportation costs. In this paper, a mixed-integer programming model is presented for a food distributer company and the model outputs are to determine the optimal routes and amount of pickup and delivery. In the objective function, the costs of transportation, holding, tardiness and earliness are considered simultaneously. The proposed model with respect to real conditions is multi-period and has two different time periods: one for dispatching vehicles to customers and suppliers and the other for receiving customers’ orders. Time window and split...

  2. Stochastic multi-period multi-product multi-objective Aggregate Production Planning model in multi-echelon supply chain

    Khalili-Damghani, Kaveh; Shahrokh, Ayda; Pakgohar, Alireza
    [EN] In this paper a multi-period multi-product multi-objective aggregate production planning (APP) model is proposed for an uncertain multi-echelon supply chain considering financial risk, customer satisfaction, and human resource training. Three conflictive objective functions and several sets of real constraints are considered concurrently in the proposed APP model. Some parameters of the proposed model are assumed to be uncertain and handled through a two-stage stochastic programming (TSSP) approach. The proposed TSSP is solved using three multi-objective solution procedures, i.e., the goal attainment technique, the modified ε-constraint method, and STEM method. The whole procedure is applied in an automotive resin and...

  3. Approach of the Two-way Influence Between Lean and Green Manufacturing and its Connection to Related Organisational Areas

    Salvador, Rodrigo; Piekarski, Cassiano Moro; Francisco, Antonio Carlos de
    [EN] Initiatives toward Lean and Green Manufacturing are given mainly due to organisational response to current market’s economic and environmental pressures. This paper, therefore, aims to present a brief discussion based on a literature review of the potential two-way influence between Lean and Green Manufacturing and its role on the main organisational areas with a closer relationship to such approaches, which were observed to be more extensively discussed in the literature. Naturally lean practises seem more likely to deploy into green outcomes, though the other way around can also occur. There is some blur on the factual integration of both...

  4. Aligning Organizational Pathologies and Organizational Resilience Indicators

    Morales Allende, Manuel; Ruiz-Martin, Cristina; Lopez-Paredes, Adolfo; Perez Ríos, Jose Manuel
    [EN+ Developing resilient individuals, organizations and communities is a hot topic in the research agenda in Management, Ecology, Psychology or Engineering. Despite the number of works that focus on resilience is increasing, there is not completely agreed definition of resilience, neither an entirely formal and accepted framework. The cause may be the spread of research among different fields. In this paper, we focus on the study of organizational resilience with the aim of improving the level of resilience in organizations. We review the relation between viable and resilient organizations and their common properties. Based on these common properties, we defend...

  5. A Column Generation for the Heterogeneous Fixed Fleet Open Vehicle Routing Problem

    Yousefikhoshbakht, Majid; Dolatnejad, Azam
    [EN] This paper addressed the heterogeneous fixed fleet open vehicle routing problem (HFFOVRP), in which the vehicles are not required to return to the depot after completing a service. In this new problem, the demands of customers are fulfilled by a heterogeneous fixed fleet of vehicles having various capacities, fixed costs and variable costs. This problem is an important variant of the open vehicle routing problem (OVRP) and can cover more practical situations in transportation and logistics. Since this problem belongs to NP-hard Problems, An approach based on column generation (CG) is applied to solve the HFFOVRP. A tight integer...

  6. Integrated production-distribution planning optimization models: A review in collaborative networks context

    Andrés Navarro, Beatriz; Sanchis Gisbert, Raquel; Lamothe, Jaques; Saari, Leila; Hauser, Frederic
    [EN] Researchers in the area of collaborative networks are more and more aware of proposing collaborative approaches to address planning processes, due to the advantages associated when enterprises perform integrated planning models. Collaborative production-distribution planning, among the supply network actors, is considered a proper mechanism to support enterprises on dealing with uncertainties and dynamicity associated to the current markets. Enterprises, and especially SMEs, should be able to overcome the continuous changes of the market by increasing their agility. Carrying out collaborative planning allows enterprises to enhance their readiness and agility for facing the market turbulences. However, SMEs have limited access...

  7. Appropriate criteria set for personnel promotion across organizational levels using analytic hierarchy process (AHP)

    Castillo, Charles Noven; Degamo, France Kevin; Gitgano, Faith Therese; Loo, Louie Alfred; Pacaanas, Shaira Mae; Toroy, Nika; Ocampo, Lanndon; Ocampo, Christine Omela; Sia, Leahlizbeth
    [EN] Currently, there has been limited established specific set of criteria for personnel promotion to each level of the organization. This study is conducted in order to develop a personnel promotion strategy by identifying specific sets of criteria for each level of the organization. The complexity of identifying the criteria set along with the subjectivity of these criteria require the use of multi-criteria decision-making approach particularly the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). Results show different sets of criteria for each management level which are consistent with several frameworks in literature. These criteria sets would help avoid mismatch of employee skills and...

  8. An Effective Branch-and-cut algorithm in Order to Solve the Mixed Integer Bi-level Programming

    Rahmani, Arsalan; Yousefikhoshbakht, Majid
    [EN] In this paper, a new branch-and-cut algorithm for mixed integer bi-level programming is proposed. For achieving this purpose, a historical perspective of the development of enumeration methods in the field of bi-level linear programming is considered. Then, we present some obstacles for using branch and bound method based on them, and an algorithm is developed to solve for mixed integer bi-level problem. Finally, we use a preference function to determine the choice of branching and specialized cuts in a branch and cut tree. Computational results are reported and compared favorably to those of previous methods and then implications discussed....

  9. Adapting transport modes to supply chains classified by the uncertainty supply chain model: A case study at Manaus Industrial Pole

    Oliveira, Fabiana Lucena; Oliveira Junior, Aristides da Rocha; Bessa Rebelo, Luiza M.
    [EN] This paper discusses transport modes supporting Uncertainty Supply Chain Model (USCM) in the case of Manaus Industrial Pole (PIM), an industrial cluster in the Brazilian Amazon that hosts six hundred factories with diverse logistics and supply chain managerial strategies. USCM (Lee, 2002; Fisher, 1997)develops a dot matrix classification of the supply chains considering several attributes (e.g., agility, cost, security, responsiveness) and argues that emergent economies industrial clusters, in the effort to keep attractiveness for technological frontier firms, need to adapt supply chain strategies according to USCM attributes. The paper takes a further step, discussing which transport modes are suitable...

  10. A hybrid algorithm for flexible job-shop scheduling problem with setup times

    Azzouz, Ameni; Ennigrou, Meriem; Ben Said, Lamjed
    [EN] Job-shop scheduling problem is one of the most important fields in manufacturing optimization where a set of n jobs must be processed on a set of m specified machines. Each job consists of a specific set of operations, which have to be processed according to a given order. The Flexible Job Shop problem (FJSP) is a generalization of the above-mentioned problem, where each operation can be processed by a set of resources and has a processing time depending on the resource used. The FJSP problems cover two difficulties, namely, machine assignment problem and operation sequencing problem. This paper addresses...

  11. Reduction in Repair rate of Welding Processes by Determination & Controlling of Critical KPIVs

    Yousaf, Faheem; Butt, Dr. Shahid Ikramullah
    [EN] Six Sigma is being Implemented all over the World as a successful Quality Improvement Methodology. Many Companies are now days are using Six Sigma as an Approach towards zero defects. This article provides a practical case study regarding the implementation of Six Sigma Project in a Welding Facility and discusses the Statistical Analysis performed for bringing the welding processes in the desired sigma Limits. DMAIC was chosen as potential Six Sigma methodology with the help of findings of this Methodology, Six Sigma Team First Identified the critical Factors affecting the Process Yield and then certain Improvement Measures were taken...

  12. MILP for the Inventory and Routing for Replenishment Problem in the Car Assembly Line.

    Pulido, Raul; Garcia-Sánchez, Álvaro; Ortega-Mier, Miguel; Brun, Asessandro
    [EN] The inbound logistic for feeding the workstation inside the factory represents a critical issue in the car manufacturing industry. Nowadays, this issue is even more critical than in the past since more types of car are being produced in the assembly lines. Consequently, as workstations have to install many types of components, they also need to have an inventory of different types of the component in a compact space. The replenishment is a critical issue since a lack of inventory could cause line stoppage or reworking. On the other hand, an excess of inventory could increase the holding cost...

  13. A non Parametric Estimation of Service Level in a Discrete Context

    Cardós, Manuel; Babiloni, Eugenia; Estellés, Sofíá; Guijarro, Ester; Guijarro
    [EN] An exact method for the estimation of the cycle service level has been proposed for periodic review stock policies in a discrete demand context for any known i.i.d. demand distribution. However, the implementation of this method in real environments has previously to manage some important and eventually cumbersome issues such as: (i) the identification of the appropriate demand distribution and its validation; (ii) the estimation of the parameters of the demand distribution; and (iii) the calculation of temporal aggregates of the demand distribution in order to estimate the expected service level. This paper shows some difficulties linked to these...

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